New York State Department Issues Travel Advisories In Response To Outbreak

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With the coronavirus outbreak affecting at least 40 countries, many travelers are concerned about what’s being done to contain the virus.

At JFK Airport, jetlagged passengers typically in a rush to clear immigration are now appalled by a lack of screening, especially compared to procedures in the countries they just left.

Emily Ferrara and Blair Haworth just returned from Florence, Italy, where their study abroad program was canceled because of the virus. There are more than 300 cases there, one of the largest outbreaks outside China.

Yet, the students told CBS2’s Christina Fan they weren’t asked a single question about potential symptoms once they landed in New York City.

“We didn’t even get checked. Like we’re used to being in Florence where you get your temperature checked. Here they didn’t do anything, which is kind of crazy,” Ferrara said. “Considering, like, how much the cases have spread so fast, like, they should definitely be taking more precautions here.”

CORONAVIRUS: CDC Latest | Guidance For Travelers | NY Health Dept. | NY Hotline: 1-(888)-364-3065 | NYC Department Of Health Guidance For Parents | NJ Health Dept. | NJ Hotline: 1-(800)-222-1222

Currently, the United States is only conducting health screenings for passengers who are flying in from China.

Some, including Mayor Bill de Blasio this week, called for the screenings to be extended to flights from Italy, South Korea and Japan.

But Dr. Teresa Amato, the chair of emergency medicine at Long Island Jewish Forest Hills, says the idea may not be effective.

“I think it’s becoming increasingly difficult given that people are infected with no symptoms and travel areas are becoming more and more widespread with the virus,” she said.

In addition to airport screenings, some passengers believe there should be more travel restrictions from countries other than China. President Donald Trump weighed in on the idea at a press conference Wednesday.

“At a right time, we might do that. Right now, it’s not the right time,” he said.

Coronavirus Precautions: Travelers Urged To Check For Advisories Before Making Plans

Meanwhile, you may want to check the state department’s website before making travel arrangements in the coming weeks and months. Advisories are being added in response to the spread of the virus.

The spread of the coronavirus is impacting travel around the world, well beyond China, as passengers are on alert.

“My company is not letting us to travel to certain places. Obviously right now, we have a ban, so can’t really go there,” Michael Pietrunti, of Long Island City, told CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas.

“We wore masks on both planes and all the planes we took and stuff like that just for extra precautions. Even though they say it might not prevent anything, you may as well do that if you’re in an enclosed space with so many people,” Upper East Side resident Marissa Schickling said.

With spring break and other routine travel on the horizon, AAA says there are now more factors to consider before going abroad.

“We’re telling people that they should make sure their health insurance is in place before they go, that they should see their health provider before they travel and certainly have all their health insurance documents with them when they’re traveling,” said Robert Sinclair, Jr. with AAA Northeast.

Many travel insurance companies are no longer providing coverage for coronavirus-related losses, but if you bought that insurance before Jan. 22 when the World Health Organization declared a public health emergency, you may still be covered.

The state department continues to add to its list of advisories that includes Italy, South Korea and Mongolia.

The warnings range from exercising caution to avoiding travel altogether. Registering your travel plans with the state department will allow you to be contacted if circumstances change while you’re overseas.

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  1. Oliver W Homey says:

    You can be totally asymptomatic and get in and then develop your cough 10 days later, so what good is screening really? It is a flu like the cold, it is going to spread thru here just like the flu does every year.

  2. Boodrow Malone says:

    Until this is over there is no way you will see me on an airplane.

  3. cadcam says:

    Well, the 9th circuit just opened the doors at the Southern Border for a hoard of 50,000 to come in over the next few days without screening. That’s a big problem, and you can thank left for that one.

  4. Joe says:

    They are concerned about the lack of safety caution? I’m concerned that these people are still continuing to go on airplane trips. My family and friends that had travel plans in Feb and March canceled them because that is the smart thing to do right now.

    1. steve jarvis says:

      Would everyone just STOP already? Get a grip damn it. It is NOT EBOLA. It is a “Virus” just like the flu. And so far the survival rate is about 98%. Meaning about 2% die who catch it. Usually the old, or young or those with weakened immune systems. Just like our regular flu every year here, except 4-6 % die.
      It’s a virus, so the treatment is bed rest fluids, Motrin. I don’t know why the media is hyping this to death, but remember the Y2K doomsday? The Swine Flu? SARS. etc. We will survive, now just chill and have a beer or whatnot.

      1. Bob says:

        The media is making a huge deal out of this because they are rooting for the economy to collapse to make Trump look bad. Simple.

      2. Only one Ebola outbreak killed more people total than this virus has killed in two months, and that outbreak went on for years. Ryan’s flu figures are also misleading, as those 61,000 deaths were out of some 49 million people who caught the flu. If 49 million people catch this virus, about a million of them are likely to die, and that’s if we have enough hospital beds for everyone who comes down with pneumonia. Guess what?

  5. H H says:

    What we need is: aircraft sanitized after each flight.

    Aircraft get deep cleaning once per year…
    ***AND the prople from China figured out the could fly to Other locations then into US without testing,***

  6. D JG says:

    Quarantine for three weeks everyone entering the U.S., at their own expense.
    They want to travel, they pay the full price of travelling.

  7. Ryan says:

    According to the CDC, as of 02/28/2020, the Corina-Virus has caused 2,761 deaths world wide. Also according to the CDC, the all strains of the common influenza virus caused 61,100 deaths in the United States alone in the 2017-2018 season. While our lying press is waving their collective arms over their heads preaching that the sky has fallen, please keep these numbers in mind.

    1. steve jarvis says:

      Ryan, Thank You, Thank You, And Thank you. Sheesh are you and I about the only ones who know how to look at figures and as Alfred E, Neuman used to say “What me Worry”

  8. bobdog says:

    So, one person, a pompous Democrat, decides this? “Some people are asymptomatic, so testing is ineffective? Wait. WHAT?

    Is this another one of those “manufactured crises” Democrats talk about all the time?

  9. Joey Halk says:

    They need this FLU to be global so they have something to blame on the global banking system collapse on – Ask Trump about the negative yield curve, Ask him about the massive debt he is creating , that he promised to wipe out in 6 years – The democrats , republicans, fake MSM , bankers — are all on the same team – Do you think any democrat candidate is genuinely running for president ???……… Why wont the fake MSM that apparently hate Trump call him out on his fake stockmarket bubble, the feb pumping 50 to 100 billion a day into the debt bubble…………its all fake………….. trump is fake.,………. he is doing all he can to bring about the New World Order………run by irsale

    1. Earlymac says:

      Loosen up that tin hat. Your TDS has run overboard.

  10. sam says:

    This is proof we need to protect ourselves. Government wants us dead.
    How come no one is reporting that US government was involved in making this virus?
    Fort Derrick, FDA, NIH, and University of North Carolina were involved in creating this for China.
    Why aren’t arrests being made of these criminals?
    You need to protect your families. Get a nebulizer or two, and 2 quarts of colloidal silver.
    Advanced Silver Company is a good one. Nebulizers can be found on EBay for cheap.
    Better safe than sorry.

  11. George says:

    Well, like, I guess, like, it’s good they provided the opinion of like someone who is clearly an expert on like screening measures and stuff.

  12. John T. says:

    Well, it’s because the Orange Cheeto appointed the incompetent Pence to be in charge. Dumb and dumber have it all “under control”. Expect MASSIVE outbreak and nationwide-lockdown, soon, as these incompetent idiots aren’t going to protect us from anything.

    1. Dan Austin says:

      New York city and the airport workers are full of incompetent democrats. They don’t sit around waiting for Trump or Pence to tell them what to do, their bosses and local officials are simply incompetent and can’t figure out how to do their jobs.

    2. clayusmcret says:

      And Pence immediately put a highly qualified person in charge; the person who has been our nation’s pointwoman on the international HIV response (appointed by obama in 2014). Keep up if you’re going to let your TDS rule.

    3. Earlymac says:

      Your TDS is on high alert. Quarantine yourself immediately from all people, including online postings.

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