NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A subway car was covered with graffiti on Halloween night.

It looked like something out of the 1970s or ‘80s.

(Photo credit: Jose Martinez/THE CITY)

(Photo credit: Jose Martinez/THE CITY)

Police said vandals struck a D train at the Norwood 205th Street subway station in the Bronx.

An entire car was covered in paint. It was discovered just before going into service on Nov. 1.

(Photo credit: Jose Martinez/THE CITY)

(Photo credit: Jose Martinez/THE CITY)

MTA officials released a statement condemning the crime.

“There’s nothing amusing about graffiti that takes train cars out of service, takes cleaners away from ensuring the spaces millions of riders use every day are sanitary, and costs thousands of dollars that could otherwise be used to help provide reliable, efficient and safe service,” the statement read in part.

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  1. Jack Din says:

    You spelled “community artists” wrong.

  2. JR says:

    “Street artists grace subway car with Halloween themed art on Samhain”. There, fixed that title for ya. Sending you an invoice and would like an editor credit

  3. James Mullaney says:

    It’s ETs, not graffiti artists. No ordinary citizen has that kind of access to an MTA subway car anymore. The official statement is a cover story.

  4. Kevin Escorpien says:

    They need to pay those vandals, because this looks amazing.

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