NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man was shot to death Monday morning while walking his dog in Brooklyn.

CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis spoke to close friends of the victim.

Police said Michael Scully was walking his dog in Bay Ridge when he got in an argument with a man who shot him multiple times in the head and shoulders.

The overwhelming reaction from people was shock. They said the victim was a caring and giving person.

“Michael Scully was 62 years old. He was a God-fearing man. He was a staple of this community,” childhood friend Danny Barreto said.

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Barreto said Scully was like a brother to him. The two grew up together in Brooklyn right near a church, where he was a well-known parishioner.

“I just wish the world had more Mike Scullys because they deserve people like him around here who take care of the community,” Barreto said. “He had no boundaries on taking care of people, and for somebody to shoot him for no apparent reason, it’s insane.”

The shooting happened Monday before 7 a.m. outside Scully’s home on 74th Street near 7th Avenue.

Police said he was walking his dog when he was shot. Someone heard the gunfire and called 911.

Scully was rushed to NYU Langone, but didn’t make it.

Investigators spent the day on the scene, where a bright-colored sneaker remained on the taped-off sidewalk as friends passed by.

“It’s killing me. It’s actually destroying me. I’m very, very sad,” friend Frank Barreto said.

“Nothing but a gentleman, great guy, never bothered anybody. I see him out here walking his dogs, minds his own business,” neighbor Ronnie Qater added.

The shooting was among a growing number in the city. Neighbors were left wondering when will enough be enough.

“Nobody expects to go out and walk their dog and never live again,” said Erik Feuer, owner of E&J Boutique in Dyker Heights. “We need to put the police back on the streets. We need to stop the defunding of the police because when you defund the police, crime goes up.”

“I just really wish that the city would wake up and see we’re going backwards instead of going forward,” Danny Barreto said.

Fifty-two-year-old George Vayos, of Brooklyn, was arrested Tuesday and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon in connection to Scully’s death.

It’s not clear if the shooter and Scully knew each other or what they were arguing about.

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  1. nomoretraitors says:

    “I just really wish that the city would wake up and see we’re going backwards instead of going forward,” Danny Barreto said”

    That’s what they want, Danny. The more chaos there is, the more power people will give them. And maybe you can get your b!tch azz attorney general Lyin’ Leticia to focus on the rampaging crime in NYC instead of abusing her office to persecute the NRA

  2. nomoreliberaltraitors says:

    Why is the race of the perpetrator not mentioned?

    Maybe the residents should hang out “White Lives Matter” signs

  3. Krystal says:

    It’s 74th Street near 7th Avenue – Bay Ridge.

    1. Joe Wong says:

      Thanks for the correction.

  4. Joe Wong says:

    Seems like obviously a typo error here, since there is no 74 Avenue in that part of Brooklyn. However, there is a 74 Avenue in Fresh Meadows in Queens NY.

  5. Vincent Cat says:

    There is no 74 avenue in Brooklyn

  6. AngleaSJackson says:

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