Police Charge Long Island Man For DWI With Kid In Car

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have charged a 52-year-old man for driving while intoxicated with a child in the car on Thursday night on Long Island.

Suffolk County police stopped Sean Durham at 8:35 p.m. on Jericho Turnpike near Calvert Avenue in Commack for erratic driving and a malfunctioning tail light.

Upon pulling Durham over, an officer determined that Durham was intoxicated and arrested him. The officer also found cocaine in his possession and learned that Durham’s 15-year-old daughter was in the car.

Because she’s 15, police charged Durham under Leandra’s Law, which makes it a felony to drive drunk with a child under the age of 16 in the car.

In addition to aggravated DWI with a child in the vehicle under Leandra’s Law, police charged Durham with endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance for cocaine.

The daughter was placed with a family member, police said.

Durham, meanwhile, is scheduled for arraignment in First District Court in Central Islip on Friday.

Leandra’s Law is named for 11-year-old Leandra Rosado, who was killed when her friend’s mother overturned the van she was driving while drunk on the Henry Hudson Parkway in 2009.

How effective has Leandra’s Law been since it became a law? Tell us in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Jerry says:

    Send him to rehab with Charlie Cheen



  3. That Great.....wait lemme get back to you says:

    He should be Happy he doesnt live in Saudi Arabia.

  4. Jimmy says:

    How come these guys always have the same type of beard?

  5. Charlie Sheen says:


    1. sean durham says:

      Let me tell you, this was blown way out of proportion and wrong. Im a single father with full custody of my kids and happen to drive my 15 year old daughter to ice hockey all day and night. and unfortunately I have a new found disrespect for the police community after all the BS and how they treat people. Our family still loves you Charlie, hang in their.

  6. groinocologist says:

    Wow, what an ordeal. Cocaine is bad for you. Were the both of them wearing their seatbelts? What was a “girl” doing in a car at that time of night? It is dangerous to be driving with a malfunctioning tail light. Suffolk County police will arrest you if you drive drunk, or if you try and take one of their hats right off their head.

  7. Wow! says:

    does anyone on long island drive sober anymore?

  8. Barbara C. says:

    It doesn’t matter was race or religion he is, HE BROKE THE LAW NOT ONCE< NOT TWICE BUT TIMES. i AM HISPANIC & IF MY HUSBAND IS DRIVING AND DRUNK & HE GETS CAUGHT YOU KNOW WHAT ARREST HIS ASS ALOS BECAUSE IF IT GOES FOR ONE IT GOES FOR ALL RACE, RELIGION, GENDER IT DOESN'T MATTER! THE COURTS NEED TO THROW THE BOOK AT HIM! Lets just hope his 15 yr old is smart enough to know it is not smart or safe to drive under the influence & to really stay away from drugs all together. Lets just hope for the best for her with a father like that!

  9. Bridget says:

    He should be locked up. Let this be a lesson to all the parents who go out to dinner with their families and down bottles of wine like its soda. They get in their car with their kids and go home, taking a really big risk. Fool.

    1. Mr. Armenia says:

      Bridget you do have a point but alot of the times the police are profiling

  10. Mr. Armenia says:

    He was arrested because he is Irish.

  11. Homie says:

    I can see Leandras Law really stopped this guy from getting behind the wheel. Perhaps we need more laws.

  12. Mr KnowItAll says:

    Good job champ !

  13. Danny McSchuler says:

    It’s St. Paddy’s month, for cornsssakes! Let him go.

  14. kenny says:

    lock him up

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