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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There were multiple arrests after protesters gathered at Grand Central before taking to the streets Friday night.

Police struggled to hold back the elbow-to-elbow protesters covering the main floor of Grand Central Terminal.

The group started gathering just after 5 p.m., many wearing masks and carrying anti-police posters. Some tried to hang banners in the terminal, all aiming to disrupt the evening commute.

According to police, the NYPD arreted 13 people and gave out 11 summonses, while the MTA police made three arrests and eight summonses.

Prior to staging the disruption on Friday, three masked members of the protest group could be seen in a Twitter video encouraging people to skip fares, damage turnstiles and engage in a mass sabotage of the MTA, pointing followers toward a demonstration at Grand Central.

The group says it wants to abolish subway fares and get rid of police patrols in the transit system.

“There’s so much in the budget that can cover free transportation instead of more police. I don’t understand why it’s going that way instead of the other way,” protester Sydney Daniels said.

Chaos At Grand Central Amid Friday Commute, Protestors

Some frustrated commuters pushed back against protesters.

“We need more cops on the trains. Less muggings, less rapes,” one commuter said.

Members of the group were seen squirting paint on the OMNY readers, hanging banners inside the Oculus station, and pouring quick-set glue inside the turnstiles at 72nd Street and Central Park West.

A woman named Brandy says she held a turnstile open for half an hour today, helping people evade the fare.

“We pay for the metro with our taxes. Why are we being charged then hounded if we don’t pay to use it? And of course, it’s disproportionately brown and black people being hounded and arrested,” Brandy said.

Anti-police graffiti was also abundant at stations around the city.

“This morning, a group of individuals vandalized subway stations. We believe the same individuals awill attempt to disrupt the evening commute by causing disorder, endangering commuters – and even attempting to physically assault our officers. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED,” NYPD Chief of Department Terrence Monahan said on Twitter.

“While the NYPD will always protect people’s right to protest, we will not accept illegal behavior that threatens the safety of others. Those who break the law will be arrested,” Monahan said in an accompanying video message.

The Police Benevolent Association warned New Yorkers to pay close attention, calling this “an end of all policing and destruction of public order.”

The NYPD was well-prepared, adding extra patrols at MTA stations. Heavily armed officers guarded every entrance of Grand Central. Police made several arrests as tensions flared.

“I saw all the police officers and I get concerned,” said Connecticut resident Tina Mihocko. “Both of my sons are police officers in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and I’m definitely concerned for all them. I’m concerned for people on both sides.”

After marching out of Grand Central, the hundreds of protesters divided and dispersed, some jumping the turnstile at Bryant Park, blocking entrances at Penn Station and marching in the streets throughout Brooklyn.

Police are also investigating if protesters threw a hammer through a restaurant window in lower Manhattan while customers were inside. A 20-year-old woman was injured by the shattering glass.

CBS2’s Ali Bauman asked one protester what she was hoping for.

“That there’s more awareness, people are more heard. These issues are affecting actual lives,” she said.

Many people CBS2’s Jessica Moore spoke with say society would be chaos without police on the ground.

“The police are here to help us. You can’t have criminals roaming around with weapons, so we actually need people like police to prevent worse things from happening,” said Lower East Side resident Irwin Meza.

“This demonstration activity follows the dangerous pattern of previous activities that have resulted in vandalization and defacement of MTA property – clearly violating laws. Those actions divert valuable time, money and resources away from investments in transit services that get New Yorkers to their jobs, schools, doctors and other places they need to go. The MTA has zero-tolerance for any actions that threaten the safety of the public and our employees, and impede service for millions of customers. We are monitoring conditions as we cooperate with the NYPD and MTA PD to maintain service while ensuring everyone’s safety,” MTA Chief Security Officer Patrick Warren said.

Police say as a result of the protests, there have been several incidents of property damage.

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  1. Eugene says:

    Give left vandals free vacation to commie country, to treat their brains

  2. matismf says:

    Smart money says these terrorists were paid by the tribe!!!

    1. theresistanceisfutile says:

      The Elizabeth Warren campaign???

  3. Jerry Albert says:

    A nation living without His ‘ten rules’. What a landfill…..from sea to shining sea.

    1. joe stalin says:

      Amen Jerry

    2. joe stalin says:


  4. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

    Dear Lord in Heaven! May I NEVER find myself in NYC (or Chicago or LA or Philly) or any of this country’s modern day cesspools again. And yes, I’m sure the residents of all those cities will be glad for my continued absence from their streets. Let them stay there and suffer the consequences of their lifestyles and I’ll stay here and enjoy mine!

    1. joe stalin says:

      Isn’t it curious all the worst cities are Democrat run and for Decades.

  5. GKau says:

    What group did this? I read about five articles which provided good coverage except that none named the organization which staged this violence.

    Would the reporting have been different had the rioters worn MAGA hats?

  6. lynn says:

    Once again we witness the conduct of those little peoples who are in the position they are in because they refuse to live within their means. The free lunch is over. (So sayeth those whose bosses get paid to borrow money from the Federal Reserve so they can buy more assets that appreciate in value – you know- the free enterprise system)

  7. Dan says:

    All vandals should be executed as that is the only way this will ever stop these thugs.

  8. TomasCruz says:

    The seven local NYC “media news” outlets failed to mention they were all left wing radicals and Bernie supporters.

  9. garisaris says:

    what have we come to these days, people dont want to pay the fare anymore? but they want
    excellent subway service? come to DC where you pay almost $20.00 for a short round trip

  10. Al says:

    You don’t want the NY system to wind up like the one in Los Angeles. It’s a free shuttle service for the homeless, crazy people and gang members. Everyone else uses it at their own risk and against beter judgement.

  11. carcar jinks says:

    this what happens when democrats hand out free stuff to the same people, generation after generation

  12. Peter York says:

    and the $50 steak at Delmonico’s! I want one of those! and I’m tired of paying rent! oh, why won’t anybody see the hallucination I’m living in?

  13. Dan Austin says:

    They should just give in to the demands. Pull the police out, but stop all maintenance and repair as well. Let the anarchist morons take it over and run it themselves.

  14. Rezqewr says:

    Back in the day, NYPD would be doling out “wood shampoos” with gusto.

  15. Robertone DePasquale says:

    Was born & raised in the city. Been out of their for 40 years now but I still love NY. What a shame to see this nonsense happening. These are the same clowns that are paid by Soros and did that occupy crap downtown. Bernie types thinking Communism will save them, yeah. Just like it saved the 60 million murdered by Stalin and those who were left Still had to pay the fare for the Moscow subway! Joke.

    1. William says:

      If you are going to say how many people the communist in Russia killed, at least get it right, at around 30 million. It was Chinese communist who killed close to 60 million.

      1. Willis Forster says:

        30 million in Russia, 60 million murdered in China, 50 million babies slaughtered in the USA. Who cares about human life anyway??? Save the whales.

  16. Sam Smith says:

    This is the future of America with Democrats.

  17. Joe says:

    Maybe the Antifa thugs will all get coronavirus on the subway and we’ll be rid of them.

  18. arnoldripkin1 says:

    Careful their Mr Police Chief, the mayor may not have your back.

  19. Mark Dimperio says:

    More freebies demanded by the great unwashed.

  20. thurs darp says:

    What a bunch of hooligan derelicts… “I want free stuff, and no rules!” Yeah, and the commuters just trying to get home after working are the ‘takers.’ Give me a break! If you want no rules, please self-deport to Venezuela and spare us your misery.

  21. Jonathan Swifter says:

    It’s nice to see Antifa fighting the Coronavirus by wearing masks….

  22. bubba says:

    Civil Society 2.0 look it up

  23. Guy says:

    Sad situation. Coordinated chaos perpetrated by those with an ideology based upon anarchy for pay. These creatures are a product of a school system that is devoid of morality/the concept of right & wrong. It teaches attendees that life is one big pointless accident, therefore things like infanticide and assisted-suicide are A-OK. Life is cheap and expendable. Being civil, respectful and taking responsibility for ones own actions is passe. Doing whatever you feel like is where it’s at, man. Go for all the gusto. If you have to trample on some folks in the process, it’s a small price to pay. Besides, accountability is just a big word that perhaps meant something in previous centuries, but became officially meaningless effective September 5, 2012.

    A big THANKS A LOT to the Democrat Party — the root of all evil.

  24. Reed Smith says:

    Compare this, if you will, with the calmness and comraderie of the Va gun rights demonstration in Richmond VA. Message to America…vote for the left, and this is the garbage you will get…except it will be worse because they will be in power

  25. Carlin Pitts says:

    Mayor Rudy Giuliani cleaned up New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the others who followed let it get all fouled up again. Mayor Bill DeBlasio is a disgrace.

  26. muneshadowe says:

    Don’t want a police presence? then go to a meth abuser for safety. The problem with people wanting freebies sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

  27. MW says:

    Open fire with rubber bullets!

  28. Lori Smith says:

    Yet another reason to be one of Rick Wilson’s rubes and live in the country, rather than an urban area.

  29. Carol Mathews says:

    Why bother to arrest them, the mayor will just turn them all loose.

    1. William McKenzie says:

      They got what they voted for. Now the lunatics are running the asylum. The sane will leave.

  30. Bob says:

    Where are the editors for these articles? Always so many errors, “At hundreds of masked protestors formed a human wall and marched forward to shut down Grand Central…” That’s just one sentence, “At hundreds,” “protestors,” generation of auto correct I guess..

    1. Bob says:

      In fact, take the whole sentence, “At hundreds of masked protestors formed a human wall and marched forward to shut down Grand Central Terminal, a major transit hub for tens of thousands of New Yorkers heading home at the end of the workweek.”

      Well, of as the hundreds of protesters formed the wall and shut the terminal down, what did the major transit hub for tens of thousands do?

      How much are you paying these writers?

  31. Jim Hyland says:

    We are seeing increased lawlessness, division and moral depravity throughout the world. Man is under God’s prolonged spiritual judgment. We are at the end of days. To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

  32. Reed Thomson says:

    Commies gonna commie… might I suggest shooting a few of them? They tend to scatter like roaches then…

  33. ActionsHaveConsequences says:

    Do what they did in DC to the arrested Antifa protesters. The DC prosecutors left them in jail over night, then made sure each and everyone has a trial. No dismissal of charges.

    The real deterrent was having to hire a lawyer, go to court and present their case. Those arrested didn’t repeat.

  34. Quigley56 says:

    Well, I will never again have the opportunity to use the underground but to ride it should be free as the taxpayers pay for it; all the taxpayer provider Union/Democrat slugs that work there should be fired and running the subway should be contracted out to a non Union private company. But, I would want a cop in every car if I ever rode it again, eh?

    1. Cas Ann says:

      Those clowns look like taxpayers to you?

  35. oooooo says:

    useful idiots

    1. George_Orwell says:

      I think you meant ‘useless idiots’.

  36. richard stern says:

    Stop picking on our youth. As an older NY curmudgeon, we can agree the MTA is a monopoly. Fares should cost all New Yorkers nothing. Take down the turnstiles! Heck, Bloomberg could pay for it, he’s has enough, and cant take it with him. Legalize vices, raise real estate taxes.

    1. Paul Hardee says:

      You’re an idiot.

    2. Paul says:

      You’re right. Everything should be free. No one pays for anything. The elves will produce whatever we need while we sleep, and it will be there in the morning.

  37. Brenda says:

    Bernie supporters and the other Socialist Democrats have warned us what they’d do. I guess after the impeachment fail, they’re making good on their threats.

  38. The occutard crowd are back, rebranded but with the same agenda. Antifa, Occupy, Communist, whatever, all the same.

  39. angman says:

    give proper people their guns back and stop weaponizing the courts and police toward citizens and you wont have this garbage , and we wouldnt need cops an armed society is a polite society

    1. Shinyo Free says:

      So who decides which people are “proper”, you? Not likely if your answer is to get rid of the police and shoot all the vandals.

  40. Raven says:

    Just good liberals being good liberals … let it burn. Ye shall reap, what ye has sown. NYC and all the socialists deserve the hell that socialism is and what it brings with it. All the rich liberal nutcases supporting the very thing that will bring down their entire way of life. Again, let it burn … they deserve it.

  41. Steve A says:

    The Mayor and the Governor are responsible for all that’s going wrong with this city that i loved, I guess now it’s time move, SO VERY SAD,wake up media and help the people, Please vote the Democrats out

  42. Peter Stephens says:

    ANTIFA! A full fledged Terrorist, Violent, Criminal agenda! If they have their faces covered! ARREST THEM!

  43. Retired Army vet says:

    Shoot them dead, really…otherwise this is just the start.


  45. Cacique says:

    Socialism at its finest! Cause chaos, get rid of police so there is more chaos and they can then rule the underground. Just say no to socialists! If they don’t like it, give them a lifetime ban from using the subway.

    1. Perhaps these deranged socialists/Leftists will give up & throw themselves in front of the trains. These idiots think taxes pay for stuff so THEY can destroy it for everyone. Thanks Democrat politicians, Maxine Waters, Hillary & Obama/deBlasio – who coddle criminals, support ANTIFA & radical lawlessness. Now they will use this crisis to claim only democrats can “fix” it. The Left are CHOOSING to be evil.

  46. Beachhawk says:

    That’s a logical outcome of Mayor De Blasio’s policies and the problems those policies will engender have only just begun. Good luck, NYC!

  47. David Keller says:

    Welcome to Bernie’s America

    1. Caught on video & audio (Veritas.com) the Left/socialists Bernie supporters have said they will burn down the cities if Bernie loses. You have not seen anything yet because Bernie WILL lose.

      1. Protonius says:

        Connie, you’ve hit the nail on the head. And for anyone who’s questioning your warning about Bernie, here’s the URL to a DuckDuckGo search on that issue: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=veritas+video+if+bernie+loses+burn+the+cities&t=canonical&ia=videos

  48. matt says:

    welcome to hell.
    thank you, democrat politicians, democrat media and democrat voters.

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