Brooklyn DA Hynes Releases New Gruesome Details Of 8-Year-Old's Death

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A grand jury has indicted Levi Aron and charged him with two counts of first-degree murder in the case of Leiby Kletzky, the Brooklyn boy whose remains were found last Wednesday.

Aron faces up to life in prison without possibility of parole if convicted, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes announced early Wednesday evening. Aron’s arraignment is scheduled for July 28.

The eight-count indictment also includes a first-degree kidnapping charge.

The Brooklyn DA Hopes The Indictment Brings Some Closure. 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Reports.

Leiby’s death has been ruled a homicide and, according to the Medical Examiner. He was killed from intoxication followed by smothering.

Hynes said that Kletzky was given Cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxant; quetiapine, an anti-psychotic drug; and hydrocodone before Aron used a towel to smother the child.

However, Hynes said that “there’s no evidence of sexual abuse.”  There were also marks on young Kletzky’s wrist, evidence that he was tied up in the hours before he was killed and his body was dismembered, WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reported.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell With More Details On The Indictment

Police also confirmed that they found a variety of pills in Aron’s apartment.

PHOTOS: Death Of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky | A Community In Mourning

Police have confirmed that last Monday night, Aron drove young Kletzky to upstate Monsey, where he attended a wedding while the boy stayed in the car. Then they went back to Brooklyn, authorities said. The boy stayed in Aron’s apartment Monday night and all day Tuesday while Aron went to work.

Chief Police Spokesman Paul Browne said Kletzky was killed either late last Tuesday afternoon or early Tuesday evening. That means the boy was likely alive for about a day after he disappeared.

Investigators spent a week straight at Aron’s home in Kensington, pulling out every piece of evidence imaginable, even digging up the backyard. Crime scene detectives will still be at Aron’s home removing evidence for the next couple of days, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reported.

CBS 2 has learned some of the boxes removed from Aron’s home contained a sizable quantity of other children’s clothing. Police will also be digging up Aron’s backyard again to see if there is anything that leads to other missing children.

Police said Kletzky got lost last Monday going to meet his mother after leaving day camp and asked Aron for help. Detectives later found the boy’s severed feet in Aron’s freezer along with three bloody carving knives and a cutting board.

The rest of the boy’s body was found wrapped in a plastic bag stuffed inside in a suitcase in a dumpster in Sunset Park.

Aron is being held in a psychiatric ward at Bellevue Hospital under tight security. His attorneys met with him for about two and a half hours on Tuesday and said their focus is on their client’s mental state.  They are also seemingly already laying the groundwork for an insanity defense.

“All we can say at this time without going into specifics upon talking to him for quite some time is that there’s a severe diminished capacity,” said Gerard Marrone, one of Aron’s defense attorneys.

Marrone said his client still hears voices, and is trying to use loud music to drown them out.

Members of the Jewish community from all corners of the city and across the country filled a synagogue in Borough Park for a memorial service.

“In Israel, we’re used to tragedy and people dying suddenly, but this was a big one. It really gets to you,” Dena Reifen told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“We were looking for a way to unite the community. And so this is extraordinary. Before we spoke to family and got their blessing and we hope this will not only inspire not only the family but also the Jewish and non-Jewish community,” organizer Benny Rogosnitzky said.

Wednesday also marked the last day Leiby’s family will sit Shiva. People have come from all across the country to pray with them.

“In the midst of cruelty and horror, human beings can respond in such a warm and caring way it restores our faith in the world and mankind. That is the atmosphere I feel here right now,” said Rabbi Alvin Kass.

Are you curious about what the indictment will say? Do you think Aron is insane? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. Andrea says:

    As someone who works in mental health, I can tell you that most people with schizophrenia or other such illnesses are more afraid of you than you are of them and are very harmless. I don’t want to see this cause more stigma regarding mental illness. If Aron IS suffering from a psychotic (thought) disorder, this type of behavior is VERY rare among people who suffer from this.
    The only way Levi Aron can be declared legally insane is if it can be proven that he was so mentally incapacitated, he did not know right from wrong at the time of the act. I doubt this will happen here. Clearly he knew that abducting Leiby was wrong because he “panicked and killed him.” The fact that he drugged him up and went about planning this murder shows how premeditated this was. Unless it can be PROVEN (doubtful) that Levi Aron heard voices telling him to do this to Leiby and he thought the voices were real (and what they were telling him to do was the right thing), he will not get off on insanity. It looked to me like this guy knew what he was doing. He better make himself comfortable in jail because I don’t think he’s leaving…

    1. Andrea says:

      and PS…even if he is declared legally insane I hope to G-D that he is still held responsible for this. Clearly if he WAS insane, he STILL proves a danger to others and should be kept off the streets…and from what I know of these criminal psych wards, prison is a much better place to stay.

  2. Somber says:

    I am speechless, all I am doing is crying just at the thought of what that little boy went through….beginning with being with a stranger with no way to find his parents. All alone and scared…then the rest I can’t even begin to write anything. What the hell is going on with our world? I just flat wanna get away from all if this 🙁

  3. Emily says:

    All this blame distracts from the randomness and evil of the crime. Does it make you sleep better at night, thinking that you and your children are safe, when you can blame the parents, blame the Jews, blame the shomrim, say that Aron groomed Leiby (the most ridiculous assertion of all)? The reality is that an innocent child has been brutally murdered, and that diminishes us all. This is the type of tragedy that should join people instead of focusing on differences. There but for the grace of god go any of us, any of our kids. No one asked for this. No one deserves this. Compassion is in order, not finger pointing and hatred. .

  4. Bell Toller says:

    I blame the parents for letting their child walk home alone without knowing the route…and the day care for letting the kid walk home alone….and the good for nothing Shorim Patrol for keeping the streets safe from predators….and Mayor Bloomberg for cutting the police force (less police = more crime)

    1. Andrea says:

      Kids walk to and from school all the time (or camp). In a low-crime community such as theirs, it is not uncommon. It’s sad that even that’s not safe anymore, not even in that community. How about blaming the monster who did it?

  5. Tracy says:

    My heart goes ou to the Kletzky family. May God give you comfort and be your buckler in this most difficult time. Leiby is God’s little angel now and will never again feel pain and suffering…only unbelievable joy. God bless you always.


    1. Rodin says:

      How nauseating!

  6. menucha berman says:

    this comes down to simple pure evil…. he made decisions every step of the way. and no one in that house heard or saw anything… a bit strange. Every human feels this pain yes its a jew but this is a child someone’s child a young boy of just 8. This evil person will be in jail for life no way he will be let out its a done deal. the question is what was leiby doing on the corner for 7 min. and not one adult notices or said anything…. who passed that corner did they not see a small child waiting on the corner, in my eyes that would be strange and I would approach the child, why didn’t anyone go up to him……..

  7. norma says:

    You freakin need help. You should be jailed with him. You sicko.

  8. Nora says:

    Hay, where is the punishment, wake up this people are yes sick but need to be punish for there crime..we pay tax they get free rent free meals and it your tax money so where is the punishment.

  9. IgnoranteElephante says:

    Bubbys, it is beyond dispute that an Orthodox Jew is trusted in the Orthodox community. Because the community is reclusive and secretive, they purport to be safe, and it is preached in Yeshiva, the temple, and at home that if a person has a kippa on, he can be trusted. I don’t think anyone disputes this.

    Much of what else you call assumptions by myself or my arch nemeses turned ally, Rodin, are facts. Facts that we learned of from newspaper articles quoting members of the community. Accept the fact that something is wrong here, so that it can be changes, or deny it, and allow it to fester so that this happens again.

    1. Rodin says:

      I think it’s quite amazing when two people, starting from totally opposite points of view, come to the same conclusion.

      “… my arch nemeses turned ally, Rodin.” Who woulda thunk it?!

      It’s one reason I play this game.

  10. Barb says:

    This man knew exactly what he was doing, just like Jeffrey Dahmer. And Dahmer was murdered in jail. I cried when I read these findings as this boy might have had no idea what grave danger he was in until it was too late,

  11. Emily says:

    I am shocked and disgusted by a lot of the bigoted and ignorant comments on this thread. How about we substitute Catholics and catholic priests and see how that sounds? Catholics are weird people, practice and believe in some pretty bizarre stuff, and all catholic priests are deviant, evil abusers. Catholic on catholic crime is okay because it is within their own community. Do you guys hear how sick you sound? What does all this have to do with anything? An innocent little boy was brutally murdered by a sick person. The kid’s mother will forever be haunted because she acquiesced and let her kid walk a few blocks even though she went over the route with him and waited a few blocks away. This is a real tragedy, superceding religion, you morons. By the way, I am neither catholic nor Hasidic. Just human.

    1. merc says:

      Hi Emily. I’m catholic since I was born and I’m a pretty much a normal person. I have never practiced anything “bizarre.” But I do agree with you in most of your comment. It really bothers me that everytime something like this happens everybody points directly to the race, religion or whatever. Evil comes in all shapes, races, communities. I think we just should be worry about this kind of thing happenings and how to prevent them. We should make sure there is gonna be justice.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        You will never change my opinion because I am right. Sense of entitlement, where should I begin?

        The city puts bike lanes in Williamsburg, and the Jews decry them as scantily clad hipsters peddle by causing the “righteous men” to stare. Even though many people complain in all areas of the city about the bike lanes, the city heeds only the Hebrew call.

        The comment from the people of Borough Park saddened that the murderer was one of them, and not an anti Semite or an Arab.

        The feeling that they can cover up what they wish from the long arm of the law.

        The abuse of social services and the reckless and under reporting of income. Not to mention, the reckless reproduction often having an amount in the teens while still collecting welfare.

        The abuse of women.

        The crying of poverty while spending 10s of thousands of dollars yearly on clothes and wigs.

        The “how dare you question us” attitude. Anyone who does is labeled an anti Semite, jealous, or ignorant. Sometimes, the holocaust will be brought up for no other reason than to ostensibly guilt all into appeasement.

        The level of greed.

        The “we will not wait lie a commoner” attitude at any governmental office, non Jewish hospital, courthouse, or traffic jam.

        The make believe kangaroo cop outfit that has realistic looking NYPD police vehicles and illegal red and blue lights that flash. The force serves to protect the Jew from everything including criminal investigations and obstruct justice.

        The feeling that they are above laws of hygiene and genetics, where not showering and inbreeding is encouraged.

      2. Rodin says:

        Sorry, your moniker is too long and I’m a hunt-and-peck typist (The Jevies taught us Latin, Greek and Mechanical Drawing but no mechanography, i.e. typing. That was for girls!). I meant ‘IE’.

      3. Rodin says:

        The heat is getting to me … and I’m in the woods, literally, in the “upper elevations of the Hudson Valley”, not in the City, where1010 WINS tells me it’s worse.

        I’m off to a beer. Do you suppose they have beer in hell. If they don’t have beer and dogs in heaven, I wanna head south. Besides, the company will be far more interesting.

      4. IgnoranteElephante says:

        The creator put it there Rodin, but be careful about questioning the Jews. Few have live to tell about it. I am a lucky one, but my writings have forced me to the underground where a exist only in the form of comment entries and message boards.

      5. Emily says:

        Merc, you misunderstand me. Scroll down to earlier posts to see where I was coming from – I was merely substituting the word “Catholic” for “Hasidic” to highlight how ridiculous some of the comments were. In no way was it my intention to disparage Catholics.

      6. Rodin says:

        ” I’m catholic since I was born and I’m a pretty much a normal person. I have never practiced anything ‘bizarre’….”

        What’s more “bizarre” than unquestioningly sticking to something because you were born into it? Not to mention infantile.

      7. Rodin says:


        They’re all cut of the same cloth, Catholics, Evangelicals, Hasids, Islamists: self protective, denying, exclusive, suspicious, chosen (they think). privileged, and above secular law. It’s really easy to switch from one to the other without missing a beat. They’re all just ‘s p e c i a l … to their respective divinities.


    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Catholics and Catholic priests are derided by the media constantly. The abuse, where it exists, is aired out publicly. Catholics are attacked and mocked for their anti gay marriage and ant abortion stances, as if it were a joke to be religious, yet no one dare question communes of Jews with private police, fire, courts, and locksmiths, only out to cater to their own, who dress in winter garments all year round. That is acceptable, but having a deep rooted religious opposition to something is not. There is a glaring double standard here.

      Imagine if the Pope advocated for Cannon law and courts to decide whether the government should be alerted to crime. Imagine if the local bishop of the diocese of Brooklyn decided it would keep a list of suspected pedophiles and not alert the police.

      Everyone who came across this guy—ex wives and coworkers, said he was creepy and liked little boys. No one within the Orthodox community notice this? Get real. The always trust a Jew preaching to these little children is also responsible for this. If it turns out that this Aron molested and killed other little boys, the blood will be on the hands of a community that new of his proclivities and kept silent.

      1. sk says:

        yes people said he was weird. I came across many weird people that doesn’t mean I think they are capeable of killing an innocent boy! I don’t know what your problem is! you have a lot of anger towrads the orthodox community and i don’t think you feel this way because of this one tragedy. After all the obnoxous comments you have made since this boy’s muder maybe the same should happen to you in order for you to understand!

      2. Rodin says:

        “Imagine if the Pope advocated for Cannon law and courts to decide whether the government should be alerted to crime. Imagine if the local bishop of the diocese of Brooklyn decided it would keep a list of suspected pedophiles and not alert the police.”

        I assume (hope) this is sarcasm…, dear ally.

        I was Catholic once, grammar school with Sisters of Notre Dame, Jesuit high school and college, taught at Jesuit schools for 9 years. The Jesuits converted me to Atheism. The Jesuits!!! THEY taught me to doubt, question and THINK!

        Now, good without gods.

      3. IgnoranteElephante says:

        sk, my comment says more than people knew he was weird. It says people knew he was creepy and liked little boys. That is different than just weird.

        My suspicions about the orthodox stem from a culture of exclusion and entitlement. You are correct. It is not just this one instance. Instead of calling my comments obnoxious, why don’t you dispute them? That is if you can.

      4. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Rodin, this is an attempt to suplant the Jewish practices into the Catholic faith. I doubt the government would take such a blind eye to archdiocese courts and the like.

      5. sk says:

        there is nbo point in arguing with you because nothing is going to change how you feel. yes they excude themsleves from the rest of the world but sense of entitlement? and orthodox jews feel they are entitleed to things MORE THAN other ethnic groups? where did you get that from? that is your opinion, not based on facts. you argue over rthings you don’t know. his co-workers did not use the word “creepy”. his ex-wife said soemthing a few days after the incident ahppened. At first, she wwas shocked na dnever thought he could do soemkthing like that. You didn’t seem to know about Shomrim and religious courts whn you also made nasty comments. agin, your complaints are not based on facts just your opinion. people did dispute your comments and you still not listening!

      6. Rodin says:

        PLAGIARISM! Intellectual prperty theft!! Copyright infringement!!!

        They must’ve learned from the early Christians. It’s exactly what they did with pagan practices and beliefs in order to convert: i.e. the date of Christ’s birth = the Saturnalia; the resurrection = the rites of spring , the vernal equinox; the madonna and child = Isis with Horus; the halo = depictions of Perseus in the act of slaying Medusa, first appeared in the culture of Hellenistic Greece and Rome and not until the 4th century in Christian iconography. The halo often appears in Indian art, particularly in Buddhist iconography where it has appeared since at least the 1st century AD, 3 centuries before Christians adopted it.

      7. Rodin says:

        The message is in response to IgnoranteElephanteabove

      8. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Saturnalia is described as a festival celebrating, you guessed it, Saturn, the God. Now, that in itself, honoring a celestial non being for whatever reason is religious. The Talmud describes the feast of Saturnalia being held surrounding the winter solstice. Adam, being afraid his sin caused the days to shorten, fasted as penance. When, after the solstice, he noticed the days getting longer, he celebrated. Thus, this appropriation is not one of the Christians.

        Christmas was chosen because of the proximity of the solstice making the vernal equinox the date of conception.

        Easter, both eastern and western, were celebrated corresponding to the lunar year based on both the Gregorian and Julian calendar. This is why the eastern orthodox and the western Christians celebrate it differently. The holiday can fall anywhere from late March to late April and does not track the equinox.

      9. Rodin says:

        Dear ally EI, We’re talking about the same things with different names. Now, you don’t expect me to accept that Adam story.

        From my own site:
        The advantages of Christmas Day being celebrated then were obvious. As the Christian commentator Syrus wrote: “It was a custom of the pagans to celebrate on the same Dec. 25 the birthday of the sun, at which they kindled lights in token of festivity …. Accordingly, when the church authorities perceived that the Christians had a leaning to this festival, they took counsel and resolved that the true Nativity should be solemnized on that day.”

        Fot more, go to –

      10. Rodin says:

        Sorry, your moniker is too long and I’m a hunt-and-peck typist (The Jevies taught us Latin, Greek and Mechanical Drawing but no mechanography, i.e. typing. That was for girls!). I meant ‘IE’.

        The heat is getting to me … and I’m in the woods, literally, in the “upper elevations of the Hudson Valley”, not in the City, where1010 WINS tells me it’s worse.

        I’m off to a beer. Do you suppose they have beer in hell. If they don’t have beer and dogs in heaven, I wanna head south. Besides, the company will be far more interesting.

        I just posted this in the wrong place. I’m telling you….

      11. IgnoranteElephante says:

        I am not asking you to believe the story. It is in the Talmud. Not being a Jew, I have no idea about the Talmud, buy I know that they don’t like being questioned about their beliefs.

      12. Rodin says:

        I didn’t think so. You’re not dumb.

        No religious “zealot” (your word) likes ‘being questioned about their beliefs.’ It might make them think.

        As an educated man, why do you think depictions of Adam and Eve all show a navel? How did it get there? I’ve never seen one without it.

      13. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Rodin, the creator put it there, but be careful about questioning the Jews. Few have live to tell about it. I am a lucky one, but my writings have forced me to the underground where a exist only in the form of comment entries and message boards.

  12. Voice of truth says:

    The Feds should be doing a full scale human rights investigation into the shomrin “patrol” and the rabbinical courts in bklyn. If this deft’s name appears in their records so much as once and he got off easy or completely for being a good member of the community, mandate the dissolution of all of it, close the kangaroo courts, seize the phony cop cars, and all, for violating the poor kid’s rights by allowing this animal to remain in the community.

    Then they should look into the rest of the abuse that goes on in that community.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      . Agreed, and go further, into the concept of illegal religious driven quasi governments, suppression of evidence, and intimidating witnesses

  13. BP Boy says:

    Hundreds (was thousands until recently) of murders in NYC each year and we blame and charge the individual.

    One (so called) religious Jewish monster and we induct an entire community.

    Go figure.

    1. William says:

      Induct, huh?


      1. Rodin says:

        … or ‘conduct’ or ‘product’ or ‘duct,’ as in duct tape or tear duct. Same difference. Never overestimate the stupidity of most commentators here. It’s always bound to get worse.

    2. Derek says:

      the guy made a spelling mistake and now we are calling him stupid? by the way who is Rod SerliMg? was that a spelling mistake on your part or are we making an overestimation of your stupidity?

  14. estherlcsw says:

    The insanity defense for Levi is a bunch of “hogwash”. I am a clinical social worker and have worked in mental health with psychiatric population for many years. ONe of the first things you observe is that anyone who is hearing voices will never admit he is hearing voices. They will tell you about someone talking to them and be sure that it is real. So for someone to report to their attorney that the y are hearing voices is totally contrived. What appears is that this is a sociopath, someone who has no conscience, but has been functioning in his own fashion for a long time. These people can be very clever and very devious, but they know what they did and that it is wrong.They just don’t care

    1. rojo says:

      esther, your are so correct with that. Wish you could testify in court against this menace to society.

  15. William says:

    “No words.  I’m too sad to talk.  No words right now,” one woman told CBS 2′s Scott Rapoport.

    Then shut up and go inside and stop looking for reporters to feign outrage to so you can look pious for your neighbors.

    1. rojo says:

      Why don’t you take your own advice, dear william.?

  16. Bubbys says:

    How did “such a bizarre case” turn into “such bizarre people”. I’m not sure which people you are talking about.
    As to what next, the newest twist is a box of children’s clothing found in Aron’s house. I wonder why we are not hearing more about any evidence from Memphis and Little Rock. There has to have been more of a past here.

  17. Blathin says:

    So anyone who knows the dirty laundry regarding the blatant racism, misogyny and so forth that goes on in this community is an anti-Semite? Interestingly ignorant statement for you to have made.

  18. Wolf says:

    This man is truly possessed by the Devil. He is a witch. No human being with emotions would do such a thing to a child. Burn him at the stake just as they burned the witches in Salem years back. If he gets away with the insanity plea he will be back on the streets in a few years. Where’s the punishment? No remorse. Let him burn, don’t waste tax money on this man.

    1. Rodin says:

      Then have him exorcised. No problem!

  19. Rodin says:

    If anyone doubts the arrogance and infamy of religion, read this thread.


    1. Bubbys says:

      If a particular religious group is attacked in this thread and they try to defend themselves, that means they are arrogant?
      Reread your posts, think about arrogance. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

      1. Boris says:

        There’s a big difference between “defending themselves” and covering up what goes on in this community. I was forced to leave there when I married a non-Jew. These people are abhorrent to the g-d they claim to serve.

      2. Rodin says:

        Thank you, Boris. Couldn’t have answered it better myself.

  20. MIke says:

    If religion is the fault, why is the violent crime rate so low? Idiot. I

    t’s the 2nd homicide and the first kidnapping in the last 100 years

    1. kristinalee says:

      totally agree

    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Becaue we don’t know about it. Invesitgations and adjudications are all conducted in secret. Read the paper concerning Rebbis that torch congregants and Rabbis that kidnap their friends husband to force a “get.”

      Don’t under estimate Jewish crime.

  21. Mike says:

    Typical Jew haters. first murder in 100 years, its Jew fault.

  22. More evidence needed says:

    I do not buy into the “he asked for directions” part of the story….

    I bet Aron groomed this child into asking his mom to be allowed to walk home….
    Why did a child who lives there get lost?
    Why did it happen coincidentally the first day he walked home?
    We certainly cannot believe anything Aron himself says…. Hopefully the police will find more evidence…
    Also – how are they so sure he rode up in the car to Monsey with Aron? No one saw him! Maybe he was drugged back at the Brooklyn apartment…

    1. Reuven Kerner says:

      it happened on his first day BECAUSE he WAS NOT READY for this responsibility. this is neglegence on the part of the parent

    2. em says:

      I totally agree. If you look at the videos from the street Leiby is waving his arms and walking. He does not look lost. Aron told the kid the wrong directions. Why would Leiby wait 7 minutes outside the dentists office for a stranger to give him directions when there were people everywhere. My heart goes out to the poor mother who agreed to let him walk home alone.

    3. Bubbys says:

      There was a witness, a gas station attendant, who confirmed that he saw Leiby in the car. Aron stopped there so that Leiby could use the bathroom, according to that report.
      If it is true that Leiby was not restrained for the 24 hours that he was with Aron, then I agree with you, this guy groomed him. If not at an earlier time, he started right before the kidnapping, Who will ever know for sure.

  23. Billy says:

    This case puts the Jewish community in quite the pickle as they’ve clearly allowed this monster in their midst for so long. The level of vigilantiism in the bklyn hassid community has for years gone essentially unchecked. Cops and prosecutors are stuck between a rock a hard place between encouraging community involvement and awareness and then being stuck when some minority commits any sort of crime in the hassid community and suddenly turns up abnormally roughed up when the police arrive to place the perpetrator in custody. And now they have to deal with having permitted a monster to roam freely in their midst.

    1. MIke says:

      How about other kilers and monsters, who’s fault is that?

      There was no murder in the lat 100 years, and no cover up

      1. Rey says:

        Stick to that story…like murders are the only violent crimes? The violent crimes against women in the community are swept under the rug every day. Either your ignorant or want that to continue.

    2. marine says:

      why did this make for shocking news? because it was a super safe community.

      1. Rey says:

        It’s been super safe if you’re Jewish. Anyone else? Watch yer back, jack.

    3. em says:

      apparently, shomrim has a private list of perps that the rabbi’s tell them to keep from the police

    4. Bubbys says:

      There is no evidence that in fact, that there were earlier suspicions about Aron. Two people came out a day after the murder was discovered to say that he had tried to lure their children, but we don’t know if that is accurate.
      I, for one, have no illusions that there is no crime within the community, but I don’t understand why there seems to be a desire to use this opportunity to connect any nugget of negative information or opinion about my community to this horrible crime.
      Again, you can have your gripes about Chassidim, Orthodox Jews, Jews, whatever. Nobody can change that, but even if some are valid, they are not relevant to the discussion of this murder, which was perpetrated by a criminal against an innocent child. The religion of either is not relevant.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        The evidence is statements by the shomrim saying “We have a secret pedophile list, and he was not on it.” Why a secret list?

  24. Janet Moskowitz says:

    slice the SOB up the way he did to that poor boy. I am jewish. I hope someone gets him and hurts him bad.

  25. Rodin says:

    Hey, Ignorante, they’ve deleted our comments on the Netherlands’ Golden Age and the Bacons. You suppose it was too much for them?

    “Let them eat cake!”

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      God (no offense) forbid you say something risque or call into question certain things, your comments get deleted like they were never said. Very scary.

  26. s l says:

    i think you are even sicker, because that place is safe. its the first time something like this happent, so why shoud the parents think that this could happen?

    1. Rodin says:

      I say it might be the first time it hasn’t been swept under the rug.

      Like the Catholic Church (et al), save face at all cost.

    2. Rodin says:


      Talk about SICK! Whatever you can say to me slides off. THIS comment by this idiot is so galling, so over the top, so appalling, so repugnant, I’m out of here.

      See you soon, in some other thread. I enjoy our sparring. Over and out.


  27. stacyscherlarosa says:

    I am a Jew. 100% though & through. I married a non-Jew & worked in the Orthodox/Hassidic community for years. I was looked down upon, had some disgusting comments made about my husband & was even discriminated against by my boss. There is more prejudice amongst the different branches of Judaism than there is in the whole world. My heart goes out to the family, I do NOT think the parents are to blame, but religion has a way of inflicting such strict & absurd, not to mention archaic rules, that if there’s mental illness, it is exacerbated and this is what you get.

    1. Natali Wind says:

      Let me get this straight, you’re basically blaming the rules in the Orthodox/Hasidic community for making a crazy man, more crazy? Wow, way to incite anti-Semitism. Did it ever occur to you that maybe Aron was really just this crazy because that’s his make-up? If you’re truly a Jew “through and through”, you should be smart enough to know not to make such comments as people will run with it thinking, “Oh, if a Jew said it, I can too!”

    2. Rodin says:

      RELIGION is faith based bigotry. The historical record speaks for itself. Read the Babble, fer Krys sake!

    3. Bubbys says:

      A true religious Jew should not behave in a disrespectful way to person. If you read biographies of our truly great leaders, you will read many stories of how they acted out this ideal. First of all because its against our religion, second of all because acting with bigotry is a desecration of G-d’s name. I blame the Orthodox Jews who were intolerant of Stacy for throwing food to the anti semites.
      Of course, there is no excuse for the anti semites either, and even if all the allegations being bandied about here were all proven false, there would still be anti semites.

      1. Mike says:

        I’m a Chasid my self and I agree that bigotry is evil.

        Jew-hate has nothing to do with that. 99% of Jews in Germany before WW2 were secular. The Jews-haters hate secular Jews as well.

        There are bigots everywhere in all groups and religions. Usually its people with low IQ and/or illiterate.

        1. Bubbys says:

          Thank you. Finally someone who “speaks my language”. Yup, the Holocaust started in Germany, where the Jews were largely secular and assimilated. Nevertheless, anti semitism existed. I bet that most of the people on this board who are making hostile comments, would find nasty things to say no matter how “open” and non-religious we were.
          Unfortunately, one doesn’t need to have a low IQ to be a bigot.


          you said “””””The Jews-haters hate secular Jews as well.”””””””

          I don’t think is true….I take my kids to Jewish camp and all of their employees act perfectly normal, dress perfectly normal and are extremely cordial, friendly and smile a lot and greet you with love and respect. Like any normal person. You can’t really tell that they are from Israel and true Jewish. In fact I’ve had with some of them at the camp had conversations about the Hassidics, and Orthodox Jews and they have referred to them as not normal, crazy and so on. These Hassidic and Orthodox Jews hold service at the camp on a regular basis because the building is also their synagogue..

          I don’t dislike no Jews, but have a dislike for the Orthodox and other Jews like them that are not nice, they are not cordial or even smile they only do to their own kind. That is one main reason Jews are hated all over the world I believe. because of their racism discrimination and separatism from the rest of humanity. They think they are better, holier, or some how special people.

          1. Rojo says:

            @ love the jews not the hate
            , you sound like a a hypocrite. Now, i don’t know if you are jewish, but you say you have you take your kids to a jewish camp. then you go on to say, that they discriminate, and seperate, but if you aren’t jewish, then how did they let you in there if they didn’t discriminate against you??
            If you look back in history, the Nazi’s looked into who was jewish, a few generations back, when they did their methodical killings. They didn’t look too see, if you were orthodox or secular. If you had a jewish grandparent, you were a target,even if according to Judiasm, you weren’t considered jewish. The Nazi’s wished to complete annhillate any thing remotely connected to being a jew.

        3. KOSHER? says:

          Mike, why is it that if you say you are truly an orthodox and/or Hassidic Jew, why are you on here.

          The true Orthodox and Hassidic Jews would be reading their holy book the bible, repeating over a million times their verses etc. They constantly and repeatedly read nothing but their holy bible or Torah. Why are you not doing this then. I am just trying to really understand how is it that you are NOT doing what all true O/H Jews would do every chance they get.

          Besides Jews don’t really spend time arguing or commenting on a post for any reason is just not Kosher according to their holy Torah and their religious leaders.

    4. kristinalee says:

      aron was not hasidic and it does not appear he was religious as he did not have a yamaka on his head. your blame on religion is baseless. stop being a hater

      1. William says:

        Stacy, you are completely right. G-d bless you.

      2. DISOWNED JEW says:

        kRISTINALE….. Aron is Jew,,, when he was arrested for the first couple of days he was wearing his religious head yamaka, but for some reason he no longer wears it…I guess he was forced to remove it by the Hassidic religious leaders in an attempt to disown him and not have him bring more shame to the Jews then he has.

      3. Rodin says:

        The Yamaka is part of the Pali Canon, the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism. You mean “yarmulke” or skull cap, also known as a kippa.

  28. nick says:

    this man will get his do in prison. good luck child killer

  29. thor's hammer says:

    they had to play the insanity card, otherwise on appeal another lawyer could try to argue counsel didn’t adequately try to defend their client. next stop on the murderer’s defense team is to try to argue for a change of venue since “he can’t get an unbiased jury in king’s county. i’ll be happy to use vacation time to sit on a jury in nassau county. agree with a previous commenter that the “voices” he hears are leiby. the youngster was drugged up & smothered before the unspeakable. it was a plan. maybe there was some of the murderer’s dna under leiby’s fingernails if he did try to fight for his life. justice for leiby! no need for the good people of new york to pay for years to come.

  30. es says:

    Please don’t include Aaron with any other people. He (Aron) is an evil person and should not be associated with any other “People” (jewish, irish, italian, muslim, hispanic…..)

    1. Rodin says:

      ” He (Aron)” is HUMAN and NOT necessarily the exception. Open your eyes. LOOK around!

  31. dee says:

    they think they are above the law they used to spit on my aunt in williamsburg because she was a little irish girl

    1. You must not be KOSHER then says:

      You must NOT be a true Hasidic or Othodox Jew then..

    2. s l says:

      if one child makes a mistake dosn’t mean enything, and dont label all the jews with that

      1. Rodin says:

        Are you blaming THE CHILD?!?!?!

        GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Bubbys says:

        Actually, it means I am Kosher, because Jewish law requires me to follow the law of the government of the place where I live. It requires me to treat every human being with dignity, and to speak with respect. If Chassidic Jews do not do these things, then they are violating the laws of their own religion. There are many other so called “Kosher” Orthodox Jews, and of course there are many who don’t, despite their outer dress or religious rituals. Don’t blame the religion, blame the people. Christianity is a religion of peace, yet so much killing and violence was perpetrated in the name of Christianity.

      3. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Bubbys, the Hasids are religious in name only. When there is money to be made, their greed trumps their faith and when their is a Puerto Rican prostitute around, all of the sudden that religion goes right out the window.

    3. Mike says:

      I live in wilmasburg, I Have some non-Jewish friends and neighbor’s. What the hake are you talking about?

      1. Bubbys says:

        You would have to go back to earlier in the thread to make sense of what I am saying. I am Jewish and have lots on non-Jewish friends, neighbors and colleagues. I was responding to someone who suggested that if that is so, I must not be a true Orthodox Jew, and to someone else who was treated rudely by Orthodox Jews and therefore decided that “they all” must be like that.

  32. Bklyn mom says:

    Yes, he is. What’s your point? I don’t think his religion has any bearing on this case.

    1. Rodin says:

      Religion has EVERYTHING to do with this case: the infantilizing of children, the prohibitions against secular authority, the exclusivity of the community, the distrust of the outside world, the denial of aberrations and humanity in their society, their xenophobia, their ignorance and superstition. Need I go on? This social isolation all contributed to this barbarity.

    2. Bubbys says:

      You are wrong. This kind of thing could happen to any child in any community, and of course it has. Want to do a search on child abductions?
      You might have problems with the Hasidic community, but whatever they are, they did not contribute to this horrible crime.

    3. IgnoranteElephante says:

      I am not an anti religious zealot like Rodin, but the reclusiveness and the “protect our own at whatever cost” mentality sure played a role in this case. Whether it be the rush to call the shomrim as opposed to the police, the secret pedophile list that the police aren’t allowed to see, the communities displeasure in that it wasn’t an anti Semite or Arab, or that someone may have been aware of Levi’s proclivities to little boys, no one can deny that Orthodox Judaism was a factor. Certainly, it wasn’t the motivation for the murder—to my knowledge—but it certainly is not independent of the Religion. I would wager that the poor boy was told to trust any Orthodox Jew over anyone else—a police man, a crossing guard, a fireman—and because of that, he had no trouble getting in a car with this perverted freak.
      Wait until the police figure out where the young boys’ clothes came from. Several people are going to have a lot of soul searching to do.

    4. KOSHER IT IS! says:


    5. Rodin says:

      @ Bubbys

      Where did I say this couldn’t happen in any other community? Jumping to conclusions? A little defensive? A tad sensitive?? A bit paranoid???

      Thank you, Elephante!

    6. Bubbys says:

      I quote that you did say “Religion has everything to do with this case” and went on in detail to explain why. You and elephante are making assumptions about what these parents told their child. My guess is they did not prepare their child about what to do if he was lost, they misguidedly thought practicing the route with him was enough. Or they told him what to do and he forgot, or was spacey, or so scared he wasn’t thinking straight. Who knows. Certainly not you.
      It is sad that you use this tragedy to exploit your negative feelings about Chassidim and Jews. You could create a “Bash Chasisdim, and Jew site.” That would be a more appropriate forum for the focus of your discussion.

    7. BoroParkAndy says:

      The orthodox community shuns everything, whether it be a puppy, TV, or, a clean shaven male in jeans. The children are told to avoid contact with the goyim. This is the same community that calls gentiles shaggis—an extremely derogatory term. Levi Aron was born Jewish and looked Jewish. I bet you he was speaking Hebrew with the abductor, which the child felt confident with. I think religion has a big part to do with this case.

      I know I can expect a backlash of people calling me anti-Semitic, but it still is not going to change the facts, or bring back Lieby from the grave.

  33. mfenimore says:

    It’s scary how close George Carlin was to the truth . . . now that we are in the 21st century. Just look at what he says for one of his comedy acts.

    Artist: George Carlin on his album “Back In Town”:
    Now, I don’t care about capital punishment one way or another ‘cuz I know it dosn’t do anything. It doesn’t do anything, ‘cept maybe satisfy a kind of Biblical need for revenge. You know, if you read The Bible, you see that it’s full of retrebution and revenge. So really, capital punishment is kind of a religious ritual. It’s a purification right. It’s a modern sacrament. And as long as that’s true, I say, let’s liven it up a little! I honestly believe that if you make the death penalty a little more entertaining and learn to market it correctly, you just might be able to raise enough money to balance the stupid f****ng budget!! Balance the stupid f****ng budget!!

    And don’t forget, the polls show the American people want capital punishment, and they want a balanced budget. And I think even in a fake democracy, people ought to get what they want once in a while. Just to feed this illusion that they’re really in charge. Let’s use capital punishment the same way we use sports and television in this country, to distract people and take their minds off how bad they’re being f****d by the upper one percent. Now, unfortunately, unfortunately Monday Night Football doesn’t last long enough. What we really need is year-round capital punishment on TV every night with sponsors. Gotta have sponsors. I’m sure as long as we’re killing people Marlboro Cigarettes and Dow Chemical would be proud to participate! Balance the stupid f****ng budget!

  34. EricM says:

    By definition, anyone who can kill an innocent child, and chop his body up – is insane. But this man is/was sane enough to conduct his activities of daily living in a fairly independent manner. It is my hope – and I am sure that of most sane people – that he be held accountable for this crime, to the extent that he can never harm another person again. I don’t care if that means he will be locked in a jail cell or a padded room. Just keep him out of society, and far away from children.

    1. Felix says:

      Well Said!

  35. R1234 says:

    I don’t buy the voices thing. Let him stand trial and show the people that there is justice in the world. Can you imagine, if he is shown unfit to stand trial, there will be no closure for all the parents who have been mourning the loss of a innocent child. The voices in his head are the weak voices of his own conscious, which he crushes to fulfill the satisfaction of his putrid desires. Let him stand trial and be charged!

  36. Julie says:

    very smart Tomy!! you must be just as sane as Aron if you can start blaming the parents!!!

  37. Tomy says:

    I blame the parents for not proving parental supervisions and letting a child roam streets alone… is agains the law for a minor…

    NYPD press charges on parents immediately for adult negligence leading to a minor murdered…and daycamp as well…


    1. jaypee says:

      I agree with Tomy. You cannot leave a child home alone so why is it okay to let him roam the street. Any time of day. Where was the mother at the time?

      Why do kids need camp when the mother is at home? You let a small child walk down a brooklyn street. What the heck were they thinking? There are creeps everywhere.

      This was child endangerment. The parents do not need to be arrested their conscious will eat away at them forever, They know it was a bad judgement call.

      If it was a black family charges would have been pressed. Right Marty Markowitz?

      1. rojo says:

        Actually, if you call 311 and ask at what age may a parent or guardian leave a child alone, they will tell you it is at the parents discretion and decision if they feel their child is capable.
        Unfortunately, these things can happen to an adult. So i guess we should all keep ourselves under locked condtions. You know, just in guess… the streets are not safe.

      2. rojo says:

        Hey Jaypee, Why don’t we charge Jaycee dugard’s parent’s for child endangerment as well. She get abducted from the bus stop within sight of her home. What the heck were her parents thinking letting her wait at the bus stop by herself.

      3. rojo says:

        and jaypee, if you want to bring the race card in this forum, researchers have found that black men live survive longer, when they are in jail, then in the streets. (less drugs, no drinks, protection from lethal accidents, better access to health care) So actually, maybe it’s not a bad thing. So don’t complain, please.




  38. Julie says:

    Of course he hears voices.. he feels guilty what he did and hears Leiby in his ears!!! He was sane before he did this insane thing! I don’t even think that a person like him belongs on earth and be discussed between people! I think he belongs in a lions den!!!!

  39. Marina Ios says:

    this horrific, out of the normal limits of human comprehension crime, has nothing to do with : hasidic, jewish, black, blue, purple, white, brooklyn, or the moon…
    here, we are talking about a subhuman behavior of a derranged person, who cannot be treated or rehabilitated, that is for sure
    too much time wasting and blah, blah in courts and too much money spent for his placement in an institution- those funds could be used for medicaid or medicare patients….
    make an exception, i think,i hope it could be done-maybe at mayors or governer’s discretion , and EXECUTE him as quick as possible…prefferably televised in times square, this creature is an absolute shame to any new yorker, no matter religion or nationality

    1. Bridget says:

      Unfortunately, he will not be executed, legally that is. Hopefully, he will suffer a horror in the NY prison system (which is no joke). He will have a sex date every day for the rest of his life. Hopefully, the guy will rip him a new one.

  40. skate says:

    How dare they prepare for an insanity plea. He is not insane… If the medical examiner is correct and they found various drugs in this little boy, then this individual knew what he was doing. I dare not call him an animal, because animals only kill to survive, This piece of cr#####. killed to cover something up. This poor child and their family. I pray for them and hopefully this jerk will get is just punishment from the convicts he will be housed with….

    1. Marie says:

      Skate, very well said.

  41. estste says:

    Bridget – What crimes are you referring to when you claim that crimes happen in the Hasidic Community? Don’t just throw words – back them up with facts! Ask any non-jew who lives in the Hasidic Community if he or she is aware of any serious crime that was covered up and went unreported to the police. Are you perhaps referring to double parking, dirty sidewalks or expired meters? Well, no one gets away with those petty crimes. As many summonses as possible are issued for those petty crimes in the Hasidic Community – just as in any other part of the city.

    Bridget – your remarks reveal your true colors.

    1. Bridget says:

      estste – how about hasidic men paying prostitutes for sex, molestation. I was actually on a train where a hasidic man put his hands on a woman who then turned around and knocked the fool out.

      1. Bubbys says:

        Hey Bridget,
        If some Hasidic men do the above, does that mean that all do? Are they more likely to seek out prostitutes or to molest a woman on the subway than some non-Jewish pervert?
        I am Chassidic, and I am under no delusions that there are deviants and criminals among us. This does not excuse the need to paint the whole community with the same brush. Sure there is crime in the Jewish community. The Torah lists many things that are sins and exhorts us not to do them. This means that the Torah assumes that Jews are capable of the crimes listed as forbidden. Nevertheless, the level of violent crime on the streets of Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods is extremely low.

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Bubbys, the vast majority do, and everyone else covers it up. They are all guilty of protecting their own, at the expense of their children and the “outsiders.”

    2. tattooluvboi says:

      actually, bridget is correct in saying things do get covered up in the hasidic community as they do have their own judicial system in place…only recently have citizens of these communities started to come out of the shadows to expose what is really going on behind the closed doors…you can do a web search of your own to find the articles about this…

      estste – your lack of keeping op with current news shows your true colors

  42. Peter says:

    to be insane don’t you need to no between right & wrong? he said he was sorry for all that he did.

    1. jamieusa1 says:

      no hes sorry that he got caught!

  43. Rodin says:

    Re: “People have come from all across the country to pray with them.”

    Just what are they praying for?

    “Nothing fails like prayer.” – ANNIE LAURIE GAYLOR

    1. marty says:


      1. prayers dont work says:

        Why did you call him an idiot? It’s true.

      2. marty says:


    2. Bubbys says:

      They are praying for the family to have the strength to go on.
      Different people cope with grief in different ways. We pray. Also, for all of your information, in the wake of this tragedy, many psychologists in my community have held symposiums and speeches to talk about how to cope with the tragedy, and how to educate our children about safety. We are not as medieval as many might think. Religious leaders are encouraging us to reflect on our behavior and improve, and many included the need to improve in areas that some of you are complaining about. We are human, as you are.
      You all need to get over seeing the Hasidic community as one entity. We are individual people do follow the same religion and way of life, but are nevertheless each unique, and some of us behave better than others.

      1. BUbbys are you Hassidic or Orthodox??? says:

        BUbbys are you Hassidic or Orthodox???

      2. Rodin says:

        @ Bubbys

        Did you say “medieval?” TROGLODYTE!

        Did you say “human?’

        “Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among god’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.” ~ ROD SERLIMG (From “Planet of the Apes”)

      3. Bubbys says:

        I am both Hasidic and Orthodox, and I am also a citizen in the US of A, so I try to follow the laws of my religion, my country, and to practice the tolerance that the United States stands for. And if you think I am an anomaly, your are very wrong.
        When you are not part of a community, you only see what seems obvious outwardly, and tend to make assumptions about all the people in the community. That is what people did and do in regards to other minorities as well. The only reason I am spending time responding here is to expose you to some individual people in the Orthodox Jewish community, so that maybe, you will get a more complex picture of who we are.
        There are many many Orthodox and Hasidic Jews who are just like me.
        There is bigotry in every community, as is evidenced by many of the comments I am reading here.

      4. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Bubby, when was the last time you saw an Orthodox Jew celebrate an American holiday like Independence Day or Memorial Day? I drive through Williamsburg and Crown Heights often, and never see anyone displaying an American Flag. How many of you serve in the arm forces? The closest I see any of this community as being patriotic is going out to vote for the candidate that pledges unwavering support of Israel.

      5. Rodin says:

        … or why does NYC suspend alternate side of the street parking and not clean streets on Jewish holidays? Why must B&H have to close on Fridays and Saturdays? Don’t pipple take pitchoors on them thar days?

        Their ONLY allegiance is to ISRAEL.

      6. Rodin says:

        … or why does NYC suspend alternate side of the street parking and not clean streets on Jewish holidays? Why must B&H have to close on Fridays and Saturdays? Don’t pipple take pitchoors on them thar days?

        Their ONE & ONLY allegiance is to ISRAEL, where they practice on Palestinians the lesson learned from the Nazis.

        “Hunting Jews has always been a European sport. Now the Palestinians, who never played it, are paying the bill.”
        Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist

      7. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Soon, I fear that we will all be pledging allegiance to Israel.

      8. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Look at this website:
        Besides Afghanistan and Iraq, two theaters of war, Israel receives the most United States Foreign aid.

      9. Rodin says:

        And what do we get in return? A Bronx cheer from Benny Netanyahu and some 6.000 flag draped coffins plopped at Dover AF Base in the middle of the night.

        “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”
        ~ JOHN SHEEHAN, S.J.
        Jesuit priest and missionary

      10. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Rodin’s quoting from clergy, Christian clergy no less. Is this a sign of the rapture?

      11. Rodin says:


    3. Rev Jo says:

      G-d hears all prayers, it’s just that sometimes, G-d says no. I’ll give you an analogy to a parent. The kids ask for tons of things, but a parent knows best and doesn’t give in to everything that the child wants, because he knows what is good for the child, to enable him to grow into a better person.
      Sorry, rodin, you poor wretch. i feel bad for you, when you pass on and you will see, how wrong you were about G-d. How can you you miss the perfection, the wonders of the world and how the human body works. For example.. fingerprints- not one person in this world has the exact same. Is that not a miracle?? . It just all happened with the big bang theory. I guess the same way your house just happened to get there. BANG!! and your house was there. It just made itself appear out of nowhere.

      1. Rodin says:

        ” I guess the same way your house just happened to get there. BANG!! and your house was there. It just made itself appear out of nowhere.”

        Yeah, just like the rest of “creation.”

        Don’t bother me with your idiocies and tall tales. You and yours don’t have a leg to stand on, you poor wretch.

        Keep praying. I prefer to DO.

  44. Cosmonauts says:

    Ship him back to the Gulags of Russia, where he came from–the Cosmonauts will drag his body thru Jupiter.

  45. Schmellma Arss says:

    Why do bald men with silly beards always go apepoopy?

  46. 2be says:

    People like him must be tortured the same way he killed that little boy…
    Sick idiot!!

  47. Neville says:

    Due process is for the protection of the innocent against unfair punishment, not to draw the process out and delay justice, at great expense to us I’m sure. How on earth might this guy be innocent? He admitted guilt, was found with the poor child’s body parts in his house, the child’s blood all over his house, knives with the child’s blood in his house – what more evidence do you need? or are we looking forward to another circus at trial?
    It has been reported that this guy was known as a creep who gave kids rides all the time. How did he get away with that?

    1. jamieusa1 says:

      You have to understand the Hasidic community, even though they live in the city, they pretty much keep to themselves, and they rely on eachother thats the strength of their community. Where else would you see 8000 people attend a funeral??? So the kid trusted him, cause he was an orthodox Jew. Why would Leiby think anything bad would happen? Hes been safe within that community up till that point.
      This is a wakeup call for them to realize that these problems exist in all cultures and to deny it or ignore it doesnt make it go away.

      1. Bridget says:

        In the Hasidic community crimes happen. However, most of the crimes are not reported to the police. They deal with them on their own.

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        They attempt to deal with it on their own is more like it. They brush all of the Jewish committed crime under the Persian rug and highlight the non Hasid crime and complain the police do nothing.

        Then, someone like Aron comes around “out of nowhere” and everyone is shocked.

      3. Madelyn says:

        It would seem that they had to know about Levi was a bit touched in the head. Stories coming out now of staring for hours at children in playground, but ionly now.
        He was a time bomb waiting to go off.

        Hang him in the square.

        charge admission.

        bring your lunch.

        next person will think before they do something like this.

    2. Neville says:

      Glad you said that. Most of the crimes are dealt with by the Rabbis. Their own “security force” police the area in vehicles that could be easily mistaken for the NYPD…………. that is the reality. But now all this other stuff is coming out and not really being given any press.

  48. Sam says:

    Police need to get all the evidence they can. His lawyers are playing the insanity card. I don’t believe he is insane, he holds a job pays his bills etc. He is just evil. So I hope the cops get all their ducks in a row on this one so it does not end up being another Casey Anthony, getting away with murder.

    1. Yosef says:

      I know it is hard to understand, but there really is no link between the two cases right now. In the Anthony trial, the claim was that she was innocent – that she did not commit the murder. More evidence was important in that case. In this case, less so, because the body was chopped up and found in the home. That is plenty of evidence.

      Probably what the police are looking for is evidence of planning and prior crimes. It is very unusual, even for the insane, to commit such a heinous crime off the bat. Chances are, he has committed smaller less serious acts of torture in the past. Dissected animals, assaulted children (without killing them) and may be even committed a murder before. They are likely looking for the evidence of escalating attacks, which would speak to organization and planning – and if they can find that, insanity defense goes out the window. No matter how ill he is — and he is very ill despite what some have suggested — if he planned this, he will go to jail for the rest of his life instead of to an asylum. Insanity defense under the law is very different than suffering from a serious mental illness.

    2. EricM says:

      Casey Anthony was found NOT guilty. Get over it.

    3. jaypee says:

      Where did he get the anti-psychotics meds from?

      1. rojo says:

        why, are you missing any jaypee?

    4. norma says:

      I totally agree, Sam

    5. Aprille says:

      Concerning the children’s clothing, perhaps other reasons for Aron having them in his apartment was to plan an abduction of a child he had scoped out before him and Leiby crossed paths, or maybe he bought them the day after he took Leiby. Of course, as previously speculated in the article, the clothes may be related to other children. I do hope that the investigators find out. The police may have cracked a case of an unknown serial child killer. I hope that Aron pays gravely for what he did to Leiby.

  49. Glezele Vayne says:

    Ever read the Constitution? That’s why. It’s called “due process”. If Levi Aron is denied due process….then so are you.

    1. Aprille says:

      Due process has become muddled in matters of criminal justice. A major problem with the Eighth Amendment of the The Constitution is how the revision was made to the statute of prohibiting ‘cruel and unusual punishment’. Somehow the translation was lost as to the horrific crimes done to innocent people as NOT equal in cruelty or as unusual as those who perpetrated them. How is that the perpetrator has the same rights as the victim? It’s an injustice. I believe that everyone has the right to a fair trial, but not to be given a verdict that shows a complete disregard for which the crime for which they were convicted. Commutation, appeals, plea bargains, should not be given to the rightfully convicted, as if he had the same status of a free, law-abiding citizen. A distinction must be made between the two. Otherwise, justice will have no value, neither will it serve any purpose.

  50. HAROLD CAMPING says:




      Aren’t you supposed to be in the nursing home fella? Go back to your bed idiot!!

    2. jamieusa1 says:

      Harold i understand that you are angry and outraged. He admitted it, but his lawyers didnt plead guilty. How many murders go to court saying they are guilty????????????
      So now lets hope that the D.A.’s office has their ducks in a row.

      Harold the reason of all the formalities is we live in the USA and have to apply the 5th Amendment of the Federal Constitution. So he gets a trial like any one else. The prosecution has to prove it regardless if the guy was caught with incriminating evidence or not.

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