Residents At Harmonia Hotel Say They Were Blindsided: 'They Told Everyone At The Last Minute, You're Leaving'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Homeless residents are being moved out of a Midtown hotel to make room for other homeless men recently displaced.

Residents at the Harmonia Hotel on East 31st Street say they were blindsided by the order to move out.

The city says it plans to move in homeless men who were removed from the Lucerne Hotel on the Upper West Side after neighbors complained about safety and quality-of-life issues.

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Many residents at the Harmonia have disabilities and have been living there for years.

“They did not handle it right. They told everyone at the last minute, ‘You’re leaving,'” one man said.

“They don’t tell us nothing about where we’re going. Do they have accommodations that we need?” one woman said.

The Legal Aid Society says it’s suing the city for not making sure residents at the Harmonia are moved somewhere that can accommodate their medical needs.

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