Did you over-indulge during the holidays? Yeah, us too. Thankfully, New York City doesn’t lack for awesome exercise options, so we’ll be fitting back into our pants in no time. Herewith, our picks for the best post-holiday workouts and fitness centers. We’ll see you there! By Jessica Allen.

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Aquacycling at AQUA Studio promises to burn up to 800 calories an hour, meaning you can take off Grandma’s pies, Mom’s turkey, and Dad’s mixed drinks in no time flat. Don’t be fooled, though: riding a bike in waist-high water is about a million times harder than riding a bike on land. The Tribeca studio’s “Post-Holiday Detox Challenge” offers a bonus class to anyone who takes 10 classes within a set time period in January.

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If your holidays went by in a flurry of parties, family, friends, shopping, presents, and performance reviews, then some peacefulness might be in order. Bend & Bloom, a yoga studio in Brooklyn, offers several classes that will center your soul and quiet your mind, giving you the chance to get back in touch with, well, you. Try the Winter Recipe for Renewal class: part yoga, part self-massage, part meditation, all good.

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ChaiseFitness offers a patented Reinvention Method, a combination of aerobics, ballet, and Pilates. In other words, the “chaise” in the name does not refer to laying back and resting while the fat melts away, as we initially hoped. Instead, the studio’s signature class features a high-tech fitness chair, which lets you go even more deeply into the poses, burning more fat, tightening more flab, and gaining more muscle. Check out the New Client Specials.

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Started in Los Angeles in 2008, PopPhysique offers “the sexiest, most efficient, coolest workout at the best price.” How? By combining strength work with stretching in an hour-long barre-based ballet class. At the recently opened location in Nomad, you’ll move from holding the plank pose to toning your arms with light weights to working your core and bottom. You’ll be long, you’ll be lean, you’ll be you, only better.

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Yes, this workout is as fun as it sounds: you’ll literally bounce your way to a better body using a personal trampoline. High-intensity, high-energy classes combine toning, cardio, and interval training, while focusing on problem areas like arms and butt, zapping fat, sculpting your legs, or conditioning your core. Or you can go for the “total burn,” and work yourself from top to toe. Check the schedule for specials.