Bloomberg: Death Of Police Officer Patrick Luca A ‘Tragic Loss’ For NYC

SMITHTOWN BAY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — The body of a veteran NYPD officer who went missing in the waters off Long Island has been found.

Officials say the body of 41-year-old Patrick Luca was found in the Nissequogue River by a passing boater around noon Saturday about a mile west of where he was last seen, and about a half mile off the beach, said Coast Guard search and rescue controller Mark Averill.

“The NYPD and the entire city suffered a tragic loss today,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement. He added that the city owed “a tremendous debt of gratitude” to the boaters who rescued the officer’s son.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports

Luca and his 5-year-old son had been kayaking in Smithtown Bay Friday when Luca disappeared around 3 p.m.

The little boy was found by good Samaritans bobbing in the water and shaking violently. He was wearing a life jacket and his inflatable kayak was also found.

The boy told rescuers his father, who wasn’t wearing a life jacket, went under and never resurfaced. Crews have been searching a 25 square mile radius for Luca through the night and into the morning Saturday.

The body has not yet been formally identified, but the officer was still carrying his wallet and a firearm issued by the NYPD.

The Coast Guard, Suffolk County police, the NYPD and local law enforcement were all helping with the search.

“There’s been a lot of effort to try to find this man.” Coast Guard spokesman Erik Swanson said early Saturday morning.

Deputy Inspector Harold Jantzen with the Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau said the boy is doing excellent adding that “there are no ill effects” of his exposure to the 70-degree water.

Saturday, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly issued a statement that said in part “On behalf of the New York City Police Department, I extend deepest condolences to the family and friends of Officer Luca, and our appreciation to the Suffolk County police for their support.”

NYPD helicopters and divers also joined the search and were using sonar to try to find the missing officer.

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  1. CS says:

    People in this world are very quick to judge others without thinking. Patrick is my cousin and will be missed very much by his loving family. We can’t change what has happened and are thankful that he saved his son. Don’t post nasty things when you don’t even know my cousin. He was a great cousin, son, husband, father, friend and police officer. Learn a lesson and be safe when you are out on the water. Always wear a life jacket. RIP Patrick I love and miss you dearly

  2. JD Kalish says:

    RIP Officer. Thank you for your service.

  3. ME & FRAN says:


  4. Js says:

    It’s amazing how quick some of you are to make harsh judgements about someone you don’t even know. I guess everyone who does is perfect and God’s gift to the earth. We all make mistakes and if forgetting his life jacket caused him to drown and nothing else then so be it. It was a tragic mistake and nothing can be changed. If you have nothing good to say then go **** yourself. Go and teach someone how important life preservers are. Please have some respect for my cousin and my family.

  5. NYC IS A CESSPOOL says:


  6. Please Stop! says:

    This is such a sad and tragic story. People who are making nasty negative comments both against and in support of Officer Luca should show him more respect and stop with the cursing and negativity. From reading stories of him in the press he does not seem like the kind of person who would appreciate foul language being used in his name.

  7. Chris says:

    Whitey?? How about placing that comment with your real name you balless loser, you call Patrick a dummy and loser? I just wish I could meet you in a dark alley you heartless excuse for for man……

    1. ChocolateCity says:

      If you met him in a dark alley, how would you find him.

  8. BLASKO says:

    before being a cop, he was a man, a father and a husband, shame on those that spew such poison out of their mouths, your only reason for doing so, is your hatred for cops. put that aside and grasp the reality that this young boy has to grow up, with the last memories of his father, as watching him drown. cast aside your hatred and comments, and embrace a family on mourning. in the end good guys and bad guys, we are all on the same side. i myself am a father of a beautiful 5 year old boy. the horror of this rocked me to the core. i know deep inside all my fellow new yorkers and Americans, that you don’t mean the wicked stuff you say, but this is not the time, place or forum for shock comments. if this boy should later on research his fathers death, years from now, do you really want your mean & insensitive words to resinate to a devastated child? please withdraw your comments if you can.

  9. Chris says:

    This is a tragic story… a son needs his dad… I hope the officer’s son has a good supportive family cause he’s gonna need that… I do however, find it interesting that when an officer dies “the NYPD and the entire city suffer…” but when officers kill an innocent, unarmed individual, its just whitewashed until the story fades out… is an officer’s life more valuable than a civilian’s? Isn’t that the mindset we perpetuate by sensationalizing a policeman’s death? Aren’t we ALL human beings with families and feelings and emotions? Just tired of seeing the double standard when it comes to officers deaths vs. civilian’s deaths as if an officers death is more tragic… C’mon son…

  10. yknipp says:

    You wish you were a cop and a Whitey…..right?

  11. Dazer says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with officer Luca’s family and son. What a thing to have to remember for this young child.

  12. My condolences says:

    The story doesn’t say if the boy is now with his mom or who is now taking care of him. so sad any way around. He might have made it just as the little boy did had he been wearing a life preserver.

    1. Jon-Paul Uriarte says:

      The 5 yr old is with his mom

    2. Lm says:

      Enough with the life preservers you are a tool.
      You do not know cause of death. Wait before you judge you clot.

  13. No excuses!! says:

    If you are in an inflatable Kayak with your five year old child, please wear a Life Preserver. Some of the comments are ridiculous excusing an adult for not doing so because he met a tragic end. What if the adult was pulled out unconcious but survived and could not tell his rescuers that there was a child with him, and the poor kid was wahed out into the bay and was not located? THEN WHAT WOULD YOU SAY.

    1. Lm says:

      You are a troll. You don’t know how he died. So you think he should bob around dead. You assume he would have survived thus you are assuming. Do you need to be told what assuming leaves??
      How about this you outstanding all knowing clots of wisdom, shut up till the death is ruled on.
      Shut up and just thank God this was not your family member.
      Have some respect and wait.

      1. Respect is earned says:

        You are assuming also. follow your own advice and be quiet.

      2. respect my a$$ says:

        Hey Respect is earned: Blow it out of your “you know what” !!!!!

    2. No excuses for being an ass!! says:

      You wouldn’t have such a ballsy, cold opinion if he was your brother or son…… then again, who knows when it comes to idiots like you!!!!

  14. William says:

    How quick some are to judge this man. Maybe he felt that if his kayak flipped, he would have a better chance to save his boy by being able to swim without the jacket on…. who knows what his reason was. The point is that we don’t know what caused him to drown.. maybe he has a stroke or a heart attack… How dumb can some people be to think that they know exactly what happened?? A little boy lost his daddy…. isn’t that what we should comment about….Have a little class people…… Unreal!!

    1. Liberals Are Evil says:

      Amen…people are so insensitive…until it happens to them.

    2. Jon-Paul Uriarte says:

      Absolutely. He is my brother-in-laws cousin.

      1. William says:

        Just saw a picture of Patrick….. We were friends at FDR High School in Brooklyn over 20 years ago…. wow, so sad!!!!

    3. Regina says:

      I agree with you 100% William! It is sad and disgusting how some other people think and feel. It is a horrific tragedy for the entire Luca family, my condolences to his wife and kids.

    4. Jenn says:

      William, Thank you for a nice comment. People are so quick to judge and place blame on someone who has lost their life. Whatever happened out there may stay a mystery but insensative comments linger and are hurtful to Partick’s memory. My cousin was a wonderful person and he loved his family as well as serving NYC as an officer. People need to have more respect.

  15. LM says:

    You bunch of trolls. How do you know how he died?
    how do you know what happened to cause his death? A massive heart attack a brain aneurism a bullet?? Would a life jacket have saved him than?
    Nasty self adoring Clot of trolls.

    1. George Lurye says:

      I’m in the Coast Guard and I’d be happy to tell you that even if he had a heart attack or stroke or seizure, staying afloat with his airways in the air would have dramatically increased his chances of survival. Being afloat would have at the least given him a chance to breathe, but also would have made finding him a lot easier and faster, also giving him a chance to survive. Kayaking without wearing a life vest is stupid and illegal in the State of New York.

      1. Big mistake says:

        Yes, is true. No one should be out on in the ocean without wearing a life vest. Is like he wouldn’t have been without his bullet proof vest while on duty, would he?

        but I recognize it happens to the best of us sooner or later, we all make mistakes and some unfortunately are irreversible ones like the one he made.

      2. RealityCheck says:

        Coast Guard with branch of the service do you fall under? The Department of Transportation?

      3. NAV Law says. says:

        George, if you are indeed in the Coast Guard and assigned to NY waterways, you need to review the NYS Navigation Laws. A Life Preserver is only required to be worn by statute from November to May, children must wear one at all times unless they are in an enclosed cabin. A kayaker must have a Life Preserver available. at all times but must wear it only from November to May as I previously said.

  16. Chris says:

    My heart goes out to the family and brothers of this officer. The comments on hear are ridiculous. If tables were turned I bet half if you wouldn’t have it on either. Think of how frightened that 5 year old must have been and how he will remember this for rest of his life. Some people need to shut their mouths.

  17. Jon-Paul Uriarte says:

    Officer Luca is my brother-in-law’s cousin. He was a good man who loved his family. He will be missed

  18. a dirty copper!! says:

    I bet that you have a long list of criminals in your family to be able to speak about a man- a daddy and a husband, whose body was just found- with such hatred just because he’s a member of the PO-LICE…. I’m sure that you weren’t brought up with any CLASS, but try to have some in this case… tu animale!!

    1. Bill says:

      I hope Whitey understands your comment- it might be a bit much for that brain.

    2. Jo says:

      Couldn’t have said it better.

    3. Jo says:

      Bill that is.

  19. Ted says:

    Truly a class act Whitey. The man was spending time with his son and there was a terrible accident. You need to make such a despicable comment and for what purpose, to make yourself feel a bit more self important?

    For the record, you don’t need to wear a life jacket at all times, only have them available for each person. I would expect a great intellect such as yours to know this.

    1. Sad story says:

      Ted in a KAYAK with A child you should have a life vest on so if you do fall in you will be able to save yourself or child.If your alone it is differant story because you could try to swim the dad could not float long enough to stay with child.It is sad all around but if your out there with your child wear a vest so u can save yourself and your child.

    2. George Lurye says:

      WRONG! When kayaking, you are required to always wear a life vest. The life vest must be Coast Guard certified and at least a Class III. Go take a boating safety class and then comment.

  20. Bernie Sanders says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with the family RIP officer Luca !

  21. REY says:

    yes linda you right and he was a cop his nows betther then that . In my case am not a fish i always have a lifesaving jacket. but is nothing we can do NOW.

  22. Ellen says:

    What a tragedy, and my heart goes out to this poor little boy and his family.

  23. sawnetbean says:

    This is very sad, but brings up a lifesaving reminder. Always, always wear a life preserver

  24. rey says:

    is sad what just happen . NYPD officer missing poor little boy

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