By Alice Gainer

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – An entire wall of bricks came tumbling down Thursday morning on over half a dozen cars at an apartment complex.

Did weather play a role?

As CBS2’s Alice Gainer reports, two stories of bricks came raining down on the cars on Hawthorne Avenue.

“It shook the whole room. So I actually came outside because I thought it was the roof,” one woman told CBS2.

Not only did she hear it, but one of her cars was parked there.

A snow day kept her home from work, otherwise she could’ve been outside getting into her car.

“It could’ve been me. It could’ve been my kids. It could’ve been anyone,” she said.

Police say no one was injured.

In total, about seven cars were damaged. The bricks buried the walkway too.

“I’m just thankful nobody got hurt and it was only the cars,” said Robert Duverge. HIs father and uncle, who was leasing his car, were both parked there.

“That red car over there, that probably took the worst hit. It was my uncle’s car which was 2018, 2019. He was about to return it in a couple of weeks,” he said.

Police and the Central Islip Fire Department responded.

A masonry company started cleaning up the bricks Thursday afternoon. It will take a few days to make repairs. No-one has to leave the building.

The town’s building inspector’s off says there were no violations. As for what exactly caused it, there’s no word yet.


Alice Gainer