Tebow: ‘This Is Where I Want To Be’

Jets Backup QB Holds Solo Press Conference In Front Of Giant Media Pool

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Tim Tebow made his first appearance as a New York Jet on Monday at a news conference at the team’s training facility in Florham Park.

“I’m looking forward to my future as a Jet and I’m very, very excited about it,” a visibly nervous Tebow told reporters at the news conference that began shortly after noon.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports

“This is where I want to be,” Tebow added. “Being a Jet, it’s awesome because you have so many fans that support us as Jets, and they’re so passionate.”

As for his ability to get along and work under the highly controversial Jets coach Rex Ryan, Tebow isn’t concerned in the least. He also explained that his role is not set in stone, though he’s completely content with whatever is asked of him.

EXTRA: Click Here To Watch The Full News Conference

“I have had time to spend with Coach Ryan,” Tebow explained. “I think a lot of it has to do with how well it works, how it does in practice. Obviously you’re not going to put something out there if it’s not executed and not running well. I think it really matters how well we do and how quickly I can pick everything up.”

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports

Tebow insisted that he and Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez can not only co-exist, but that the two are in fact very good friends. The backup QB simply can’t imagine that he and the USC product won’t be able to work together in a productive fashion and have fun while doing so.

“Me and Mark have a great relationship and we have for the last three years.” Tebow said. “We’ve texted back and forth, we’ve talked already and we’re going to have a great relationship and a great working relationship. I think we’ll have a lot of fun together.”

Naturally, Tebow had to address the notion of spreading faith in New York and in the locker room, an idea that he has been getting all of this attention because of his faith.

“I think it doesn’t matter what market I was in, I don’t think it played a big part in it,” Tebow said. “In the locker room, it’s not something I’m super outspoken about.”

That’s not to say that God won’t continue to play a crucial role in Tebow’s daily routine, both on the field and off.

“Obviously, I’m someone who is very outspoken about my faith and I’ve never been ashamed of it,” Tebow said. “And always, any time I get the opportunity I always thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. But I don’t think all the attention I get is just because of my faith.

And as for the recent phenomenon that has come to be known as Tebowing?

“As far as ‘Tebowing’ goes, I’ve been doing that same routine for the last seven years, since my senior year in high school,” Tebow admitted. “It’s funny because all of a sudden it became a big story. We’re at a press conference for a football team, so it’s not exactly the kind of platform to get up here and share what you believe. For me, it’s about having a relationship with Christ, and that’s pretty much the basis of what I believe. It’s exciting for me to get opportunities to share it, but at the same time this is a press conference for the New York Jets football team.”

Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum and Woody Johnson were not at Tebow’s news conference on Monday. They’re at the NFL meetings in Florida.

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  • Lisa

    Rodin, you really think too highly of yourself, it’s probably that ubermensch mentality.

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  • Rodin

    Lisa. Pizzel,Jack,Army01, UyeahU, tantrum, gop4ever, Now a Jets Fan!, Uh boy, jumpstart, Joe pej :

    So fun, great laughs! Thanks all.

    Disconnecting. Over and out. G’nite!

  • Master Shake

    Isn’t it ironic how Tebow gets picked on for his religious beliefs, when he plays in a league filled with murders, rapists, spouse abusers, drug abusers, drug dealers, and psychopathic animal killers? The only way the poor guy is going to get any respect is if he rapes someone, or tortures and kills a dog.

  • John

    Tebowing needs to be spelled differently now that Tim is with the Jets…TeBoeing.

  • dugan

    Tebow will do nut fine. He’s not made of wax nor putty. He’ll do just fine on the field win or lose, he’ll come off smiling and ready to go the next game. He will survive the NY press furor. He is for real and that is what the Noo Yawkers cannot handle.

  • dugan

    Tebow will survive the NY press furor. He’ll do OK on the field and win or lose he’ll come off smiling and go about his business and be ready for the next game. Hi’s not made of wax or putty….he’s for real and that, my friends, is hard for the Noo Yawkers to handle.

  • Patrick Henry

    So you watch the video for a few minutes and the page auto refreshes? Who the hell designed this pile of a website? Sheesh…..

    • GorillaRapper39

      This is a direct result of the White House, instructing CBS, to report on “trivial stories” to deflect attention from Obama’s policies.

      Notice that every day, a new nonsense story is reported?


      • Master Shake

        Hahaha. I know you must be joking because that is the dumbest thing I have ever read, and I know you couldn’t possibly think something so ridiculous.

        I don’t think the trade of one of the most highly publicized QBs in NFL could be considered trivial.

  • jesus slice

    teblow cant be a xtian. he works on the lords day. the bible says if you work on gods day you should be stoned to death. will timmy cry when rex starts the f bombs?

    • Berean

      Hey numbnuts, if you truly knew what you were talking about you would know that, technically speaking, the Sabbath or “lords day” is on Saturday. Now, God is no legalist nor should his followers be. That is kind of what Jesus ministry to the Pharisees and Scribes was all about. I just love how someone is already starting in on the dude. Grow up.

    • gop4ever

      j.s. Real Christians do not write “xtians” and abbreviate Christ’s name out. So, looks like you’re not the real Christian……….

    • jumpstart

      First, the New Testament doesnt say that. Secondly, if he cries it all, it won’t be because of the f-bomb. It will most likley be because he has eyes to see God’s hand move in his life, and in the life of those around him. When God heals someone you love in your life, based on prayers that you have prayed, that is pretty awesome.

  • Saundoggy

    Broadway Jesus

    • freecheese

      New Yawk will NEVER accept him because he is a man a faith. New Yawk City despises people like him.

  • Marc

    Why are some people calling him “Broadway Tim”? “Times Square Tim” seems more appropriate.

  • Mary Pride

    This article reveals the facts about Tim Tebow’s homeschool background. http://www.home-school.com/Articles/tebow-wins-the-heisman.html

  • fantum

    Christians should forgive the anti-God fools, in fact, Jesus instructs us to do exactly that.

    These pathetic and pitiful folks have nothing. They are free worship nothing, free to believe in nothing, free to have nothing, free to live for nothing, and free to die with nothing, but that is not good enough, many are so hate-filled they want to make sure nobody else has anything either.

    So… Why are they so hate filled? Maybe They need something for themselves. While the Christian message of love and understanding IS INTENDED FOR EVERYONE, maybe the anti-God crowd will feel better and less hateful if they have a holiday all their own. Here is a suggestion…

    In the Bible, Psalm 14:1 states, “The fool says in his heart, there is no God.” There ya go… April 1st is April Fool’s Day and so April Fool’s Day is obviously the perfect holiday for those who say there is no God.

    Happy April Fool’s Day to all of you miserable anti-God fools :)

    Doesn’t that feel better now?

    • UyeahU

      I understand your frustration, but remember some of Jesus’ final words on the cross: “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.” They seek to prove a universal negative, that “there is no God” and this is illogical, something they can neither know nor prove. Christians on the other hand, can know there is a God, because it says that God gives believers the Holy Spirit to live within them as a deposit on their future redemption. Christians are to model Christ for unbelievers, you may be the only “Jesus” these people ever see. You don’t have to be their doormat, but you should be gracious knowing their future fate. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” The real problem is explained by Paul: “The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Sprit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.” 1st Corinthians 2:14

      Also be careful calling someone a fool, the Bible warns that whoever does so is in danger of the fires of hell. We are not to be judge, jury and spiritual executioner, God alone knows the heart and he alone has the right to call them fools. While some of these people no doubt really hate God and the thought of God, some at least are probably still searching for truth. They are defending their particular orthodoxy but fail to see its end.

      • gop4ever

        U Y U this is very wise and well written.

    • Rodin

      Your Babble, well, the New Testosterone, also shows your Jesus was a doubter: “My god, why hast thou forsaken me?” The fabulists who wrote that were masters at “cover your butt” marketting.

  • Joe pej

    I just heard Tebow was saving himself for the Jets…….

  • Now a Jets Fan!

    J E T S
    J E T S
    J E T S


  • walter12

    Apparently, the NYC press corp is rotten to the core.

    • matt2717

      And how, and not just the NY media. Am I the only one who’s noticed that Ray Lewis, also an outspoken Christian, hasn’t had to take near the crap from the snarling hyenas that Tebow has?

      • rick

        The Ray Lewis who had is buddies kill a guy in Atlanta?

  • Jerry Frey

    Tim Tebow is a breath of fresh air because he has overcome human nature.

    For positive FACTS about Christianity, pls visit:


    • Joe pej

      Or you can visit intolerance . com for more info.

  • zangerman

    Who cares about any of this drivel? WAKE UP AMERICA

  • zangerman

    Who cars about any of this drivel? WAKE UP AMERICA

    • Now a Jets Fan!

      Wake up is the most overused line in blogging. Grow a brain and ad some color to your comments.

      I say Tebow Up America!

  • Axx

    Pro sports are RIGGED. This is just more anti-Christian social-engineering from the mainstream. Shaq recently came out promoting the Freemasons. Tebow = Freemason, not Christian.

  • comentator

    Wait for all the facts to come on…but I do have on question…

    What the H*ll is this kind of comment doing in a article about Tim Tebow??!?!?!?!?

  • Ell-Way, Go to Hell ... Gay !!!

    It warms my heart to see the positive comments about Tebow … I’ve been a fan for weeks!

    • Bill Duke

      Best decision Elway has made in a long time was to trade Tebow. Tebow finished the season with a 1-4 record (That record got Orton traded, you know). Combine that with Tebow’s worst in the NFL pass completion % and and any sane person can see that trading him off and getting Manning was a win for Denver.

      • Joe Reynolds

        Bill, go to Lowe’s, buy a ladder and get over it!!

      • Jon

        Looks like this idiot has watched the Manchurian Candidate to many times.
        Hopefully he’s been brain watch where he looks at himself in the mirror and thinks the guy he sees is his target. One less nut in this world.

  • Euge

    i can’t believe this page refreshes.. what a discrediting website

  • Ken from Denver

    Being from Denver, I’m now a New York Jets fan. I’ll wear a Tebow Jets jersey here in Denver as reminder of what Denver gave away. When Sanchez and Tebow go to the Super Bowl with there QB team package, Denver will never forget their lose. God honors people like Tebow.

    • Bill Duke

      Denver will get to a Superbowl long before the Jets sniff one. And if the Jets do eventually get there it will be in spite of Tebow and his 47% pass completion percentage, not because of it.

  • GoldenRudy

    If the Jets recently acquired a QB that professed to be a Muslim, would he be questioned in the same manner as Tim was? We all no the answer is a resounding “NO, are you kidding?”

    • Stanly

      But I can tell you this; I saw the entire press conference, word for word. Try as they did to trip him up, they never laid a glove on Tim. One liberal looser tried to lead him on the path to evangelize and Tim tersely pointed out that this was a press conference for Jets football. Then another genius pointed out that it was strange for a 2nd team QB to be holding a presser. Tim told them that he has a boss and that his boss demanded that he do the press conference… He did not in any way seem visibly nervous to me. Certainly enthusiastic, but nervous, not in the least… Even told the jacklegs he thrives on pressure…

      • Joseph

        I thought his boss was God Almighty. If God told him that, then maybe Tebow should have asked God why didn’t he make him a real starting QB instead of a 3rd string.

        • Now a Jets Fan!

          Why are anti-Christians always so mad?

          ……………It’s not a trick question…………….

          • Rodin

            Because “believers” are always in our face shoving their garbage around and forcing their slop down everyone’s throat.

            …………………….. no brainer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

            • Joe pej

              Bingo buddy.

              • Rodin

                Thank you.

            • Uh boy


              It’s okay man, you don’t have to be so angry at your mom and dad, chin up buckaroo.

              • Rodin

                “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

                • jumpstart

                  Define happy? A true believer- a follower of Christ, doesn’t rely “happiness”. We rely on joy, which is something we don’t produce on our own. God, gives us that as a gift. It gives me the strength to know that while I am waiting on a liver transplant, i know that no matter what happens, God is in control. I used to be a drunk. a happy one. But now that I have tasted a higher power, happiness is just a shallow emotion compared to true joy. I thought I was living the high life, but I was wrong. I found true freedom, and realized that God answers prayer. I have seen that power proven over and over in my life, and no matter how much you decide to avoid Him, hate Him, and curse at Him, he still loves you. I don’t know your pain, nor would ever judge you for your remarks, or how you live your life, and you are entitled to your opinions. I just hope one day God speaks to your heart and fills it with true joy, because one day, we will all see him face to face and have give an account. Lastly , the only way for you to know that what I am saying true, is if you know what the truth is, and the only way for you to know what the truth is..well.. there has to be a truth that you can know. May you find the Truth some day.

                  • Rodin

                    Go tell it to George Bernard Shaw, I’m just sayin’…. He wrote it.

                    To an extent, I agree with you. “Happiness” is a delusion. But we can be content. In THIS life. Your “joy” is a placebo, a dependence.

                    I have no need of “life everlasting,” wings, or harps, I’m satisfied with this one time around. Religion and the concept of heavenly reward is the result of ignorance (so many ‘mioracles’ are now natural phnomena), fear (especially fear of death) and hubris (the arrogance that deludes Man into tthinking that this brief span on Earth is IT). Without these there could be no craving for life after death, therefore no need for religion.

                    When I lost god, I lost the fear of death (demonstrably, having been in a near death situation). I gained self-reliance, self-awareness, self-determination, peace of mind, responsibility and accountability for my decisions and actions right or wrong, freedom to doubt and inquire and learn, an appreciation of those I share this finite exiastence with, value as a unique being in a universe of beings. I found myself.

                    I am content.

            • Lisa

              Kinda like atheist believer Bill Maher always pushing his anti-Christian views on tv.. Any chance he can, he cuts Christians.

              Jesus said to forgive them for they know not what they do.

              • Rodin

                Although I can’t speak for him, Maher, if nothing else, is responding to the vociferous assault on secular life and civil law from the religious right, as I am.

                I don’t wish to hear about anyone’s religious beliefs any more than I want to hear about anyone’s sex life or personal hygiene. To be honest, I would rather shake hands with someone who masturbates than with someone whose hands fold in prayer.

                I don’t “discuss” religion. There is nothing to “discuss”. I never cared to proselytize anything to anyone, except “believers” constantly shovel their garbage in the public arena. Your constant proselytizing and the unwelcome imposition of your myths and perverted fantasies on my life I rightfully resent. My right to be free of your dilusions I WILL argue and discuss and defend.

                I got fed up with religious intrusion and respond in kind. Keep your faiths out of my face and you won’t hear from me.

                In closing, if your knowledge and understanding of atheism is limited to Bill Maher, you have a long way to go.

                BTW, Jesus who?

                • Jack

                  Rodin: You will find out soon enough how foolish you are. May God bless you so that you to may come awareness……

                  • Rodin

                    Jack, yours is the typical arrogance and condescension of piety.

                    Pizzel, I’m responding. Read again.

                    Lisa, religion is antithetical to ;all freedom; I’m not ‘discussing’ anything, I’m making a statement and attacking your posture; what socialist atheist; Rodin was indifferent to religion, worked on commission and, like most atheists and agnostics, knew more about religion than most believers who think they know all they need to know and don’t need to inquire further.

                    Show me one shred of evidence of the existence of a historical Jesus.

                    Keep dreaming. Gotta go. Bye.

                    • Lisa


                      1-Proselytizing is meaning to convert someone and I didn’t try to convert you.

                      2-All I need to know about atheism is that you don’t believe in God and that you see yourself as ubermensch. Neitzsche wasn’t even original, he took the Christ story and applied to himself as a god..

                      3-Rodin did sculptures of Hell and purgatory which is a Catholic belief and we are all sinners and anyone can say they are Christians and not be true. Christ never said we would stop sinning but that we would struggle with it but overcome it. The thief on the cross with Christ went to heaven with Christ even tho he spent his whole life as aggreivous sinner only because he repented of his sins.

                      4-In the end you didn’t address what I said but continue nitpicking meaningless things, You are actually proselytizing your view of Atheism by insulting Christians and denying their freedom of speech.

                      5-And I would say you know ZILCH about Christianity.

                      6-if you think your’e ubermensch you’re in for a big fall…….

                      And FINALLY,
                      To say that ‘religion is antithetical to all freedom’ is to say that

                      the freedom to practice religion is tyranny..

                      You contradict yourself.and make no sense.

                      Ok butthead

                    • Lisa

                      To say that ‘religion is antithetical to all freedom’ is to say that

                      the freedom to practice religion is tyranny..

                      You contradict yourself.and make no sense.

                    • Rodin

                      Sorry, I’m not normally up that early but I had a flight to catch. I was at my home in NY. I am now in my home in eastern Canada, where I can always find relief from the bluster of American religious obssessive/repressive Christomania and where I will find refuge if the AmeriKKKan Taliban take over and establish the Christian Sharia.

                      Pressed for time, I missed 3 things:
                      1) Lisa, I don’t question Mr. Maher’s legitimacy as an Atheist. I question yourm knowledge or understanding of Atheism, which is zilch.

                      2) Your knowledge of Rodin is minimal, if any. Rodin was a womanizer, abused his wife, never acknowledged his only legitimate child and, by your Christian standards would have been cast as a pornographer for his huge vollium of erotic drawings, which he considered his “most important works.” If he were a proselityzing believer like you, I would call him a hypocrite. Sincehe was not, I say he was human.

                      3) People without arguments must resort to insult. Your “butthead” is typical.

                • Army01

                  Wow…….eternity in Hell for you …….you will weep and knash yout teeth when you realize the truth too late!

                  • Rodin

                    “Go to Heaven for the climate, to Hell for the company.” ~ Mark Twain

                • Pizzel

                  But your proselytizing right now.

                • Lisa

                  I guess you don’t believe in freedom of speech for everyone but only if it concerns your freedom to express you’re dislike of Christians.

                  And you just did discuss religion by your comments. You started the discussion with your comments criticizing Christians. And you quoted someone, but I ‘m not allowed to quote someone in response such as Jesus?.

                  Its interesting you quote a socialist atheist yet attack me for quoting Jesus?

                  AND you name is the name of a Christian sculptor known to do sculptures of Hell and purgatory.

                  what game is this?

                  • Lisa

                    And Bill Maher would disagree greatly if you told him that he did not meet the high standards or is that low standards of the atheist philosohy/religion.

                    But in the end – toooo baaaaaad butthead- Jesus is Lord!!!!!

            • Rodin

              @ Lisa

              “All I need to know about atheism is that you don’t believe in God” betrays your pathetic lack of intellectual curiosity and explains your stubborn Consider yourself blessed with what you’ve ignorance.

              I really have no interest or time to further deal with your sanctmonious drible, idiotic chatter and infantile mythologies. Consider yourself blessed with what you’ve gotten and not to have been dismissed outright. For further discussion, please google and visit “THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: The Anasagasti List for Caninist Instruction” from my site.

              FYI: Former Catholic, Jesuit educated, free from religion, good without gods.

            • Rodin

              @ Lisa
              “All I need to know about atheism is that you don’t believe in God” betrays your pathetic lack of intellectual curiosity and explains your stubborn Consider yourself blessed with what you’ve ignorance. I really have no interest or time to further deal with your sanctmonious drible, idiotic chatter and infantile mythologies. Consider yourself blessed with what you’ve gotten and not to have been dismissed outright. For further discussion, please google and visit “THE BOOK OF PROVERBS: The Anasagasti List for Caninist Instruction” from my site.

              FYI: Former Catholic, Jesuit educated, free from religion, good without gods.

              • Lisa

                sure you are

              • Lisa

                Rodin, you really think too highly of yourself, it’s probably that ubermensch mentality.

        • Joe Reynolds


        • Joe Reynolds

          Yep, God’s a great boss, maybe your ought to Tebow’s boss?

        • ozranger

          Very small.

    • Hall

      If he were a Muslim, the press and liberal media establishment would be building him up instead of being intent on tearing him apart. We live in an age when the Christains are trown to the Liberal lions for entertainment.

      • Americah

        Must be a scary place in the weird place you people live. If there was a fundamentalist Muslim in the NFL FOX and all you knuckleheads will be up in arms whenever said hypothetical player says anything about Allah.

        Give me a break with the constant victimization and grow a pair already.

  • Monterey

    Will be watching jets games now.

    • Bill Duke

      I guess you like to watch teams that lose.

      • BIGJETSFAN101

        Bill, Bill, Bill…Play nice with Monterey or do you need a nap…

  • http://lawrencezupan.wordpress.com lawrencezupan

    The NY Jets are lucky to have a class act like Tim Tebow….he’s going to bring a lot of fans with him as well…even my wife who never liked the Jets before…

  • http://lawrencezupan.wordpress.com lawrencezupan

    NY Jets are lucky to have a class act like Tim Tebow

  • Bigsmoke

    Tim Tebow will be nothing but positive for New York

  • Sean

    Tim Tebow is the ultimate Class Act. Everbody who has ever known him says he’s the genuine article. He’s not a phony, he’s just a decent human being, and the role model that all kids should emulate. The cynical New York Press will try to bring him down, and they will fail.

    Good Luck Mr. Tebow, I hope you make the Jets a better team.

    • Gerri

      Right on, Sean!

    • Joe pej

      Ultimate class act?? Are you kidding me?

      Check out his history at USF. Ask who bought his Segeway he rode while at school..
      Most people in FL realize he is not the sharpest tool in the shed…

      His Christian behaviors are so phony, I’m surprised you cannot see.

      • AuggieDosta

        Yes, he is the ultimate class act. And I’m NOT kidding you.

        BTW, he didn’t go to USF (Orlando), he went to the University of Florida (Gainesville).

        Also, he didn’t own a Segeway, he drove a Ford Thunderbird.

    • Joe pej

      Sorry, no more Jet games for me….Can’t stand Mr. Tim Christian,

      he is so full of himself.

      • NYFD55

        stay home then ‘Joe Pej” There will be plenty of people to fill your seat. In fact, if you the other 18%ers you cited above, I’d be fine with it.

        who knows, maybe the average fan could start affording a ticket then.

    • Catherine

      I agree with Sean. He has been nothing but positive!

      • Now a Jets Fan!

        A positive role model indeed.

        • Joe pej

          Yes, if you like Bible verses under your eyes….

          Sorry I am not Christian……as is 18% of our country.

          Save it for Sunday Services…..Timmy

    • oldsteeltoe

      I’d get him running the ball in whatever way that takes. Get in the offense like Hines Ward. Can he catch?

    • jumpstart

      Right on man!

    • Nibbles

      He hates gays so he can go to hell

  • Sparky2

    Tim, be very, very careful. The NY media is loaded with anti-Christians and they would love nothing better than condemn you for some type of questionable comment or even the smallest mistakes on the field. They want to destroy you (Palinize you) and are just waiting for any opportunity they can embellish.

  • Ian

    This website keeps refreshing in the middle of the video playbacks. How am I supposed to watch your embeded videos if you insist on refreshing the darn advertising???? I’ll make sure to avoid your site. Very annoying.

  • scorp980

    Wow Is it just me but does he not look and acts like hes already the starting Quarterback. Sanchez take some pointers in portraying confidence in others.

  • Russ

    This is how dumb liberals are. White House media CBS has a automatic page reset and the video on this page is 33 minutes. While watching the video, the automatic page update resets and you have to start the video over. Real smart you left wing nutjobs

  • Kathleen3

    If, for no other reason, Tim Tebow comes out the winner in this trade in that he got out from under Elway’s negative influence. Can’t wait to see Elway taken down a few pegs when and if he tries his power plays on Peyton Manning.

  • johnnybgood

    Tebow hold many SEC passing records, you know…the SEC where Joe Nameth, Steve Spurrier, Archie Manning, Fran Tarkenton, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Pat Sullivan, Bart Starr all played QB.

    • mark

      I LIKE it. Sometimes just throwing the ball ain;t all it’s cracked up to be.

      • Now a Jets Fan!

        Your comment will probably be censored. No one is suppose to know that.

  • dwoofer

    I’m a Cardinals fan, but it seems to me that adding Tebow can help NY Jets a lot. Sure, he will be a backup, and, sure, he will be a great “wildcat” QB, or maybe even catch some passes as a TE. But the Jets locker room, by all accounts, seems to be pretty fractured. Tebow is the kind of guy that can unify a team because of who he is. I believe the Jets will be a more cohesive team and play better. Tebow is smart enough to know he is not there to sow division. Hey, he might even make your coach clean up his act.

  • RH

    Impressed w/Tebow as a person &how he handled the presser, the religious comments & put emphasis on football. Just wish the media created ‘circus’ didn’t come w/him! He seems real or shrewd or both! Time will tell & only Jets wins matter!

  • Scott

    Tim Tebow=Class Act.

  • The Wally Lama

    Poor little Cortland, NY will be a madhouse come July. I’m an instant Jets fan . . .Go Tebow!

  • lotta

    Mark and I, (he must be nervous)

    • Stanly

      Nah, its just that he hasnt been properly taught to use the ‘I’ pronoun in the subject and “me” in the object….He wasn’t nervous honey..

  • George

    Now that they have Tebow, the Jets should put out a few extra bucks and hire Steve Young, the greatest left-handed QB ever, to coach and mentor him.



  • LT

    I will love watching Tebow drive the NY press nuts. They are not used to a person who will only be positive and never throw anyone or anything under the buss. We should all be more like Mister Tebow

  • Daniel Nokovich

    I’m Glad Tebow is in New York. If you read this Tim, stand firm in your faith, remain self controlled and please never be ashamed to Stand up for Jesus The King of kings, Lord of lords and Creator of the universe. If you honor God, He will honor you.

    • KPMc

      Jesus created the universe too??

      What exactly did you guys do with that all powerful god in the old testament?

      Oh thats right… they are one in the same. That makes sense.

      • Daniel

        According to the bible, “Let Us make man in OUR own image,” it would seem Jesus was indeed there throughout! But I dont mean to offend you….this isnt taught clearly these days. And many claiming to know the bible, unfortunately dont know how to read it. Literal, spiritual, historic, poetic, they just cant distinguish the genre properly to extract the teaching. peace yo.

      • Bill

        Did you ever read the first sentence of the Bible? You’ll find your answer right there! You can do it !!!

  • Jon

    and this sports news because?

    It was Zimmmerman a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, who was carrying a loaded gun and Trayvon was not, and yet it was Zimmerman who felt his life was in danger by a 17 year old going home, no wait, he was home.

    NYCsewer, there’s two sides of a story and no one has heard Trayvon side, and here’s why, he was the one shot dead.

    • Now a Jets Fan!

      you remind me of my mad uncle that lost his last three horse bets, Jon.

      I commend the NY Jets organization for bringing Tebow to town.

      • Jon

        Now a Jets Fan! Your comment reminds of the movie The Man With Two Brains. But how is it that you manage you go through life being stupid, and that just with one brain.

  • Memphis Bill

    This is Mike Francesa praising Tim Tebow in December, and then saying he can’t throw after the trade to the Jets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhhzWaUyZ2Y

    • Bill Duke

      He’s right. Tebow cannot throw. He’s proven that time and again. He finish the season at 1-4 last year. The same record that got Orton traded.

      • AuggieDosta

        In his first playoff game, Tebow threw for 316 yards in a winning effort — against the best defense in the league.

        It is so difficult for an NFL quarterback to throw for 316 yards or more in a playoff victory that Ben Roethlisberger has never done it. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have each done it once. Tom Brady, John Elway and Joe Montana each did it twice. Eli Manning did not throw for that many yards in a playoff game until this season. And those other quarterbacks had some of the best receivers in the NFL. Tebow is also near the top in another important measure of an NFL passer, which is the number of touchdown passes per pass attempt. In his first 16 games, Tebow averaged an impressive one touchdown pass for every 23 pass attempts (1-23). The same as Peyton Manning. Better than Steve Young (1-46), John Elway (1-36), Drew Brees (1-34) and Tom Brady (1-36). And just slightly behind Aaron Rodgers (1-21), Matthew Stafford (1-21), and Eli Manning (1-21).

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