NEW YORK (WFAN) — This is the day many Mets fans have been clamoring for.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson reassigned eight players on Friday. In addition to the cuts, New York released oft-maligned second baseman Luis Castillo.

“It was a baseball decision,” Alderson said. “I met with Terry Collins and made a recommendation to Jeff Wilpon and Jeff approved on behalf of ownership.”

Oliver Perez managed to avoid the chopping block.

LISTEN: WFAN’s Ed Coleman announces Luis Castillo’s impending release from NY Mets

At first, Castillo wasn’t reported in the list of Mets’ cuts. In fact, he was set to be in New York’s starting lineup.

“Luis lives! Reyes 6, Pagan 8, Wright 5, Davis 3, Bay 7, Duda 9, Castillo 4, Nickeas 2, Carrasco 1,” the Star-Ledger’s Andy McCullough tweeted this morning.

“He was in the starting lineup for today’s game, which kind of threw us all off,” said WFAN’s Ed Coleman.

Boof Bonser, Dillon Gee, Ryota Igarashi,  Dusty Ryan,Taylor Tankersley, Raul Chavez, Russ Adams and Jason Pridie were all sent packing to minor-league camp.

In the last year of a four-year contract, Castillo had not done anything special to help himself stand out at second base. Then again, neither have Brad Emaus, Daniel Murphy or Justin Turner. A dark horse emerged this week in youngster Luis Hernandez.

“I don’t think anybody has broken away from the pack,” Alderson said on Wednesday. “One would like to see some separation, but maybe we’ll see that in the next few days.”

From the pop-up dropped ’round the world against the Yankees in 2009 to his refusal to visit wounded soldiers with the rest of his team last season, Castillo did little to help his cause with Mets fans.

“Sometimes you see people with no legs, no arms. I don’t like to see that,” Castillo said about his missed trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

“Though not as egregious as (Oliver) Perez, Castillo is emblematic of the timid team the Mets have become,” columnist Jason Keidel wrote last September. “Castillo does not have a language barrier; he has a logic barrier, aloof to the chore. You don’t wish him harm. You merely wish him gone.”


Keidel isn’t alone in his assessment of Castillo, or for that matter, Perez.

“The perception of those two players lingers, and I would be foolish if it weren’t a factor,” Alderson admitted. “It’s not going to be the only factor, necessarily, but we have to deal with reality, and sometimes those perceptions have to be taken into account.”

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From the Mets:


FLUSHING, N.Y., March 18, 2011 – The New York Mets today announced that they have released 35-year-old second baseman Luis Castillo.

The 5-11, 191-pound switch-hitter had one year left on his contract.

“This was baseball decision,” said Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson. “I met with Terry (Collins) and made a recommendation to Jeff (Wilpon) and Jeff approved on behalf of ownership.”

Castillo was acquired by the Mets from the Minnesota Twins on July 30, 2007 for minor league catcher Drew Butera and minor league outfielder Dustin Martin.

He has a .299 career average over 13 major league seasons with 194 doubles, 59 triples, 28 home runs, 443 RBI and 370 stolen bases.

Comments (23)
  1. Barry says:

    Look at the SF Giants – Zito with his 7 year $126 million contract looking for his first winning season after 4 years and the Giants WIN the World Series !!

  2. chico escuela says:

    baseball has been berry berry good to me

  3. steve from spring hill says:

    Its time to clean house. More should go.They need new blood,even if it does not all work, its better than what they have.

  4. james diehl says:

    What amazes me is he asks to be released and the Mets oblige, but yet they still have to pay him in full..if a player asks for his release he should lose at least 1/2 the money.thats in my humble opinion the way it should be. next ollie will ask to be released and the mets will have to pay him in full too…18 million dollars for both of them what a waste of money!

  5. baseball budget says:

    now i can stop making faces less dp’s, less errors let him go 2 yankees

    1. Vinnie from the Bronx says:

      hey Mets moron, why would the Yankees want a reject Mets player when the Yankees have the best 2nd baseman (both in hitting & defense) in ALL OF BASEBALL & he’s only 28 YRS OLD. If Castillo could not make the Mets roster, who need good players, why would the Yankees take him. NO VACANCY FOR LOSER METS PLAYERS

      And those faces you been making, wait until you see Murphy play defense, you’re going to cover your eyes from seeing the tears on Mets fans faces & ears from hearing the laughters from the fans of the other teams.

      1. rjs says:

        again best team money can but same old yankee fans worrying bout the mets

      2. Vinnie from the Bronx says:

        rjs, you’re kidding right. Yankees fans are worry about the loser Mets. Your thinking is, hey. I’m a fan of a loser organization, let me bring up the Yankees so I can forget that my Mets really suck.

        Mets haven’t won in 25 yrs & just twice in 50 years, while the Yankees won just 2 yrs ago, 5 titles in the last 15 years & 7 in the last 30 yrs, other then ’08, they have made the post season every year in the last 17 yrs. Do I need to add the whole Yankees history, & we’re worried about the Mets. . It just goes to show Mets fans are not bright.

  6. Moral Truth says:

    Its looking like the NY Mets are being racial here releasing Spanish players
    and thats the moral truth.

    1. Reality Check says:

      That’s a hideous thing to say, Moral Fiction. The Mets, more than anyone, have embraced Hispanic players. Have you taken inventory of the current roster? Are Angel Pagan, Carlos Beltran, and Jose Reyes not Hispanic? How about your ace, Johan Santana?

      People like you deal from a bottomless deck of race cards, obscuring your so-called truth.

  7. MasterShake says:

    Ha!! I was going to say that. You can just see it coming.

  8. JOE AMOROSO says:


    1. Johnny says:

      Mets fans still haven’t gotten over Castillo dropping the ball against the Yankees. “Castillo drops the ball” “Castillo drops the ball” classic

      and my favorite Mets fan moment as Castillo is under the ball before he drops it on Youtube “One in the Bronx baby, one in the Bronx” classic Youtube, classic Mets fan moment. LOL, LOL. Mets fans, you got to love it, it’s the way baseball ought to be. LOL, LOL

  9. Jeff Jones says:

    I think the METS did the right move!! Now lets get rid of OLLIE for good!! The thing now is I hope one of the 3 that are left in the bunch for 2nd base at least one of two of them can prove themselves to play better offensively and Defensivly better then Castillo. I have a a good feeling about Hernandez but I still like Murph. He has the Potential too be an outstanding 2nd baseman and a hitter. LETS GO METS take down the Philies and Braves!!

    1. James says:

      I love this, you’re happy the Mets release Castillo, but you also HOPE at least one player in this group left can be both “better offensively & Defensively better.” your words, which are reduntant by the way, Castillo was better then all 3.

      You like Hernandez, who can’t hit & you like Murphy, who can’t play defense.
      Call Dr. Moreau or Dr. Frankenstein maybe they can create the 2nd baseman for you by combining both. As for the Phillies & Brave, that’s wishful thinking, with this Mets team you should have asked for the Nats, maybe you have a chance against them & that’s a maybe.

      1. MasterShake says:

        I agree. Luis is better than all three. This was a PR move.

  10. Kurt Spitzner says:

    PS Please do not feel bad for Luis Castillo!When was the last time any of you lost your job but still got paid for the year,let alone 6 million dollars?

  11. Kurt Spitzner says:

    Okay,one down,one to go!And if you ask me they can trade “frankie flowers” too because anyone who beats on an older person for ANY reason is bad news, has no concept as to how to treat other human beings properly and theres no room on this team for that either.But thats just my opinion!

  12. Disappointed Met Fan says:

    Maybe they can become superstars in the Tijuana League- or play for Fidel Castros All Stars. Cant wait to say: Asta Luega Baby!

  13. Daniel Helming says:

    Ughhh! It doesn’t matter, nor does anything matter. The Mets are in trouble and are trying to negotiate payroll down to $75mm with no pitching. They are really going to stink.

  14. Glenn DeMilt says:

    They are both negatives. They need to be gone.

  15. Kurt Spitzner says:

    Trade them both NOW for WHATEVER you can get.while both,especially perez,are playing well enough for someone to be interested!If you lose SOME money its better than losing ALL your money,and we Mets fans do NOT want to see either one at Citifield this year!

  16. Frank Peteani says:

    At this point neither player is holding someone someone back from getting a job. You might as well just take them north. If they don’t perform by end of May, early June then cut ’em. The team isn’t going to be much better than what they were last year anyway, so what is cutting them now going to accomplish.

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