Wayne Gangi Is No Stranger To Creating Adult-Themed Productions On His Property, And He Has Plenty Of Supporters

CLIFTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A Christmas lights display in New Jersey is turning heads, and even dropping some jaws.

It includes some provocative mannequins in very little clothing.

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On Sunday, CBS2’s Nick Caloway went to see what all the fuss was about.

The huge display of lights has become something of a local landmark in Clifton, with visitors young and old stopping by and cars blocking traffic to snap a picture.

“They have very nice decorations, full of lights, and it’s really beautiful,” resident Divya Tailor said.

A New Jersey man’s Christmas display has everyone’s attention, but some think it’s not appropriate for kids. (Photo: CBS2)

But upon a closer inspection, one can see four mannequins dressed in a way that would make Santa Claus blush.

“It’s always nice to see a beautiful lady,” said Mark Cantor of Woodland Park.

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They might turn some heads, but some seem to like the mannequins. Others said they wish the display was more kid-friendly.

“The display is beautiful, but the mannequins, eh, it’s not really appropriate for all the children that come to see this,” said Chris Elliott of Clifton.

“The owner of the house, that’s the way he likes it. I don’t see anything wrong with that,” resident Andres Revellon added.

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The owner is Dr. Wayne Gangi. He’s had extravagant holiday displays for many years in front of his home dental office, and not just for Christmas. He goes all out for Halloween and Easter, and the dolled-up dummies always steal the show.

“If you don’t like it, don’t come and look at it,” friend Jim Bobenko said.

Gangi’s friend said it’s nothing you won’t see on TV or in the store.

“Because if you go to the mall, everything in the window, you can see the same thing,” Bobenko said.

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Of course, not all the neighbors approve of the display. In fact, earlier this year, one neighbor got in trouble with the police after she went after the mannequins with a pair of garden shears, Caloway reported.

“It’s just creepy,” neighbor Desiree Mozek said.

Mozek said she got a ticket from Clifton police for criminal mischief and had to pay a fine for taking out the dolls last Easter.

“I don’t want any more fines, so I won’t take anything else down,” Mozek said.

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Gangi has since put up barriers to keep people off his property. He said soon there will be even more mannequins gracing his front yard. He’s calling it the “12 Babes of Christmas.”