NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Opening day is finally here, but this year, it’s different at Citi Field.

The subway station where fans usually come streaming out of the 7 line is closed. The parking lot is empty, and the entire stadium is surrounded by fencing to make sure no one gets in.

But that hasn’t stopped some fans from showing up.

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“Just by seeing the stadium, it kind of lifted our spirits,” one fan said. “I think it’s a way to remind ourselves the excitement of baseball. Even though we can’t be in the stadium, just to come and remember what it feels like every season.”

For Andy and his wife Anda Lee, they had to be at the stadium. It’s a tradition.

“It’s my beloved Mets,” Andy said.

“It means a lot to him because he loves the Mets. He’s got a tattoo…” Anda said.

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Not only does he have a tattoo, he’s a real “cup half empty” kind of guy. His jersey had “Pessimistic 1” on it.

Inside, there won’t be fans, but instead cardboard cutouts, including some of the 7 Line Army behind center field. The group’s founder is Darren Meenan. He says just getting to this day is something worthy of celebration.

“When you put things into perspective, you have to think, yeah, it’s a bummer you can’t be there. But everyone’s hat should be going off to all the health care workers and first responders and everyone who has gotten us to even just appreciate, even if it is from home,” Meenan said.

With the return of baseball, there will be plenty of chanting, whether it be at home in front of the TV or outside the stadium at the home run apple.


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