HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A 25-year-old woman is facing charges for allegedly assaulting another customer who asked her to wear a mask inside a Staples in New Jersey.

Hackensack police said Terri Thomas was charged with aggravated assault Tuesday.

The victim, Margot Kagan, uses a can following a recent liver transplant.

She apparently told Thomas to put on a mask inside the Hackensack store last week. That’s when Thomas allegedly grabbed her cane and threw her to the ground, leaving her with a fractured shin.

Thomas was released after her arrest. She’s due back in court Aug. 24.

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  1. Deaf Smith says:

    Where was everyone else??? Why did everyone else do NOTHING to help the lady on the floor? One even went back to the photocopier and IGNORED her pleas for help!! I live in TEXAS folks… we don’t sit back and ignore this kind of thing. It does not matter what race or gender, one gives help and confronts those that hurt others (but of course we have CCW and lots of folks pack heat down here.)

  2. Joe R. says:

    I think it’s been made very clear that we cannot live side by side with these people.

  3. KDJ says:

    Must be hard to use a can after you have had liver surgery

  4. Astro Wagon says:

    She needs thump to the skull with a bat.

  5. No Bullying says:

    That bully of a woman needs a very long lockup and anger management courses!!! She bullied a woman that was obviously smaller and weaker by throwing her across the room. Make her pay!!!

  6. this bitch need to electrocuted

  7. Pat O'Loughlin says:

    Ms. Thomas’ race has nothing to do with her being a big,fat, ignorant bully! May she get what she deserves – and then some! Thus, she can serve as a warning to other potential idiots!

  8. Terri says:

    I can’t believe that she was released. She had her few days of freedom until they arrested her, so she should stay in jail.

  9. skeptic says:

    So is this woman who attached a frail woman using a cane one of the poor folks who should be released from jail because it wasn’t really her fault?

  10. Brian says:

    BLM attacks again

  11. Noneya Business says:

    Uses a can? Is proof reading and editing even a thing anymore?

  12. Thomas William Gossert says:

    3 years in prison + full responsibility for all medical and loss of income for the victim.

  13. Thomas William Gossert says:

    3 years in prison and responsible for all medical bills and lost income for the victim

  14. This individual should pay doctor bills, AND go to jail. This is elder abuse at its finest.

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