NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Chris Christie, the tough talking governor of New Jersey, is yet again at the center of a presidential discussion.

Tom Moran of The Star-Ledger wrote in his column Tuesday that President Barack Obama should be more like Gov. Chris Christie.

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“Christie, when he wanted to pass pension and health reform, held something like 25 town meetings across the state. He went out to the people and made the case,” Moran told WCBS 880’s Steve Scott. “In this case, Obama’s main thing he didn’t get is any kind of tax increase or shared sacrifice on the part of the wealthy. Now, most Americans agreed with him, but he didn’t pound that drum like Christie did.”

LISTEN: Steve Scott With Tom Moran

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Moran says Christie is a strong, natural leader who is clear about what he wants.

On the flip side he says the President is a “law professor who doesn’t like to make enemies.”

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Despite his denials of any interest, rumors keep swirling about Christie making a run for the White House.