From fancy booze-infused treats to classic cookies, these St. Patrick’s Day goodies will have you feeling lucky – whether you’re Irish or not.

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(credit: Amy Ma/Dominique Ansel Bakery)

Back again for the second year in a row, this treat is inspired by the popular Black & Tan drink (made from mixing a dark stout or porter beer with a pale ale). A delightful blend of alcohol and dessert, the eclair is filled with a delectable pastry cream made from Guinness and Bass Pale Ale. Each item is then hand-decorated and topped with a miniature green shamrock made from chocolate. ($5.75).

Cookie Road Chocolate Stout Mousse

Cookie Road Chocolate Stout Mousse

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Another boozy addition to our top picks, one bite of this hops-infused dessert and you’ll be buzzed — off its deliciousness. Brooklyn’s Cookie Road is testing your Irish blood with their 2013 St. Patty’s Day treat: Chocolate stout mousse with whisky-whipped cream and raspberry sauce. If that’s not enough for you, the bakery is always serving up Guinness Brownies. (Note that Cookie Road has moved – the quaint, pink paradise on Franklin Street is now at a larger location on Manhattan Ave.)

Grasshopper Milkshake, Sugar and Plumm

Sugar and Plumm Grasshopper Milkshake[2]

377 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY

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It’s like your favorite Girl Scout cookie – served cold and with chocolate sauce. The Grasshopper Milkshake at this Upper West Side sweets haven is mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate sauce and peppermint patty blended together for a St. Patrick’s Day delight. For more of our favorite milkshakes, check out our picks for the city’s best.

Irish Soda Bread, Amy’s Bread

(credit: Amy's Bread)

(credit: Amy’s Bread)

672 Ninth Avenue

Let’s be real: It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without Irish Soda Bread. Amy’s Bread serves two kinds: “Plain” Irish Soda bread, an authentic Irish family recipe generously shared with the bakery by one of their early employees. The Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread was created by Amy herself. It is moist and chewy with a hint of molasses. Both of the soda breads are delicious – either smeared with butter, or eaten plain. They can be enjoyed as breakfast or a healthy mid-afternoon snack year-round.

Irish Ombré Cake, Sweet Melissa Patisserie

Sweet Melissa Patisserie's assorted St .Patrick's Day Sweets

Sweet Melissa Patisserie’s assorted St .Patrick’s Day Sweets

175 Seventh Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

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This Brooklyn bakery isn’t messing around this March. You’ll be hard-pressed to pick a favorite between the shamrock butter cookies, Irish soda bread, Guinness gingerbread, Irish cream and espresso ganache cake and the Irish ombré cake. We like the ombré cake, which Chef Melissa described as a “vanilla layer cake in a festive mood” — sounds right up our alley.

(credit: Magnolia Bakery)

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Magnolia Bakery is whipping up St. Patrick-themed versions of their chocolate whoopie cookies. The treats are pale green mint and white vanilla buttercream sandwiched between two rich chocolate wafer cookies. $9.00 per bag of three.

(credit: Sugar Sweet Sunshine)

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You may never find that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow…but this is just as good. If not better. Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s Leprechaun Pudding is Irish soda bread, with layers of vanilla pudding and Bailey whipped cream. Who’s the lucky one now? This year, the sweet shop offers a special deal, as well: Customers who purchase a 10 oz cup of The Leprechaun gets a free 4oz shot of any of the other puddings (banana, apple, coffee and chocolate are just some of the available flavors).

Mobile Couch Sweet Treats

Pistachio Cupcakes, Buttercup Bake Shop

973 2nd Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 350-4144

The cupcake flavor of the month at East Side sweet spot Buttercup Bake Shop is pistachio. When it’s decorated with shamrock sprinkles, it’s a cute and delicious St. Patrick’s Day sweet. For the holiday, Buttercup is also offering a more  traditional option. For $21, purchase the St. Patrick’s Day box. It includes three Buttercup Golden cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and three “Luck of the Irish” green cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting.