NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New information was released Saturday morning about another anti-Semitic incident in Brooklyn.

It follows a series of anti-Semitic attacks this week and an increase in overall hate crimes around the city.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that acts of hate shouldn’t be belittled or explained away when he toured the Chabad World Headquarters in Brooklyn on Friday.

“We see exactly what’s happening, and we will not accept it,” he said.

He toured the location on the same day a man reportedly walked in and threatened to shoot the place up. No one has been arrested.

“It’s something that’s very alarming. We treat them very seriously, and we make sure that our investigators do their best to do what we can to bring these individuals to justice that commit these crimes,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said.

Friday’s incident was the latest in at least nine anti-Semitic attacks in New York City, all of them within less than a week.

“We can’t live under siege like that, our communities all over the city. This has to stop, and it’s not getting better, it’s actually getting worse,” Jewish activist Devorah Halberstram said.

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Also on Friday, the same day as the Chabad incident, police arrested a 30-year-old woman for slapping three young Jewish women in Crown Heights while she yelled anti-Semitic slurs.

On Thursday, police arrested a 42-year-old homeless woman in Gravesend. She was accused of hitting a mother who was walking her 3-year-old child, also while yelling anti-Semitic slurs. Witnesses were able to follow the suspect until police made the arrest.

“Once I seen the kid go to the ground, I ran over and had to make sure that I stopped it,” witness Sean Lennon said.

Police released details Saturday about an incident that happened early Wednesday morning. They say a 40-year-old man dressed in traditional Jewish clothing was walking home in Borough Park when an unknown individual approached him and blocked his path. When the victim tried to walk around the man, the man allegedly punched the victim in the face then ran off.

Three anti-Semitic incidents were reported on Tuesday.

In one incident, an unknown individual struck the male victim in the face. The suspect was later apprehended.

In Crown Heights, a 56-year-old man was walking on Union Street when a group approached him and one person in the group punched him. No one was arrested.

That same day, a 25-year-old man was walking along Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights when a group of people allegedly began yelling anti-Semitic slurs at him. They also allegedly threw a beverage at the victim.

Two anti-Semitic incidents were reported on Monday. In Williamsburg, a group of teenagers allegedly attacked a 6-year-old boy and a 7-year-old boy in the lobby of a residential building. In Midtown, a 65-year-old man was allegedly punched and kicked by a man who also made anti-Semitic slurs. A Florida man was arrested in connection to that incident.

The NYPD is putting up more patrols around Hasidic neighborhoods in response. Also starting Sunday, the Guardian Angels, a non-profit volunteer organization aimed to prevent crime, will be starting patrols in Crown Heights to protect the community.

“The Guardian Angels will be there as long as necessary. Remember, even though we’ve had a spate of attacks recently, there’s been a steady series of attacks that have gone unaddressed,” Curtis Sliwa said.

Governor Cuomo sent out a statement Saturday, saying “the cowards responsible for these despicable attacks are trying to inject fear into our Jewish communities, but New Yorkers will always band together and categorically reject anti-Semitism whenever it rears its ugly head.”

The new Guardian Angels patrols will begin Sunday at noon and will also spread to Williamsburg and Borough Park.

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  1. busseja says:

    For 5000 years Jews have been persecuted. Why? It seems that every culture that finds a Jewish settlement, or community within it persecutes the Jews. What is is about Jews that seems to bring out the worst in others? Is there anyone they can get along with? Are these even fair questions?

    1. roger says:


  2. Steve Fenster says:

    It is time to organize a world wide version of the Jewish Defense League. Transnational, proactive, and reactive. Heavy on intelligence and precise and both strategic and tactical in action. Identify them then act. The people have the chops.

  3. Fred Doe says:

    Is it simply a coincidence that the more muslims we allow to come here, the more violence, anti semitism and racism there is? That would be a no.

  4. Mr deplorable says:

    …and the perps are being released as fast as the city can do it, with no bail to commit more attacks.

  5. Dusty Granger says:

    Come on Democrats. Isn’t time to hold more hearings on the the dangers of “White Supremacist Terrorism”, while smiling and posing for photos of your hero Louis Farrakhan??

  6. L. smith says:

    Only the imposition of ‘martial law’ in our major liberal run cities can stop these hate crimes.

  7. deborah says:

    so much more education is needed. everyone one convicted should be taken to a holocust museum and schools need to start mandatory history classes of genocide across the years, including non Jewish events

  8. Trevor Sedis says:

    Israel kills thousands of unarmed Palestinians. The Tribe cheers.

    Three Jews in Europe get called names. The Tribe acts like it’s Holocaust Dos.

    Only the TRIBE counts. It constantly reminds goyim of that fact.

    Hundreds of unarmed Gazans get butchered by IDF bombs. MSN says nothing.

    Two Jews walking in Brooklyn get “looked at funny.” WWIII!

    1. panbk says:

      Israel responds — effectively — to unjustified aggression, which started in 1948. To tie this — perfectly legitimate and ethical — response to Americans attacking fellow Americans is stupid.

      To justify the racism of attacking random people on account of their ethnicity (your reference to “the Tribe” reveals you) is in itself racist.

      1. Soni says:

        Wrong– In 1948 it was the Jews who started to kill in Palestine. Mostly were Jews who survived the death camps, and nearly every country in the world refused to allow them to move there, Including the US. GOP’ after WWll went in congress and refused to allow them, and Truman couldn’t stop them. The original Jews and Muslims lived side by side in old Palestine. Study facts and the history.

    2. panbk says:

      Five years ago, when Russia attacked Ukraine, some American Jews were eager to repeat Putin’s lie, that Ukraine is inherently anti-Semitic — and that the nationalists, that took power — especially so.

      Since then, the US has had dozens of anti-Semitic attacks, as did France and Germany. Ukraine had none — indeed, it elected Jew to President this April…

  9. Jon Smith says:

    The anti-semitism in this thread alone is appalling.

  10. Pete says:

    Finally anti-Semitic attacks not carried out by Jews themselves.

  11. Steve M says:

    When non-Jewish are punched in the face, it’s called the knockout game. If any of the attackers where white, the media would say white supremacists.

  12. panbk says:

    Obama/Clinton/Sanders voters — both, the victims and the perps…

  13. mlaneyz06 says:

    NYC, get your **** together. Totally unacceptable.

  14. Talkandblab says:

    America has a serious racism problem. Why is it that no one really questions the American flag that was designed by a slave master’s wife? The USA could make a nicer, newer flag. They want people to say “pledge of allegiance” to the American flag designed by a slave master’s wife who probably took the design idea from an indigenous American tribe that had a similar design, just with larger stars and in just red and white. The result of the American flag seems to be that more than 1 million children are without dads in Afghanistan due to the American warfare there, etc. , not to mention genocide of indigenous people in the Americas by colonialists and worse war crimes.

    1. Mike Hayes says:

      You must be a Russian Troll,that’s the most idiotic thing i’ve read in a long time.

  15. dunce says:

    The pictures of the men look fat and soft. there is no excuse not to be ready and trained to defend yourself. They could have some martial arts champs disguised in traditional garb and gray hair as bait and only show police the attack video when they come to pick up the body.

  16. why do these things happen….. there is a cause and effect here and it is the reason jooos have been targets for 2000 years…

    1. Mctague Has A Goyishe Kop says:

      The cause is stupidity and ignorance.

  17. carcar jinks says:

    no description of the attackers – don’t bother. we already know.

  18. Galileo Uno says:

    Description of perps ? You would be ranting and raving if these crimes were committed by so called white supremacists. It’s a big problem that is being ignored/suppressed.

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