Summer’s not here yet, but this springtime weather has us looking forward to dining al fresco, hitting up street fairs and spending nights sipping cocktails by the Hudson. Women of New York are no strangers to style and wanting to look their best, so we compiled a few of our favorite products – and tested some new ones – to give our readers the ultimate must-haves for the summer season. By Julie Parise,

Olé Caliente & Spring Nail Colors, Essie

Olé Caliente by Essie (credit: Essie)

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We’re longtime fans of the Essie nail color line, but they really nailed it with some of their latest polish colors. Ranging from bold and bright to subtle and sweet, these hues will be ones worth wearing straight through September. ‘A Crewed Interest’ is a peachy pastel, ideal to wear to a summer wedding. Fans of the line’s ever popular ‘Fiji’ will appreciate ‘Pink-A-Boo,’ a light, upbeat pink with a hint of shimmer and a princess-y feel. Our favorite color of the bunch, ‘Olé Caliente,’ turns up the heat. Audacious but not outrageous, the orange-red color suits your fingertips whether you’re jetting off for a Texas vacation, hitting up one of the city’s rooftop bars – or just heading to another day at your Midtown office.

Essie products available individually for $8.00 a bottle. Find the collection at Duane Reades and nail salons across the city, or order online.


(credit: Tractenberg & Co.)

available at Sephora
597 5th Avenue
New York
(212) 980-6534
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The ‘glow’ duo by New York-based celebrity dermatologist Dr. Brandt is pricey – but with clients like Madonna and Kelly Ripa, you have to believe it works. Less than 24 hours after we tried the product, we were hooked – feeling more confident in our brighter, smoother skin. After a week, we noticed a more even skin tone, making red marks and blemishes less noticeable. Developed with 2 percent active retinol complex — the highest concentration available without a prescription — glow works to turn dull skin brighter and reverse the effects of aging. (News flash ladies: The aging process starts to show on your skin during your late twenties.) The duo features an overnight resurfacing serum (you’ll get used to the slight smell of the chemicals) and a hyrdracreme for daily use to give you a glow that will rival that of the summer sun. Don’t forget: While you should always be wearing sunscreen underneath your make-up, regardless of the weather, it is imperative to use SPF protection when using a retinol product.

glow by dr. brandt™ overnight resurfacing serum (50g) $85; glow by dr. brandt™ ruby crystal retinol hydracrème (50g oz) $65; glow by dr. brandt™ introductory kit ( 2 x 15g), $65 .

New York by United Scents of America

(credit: United Scents of America)

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When we caught wind of this Hoboken-based fragrance line – creating a signature, unisex scent to represent each of the 50 states – we had a hunch we were going to love it. We were right. You don’t have to be from New York to fall in love with its namesake aroma, a sophisticated scent featuring apple, jasmine, basil and lily. New Jersey also boasts its own fragrance, a sweet smelling perfume/cologne made with the scents of caramel, cotton candy and fresh buttered popcorn.

Each bottle is 1.7 oz and retails for $58.00. Available at several boutiques in the Tri-State area, or online at

Blast Flipstick Lipcolor by CoverGirl

(credit: CoverGirl)

Fair-skinned celebs like Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift have contributed to the recent resurgence of the timeless red lipstick trend. Exceedingly elegant, this look can work for a variety of complexions and skin tones. How to nail it? We like Cover Girl’s new lip look, Blast Flipstick Lipcolor. The affordable, portable product is a double-ended stick with two shades (one shimmer, one cream) for blending. Swift, a CoverGirl spokeswoman, has been seen wearing the product in the ‘Stunner’ hue – just one of the 13 colors available.

Available at CVS, Target or order online for $7.99.

Moroccanoil Treatment Light

(credit: Moroccanoil)

When we wanted to find the best product to revitalize our locks for the summer sunshine, we turned to the experts at Celebrity Hairstyles magazine. They tipped us off to the Moroccanoil Treatment, which fortifies strands and improves the elasticity of your hair after the harsh winter weather.

If your mane is damaged from flat-ironing and heat-styling all winter (or all year – like ours), other moisturizing products may help – but the Moroccanoil Treatment is the real deal. The formula will soften your locks and nurse your hair back to health. Before you get hooked on the treatment for the way it turns frizz to shine, you’ll fall in love with its candy-like smell. The product has recently been reformulated to a lighter, more weightless consistency – ideal for those with fine hair. Those with thicker locks may still crave a heavier product for styling, and Moroccanoil has an entire line designed to restore moisture to damaged strands. Start with this.

Moroccanoil Light (3.4 fl. oz.) retails for $40.80 and is only available at professional salons and spas. For a list of our favorite New York City spas, click here. For more information, visit the Moroccanoil website.

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