The turn at many of New York City’s brunch spots to haute cuisine left many generic pancakes behind. But not at these five places, where you can find the lowly pancake elevated to highlight of the menu. Keep your holiday indulgence going with one of these delectable breakfasts. By Siobhan Wallace.

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Tucked away in a back corner of Essex Street Market is the legendary Shopsin’s. If you’re able to make it past their unwritten rules like no party larger than 4, be sure to get a plate of their macaroni and cheese pancakes. Cheesy elbow pasta and cheddar are thrown in with the batter on the griddle resulting in the perfect scrumptious mix between breakfast and lunch.

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Locanda Verde is an all-around fantastic restaurant that doesn’t compromise on anything, including their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Made with fresh ricotta in the batter and topped with a dollop of Meyer Lemon Curd, the cakes are perfectly fried up before being plated with blueberries. These can be enjoyed at their weekday breakfast and weekend brunch.

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No pancake list can exist without mentioning Clinton Street Baking Co. Long known as one of the city’s best pancakes, they continue to live up to their reputation. The fluffy cakes are achieved by a batter addition of whipped egg whites, and are best eaten smothered with their maple butter.

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Greenpoint’s Five Leaves Ricotta Pancakes is Brooklyn’s answer to Locanda Verde’s. Stacked three high and sandwiching an entire banana, this is a delicious meal guaranteed to jump-start your day. Be sure to generously spread their honeycomb butter on each pancake, for added indulgence.

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The Mermaid Inn changes up their pancakes with a cornmeal batter. This leads to a much thinner cake than usual, and it’s crunchy exterior leads to a sweet and crumbly interior. The exquisite cakes are only plated with some powdered sugar and maple syrup, the only accompaniments you’ll need.

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