CBS Silent, But Actor Says It Will 'With A Few Adjustments'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Just when you think he’s had his say, Charlie Sheen opens his mouth and pearls of … something … issue forth.

This time, he spoke on a Philadelphia radio station and announced that his hit show, “Two and a Half men”, will soon be resuming production, reports CBS 2’s Don Dahler.

“Absolutely, the gig’s coming back. And I have absolute faith in that, not hope because hope is for suckers. And I see us back on the air, with a few adjustments,” Sheen said.

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Sheen, who had made scathing comments about the show’s producer, said the worm has turned.

“But I think we’re getting close to something. It’s like some hot spring in middle Earth is finally ready to explode outward and say, ‘here it is. Here it is, embrace this man,’” Sheen said.

Sheen also implied a deal has been struck to regain custody of his two sons.

“When dad said to his children, ‘don’t say goodbye; say see you later and it’ll be soon,’ dad wasn’t lying because dad does not lie,” Sheen said.

And he paid verbal homage to his two live-in girlfriends, the so-called “goddesses.”

“They boil my tiger blood like a microwave on meth,” Sheen said.

But life with Sheen isn’t always a wonderland.

* In 1990, he accidentally shot his fiancée, actress Kelly Preston. She ended the engagement.

* In 1994, he was accused of hitting a college student for refusing sex with him. They settled out of court.

* 1996, Sheen was arrested for beating his porn-star girlfriend. He pled no contest.

* In 2006, wife Denise Richards alleged Sheen threatened to kill her numerous times. They divorced.

* Three years later he was arrested for threatening to kill wife Brooke Mueller. He pled guilty.

* In 2010 he was accused of trashing room in the Plaza Hotel and was accused of threatening to kill his porn star companion. No legal action was taken.

* Then last week, the mother of his two children accused him of threatening to cut her head off.  His boys were seized.

But if good-time Charlie is feeling the blues, he isn’t showing it. He has a message to his critics:

“You know, if they decide to come around eventually, that’s fine. Because the party over here is really bitchin’,” Sheen said.

And the party that is Sheen’s wild life continues. Sirius Satellite Radio just added a 24-hour channel featuring all things Sheen.

CBS had no comment about whether “Two and a Half Men” is returning.

Believe Charlie? Think the show will return? Or is he delusional? Tell us below.

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