NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Doctors and nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus battle in New York and New Jersey will now receive nearly a million medical supplies confiscated by the FBI.

Earlier this week, federal authorities seized a huge stockpile from a hoarder in Brooklyn and at a warehouse in New Jersey.

The supplies included 192,000 N95 masks, 130,000 surgical masks and nearly 600,000 gloves.

Forty-three-year-old Baruch Feldheim, from Brooklyn, has been charged with assault and making false statements.

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  1. Bob Lee says:

    or maybe he is just human with bad deeds.. dont include politics in this.. the idiot in the white house is doing a mess just fine.. he said a hoax… dont forget that !!! he is risking your life if you support him… we have 5 cases, it will be 0 in few days. his words. dont forget that.. he is risking your life

    1. Dianne Perales says:

      So ridiculous! The president is working night and day for YOU! Yes YOU! Cut the garbage and criticizing! What are you doing to help!

  2. Magnolia4u says:

    Would love to know if Baruch Feldheim is a democrat or not. Is he trying to make Trump look bad when the supplies aren’t available. But, no, they don’t want to mention THAT!

    1. Stephen Collins says:

      Lol, grifter trump doesn’t need any help looking bad, try again trumper…

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