NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In a life-and-death situation, New York City cops were there just in time to prevent a tragedy, and it was all captured on the officer’s body camera.

At Wednesday’s press briefing, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea played some terrifying body cam footage to recognize four cops from the 24th Precinct.

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They were called to a West 86th Street apartment on Feb. 18. Hearing screams, they rushed in.

“He has a knife in hand, at which point, he dives head-first out the window, and with the excellent training that the department has offered us, Officer Choi quickly reacts, grabs the gentleman from his right ankle as his body is out the window,” Police Officer Nelson Gomez said. “At that point, Officer Bodner reaches over the window, contains the upper body of the individual as Morsi grabs his left leg and I come in as well.”

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Once inside, they said they were able to calm the man, and he was taken to the hospital.

“They have seconds to make that determination to run towards somebody that’s armed with a knife trying to jump out of a window,” Shea said.

“Our adrenaline was pumping and once we got the gentleman back to safety, it was a relief that we can save another life out there,” Gomez said.

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The cops add it was just another day working in the city they love.