NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York is bracing for a coronavirus outbreak.

CBS2 has learned hundreds of people are being monitored for possible coronavirus exposure in New York state.

The Health Department says 700 people in the state have been asked to voluntarily self-isolate for two weeks.

That includes 83 people in Nassau County, 29 in Suffolk County and eight in Westchester.

CORONAVIRUS: CDC Latest | Guidance For Travelers | NY Health Dept. | NY Hotline: 1-(888)-364-3065 | NJ Health Dept. | NJ Hotline: 1-(800)-222-1222

It’s important to point out there are no confirmed cases here, and no one in New York City or in New Jersey is being monitored.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it’s not a matter of if, but when the coronavirus becomes a bigger issue in the United States.

Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio joined New York City health officials to outline a plan of action once the virus shows up in the city.

As of Wednesday, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the city.

All those who were in quarantine have been released – but that’s expected to change. And once it does, city leaders say they’re ready, but could use more help from the federal government.

Watch: Mayor Bill de Blasio Discusses NYC Coronavirus Preparations

De Blasio was flanked by city health officials to outline the plan to address the coronavirus.

“We’re in a state of high vigilance, high readiness all across city government to address this crisis,” de Blasio said.

When necessary, 1,200 hospital beds will be available throughout the city to treat affected patients. 1.5 million surgical masks have also been bought for healthcare professionals and first responders, including the NYPD.

“We’ve given out thousands upon thousands of gloves, masks, and wipes to our command. Patrols, housing and transit has them,” said NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan.

Watch: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Discusses Coronavirus Preparations In New York State

“For everyday New Yorkers, there’s no need to use a mask,” said NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot.

“While there are no confirmed cases, we are in close contact with the city’s Health Department regarding potential impact to school communities, and are communicating updated guidance to principals and families today. There are no plans to close schools at this time, and any changes will be determined by public health experts,” the Department of Education said in a statement.

Schools are providing parents with information, hoping they’re the first line of defense to keep children home who have flu like symptoms and have been to the affected area or exposed to someone who has.

“Every New Yorker needs to take responsibility. So if you have a symptom and you have that nexus or your child does, act,” he said.

Still city leaders want the federal government needs to do more.

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De Blasio says the city needs access to 300,000 more masks. He wants the CDC to utilize local labs and lean on the medical community to help develop a test for the coronavirus. DeBlasio also says travel restrictions should be extended to include more countries.

“Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand. Anyone needs to be screened and if they have symptoms they need to be quarantined,” de Blasio said.

City leaders don’t want to increase fear but provide the necessary information as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Doctors say the coronavirus has not been as severe outside of China.

The advice to prevent it- or any virus from spreading- is still to wash your hands frequently and cover your cough with your elbow.

Monday afternoon, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he’s sending an emergency supplemental appropriations bill to the legislature next week asking for $40 million for the Department of Health.

He says New York state will be ready.

“We’ve gone through a number of public health emergencies that we’ve dealt with and each one seems new and unique, but we’ve handled situations like this in the past. And we’re handling this one also,” Cuomo said.

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  1. Adian Gu says:

    Listen carefully to the doctors. In countries with lower cases, there are enough hospital beds and staff to keep fatal cases low. In cities with high counts, hospital staff are knocked out, some die and that’s then the death rates are extremely high (It looks like it is 5% in Wuhan but 3% in all of China so far). In advanced countries with the best medical facilities, it is much lower. Don’t let this knock out hospitals and people will be fine.

    1. Personal hygiene is best defence. Wash hands with soap often and don’t touch your face. Instead of shaking hands, try touching feet or nod at each other. Avoid talking in elevators or closed spaces.
    2. If you have a fever or cold/flu symptoms, stay home.
    3. If you have serious breathing issues, call ahead to your hospital or doctor or 911 and get the staff prepared.

    If we give the medical experts time, a vaccine and ideal treatments can be ready and we will be fine. Our job here is to practice good hygiene and stay healthy. There is no need to panic. It doesn’t help.

  2. Gemini Aura says:

    Where are the remaining 588 located? Are we to assume NYC? Why do more about infection in Singapore and S. Korea than NYC/NYS? Where’s the transparency?

  3. blueeeyes 2 says:

    Bio – Weapons — china — climate change …….

  4. David King says:

    May be hold off on the Plastic Bag Ban until summer – to see where Corona goes ?
    One thing that there is no doubt about is that plastic bags are more sanitary that reusable bags.

  5. midlechamber says:

    And so far the CDC reports that 8200 have died this season from the Flu yet there is no hysteria Especially all the HYPE from the Liberal Media.

    1. Jim says:

      Serious question…are you really this big of a moron?

      1. Marc Cohen says:

        he is right you are the moron

    2. Brian says:

      While there are more flu deaths, this coronavirus has a fatality rate 10-20X higher than influenza, mostly because there is no vax for it yet.

      1. David Billotti says:

        Just to do a little bit to stem the growing hysteria, this is actually not accurate. It is higher in Hubei, likely for reasons like pollution, poverty, overcrowding, smoking. It is lower in the rest of China and in other places the outbreak has taken off. Further, the universe of cases has not been and cannot be identified. China has 75,000 cases? Nonsense. They probably have 10 times that and most are mild, and it plateaued there 3 wks ago and is almost over anyway. In the end, the mortality rate will be higher than flu, for sure, but not by even 10x. Probably around .003 (.3%) to .005 (.5%) – or, translating, more than 99% of people who get it will survive.

  6. Please review “Chicken Little”. It was written to show that there will be sinister conspiracies and stories by ignorant people that the sky is falling.

  7. Sick of Liars says:

    The NYC Health Department says 700 people in the state have been asked to voluntarily self-isolate for two weeks.
    That includes 83 people in Nassau County, 29 in Suffolk County and eight in Westchester.

    I, having NOT been educated in a LibTard school system, have noticed Fredo Cuomo, De Commio, & “Health Department” are hiding the county(ies) containing at least 580 that “have been asked to voluntarily self-isolate for two weeks”.

    Do you want to know why NO ONE trusts you, Fredo Cuomo, De Commio, & “Health Department”?

    Because you do cowardly, sneaky sh!t like hide information vital to the health & safety of NY Citizens!

    1. Rob says:

      WHY FREDO???? WHY????????

  8. Angela Neill says:

    Keep it up Nutjob MSM; ur Wall Street parasitic buddies will thank you for the future rebound.

    1. Rob says:

      Well said. All they ever do is hopelessly stumble over themselves.

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