NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Many servicemen and women warmed up ahead of Monday’s Veterans Day parade with a march through New York City.

Despite the cold, more than 100 veterans took part in Ruck March on Saturday.

Several veterans from the United Kingdom joined U.S. veterans at the third annual event.

They carried weighted backpacks – or “rucks” – for an 8.5-mile march through Manhattan and Brooklyn.

“I’m a Marine veteran. I’m sixth in my family to serve in war. Rucking was actually derived from the military carrying weighted packs and it’s a tradition of camaraderie so seeing it blossom and particularly I love seeing little kids coming out, people carrying packs, and they’re like strolling their children along,” Mark Otto, the executive director of the United War Veterans Council said.

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The Ruck March is part of a series of events for Veterans Week, leading up to Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

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