5 Days Later, NYPD Arrests 2 Of The Teen Suspects

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A shocking, ambush-style attack on a food deliveryman was caught on tape in Morningside Heights. Police arrested two teen suspects on Wednesday.

Police released video of the encounter, which happened last Friday.

The set-up was simple: police said three teenage boys phoned in a Chinese food order. They went up to the sixth floor of the building at 40 Morningside Ave., hid in a stairwell next to the elevator, and waited for the deliveryman.

As soon as the deliveryman came out of the elevator, the lurking teens attacked. The deliveryman was knocked to the ground as the kids punched and kicked him repeatedly, reports CBS 2’s Jay Dow.

The boys tried,  but failed, to steal cash from his pocket.

As the teens fled, one picked up the food and threw it at the victim.

The suspects in a brutal attack on a food delivery man in Morningside Heights. (credit: NYPD/CBS 2)

Surveillance camerasmanaged to get clear shots of the faces of the suspects and on Wednesday two arrests were made.

The suspects were wearing jackets and hooded sweatshirts. According to police, all were between 15 and 19 years old.

Resident Bob Deming said he lived in the building for decades, and added he was shocked to hear about the attack.

“I’m ashamed as a citizen. People thought they could get away with it,” he said.

If caught, what would the appropriate punishment be for the teen suspects? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. 1whoknows says:

    Put them in a room with Jackie Chan.

    1. Bunyon's Axe says:

      Or a hungry tiger.

    2. Le'Vitra Biggs says:

      Or Tyler Perry.

  2. russ s says:

    Rod. You forgot the sarc tag. Some people don’t know sarcasm when they see it.

  3. Jack Arnold says:

    15 Lashes ala Singapore. Plus restitution for the victim.

    In essence, they should receive twice the pain they inflicted upon their victim.

    1. Dominic Pace says:

      You’re right.. Singapore and Saudi Arabia have some tough rules… but we should probably use some of them if there is solid proof of a crime

    2. marshall says:


    3. ushodan says:

      You could not be more correct. Many of today’s youths fear nothing because they know nothing will happen to them. They perpetrate these crimes for a few bucks and for the street cred (which is far more valuable to them). Publically cane them, humiliate and cause them some pain and these crimes would stop (it hard to get street cred when you are crying like a baby and begging for your skin). These guys were caught on camera, so there is no doubt to their guilt, and I do not care what color these criminals are, giving a little red from their back will prevent them from becoming repeat offenders. Let’s not save this just for juveniles, this type of punishment will do wonders on adults who get caught robbing and mugging also.

  4. Larry Burdge says:

    for batgirlnj: Sounds like you are one of those “BUSH” haters ??? Time to get over it. When you have a head of the justice dept. making statments such as, “MY people”. AND NOT protecting voters by prosecution for voter intimidation in NJ , AND appointed to the post by OBAMA—-then—YES, This is Obama’s Amerika. Socialism again raises it’s ugly head.

  5. redrick says:

    Whose fault was it before you had Bush and Cheney to blame?

    1. Ashley4Ever says:


      really, I don’t think we’ve had a decent president in a long time, not one that cares about the American people in general. Too much special interest.

  6. Big Tom says:

    Where are the two publicity clown, Sharpton and Jackson? It is alright for these blacks to beat up whites, Chinese, gays, etc. But look and say something to a black and those two idiots are all over you. It is a shame that every time you hear about a mob attack, it involves a mob of blacks against someone. Really, they are their own worst enemies and setting race relations back years.

    1. Leon Tasraku says:

      Don’t forget the NAACP. They will never come out and condemned it and be proactive and speak out against it.

      1. mirted says:

        NAACP = Never Annoy A Colored Politician.

      2. Roger Pablo says:

        “Negros Against All Chinese People”?

        To be perfectly honest, I started to feel a tiny bit of sympathy for these three young men when I first stumbled upon this news story. My supposition was thus: they ordered the food and then attacked the delivery guy because they were poor and hungry. I thought perhaps they just wanted to eat. I wasn’t condoning, mind you, I just thought I could read some humanity into this. But then I continued reading, and I saw that they just threw the food at the guy as it if were nothing. What did they need the money for, anyway? I could insinuate, but the NAACP wouldn’t like what I’m thinking.

        There is a phrase in psychology that perfectly defines what the NAACP and other “selective interest groups” do to the general acceptance of crimes like these: ENABLING. Would you consider it draconian if I suggested these young men be culled? Someone else posted that public canning a la Singapore might teach them a lesson, but let’s get real. Those people have a little something these thugs do not: HONOR. An eye for an eye would only incite them to do more acts of terror. They would be proud of their scars. And prison would only reinforce this type of violent behavior. The “prison threat,” it seems, only works on groups who are a minority within the penal system and have something to lose from being dramatically change by that experience. These young men do not seem any different than inmates already. The question further arises, however: where do you draw the line? Would the public cry out for any atavistic thug, regardless of their race, who behaves so inhumanly? Should everybody who behaves like a virus on this planet be culled? It goes like this in the tides of the public: “Punish the least popular one the most.” Too bad the NAACP can’t make anti-heroes out of us all.

        Things could change if people would allow them to. Racism is no longer an issue in general. Sure, there are places in the US where racism remains a heated debate — but I would say, “Let anyone affected come and live in my house. We are all equal here.” It’s a shame that being white makes me “the enemy” to a lot of the victims of media stereotyping. It’s a shame that Sharpton, the NAACP and myriad other enablers refuse to let things change or to let good naturally flourish over evil. In the end, many African Americans appear to have become just as racist as the Caucasian brutes that still cling to their hoods and swastikas. They are no different. America has finally reached a new, lower stage of depravity.


  7. NYCEmployee says:

    Remember that dude 10 years ago? they sliced a Chinese delivery boy into pieces and throw the bodies into a river. most of these losers will kill a person for $1 – $10 or a bag chop suey.

    Death Penalty is the only way to go.

  8. David Lanham says:

    “Teens”? “Boys”? “Kids”? Funny, they look like men to me. What is up with the media’s agenda, anyway?

    1. BetterDeadThanBlack says:

      It’s hard to tell how old they are, there are alot of 20 year old Black 5th graders…useless race.

      1. DaQuan Williams says:

        Let’s make Negros the US’s third largest export, after inflation and war. Think what havoc we could unleash if we loosed 3 million negros on China, Russia, and India.

  9. Shorts says:

    Put them in Shawshank Prison with the Sodomites for 5 years!!!

    1. jcc325 says:

      This would not happenin Arizona!!! Where the public is allowed to carry concealed weapons without a license!!

      1. Trishe says:

        You’re right, it would have been a shoot-out instead.

      2. bobo says:

        A shootout with three dead monkeys that is. The delivery man has an equal chance of defending himself had he allowed to carry a conceal weapon. It’s the law that causes imbalance in society. It’s garbage like these that will keep on breeding more garbage down the road.

  10. cnsowl says:

    This probably won’t be labeled a “hate” crime, but in reality any violent crime, by any individual and against any individual, is a hate crime.

  11. dareisay says:

    What is wrong with our society? These stories are everywhere. These kids need to learn the value of work, and making your own way…..not steal it from everyone, by killing or a beating!

    Their parents are as bad as they are for popping out a kid, then let them raise themselves!

    Seems we are returning to the cave man period!

  12. None Of Your Business says:

    I agree, Sir Andrew

    1. Dino says:

      amen. I additionally want the criminals to pick up their own tab for incarceration. Tag it on to them for life (until it gets paid off) like a student loan…no writing it off, or including it in their bankruptcy procedings. Of course, this would be on top making restitution to whoever was wronged.



  14. Chaz54 says:

    Our thoughts crossed minutes apart. Well said

    1. mike says:

      Hey guys, accidently hit the report button instead of the reply button…please do not remove this comment…All I wanted to say was ‘Amen’ to your comment.

  15. GAD says:


    Where is Jessie????

  16. cigardude says:

    Where’s Paul Kersey? That;s what we need. These guys will get off because they will claim racism and poor upbringning. It’s all societies fault because they have to wait for their check in long lines, all through the day because the school system is prejudiced. Why not charge them with hate crime enhancements, it’s the black thing to do, they do it all the time. Oh, I forgot, racism, and hate is a one way street.

  17. Will says:

    …perhaps you should pull the rod…OUT?

  18. Chaz54 says:

    Thugs. Pure and simple thugs that don’t care about anything or anyone and we should deal with them in the same way. Locked cell within very high walls surrounded by even tougher men they they pretend to be.
    This is getting sickening….thanks to the fathers that were not there, thanks to the government for providing housing and food, and thanks for the gangs for giving these punks some Creds.

    1. Johnny B says:

      What, now thy can spend time with their fathers

  19. Vyger says:

    Let 3 guys beat the hell out of each one of them at a time. Seems to me the the bible has this one correct. And eye for an eye. Whatever they do to someone that she in return be done to them. I volunteer to help.

    1. Chaz54 says:

      Make that 2 of us on the volunteer list

    2. Nunya Business says:

      What would Jesus do? You’re seriously forgetting about the better half of the bible, the part that isn’t a cheap imitation of another religion.

  20. Brian C. says:

    Give them just what they deserve…THE DEATH PENALTY !

    1. JMB says:



      1. dino says:

        libs are too soft to kill people that deserve to die.

  21. Pat says:

    ROD-In – you are an idiot. these thugs should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    1. Kevin says:

      Pat.. If you couldn’t pick up on the sarcasm in Rod’s response, then you should maybe reconsider who the idiot is.

    2. Richard says:

      I think Rod in was being facetious. At least I hope he was…

  22. true american warrior says:

    why do ignorant people like youself always use racism to express themselves.u are no better than those animals.i too am black and ashamed of what they did.dont condemn a whole race from the actions of a few.if that was the case then all blacks should hate all whites because of the past history of this country.i am a marine corps veteran of 2 battlefronts and deserve respect for fighting for the freedom of racists like u…grow up 11..all of your education 9if u have any0 and u still dont have common sense

    1. Bell Toller says:

      mostly blacks and hispanics are attacking these drivers.

    2. Whiteboy says:

      COMMON SENSE??!?!??? do yourself a favor Mr Black man. Google “what cities have the highest crime rates in US” and once you have the top 10 cities, Then google what % of the population is black. Those numbers dont lie….blacks are raised with a sense of entitlement, they want their respect… but dont feel like they have to show any respect. Im sick of it, they keep this kind of behavior up and they are going to bring back the good old days. Whites are fed up with this BS. Just like any willfully ignorant peoples, they dont realize they are playing with fire. And yes my comment is racist as this is a racist problem. Blacks are the racist today Mr Black man and you know it. Your kind uses these situations to brand anyone with an opposing opinion and a racist bigot. You and your people are ruining america…great job a$$hol3

      1. Jason Lee says:

        Yes, badness is in people’s genes. That’s why Jesus was white. You dumb sack. The world isn’t as simple as your lazy brain would like. I got in fights with (and jumped by) mostly whites growing up. And I’m white.

      2. some guy says:

        I agree with you Jason, white people can be just as vicious as these three black guys. I got into fights growing up too, and I was never once punched out by a black kid. I was an over-weight intellectual (nerd really,) and the black kids in my school got treated a lot better than I did.

        But Jesus wasn’t white. He was Middle Eastern. He died for every race and nation on the Earth to demolish the barriers of our skin. Something just occurred to me: there’s your problem with race. How many of the so-called black churches still preach the message, “Love your neighbor as yourself”? Didn’t the church NoBama went to have a pastor that preached out against white people? How is that even possible? That’s not preaching, brother, it’s setting a huge majority of Americans against each other. I have some bad news: you can’t be a Christian if you HATE. Sorry, the book says so. Give up the hate, or give up the book.

    3. Robert says:

      You cant condemn entire race, that is true. However, it is a cop out to not look at the statistics. 5% of the population (black males) are responsible for 50% of the violent crime. If the black community focused on this rather than race cards and blame shifting we might get somewhere.

      Thank you for your service sir !

      1. T Nails says:

        Black Community? What the hell is that? There is no community. Just a bunch of people going to the same church but out for themselves when they get home. Community implies self less ness and working for the common good. Ghetto behavior like this is underlined by pervasive greed. Greed to get something for nothing. That is not community.

        And why is is that the “black community” is always deferring to leaders. Sharpton, Farrakhan, P Diddy and every other preacher, etc. are hustlers out for themselves. They epitomize ghetto behavior and mentality as they leave no legacy of positive development for their people. If this is what the “community” follows then it’s not so much a community but a den of thieves.

        I have no special love or hate for blacks. I do believe they’ll extricate themselves from their misery and violence once they stop looking for entitlements, blame and false prophets and instead work selflessly among themselves. If the “man” doesn’t have any jobs for you, create them (like the Chinese community the victim came from). If there’s too much violence in your hood, create lookouts, not ashamed of snitching, like the Hasids do. In short, look in the mirror to find and solve your problems.

      2. Ernaldo T says:

        Actually, its much higher than 50%. The funny stat is, over 90% of that violent is committed on other blacks. What a moronic race…..

      3. beatta says:

        These ppl should be sent back to where they belong to if they want to live in the place where they can outbid the law. They should be beaten everyday by their own kind !!!

    4. REGULATOR says:


    5. bruce987 says:

      Sad but it’s more common among blacks as a percent because of their lack of parents, video games and warped sense of real life.

      They need a strong mother who should kick their butt when they were young and taken them to church.

    6. Truth or Consequences says:

      As much as I hate to acknowledge it, a large percentage of blacks DO hate whites. I wasn’t aware of this fact until Obama became president, but I’m now FULLY aware of it. One small but undeniable reflection of perennial black racism is that NEARLY EVERY SINGLE BLACK THAT VOTED IN 2008 VOTED FOR OBAMA, BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. The same cannot be said of white voting habits. And I guarantee you 2012 will be little different, despite the fact that most people ~ including blacks ~ are faring much worse now than they were when Obama was first elected. Blacks will vote for him BECAUSE he’s black.

      Look, as a result of school, media, society and (most importantly) the Bible, I learned that people of all colors are equal and should get along. When Obama became president I thought we’d finally see a real uniting of the races, particularly blacks and whites. But thanks to Obama’s racism the opposite has happened. A man in his position sets the tone for the nation, and blacks all over this country have been inspired by Obama’s racism (which the media continually ignore, deny, cover up, and blatantly lie about). Blacks have become quite open about their hatred for whites, spewing it continually both in word and deed. Black on white violence is off the charts and worse, blacks like you who aren’t physically attacking whites play a vital role in perpetuating the problem by DENYING the truth. “Move along, nothing to see here.” And you call those who boldly speak the truth “ignorant” and without “common sense.”

      TAW, please OPEN YOUR EYES! Stop denying the undeniable; there IS a major problem of hate in this country on the part of blacks. Then, OPEN YOUR MOUTH and let the truth come out of it.

      All this aside, thank you for your service to our country.

  23. Bell Toller says:

    Chinese restaurants need to stop having delivery service in these areas.

    1. Ernaldo T says:

      This will happen when insurance companies refuse to cover deliveries in these areas. Then we will hear from Sharpton, Jackson, etc.,, “racism”…..

  24. Daniel Barbier says:

    Because it was a planned attack each should serve 4-6 months of “hard time” in a federal prison immediatley followed by Navy Seal training with 4 years of military service. Serving time in prison may “wake” them up but SEAL training will scare the S-H-I-T out of them!

    1. Glub-glub says:

      SEAL training with a fatal underwater ‘mishap’ works for me.

    2. Mark says:

      SEAL training for this idiots? That is stupid.Being a SEAL is earned and they don’t deserve the right to even say the word. I work at a federal prison, it is cake compared to a state facility, let them stay at a state joint where they will become someones punk

      1. Dino says:

        Don’t worry Mark, punks like these couldn’t handle SEAL training. They don’t have what it takes.

    3. lonfas says:

      I don’t think the Seals would want yo-yo’s like this as part of their force…

      I wouldn’t want one of them fighting next to me.

    4. Princess Leah says:

      That requires swimming. Ummm…

    5. Dino says:

      MAC, are you looking for a man? Sounds like you have a pretty high bar for your search. You’re happy for the “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal, aren’t you? Good luck on your quest.

    6. azbill says:

      Navy Seals are hardly wussies, you uninformed no nothing about anything sleasseball. i can bet Mac you have never been in the military, fighting in a war or putting their lives on hold and on the line for their country. Your inane statement about Navy Seals tells us all there is to know about you.

  25. batgirlnj says:

    I am so in favor of the death penalty! Respect for life and the property of others is just so dead, then kill the culprits.

  26. Doug Rose says:

    Welcome to “Obama’s Amerika” !

    1. Ricki says:

      …the exit is this way, Doug…don’t let the door hit you in the fanny on your way out.

    2. REGULATER says:


  27. TXBubba says:

    Forget the American justice system which will let them lawyer up and negotiate a plea……….Neighborhood vigilanties should catch the perps, cut their thmbs off and put a lead slug in their kee caps.

  28. norman says:

    Funny that since they were black we don’t hear hate crime

  29. Pete says:

    He forgot the soy sauce, what did you expect them to do….

    1. tom says:

      Your attempt at humor on such a somber brutal attack is totally uncalled for, unsolicited, and just crass. Sardonism is flaccid….

      1. dico j. says:

        Maybe so, but it’s still funny.

      2. Nunya Business says:

        I laughed. Seriously, I know what happened was terrible, but if you guys would lighten up a little you might just improve your quality of living.

  30. lastmanonthewall says:

    Maximum incarceration. Keep these animals locked up. Set them free and eventually they’ll kill someone.

    1. FYI... says:

      …I have some really nasty gas right now.

  31. Moose says:

    Hate crime and animalistic behavior .
    5 to 10 years hard labor and upon released , allow all 3 defendants come into a room of victims , chinesse victims .

    1. Jerry says:

      Let the victim chose the punishment !

  32. juspasenthru says:

    They should receive harsh words of disapproval.

  33. javajim says:

    Castrate those punks, anybody that low on the gene pool should never be permitted to breed.

  34. Incensed again says:

    North American ground apes just being themselves. Nothing new here.

    1. REGULATOR says:


    2. lonfas says:

      “North American ground apes”

      I like that, Incensed again.

  35. jczaryap says:

    Brutal Food Delivery Man? You mean Brutal Attack. Sheesh. Even a high school student would know how to write that headline.

    Anyway, those punks should be kicked and punched all the way to jail.

  36. Steve says:

    20-25 years in prison for planning the attack, nothing less.

  37. Bell Toller says:

    The Chinese Rest is also at fault for having his employee make a delivery in a apartment building in a seedy area.

    1. Someone wtih intelligence says:

      Bell you are an idiot. Never speak again.

      1. Bell Toller says:

        Someone wtih intelligence you are the idiot.

      2. Deb says:

        ….c’mon…bell can’t help it…all that ringing in his ears all the time

    2. Troy says:

      Ya, and your familiy is guilty of your ignorance because you were born. Let’s not hold the people who did this accountable, put the blame on the victim. It was his mothers fault for letting him be born also.

    3. Abe says:

      wow, really? i’m sure that chinese restaurant, any many other restaurants, have made deliveries to that building before without incident. you can’t run a competitive restaurant by avoiding all “seedy” areas because you won’t have any business..

    4. Imagine That??? says:

      And if you do that, you’ll be boycotted by the Jesse Jackson’s for being a racist and denying people of their right to … uhhh… Chinese food!

    5. Celtic Warrior says:

      no … its you that are the idiot. You are the enabler in society. GO BACK TO AFRICA and kill all you want….hell go to Jamaica they have the highest murder rate in the world, i think youd and your kind be right at home there. If you you are tired of being treated like a savage then you dont act like one. Works for all the other races…but some how it never seems to sink into those thick black heads of yours. When the race war begins you can thank losers such as yourself …./sick

      1. Nunya Business says:

        When the race war begins we can blame idiots like you, who can’t get their mind off of the race of the individuals in question. Seriously, what’s the evidence? videos online, statistics that keep changing? This is rediculous. I don’t think anyone who endorses any kind of serious racism has any empathy for any of the people that will suffer because of it, black, white, asian, hispanic… A lot of good people will die, but go on, keep stuffing yourself full of pride, blind to the consequences just ahead, I sure hope there is a God as some people say, so he can judge all the sorry @sses I’ve read crud from today.

      2. Way cup says:


        ‘snot a race thing, never was…it’s a stupidity thang: white yellow puerto rican haitian all can/do sh!t like this.

  38. HooDatIS? says:

    this guy needs to be given a letha injection
    he has to be some kind of nasty drug addict
    what a looser
    visit my blog

  39. R. Elisophen says:

    Send them to fight the Taliban ,they will run away scared having
    to fight in a real war. These are stupid punks and wimps and es they
    breed .Poor messenger ,I hope his life gets better and down the road he
    does not get brain disease for getting kicked as he did.

  40. capitan America says:

    I think Bob was just having a bit of fun. Unfourtunatley that is how our society thinks. Thugs as victims.

  41. angry NYer says:

    what?? now u were now shocked they were minorities?? HA HA HA..

  42. Florin says:

    what about keeping them under surveilance 247, and forced to pay for this surveilance? also, limited rights would be right for those who have no respect for others.

  43. Wolf says:

    Punish the perps and punish the parents. Parents need to start taking responsibility for their children. And if they are here illegally… deport all of them, parents included. Bring back Charles Bronson and the crime rates in the city will drop.

    1. Tom says:

      Spot ON; a cable station is just airing an entire week of Death Wish series; I concur, bring back Charles Bronson!

  44. Journalism grad says:

    Learn how to write a headline please! The food delivery man was not brutal — the attack was!

  45. Superman says:

    Remember Mayor Bloomberg said the City is safe.

    1. midi-man says:

      Totally agree crime is down that is because Bloomberg is reading the Bahama news not the NY News. He is a real idiot. He is really letting everything that Rudy did go to pot. Sorry ass Mayor in the same league as Koch.

  46. Bob Fowler says:

    Please stop referring to the young men as stupid monkeys, POS, and jerks. They have feelings you know. And most assuredly, upon apprehension, they will be entitled to damages of $50 million each, for having to endure the embarrassment of being shown on television without their consent.

    Please, please, please…someone needs to make this a racially motivated incident, where the NYPD is wrong for their treatment of minorities. I trust that at least one poster will find a way to make this not the responsibility of these thugs.

    1. elliott says:

      oh for the love of all things cruel. these kids ARE STUPID MONKEYS. doesn’t matter what the heck color they are! white purple red yellow green orange who cares! i find it hideous that you are siding with these idiots! what does the nypd have to do with the choices these boys made by making a phony call and attacking a chinese man? i’d venture to say it IS a racially motivated incident: black boys against helpless chinese man. get with the program bob fowler. you are probably one of those people who thought the 2 black 19 year olds who raped and tortured and murdered those victims in the 1972 ogden utah hi-fi store incident. the naacp thought they should not receive the death penalty because they were black. doesn’t matter how guilty they were, apparently. i’m glad they got what they deserved. and i am NOT a proponent of the death penalty, either. rethink your thoughts here, sir. those boys on the surveillance need to be dealt with.

    2. nick says:

      How is a racially motivated incident and why should they not be responsible? Are you insane?
      Have them beaten in the same way and then forced to go to labor camp to work off
      their punishment, sent to China to work as houseboys for the family of this poor
      Chinese delivery man..
      And someone get Bob Fowler into treatment.

    3. Florin says:

      Lol, i laughed when i seen your comment and i laughed harder when i seen others reply to it. Are so many americans this dumb, so they don’t sense irony?

      1. Hey Florin says:

        at least some Americans use the correct tense of the verb see.

    4. Bob Fowler says:

      Some people just don’t get sarcasm. Have you ever read any comments here before? Everything is the NYPD’s fault, and blacks don’t commit crimes unless set up by whites.

      I am waiting for the truly inspired to look at the video, and still make an excuse for why these thugs don’t belong in jail for a long time. By the way, thanks Rory for your warm thoughts.

      1. Imagine That??? says:

        You aren’t crazy, Bob. I was kind of wondering when I read the comments on your comments. I didn’t have any trouble seeing the sarcasm.

      2. TOM SERVO says:

        Wow, I’m speechless. How could you be so inconsiderate? People don’t have no brain no more, Bob. How could you do this? Think of the children! For God’s sake, picture the children! How could you possibly say something smart that we don’t get because our programming dictates a polar reaction to everything our sense encounter?

    5. Hoss says:

      Poor guys. I’m sure they come from repressed families, and were driven to this vicious attack by the Tea Party. In fact, it’s probably Sarah Palin’s fault.

    6. Kathy says:

      Clearly, you missed Mr. Fowler’s snarky sarcasm.
      Did you really think he was serious? Read it again.

    7. LoLoSoetoro says:

      F’ing monkeys.

  47. Sebastian Carter says:

    Just kill them and get it over with. They have forfeited their rights as humans. Do it before they actually kill an innocent person. Now all food delivery persons will fear for their safety.

  48. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

    3 against one..we wish that they attacked a man like jet li..the 3 stupid monkeys would have gotten what they deserved…. the .cowards..

  49. Bell Toller says:

    Chinese food delivery drivers need to carry mace or even a gun to protect themselves and the fight back against these jerks.

  50. KPMc says:

    Yes… let’s release the video to the rest of the city that was nowhere near the attack while the residents that live there close their doors and claim they saw or heard nothing.

    No one in this building recognizes these POS? Guess they were all too busy working hard at their legitimate jobs and raising decent children.

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