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A Look Inside Brooklyn’s Shomrim Patrol

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They are the first line of defense in Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods and when 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky went missing, they were the first to respond. 

When her son went missing, the first call Leiby’s mother made was not to 911, but to a volunteer police patrol that serves Brooklyn’s Hasidic neighborhoods.

PHOTOS: Death Of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky | A Community In Mourning

“These are the Shomrim, the watchers,” said Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind on the day of the search.

Residents in Borough Park say the first call is always to the Shomrim, who know the streets intimately and often respond quicker than police, who got the call Leiby was missing two and a half hours later.

WCBS 880’s 880 Marla Diamond reports: Residents Say They Often Get Better Response From Shomrim Patrol

The community’s own private patrol is a volunteer force of 150 people, who launched a massive grass-roots search for the missing 8-year-old

“Everyone was going to stop what they were doing to find this child,” said renowned author and educator Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

In this tight-knit, insular and private community, it is largely how things are done. Neighbor helping neighbor, people trusting their own.

Rabbi Boteach says in many instances of times of trouble, people turn to the Shomrim first.

“It’s not reliant on the police. It’s reliant on people you know,” he said. “It’s a feeling of intimacy when comes to the community’s protection.” 

While some outsiders may question the wisdom of that given the tragic case of Leiby’s death, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly says while he would have liked to have been notified sooner, it wouldn’t have made a difference.
“In this particular case, I don’t see anything that could have been done with a quicker notification,” said Kelly. 

The Shomrim, much like Borough Park’s private volunteer ambulance service called Hatzolah which can provide emergency treatment, is seen as family here. The place to turn to first.

“They know they are going to be able to rely on each other more than anyone else,” said Boteach.
In this community where people don’t watch TV or read mainstream newspapers, the old ways matter.

The name Shomrim means “watchers” and that is what volunteers say they are, a trusted community watch group.

In the days before Leiby Kletzky’s body was found, as many as 5,000 volunteers came out to search for the 8-year-old.


One Comment

  1. IgnoranteElephante says:

    It’s the Hebrew Witch Trials on CBS! Joel and company accuse all who speak out of first being an anti Semite, then being jealous, and then being ignorant. When that loses its sting, they begin to accuse us skeptics of being Jewish like it’s a bad thing.

  2. Bubbys says:

    A general comment to all of you. I have just read a litany of anti semitic diatribes, punctuated by classic words such as “you are greedy” “arrogant” “insular” , insinuations that Jews are trying to take control, and the assertion that if we would act differently, your attitudes would change.
    I won’t expend energy showing you how history has proved that wrong. You might dig up legitimate flaws but you imbed them in an attitude that has already been set and will not change. Shame on you.
    And Jews who are arguing, it is a waste of breath. Go do a mitzvah, daven, and yes, find a nice non-Jew to be polite to, not to win their approval, but because it is the right thing to do, and the Torah requires it.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      How is arrogant, greedy, and insular anti-Semitic? How do any of them insinuate Jews are trying to take over the world? Note the diatribes of purported Jews calling others anti-Semitic, jealous, and ignorant. What I refer to as the big three counterpoints you get when question Jewish activity.

      Note Joel accusing me of being Jewish. He disagrees with me, cannot dispute my arguments, so assumes I am someone disgruntled with my faith. If I were you, that would insult me.

  3. IgnoranteElephante - How Sad says:

    It is so blatantly obvious that IgnoranteElephante is a self-hating Jew. Anyone who reads the comments section on this website knows that all he ever does is bad-mouth Jews. Also, his comment earlier after being called out for being jealous is a dead giveaway. He rambles off a list of grievances that, quite honestly, nobody would know or care about unless you were someone who was once part of that culture. His comment to Sara also blew his cover (tzitzit?? really, Ignorante?? I’ve worked with scores of people – Jew and non-Jew alike – who wouldn’t know what tzitzit is if it smacked them right across the face). I like how he also tacitly sticks in “us non-Jews” in one of his comments. Ignorante, you’re not fooling anyone. Instead of spewing hatred like you regularly do on this website (masked behind the self-righteous charade of “concern for civil liberties”), why not reach out to your fellow Jews and have an open, honest discussion about all of your feelings? It’s never too late to come back home…..

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      God forbid, I was Jewish. I am a proud Catholic working in the Jewish dominated legal industry. The tzitzit is the “mysterious” strings that the Jews wear. I

      I have never spun hatred. Your just intimated by a Catholic Outsider who has infiltrated your secret world. This exclusionary nature is the basis for all of our qualms. I say qualms because by the looks of this website most people agree with me.

      How come you don’t comment on Joel–if you are different than Joel–putting on ideological, admittedly edited Jewish News on Yideotube. The website flagrantly advertises that it screens videos. I wonder what the criteria for screening are? I am going to guess anything that questions Jewish practices is out.
      Can you point to anything that I have said as “spewing hatred?” I challenge you to disprove anything that I have said. You will be unable because it is all based in readily discernable fact.
      Now that a non Jew has infiltrated your ranks, you begin to worry. Jew, I am not. I am a card carrying Catholic who celebrates Christmas, Easter, receives Communion, was Baptized and Confirmed, and goes to Mass now and again. I am also a fan of the Pontiff, and watched with pride when he was ordained. I enjoy my Good Friday meal, which I am told was a Seder, observe lent, try to avoid meat on Fridays during lent, and receive ashes to commemorate the commencement of such a solemn time. I am smart enough to know the period has 40 days, but those are exclusive of my Sabbath, which is on the seventh day, which is when my creator rested. I observe it—unlike you—on Sunday. I light candles every week during Advent as I prepare to celebrate the birth of my Lord Savior, Jesus Christ, whose mother was the Virgin Mary and earthy father was Joseph, though I believe him to be the son of our Father Almighty. To celebrate the occasion of my Lord Saviors birth, three kings visited him and presented him with Mer, Frankincense, and Gold.
      Does this prove I am an observant Catholic or should I recite the Lord’s Prayer or some Psalms?

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Yideotube states, on its website, the very page you linked, “Your Daily Online Source for Carefully Screened Videos.” Carefully Screened, aye?

      Of course, after careful screening you they can present video that show this in a favorable light. Why do you need to screen your videos? Shouldn’t the news be real, whether it be favorable or unfavorable to your agenda?

      You should be ashamed of yourself for posting such self serving propaganda and passing it off as news. I sincerely doubt the folks at Yideotube who “carefully” screen the videos would ever allow an anti Shomrim one to be posted.

      1. joel says:

        Hey you dummy, yideo tube’s massage is that its a “clean” video site unlike you tube ., as if you didn’t know it. Did you watch the clip ? Yes? Eat your hearth out !! You bad Jew you ….

    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Watch with the names, Joel.

      A religious guy like yourself should call anyone an idiot. Oh, that’s right. Your devotion to your religion is secondary to your greed for money and power. My fault. I forgot. Do tell us what you are screening at Yideotube? Nowhere does it say screened for cleanliness. Youtube is screened.

      Again Joel, you need to pay more attention in Yeshiva, it is “heart” not “hearth.” Perhaps, years of inbreeding has rendered you genetically stunted.

      A Jew trying to insult me by calling me a Jew is priceless. I am a pork eating Catholic. I am surpised that you haven’t compared my questioning the Shomrim to a Holocaust.

      A question for you, Joel, maybe you know. Why are so many men from Borough Park and Williamsburg, who are so devoutly religious, arrested for patronizing prostitutes?

      1. joel says:

        Have a nice day baby, just letting you know is you decide to came back i have a brand new Tzitzit for you!

      2. joel says:

        Have a nice day baby, just letting you know IF you decide to come back i have a brand new Tzitzit for you!

      3. IgnoranteElephante says:

        No Joel, I think I am going to stay where I was born in the Catholic faith. The concept of inbreeding is repulsive to me. Plus, I deplore your dehumanizing of women (another fact which is never publically mentioned). Also, I like bacon (I do suspect you all of secretly eating pork behind closed doors). I also like to see more than a little bare ankle on women in the warm weather.

        How come you have not responded to one substantive request to prove me wrong? About the Rabbinical Courts? Shomrim? Yideotube? Instead you resort to ad hominen attacks.

        I take pride in your thinking I am Jewish as an insult. It is a concession by you that I am on to the inner dealings of the religion. When will I learn where the never empty ATM in the sky is that distributes limitless amount of blood money. Maybe one day you can show me how to cut pilfered diamonds.

        One day if you want, you can come by me, and I will sneak you a ham sandwich. I don’t know any prostitutes, so I cannot help you there, so I guess you will have to continue frequenting the ones you already do. A few parting questions. Who protects the community from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown? I know the Shomrim observe the Jewish Sabbath. Is it lawless over there during that time? Would a Shomrimer (if you will) break Sabbath to stop criminal activity? What if the victim was a Gentile?

      4. joel says:

        Jesus was Jewish 😦

      5. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Indeed, he was, but we do not want to get into the story of Christ now do we?

      6. joel says:

        I don’t know what Christ means.

      7. IgnoranteElephante says:

        It is best you never know Christ, Joel. Continue to be the coffin rider that you are.

        When you feel up to it respond to my numerous questions.

  4. Buddi says:

    The same insular nature that makes this community strong is what puts their children at risk. It’s sad but true. Had Leiby been taught to approach a mother with children when in trouble – any mother with children, not just a member of his faith – we wouldn’t be mourning his loss. Because he had been raised to interact only within his limited world, he approached the wrong person. Too many times the Shomrim have protected male child predators who are members of their faith by keeping ‘suspect’ lists but not turning them over to the proper authorities. I don’t know what the solution is, but perhaps being more open to outsiders when it makes sense would actually increase their sense of protectedness.

  5. Truth says:

    The Shomrim didn’t even solve the case. Maybe they are better with smaller crimes but they don’t have the knowledge or experience than the police. Let them play pretend a cop. It might deter some crime so it doesn’t hurt. As for helping only their own, it doesn’t surprise me. Don’t like it… don’t go there.

    1. joel says:

      Shomrim DID solve the case. It was shomrim who found the surveillance videos. It was shomrim who spotted the Gold sedan with the plate number.

  6. Sivan says:

    Thanks for hijacking this tragedy, and, maybe, Hamas needs to think about imperilling their civilians and putting in the position of human shield. You traffic in fictions.

    Good-day, hater.

  7. Adina says:

    it would help if you actually knew facts and stopped listening to propaganda, I have spoken with people who live in Israel, soldiers, citzens and even believe it or not ahve heard Palestinians talk about this, and let me tell you WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS NOT TRUE AT ALL. These soldiers do everything in their power to save the lives of innocent civilians including PALESTINIANS, they even risk their own lives, so if those children were killed, guess who they were killed by, Palenstinian’s.

    Watch the following clip it provides a perfect example (and Wild Bill isn’t even Jewish!


      @Adina. I would love to believe you but unfortunately I don’t…You mean to tell me that when the news are sent all over the world of Israelis soldiers shooting tanks, machine guns at Palestine kids and man throwing rocks at the soldiers that is all made up, is all an illusion, is all fake, is all in our minds!!!!!!!!!!! WOW you are really something else. Please stop with the lies. The world have seen and heard enough. The retaliation will be coming soon from all over the world.

      Something else, I AM NOT in favor of anyone one particular country or persons, I am not arab or palestenian , or even turkish, just a simple American who dislikes any kind of double standards, unfairness, discrimination, injustice, wars, and so on… Lets ALL live in peace for the sake of all our children and people world wide!!!

      1. joel says:

        Can you provide any evidence of Israeli soldiers shooting tanks at Palestine kids ? Please i’m waiting.

  8. Adina says:

    First of all, Jews aren’t perfect, they’re human.

    The reason though that nothing is being heard about the millions of innocent kids tortured or killed at the hands of Jews in Israel is simply because its not true.

    I’ve spoken to Israeli soldiers as one would speak to a friend and they were telling us the great lengths that they had to go to in order to make sure not to harm a terrorist, that they could only shoot if the terrorist crossed into Israel and only if they were throwing mines and grenades and a bunch of other restrictions in order to PROTECT TERRORISTS!!!!!!!! When we asked, well why don’t you shoot them, not even to kill them but just to make them stop it he said because they are human beings too.

    If you really want to truth, you have to stop believing propaganda and see for yourself what goes on in Israel.

    As to your other question, we know that we aren’t liked we are trying to protect ourselves. Can you provide examples of discrimination, racism and dislike? I’m not talking for everyone here, but I know a lot of people and if we were to dislike someone it is only because we are scared and trying to protect ourselves.

  9. Philip Scharfy says:

    Who can blame the folks of Bourgh Park from organizing to protect themselves from the visigoths? This would be a better country if other neighborhoods had such a strong community spirit.

    1. Echinacea says:

      yes…definitely. but i think people are more concerned with the fact that jews get better treatment and privileges. Americans and all other races need to unite like they do…that’s how they’re taking over the world. it’s brilliant and they did earn it so …how about everyone stop hating on them (even though they are selfish and not nice) and actually do something about it….no crimes or anything but just unite like they do. i’ve had 3 jewish bestfriends and i’ve celebrated passover and shabbat on fri & sats with them and saw how they lived (against their parents will, we were 15) was a nice experience and they are very joined but very selfish and only care for their own…but hey, resources are scarce…and they know how to get it all. stop hating and do the same for yourself

  10. nazira says:

    and what about a few weeks ago when the taliban in afgansitan tricked an 8 year girl to bring explosives to a police checkpoint a few weeks back. They blew her up only. Where is the muslim outcry.? over ithe killing over a innocent litlle girl. Is that not a horrific crime that also screams out for justice. Is it any worse then this?


      @Nazira, Jews as to the Bible are God’s ELECT or CHOSEN people is all in the bible any bible. The world expects the Jews to be friendly, nice, moral, decent and above all loving and fair and just…The Jews have a huge burden laid upon them by our creator lets get that straight. What the Muslims and terrorism are doing world wide is in response to the same injustice all due to Americas favoritism of the Jews and the unfairness to the rest of the world. America should not be involved in the affairs of other countries just like no other country should be. If the US mind it’s own internal affairs all this stuff wouldn’t be happening.

      1. rojo says:

        @ remember holocoust’
        so your are saying it is okay for muslims to take innocent children and send them on suicide missions to jusitify their injustice? I am trying to figure out the cause of muslim against muslim terriosim?? But you seem to be blaming jews for that too.
        And if there is such a thing as true aparteid state, look to Saudi Arabia, if your aren’t muslim, then you aren’t welcome. Not one church or temple there. in other mideast countries, churches are blown up and christians killed or forced to flee. . Talk about the unfarirness of the moslim world.

        1. joel says:

          Can you provide any evidence of Israeli soldiers shooting tanks at Palestine kids ? Please i’m waiting.

  11. IgnoranteElephante says:

    Imagine what would happen if a bunch of WASP skinheads started a safety patrol and told others not to report crime to the police before they were notified. These same WASPs would drive around in cars looking suspiciously like police cars with illegal red and blue flashing lights. It will be in the skin heads sole discretion who they see as “suspicious” and they will stop anyone they subjectively feel does not belong in the community.l, even though, while acting as a quasi governmental official, that violates all.sorts of constitutional rights.

    Then, another patrol of black panthers will be started to patrol their neighborhood in the same way.

    Would Joel and Jackoo and MSC still be cool with it?


      ignorante…are you kidding me,,,of course not! Then if this was to become a reality imagine this would be a country of vigilantes, thugs, and shaira law, and all hell would break loose!!!!!

      That’s just a matter of time…trust me it’s bound to happen soon!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Sara says:

      IgnoranteElephante – you surely must be ignorant or at least not know your facts. Shomrim the ‘watchers’ are only able to do what they do because they have police permission. Where I live the only thing that Shomrim is allowed to do is drive around and if they see anything suspicious they have to report it to the police.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Exactly, Sara, my surely Jewish friend. They are given permission by the government. That is our major qualm. No other patrol gets away with the things that “the boys in beards” get away with. Will start by blatant racial profiling. If you’re not wearing a tzitzit, yarmulke, or a four thousand dollar wig, you’re in for it from the “friendly, neighborhood.Shomrim.” Selective enforcement of crime, known as selective prosecution, is also illegal and the Shomrim blatantly state a crime against a Jew is their main concern. Crimes against Gentiles are of no concern. If you happen to know a Jewish criminal, don’t think the Shomrim is concerned with rounding up one of their own. They and their Rabbinical court counterparts will cover it up and pin it on a non Jew, like what they openly wished here in this case. Last, they outfit their cars to look like the NYPD and put illegal red and blue lights on it. That the government allows this is a disgrace.

        Ask the black kid whose dad is a cop who was beaten within an inch of death how he feels about the shomrim, especially, after your beloved shomrim helped escort him back to.Israel. These facts are stubborn things.

        Also shomrim does not mean the watchers. It means guardian. You should brush up on your Hebrew.

      2. tm says:

        actually, the verb “shomer”, which is the root of “shomrim”, means both “to guard” and “to watch.” In case you haven’t noticed, a “neighborhood watch” and a “neighborhood guard” means the same thing. ignorant, what is the point of all your antagonistic comments? if you are truly trying to decrease the amount of hate and crime in the world, please consider that hateful and belligerent comments are not the best way to achieve your goal.

  12. YOU SMELL ???? says:


    1. Buddi says:

      If I smelled, I would certainly want someone to bring it to my attention. Awareness is a gift. What you do with that gift is up to you.

  13. mindy says:

    To all Shomrim haters: READ THIS… Wednesday, December 15th, 2010) This past Saturday night at approximately 10:30PM, Williamsburg Shomrim received a few calls on their hotline that a woman was just robbed on bedford Avenue and South 9th Street. Upon their arrival, Shomrim members found the victim, an “African American” female, who informed them that the suspect approached her from behind, grabbed her pocketbook, and fled down the street. The units began to canvass the area in search of the suspect, and the NYPD was notified to respond. A Shomrim patrol volunteer noticed the suspect fleeing a few blocks away – still holding the pocketbook – and began to chase the suspect on foot. While running, the suspect dropped the pocketbook. He was successfully apprehended, and the woman was brought over to identify the suspect. After her confirmation, the suspect was placed under arrest by the NYPD’s 90th Pct, and the woman was given back her pocketbook. The suspect was The suspect was charged with robbery. The woman thanked the members of Williamsburg Shomrim for helping her and getting her pocketbook returned. “Our mission is to protect the entire community that we patrol,” a WSPU Coordinator told YWN. “Race and religion, makes no difference to us when it comes to fighting crime in the streets which we patrol.


      I don’t think anyone is complaining about any volunteers wanting to organize and patrol their community…..

      What everyone is up in arms about is the fact that your patrol people or volunteer ambulance have shown great indifference towards others…

      For instance how about the case where a black child was hit by a car driven by a Jew and the ambulance took the man in the ambulance and left the black child to suffer in the street all because his color.

      Many other instances like this have appeared in the news papers,…Your example above may be true because they might have recently realize their error and have therefore changed their policies on dealing with gentiles in emergencies…

      There is NO room for ANY kind of discrimination any here that is exactly what has this whole world in wars, and all sort of problems…..

      They should not have special priveledges..they are not above the law…they should operate like the Guardian Angels nothing more nothing less…..

      They are all given so much special treatment is the opinion that everyone has and is unfair…

      For instance had the mother been Hispanic or black she would have been charged with child abandonment, or child neglect or something…was she? NO!

      1. george says:

        Yes this incident caused the Crown heights riot, instead of citing this incident as the cause, all the media cared about was about a Jewish man being stabbed.
        These volunteer police and ambulance service are often the cause of racial tensions…..

  14. joel says:

    Last year Shomrim apprehended a perv off the streets of Boro Park, few women complained they called 911few times and NOTHING was done. It took Shomrim to take him off the streets, and they got shot at during the arrest.

    1. justice4all says:

      You have your facts all messed up…just because it was in the news and made to sound fact..FACT is the man you are calling a perv is Innocent..The Fact is that he was targeted for being at the wrong place and the wrong time.
      offending someone by LOOKING like an ARAB…fact is that he is a Brooklyn resident and there was/is no evidence of any foul play except some JEWISH women complaining…FACT is that the GOOD commissioner lied on Public television about the alleged suspect, FACT, the police was not called until after the fact..there is so much more to that case than you can even imagine and the families are suffering and calling for justice, but no one cares about the truth any more..only propaganda! How do I know this..cause i know him & his Family..A long time! so please, The news these days is CUT & PASTE, and no one actually investigates the facts…money and politics control everything around us and NYC especially the Politicians are beholden to the RICH Jewish community..the rest of the world has to live and abide by there rules.

      1. joel says:

        FACT is that you need to get sober , FACT is that he was seen a few times in the same car , FACT is people called police a few months before complaining about this same guy but until the police arrived he was long gone, FACT is that Shomrim finally caught up with him and when he got trapped he came out and started shooting, FACT is an “innocent pervs” (what does that mean anyway ?) do not carry guns, FACT is shomrim removed him from the streets and not the police!

  15. fyg says:

    Hindsight is always 20/20
    99.99 of all of NYPD’s failures to apprehend all of their daily unsolved murders is for reasons like them missing information which Shomrim did act on and NYPD takes their time.
    For example:
    Shomrim started looking for the child instantly.
    NYPD has a policy to wait before starting to search.
    THINK about this:
    Did you ever see an NYPD speeding 100 miles an hour with sirens on?
    It’s a rare site. Because they only do that when “it’s one of their own” a fellow policeman in trouble. Otherwise when you call NYPD the squad car could stop for a coffee and donuts and come to you an hour or 2 later.
    The only time NYPD RUSHES to a crime is when it’s one of their own in what they call a “10 13″
    To Shomrim, every Jew is one of their own and every jew in trouble is a “10 13

    1. BE CORDIAL says:

      you said “”””To Shomrim, every Jew is one of their own and every jew in trouble is a “10 13″””””

      This is what we are all up in arms about….

      The Jewish community all accept Federal, State, and Local tax monies, help from all level of government with ALL tax payers money…. why shouldn’t they also help out those in great need that live in their communities also…

      There is WAY TOO much discrimination against anyone who is not one of their own…..If they lived out in the dessert or rain Forrest far far away from everyone and not get any sort of government help then it would be a different story..

      If they were more friendlier to everyone, to at least greet and smile to all people every where I swear people all over would probably over look their errors. Why all of the discrimination for crying out loud….BE FRIENDLY SOCIAL CORDIAL TO ALL RACES!!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO INVITE THEM TO YOUR HOME OR ANYTHING!!! JUST TRY IT AND SEE HOW THE WORLD WE’LL CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOU ALL!!!

      1. Jakoo7 says:

        “…YOU ALL” Just the use of this expression alone would be enough to start a race riot among the blacks… the Shomrine is a PRIVATE security patrol as such it can protect or give priority to whoever they want! If an Empoire State Bldg. Security force sees a riot in the Chrysler building… it’s not in their job description so stop being jealous, racist, and all the stuff you accuse the Jews of and let them do what they were created to do. You want private security? Hire your own guard.otherwise STFU. Shomrin is good peopleses. I know.

    2. Justice4all says:

      Come on..seriously? this is not the about the Police not doing there Job and the fact that the Shomrim are abusing power..and disguising themselves as saviors when in reality they are only protecting their own interest. The Blame game between the Police and the Shomrim is maddening, putting the well being of regular citizens in jeopardy. their needs to be clear understanding of the law and the Shomrim respecting others besides themselves. Crimes increases in a society when there is no definition of authority. Solving crimes together as a whole (human) community would be a better solution!

  16. Ellen says:

    One reason why I believe in letting children have cell phones so that they can call either the parents or 911 when they have found themselves lost walking home from school. Praying for this poor little angle and his parents, community and friends.

    1. YES FOR CELL PHONES says:

      Camps or schools don’t allow them for obvious reasons….I don’t believe Jews allow them either…I know they don’t allow televisions…etc..

      But yes, you’re are correct had this child had a cell phone he would have just called his mom… end of story…

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        So, you compound the problem by calling a bunch of Jewish keystone cops before calling the police.thereby further delaying things.

      2. Sara says:

        For goodness sake this kid was 8. Seriously, G-d in His infinite wisdom wanted this to happen, we will never understand why.

        And actually, Jews do allow cellphones but not at 8 if there is no need. Before this happened, the streets of Borough Park were safe.

      3. YES FOR CELL PHONES says:

        @Sarah. you are only saying that it was God who wanted this to happen ONLY because the perpetrator was a Jew one of your own people!!

        Had it been a Hispanic or a Black African, I swear you wouldn’t be saying that at least not publicly.

      4. YES FOR CELL PHONES says:

        Let me tell you what I believe you and all Jews would be saying or thinking,, That black man or that Hispanic man is processed with devils, he is the Antichrist, he is satan etc. etc. double standards, If you guys really stand for justice, peace, love, fairness and so on the world would know it and couldn’t denied it no matter what because everyone would see it in ALL your ways!!!

  17. sk says:

    no thiws man may not have been jailed before. you don’t know if that si what woiuld have happened! there are order of protection notices from the NYPD against peopel. (usually an ex-boy friend, husband) and you know what people still wind up killed. and i see the anger you hasve towards the orthodox has nothing to do with wht happened ot this boy. You are just pouring out your thoughts about orthodox jews! and yes this is out of jealousy! i don’t think you know much about Shomrim at all or hwta you really know! so i agree with other people just hope you are not put to the test of needing to find your missing loned one!

  18. becky says:

    Police usually wait till a few hours after the child is missing anyway. In this time Shomrim and all other volunteers already started to search. Unfortunately this story had a very gruesome ending but thanks to all the great people involved a jewish child was laid to rest and hopefully a murderer will be brought to justice.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      That is erroneous. Police respond to missing child reports as soon as possible. They don’t assume an eight year old up and left on his own volition. You’re thinking of adult cases.

      1. zackdoc says:

        Maybe so, but NYPD admittedly has limited resources & don’t come close to the volume & speed of Shomrim’s response. They work very closely with NYPD as evidenced by Commissioner Kelly’s praise of the Shomrim. It was they who canvassed the neighborhood, found the murderers car & informed NYPD.

    2. hour and half delay noway says:

      We will never know if that hour and half delay was the cause between life and death.Leave the crime to the police not the hush hush group who wants to keep it quiet.

      1. mosh says:

        The police didn’t even follow the surveillance after they were already notified , it was one Jewish local guy (not even a Shomrim member) who did it, so STFU with your nonsense.

      2. Jakoo7 says:

        The guy who analized the surveillence tapes was a true hero, the cops were left scratching their heads while he operated with total efficiency, if left up to the cops alone, the body would have been disposed of by the killer and he would have had the clean getaway he thought he had calculated. @Hour your post is pure instigation, and your theory is incorrect speculation.

      3. fyg says:

        Hindsight is always 20/20

        99.99 of all of NYPD’s failures to apprehend all of their daily unsolved murders is for reasons like them missing information which Shomrim did act on and NYPD takes their time.

        For example:
        Shomrim started looking for the child instantly.

        NYPD has a policy to wait before starting to search.

        THINK about this:
        Did you ever see an NYPD speeding 100 miles an hour with sirens on?

        It’s a rare site. Because they only do that when “it’s one of their own” a fellow policeman in trouble. Otherwise when you call NYPD the squad car could stop for a coffee and donuts and come to you an hour or 2 later.

        The only time NYPD RUSHES to a crime is when it’s one of their own in what they call a “10 13”

        To Shomrim, every Jew is one of their own and every jew in trouble is a “10 13

      4. home says:

        Mosh you ARE 100% wrong leave it to police and he would of been home

    3. jaypee says:

      The Shomrin are not professionals. If they are so good why did the police find him? Another stupid move by the family by calling them first.
      Give me a break

  19. joel says:

    From the WSJ:
    “Because the shomrim answer every call and respond quickly, and because they comprise members of the tightknit neighborhoods, they’ve gained trust. “They [NYPD] are doing a great job…but if they see a suspicious person they can’t follow them for four or five hours like we do,” Mr. Daskal said.

    Rachel, a 38-year-old Borough Park woman who wouldn’t provide her last name, said when the shomrim patrol is called, “they come flying. They’ll get the guy, and they’ll hold him until police come.”

    “Abe Moskowitz of Borough Park, said this winter, when he called the safety patrol and police about vandals, only the shomrim showed up. “Sometimes the police ignore you,” he said. “I called the shomrim and they got there right away.”

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      The reason the police cant follow someone aroundbfor five hours is that the constitution protects against such infringement without probable cause. Why should the Jews be allowed to do it?

      Do you think the Shomrim would follow a suspicious Hasidic for four to five hours? Seriously.

      1. joel says:

        Yes they would!! But 99.99% hasidim are never suspicious so Shomrim never get a chance to follow one.

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Except for the ones that kidnap, strangle, and chop up little boys or the Rebbe who ordered a dissident torches in Rockland. Then there’s the Shomrim who savagely beat a black boy and fled to Israel with full Shomrim support.

        There are wackos, goons, and criminals just like in every other group, but because of their (your) policy of coerced governmental exclusion, we rarelly hear or it until something big and terrible comes along.

      3. joel says:

        You’re really ignorant, you don’t know the diff between Hasidic Jews and orthodox Jews. Go do your home work.

      4. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Oh, I know the difference, clown. Hasidic are one sub set of Orthodox, but to me, they are all a bunch of Exclusionists. You and anyone else who supports this racist, law breaking group has the blood of this kid on his hands.

        Your stories of Shomrim solving crimes leave out two things. One, Shomrim breaks laws, intimidates, and beats its way into solving crimes and, two, they never testify or sign the appropriate paperwork to proceed on criminal charges because to do so would subject themselves to being under oath where their lies would be punished.

      5. joel says:

        “but to me they are all …..”

        I really don’t care what it is to YOU. You’re just a little jealous hateful “ignorant” loser. Go fly a kit.

      6. IgnoranteElephante says:

        I think you meant “kite” not “kit” Shlomo. Remember this, we are a country of laws,.laws that apply to Jew and non Jew alike, regardless of their comfort level.

        Maybe in this city and on both coasts, your indifference and seclusion is tolerated but realize you are in the extreme minority country wide, so when you say that you don’t care what I think, you must remember I represent the great majority of American thinking.

        See my comment below for my feelings on being called jealous. I expect that from people of your ilk. Jealous of what? Blood money? Arranged marriages? Molesting Rabbis? Sexism? Inbred children? Ridiculous clothing and hairstyles? Wigs? Women that marry an orthodox after years of sleeping around with us non Jews only to sleep around behind your back with us.again after marriage?

  20. joel says:

    From the NY Times: “The Shomrim helped spot Mr. Aron’s gold car and, about 2 a.m. Wednesday, gave its license plate information to detectives who had just identified Mr. Aron as their suspect after following up on surveillance video” (Video that was originally followed by Yanky German, not the police!!)
    ““We (Shomrim) get 10 calls a day for lost children — you can’t hit a panic button every time,” he said. “We know exactly where to search. We search the yeshivas and the buses and work swiftly.”

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      I don’t know about you, but I’m glad my police force cant legally violate my civil liberties and is held to constitutional standards.

      Again, if Aron’s actions hadn’t hit the press, they’re would certainly be attempts at covering this up or minimizing it. These same groups were quoted as being saddened “the murderer was one of them” and questioning whether Aron was Arab. They also stated that they had hoped the killer wad an anti Semite.

    2. Jakoo7 says:

      IgnoranteElephante, Anyone that is as suspicious as you of a neighborhood patrol has something to hide. The Guardian Angels, my boys, did the same thing for years and… I’m just guessing, but do you get off parole this year and worried about violations? I’d be happy to haul you in on a citizen’s arrest which is as legal as Shomrin or the Guardians.

    3. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Nope Jackoo, just a concerned lawyer worried about civil liberties being trampled upon. The whole “if you’re questioning us, you must be hiding something” is the first step to a totalitarian state. Aren’t the Jews at the forefront of defending civil liberties? Or so we’re told.

    4. IgnoranteElephante says:

      You cant compare the Guardian Angels to.the Shomrim. The Angels patrolled some of the worst neighborhoods in the city concerned for the safety of everyone, not just Jews. The Shomrim protect their own at the cost of others. In fact, the Angels were investigated since their inception.

      The concept of citizen’s arrest, which you brought up, has a much higher threshold than that of a police arrest. Instead of probable cause, you must know the crime, usually a felony, was in fact committed. A whim is not sufficient and, unless it is a felony, then the crime had better have been witnessed or you subject yourselves to civil and criminal liability and validation of the arrest.

      Know what you are speaking about before you come rambling to the defense of a pack of racist criminals more interested in suppression than justice.

    5. Would they had helped? says:

      I wonder, if they (sharim) would even care if a non jew mother had called on them for their little boy missing for help? or would they had turn her request over to nypd and not help her even when they could have? I THINK NOT!

  21. kibucnyik says:

    this case is just the top of the icberg…what is below the water…OMG

  22. Carlos Liriano says:

    you are so right Ron, I wonder what would happens if illegal inmigrants create they own watch grup, specialy mexican

    1. STOP RACISM says:



  23. william says:

    I am sure that the Jew murderer/ paedophile) has murdered other people but got caught this time. He is evil and deserves the death penalty.

  24. Ron says:

    If Muslims had their own patrol…imagine the outrage… the double standards.

    1. MSC says:

      This is no different than “rent a cops.” Plenty of neighborhoods have their own versions of private security. Ya’ll are all a bunch of geniuses. Go sweep around your own backdoor before you go sweeping around others…It only takes common sense to realize people have private security in neighborhoods all over the country. Can’t put down petty differences for one minute…unbelievable.

      1. BIG DIFFERENCE says:


    2. jakoo7 says:

      They already do, its filled with terrorists and suicide bombers which is primarily why the Jews need a whole unit, not for the once in a hundred year occurrence of an enemy from within.




    4. Nazira says:

      like in hollyweird. They also hire their own private security firms. no outrage there, love the double standards in these comments. and who isn’t telling muslims to have their own watches. Maybe they do already, they just don’t want to have the police involved.

    5. Simon says:

      Ron, the Muslim community should start the own patrol, if they don’t already have one. If there is an outcry, they should push for recognition and rights until they get it. That’s how the USA works, and various ethnic groups have achieved that in our history. Many ethnic groups were discriminated at first, it’s clear from the jokes people still tell about them.

  25. IgnoranteElephante says:

    I’m going to start my own community patrol called Ignorante’s Guardians. We will tell members of the community to call us first before police and we will determine how criminal activity is dealt with. We will also patrol the streets shaking down undesirables and violating their civil liberties in the name of safety.

    Who’s in? Reply below.

    1. MSavage says:

      Only jews can get away with something like that. And rumor has it that the heavily jewish Rockland County version of the shomrin even carry firearms.

      1. MSC says:

        This is no different than “rent a cops.” Plenty of neighborhoods have their own versions of private security. Ya’ll are all a bunch of geniuses. Go sweep around your own backdoor before you go sweeping around others…It only takes common sense to realize people have private security in neighborhoods all over the country. Can’t put down petty differences for one minute…unbelievable. Just a bunch of hatemongers. This is the problem with our country now. People like you.

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        MSC, there’s something ironically poetic about using “ya’ll” in the sentence, “Ya’ll are all a bunch of geniuses.” Get your English book out to understand why.

        What non Jewish neighborhood has “rent a cops”? None. The government would never allow it. When people do use private security, they are required to be licensed. The Shomrim are not. A bigger problem is that the Shomrim, unlike “rent a cops” counsel against police involvement.

        This is tantamount to a bar or club using a bounced who doesn’t allow assault victims–sexual or otherwise–to report incidents from within the establishment to the police.

      3. IgnoranteElephante says:

        IgnoranteElephante is my handle. I chose it so you can decide for yourself whether it fits the bill or is a taste of poetic irony.

        It is the same situation as if my name was Tbone, Billy Bob, or Gutter. Use your own judgment and never judge a book by its cover.

    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Nope Jackoo, just a concerned lawyer worried about.civil liberties being trampled upon. The whole “if you’re questioning us, you must be hiding something” is the first step to a totalitarian state. Aren’t the Jews at the forefront of defending civil liberties? Or so we’re told.

    3. COUNT ME IN!!!! says:



    4. Rojo says:

      Instead of being a complainer, why don’t you be a doer!! and go ahead start your own neighborhood watch- communiity patrolls already have a name. it’s called a neighborhood watch and communities around the country have em. But all you seem to do is troll the comments and complain. Why don’t you do something about your neighborhood to make sure it is safe?? You know your own neighborhood better then anybody. You know the people, you know the streets. Actions speak louder then words.

      1. no Sharim no more says:


        We know already that community watch dogs exist in a lot of neighbohoods that’s a given.

        They are legally licensed and operate under US Laws, NOT run and operated like Sharim who think they own the $@$%#% world!!! Speeding the the streets with their loud sirens, searching/inspecting any black or Hispanic for no reason except because of the color of their skin. and so on and so on.. I mean I can go on and on for ever with the list of illegal things the you Jews get away with..Believe me it will all come to an abrupt end soon…Mark my words. the time is just about ripped…

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Neighborhood watches become extra eyes and ears of the police. They alert the police of wrong doing. They don’t, like the shomrim, replace the police.

        What neighborhood watch counsels against citizens calling the police?
        What neighborhood watch have realistic looking police cars?
        What neighborhood watch use lights and sirens to investigate what they deem crime?
        What neighborhood watch keep secret list of pedophiles and refuse to hand it to the police?
        What neighborhood watch concerns itself with non Jew on Jew crime and ignores all other?

      3. COUNT ME IN says:

        Ignorante, PLEASE you must change your post name, it’s an insult to you…you know way too much to have that name..!!!!!!!!!!

        The ones posting stupid stuff here and they know who they are should change their post name to ignorantes because seriously they are…

      4. IgnoranteElephante says:

        @ COUNT ME IN IgnoranteElephante is my handle. I chose it so you can decide for yourself whether it fits the bill or is a taste of poetic irony.

        It is the same situation as if my name was Tbone, Billy Bob, or Gutter. Use your own judgment and never judge a book by its cover.

  26. NYmom says:

    Anne, It is my fervent wish that you never come to a point in your life where you need to test your statement. But if you live within the confines of which the shomrim work in, and you do need help why don’t you try it?

    Savage. It is my fervent wish that you never need your fellow man to help you this much,, but I hope you do have friends that will forego a shower to look for your child or close one.

    Shomrim response is immediate. Try calling the nypd when you have a suspicious person in your backyard.. they’ll come when its too late. Instead of being jealous why not start up your own community patrol?



  27. Chris says:

    What a stupid article. I never comment on these but this waste of an article provided no deeper information into Shromrim than you may already know . All this article says is that the kids parents called Shromrim first. Big surprise. In other news the sky is blue.

  28. joel says:

    You betcha, during those crucial 36 hours searching for leiby no one slept ate or showered/bathed.

  29. Anne says:

    Only if you are jewish the shorim will only help. Put if you are not might as well forget about it. truth to the bone.

  30. james says:

    shomrim .. means “guardians” .. not “watchers”



      1. robert says:

        Really, shomrim killed someone and got away with murder?? that’s news to me. If anyone got away with murder, it’s OJ simpson and casey anthony, that should be the focus here. Not a neighborhood crime watch., who helped catch a killer and get him off the street thereby ensuring other kids stay safe.

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