NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Halloween display at a home in Brooklyn has been taken down after some called it a symbol of racism.

A scarecrow painted to have dark skin was hanging by a rope from a tree in front of a home in Kensington.

Some neighbors say the homeowner gets in the spirit of Halloween every year and believe he meant no harm by the display.

But one councilman argued it was reminiscent of a lynching.

“It’s unacceptable,” said Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). “You ain’t speaking for this whole community because some people on this block came by and said it was offensive. They came and said it was offensive. It’s not a cool decoration.”

Police settled the dispute by removing the scarecrow figure from the tree.

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  1. retired says:

    the blacks sent out their goon squad… went on private property and stole things they decded they didn’t like… sounds like typical minorites,, stealing what they think is theirs..

    1. iBeauty says:

      Your An idiot. Now that your retired, maybe you’ll have some time to pick up a book.

      1. Not Retired says:

        I fail to see the linkage between minority entitlement and reading a book. Maybe you can enlighten me? Or, most likely,. personal attacks are your only capabillity.

      2. Rob says:

        iBeauty, nice spelling of “you’re”.

      3. liberalsRmental says:

        Another unnecessary rhetorical lecture from a dim-wit lib. “Your” a libtard.Hahahahaha….

    2. fbo48 says:

      absolutely. The more we try and get together, the further apart we become and all in the name of being P.C.

    3. Timothy MacAren says:

      Don’t mind retired; I think they would have no use neither for kkk memorabilia nor for rot yellow chicken.

  2. phillysmart says:

    So let me get this straight….evry time some hyper sensitive black person gets offened by something or what some one sys we are racist….have we gone mad….many in the black community need a psychiatrist for their inferiority complex

    1. Rod Anders says:

      You be right on dat, bro.

      1. Timothy Mac Aren says:

        Wow! You are stiff scared bro! Brace yourself! You may go out and shoot somebody or something. And you know that will be hard in you because in jail don’t eat chicken that often.

    2. Daniel Bryant says:

      I may bees inferior, massa Inkoreck, but “dey’ don;t be to have two “t”s in it. Yous white people sho nuff do bes funny..shuffle-shuffle.

      IF Sara Palin doll can be hung in Liberal West Hollywood, you can hang Barack Obama in New York. Fact is, Barack has made life miserable for REAL black and white people, so it’s hard for me to to get riled up over a stuffed toy in a tree. This, my fellows, is choking on a gnat and swallowing camels whole.

      1. Bob The Builder says:

        well said

      2. kottonpicker says:

        Just hang the white half and you’re good to go.

    3. USSA says:

      Dont say that!!! Obama & Co. will like the idea and a whole new government welfare handout program will be started. “affirmative pyschiatric action” and the taxpayer will have to pay biullions!!! there’s alot of kooky “poop” people out there!”

  3. Matt Bramanti says:

    That’s not true. Racism is an internal belief or feeling, and it’s not illegal. It’s wrong, in my opinion, but it isn’t illegal (nor should it be — such a law would be unenforceable.)

    Racial discrimination — treating people differently because of racial beliefs — in certain spheres is illegal.

    1. Charlie Dontlikemorons says:

      Exactly. Chestersashes is extremely ignorant of US constitution.

    2. Roze says:

      Regardless, White people will need to band together in the future if they wish to survive. The problem with talk like that is people automatically refer to the Klan or Nazi Germany when in fact all White Nationalists want is a nation of their own free from the threat of extinction and the ability to preserve what cultures we have left.

    3. Cabowabbo says:

      What about all of the Racist acts that have taken place recently at McD’s and Wisconsin State fair Chicago beachs Etc.Etc.

    4. Ned Carter says:

      tell that to all the people with harsher sentences because of “hate crimes”.

  4. phillysmart says:

    According to blacks everything is racism…look up the meaning of the wpord this is NOT racism

  5. phillysmart says:

    Another example of how whites are being relegated to 2nd class citizens and blacks are dictating what we can say and do…..and the government is enforcing it for them …you people better wake up or forever be subservient

    1. Pete says:

      Every white person who’s not in the diversity cult needs to read the Turner Diaries. Yeah yeah Tim McVeigh….he may have gone too far in some minds, but he wasn’t stupid.

      1. Prima Morte says:

        Read The Brigade by Harold Covington instead. It’s a much better book (I’ve read them both).

        Bet that guy doesn’t get burglarized for a while now…

    2. Roze says:

      We can start by teaching our children to love themselves and their race. White kids are taught to hate themselves as soon as they enter school. Whitey better wake the hell up. No matter WHAT your arguments are for against racialism, I have one question, how do you think we will be treated when we are the minority? Don’t think that’s going to happen? Look up the stats! I have a 2 year old daughter who will be taught to resist all of this CRAP!

      1. Question Diversity says:

        See Zimbabwe and South Africa for what happens.

    3. cocomo says:

      actually, we are becoming 3rd class —the mexican illegals and their kids are telling everyone “You stole our country and we’re taking it back'”—and yes OBAMA is enforcing it!!!

      1. spaceman says:

        Which brings up another point. Suppose we were to get in another war with Mexico and they have 20 million citizens entrenched in our country, what would we do then? The Democrats that wanted to buy votes didn’t think that far ahead. It’s not that far-fetched with the cartels and government corruption down there.

  6. Just another slave of the state. says:

    It would appear that Obama’s own comment/facebook/twitter propaganda army is in fully engaged here.

    If you think the comments on websites nowadays are just from Joe Schmoe citizen, you would be mistaken. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s fact:

    The government is indeed working against the freedom of the American people. This is just another example.

    This is the other side of the big government coin. One side is the “free” stuff, the other is tyranny–they are inseparable.

    The choice is really: Free stuff, or freedom?

    1. stephanie white says:

      I love your comment also – remember folks, nothing in life is free – you might not be out in that field picking cotton – but you are still a slave to the democratic party – how does it feel to say “masta?”

      1. Chuck M. says:

        I agree Stephanie!

    2. Vince Dunn says:

      oh wait a second, the land that is AMERICA was stolen by the government from the people, so i’m going to steal a piece of it back for my family, and they can go pound salt if they think they gonna get any money for it! THIS IS MY LAND, not theirs!

  7. Jonathan Silberger says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous!!! First amendment was violated!!!!!!!!!

    1. Rhadagastt says:

      Agreed– and the 4th Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure. What Black people don’t seem to understand is that they like it when the State engages in this sort of behavior to further an agenda they support, but such umititgated state power could very easily spin out of control and who do you think it would impact the most? The black community. They they riot and burn down their own nieghborhoods. Such a shame.

  8. Richard Williams says:

    Poor taste, but by what authority can the police come on to private property and remove an “offensive” decoration?

    1. jsmit says:

      By order of his royal highnesss…or didn’t you know?

    2. Tony says:

      Exactly. Police cannot dump on the first admendment.

    3. Barry Hirsh says:


      There is no authority for such police action, and the police actually trespassed on private property to do it.

      1. Roze says:

        But like good little white people they obeyed without question.

    4. Rod Anders says:

      They do it with Christian (no, I’m not one) crosses all the time. Haven’t you noticed that government CONSTANTLY breaks the law and rides roughshod over the Constitution?

  9. ETEE says:

    It would have been a lot cooler and a more positive benefit to society if he just hung an OWS flunkie in the tree instead.

  10. Matt says:

    Please don’t let anyone stop you from giving your life to your cause, you’ll be doing the world a big favor.

  11. Voice of Reason says:

    Even IF the decoration was intended to be a racist display, I can’t see how it can be illegal given the First Amendment. It may be reprehensible, vile, hateful and stupid; but it’s STILL protected speech. You can do what you want in schools to “make sure we don’t offend anyone”, but on private property you can express your disgust and you can complain to the homeowner, but not even the police can just tear it down.

    1. jsmith says:

      Obviously you’re behind the times…try and keep up, will ya?

      1. judy says:

        The police can not just take property, i think this homeowner has a good chance of making some money here. Unless they agreed to let them take it. I think it is time for people to really step back and quit being so sensitive. Shadows are black, does that mean every time I step on someones shadow I am a racist? My shadow looks like a black woman, I must be oppressing the black race if I step on my own shadow. I knew it was me keeping them down.

        1. Rod Anders says:

          You dirty, rotten racist. STOP stepping on shadows!

        2. mike says:

          They can if this thing was hanging on a public tree, a parkway tree between the sidewalk and street is usually property owned by the city. You are responsible to mow it but the tree is the city’s and anything on it. If a stuffed dummy is causing a disturbance it can be taken down and disposed of….

          I agree this is an oversensitivity… Evil demons don’t kill black people at Halloween? its suppose to be scary… what other evidence was in the display to make it appear racist? I guarantee you the people who live there are racist now….

          1. kottonpicker says:

            I propose a compromise…
            Since this is in Brooklyn, why don’t they just hang this scarecrow upside-down from the sneakers that are already hanging from the powerlines???

        3. Steven says:

          Actually, the cops can just take your property. It’s called civil asset forfeiture. If they think what they are taking has something to do with a crime, it’s up to you to prove you had no idea.

          1. What the says:

            You are kind of stupid.

        4. bandb says:

          Think of this way….why didn’t this Fu_kface hang up a ‘WHITE faced scarecrow’ He was looking for trouble. go to hell ‘ass-h-les’

          1. bandb says:

            this was meant for JUDY up above with the dumb ‘stepping on a black shadow comment’ Stupid people….smh!!

    2. Ray Kinsella says:

      You are correct. The Supreme Court has always said the most imporant speech to protect, is unpopular speech. Don’t worry, story isn’t over. this man will win a huge lawsuit.

    3. Kevin says:

      the police had NO RIGHT to tear down the display. it was NOT in violation of any city or state law. until we start standing up to this crap, we WILL allow our rights to be trampled. if we start fighting back, we can re-take our rights. he absolutely MUST sue! we need to start sending a message back to the government that we are not going to just lie down. if enough of us start to fight back, we can start to have a louder voice that the one we now have.

  12. marvl says:

    Let me guess… had the decoration depicted a WASP (for you folks that no habla, a White Anglo Saxon Protestant) there would have been no complaint, and the police would not have had to enforce what is merely a matter of taste. The police should have stayed out of it.

    1. stephanie white says:

      Love that comment also 🙂

    2. The Bobster says:

      Remember when the two poo p-pushers hung Sarah Palin in effigy and nothing happened to them?

    3. Nancy Skerritt says:

      That was exactly what I was thinking!!

  13. Washington Irving says:

  14. paulejb says:

    Political correctness run amok. It’s Halloween, you fools!

    1. Chuck M. says:

      I agree! People need to get a life!

  15. Vallsie says:

    I’m sure it would not be a problem if it looked like Sarah Palin!

    1. PERINGTON says:

      Tsk,Tsk vallsie. The NOW babes are gonna git’ ya. Oh wait! The NOW babes are just like you. Sorry bubba, you’re just a stinky little puke. Nothing more, nothing less.

    2. stephanie white says:

      Your damn straight – they would LOVE IT!

  16. Bill O says:

    I think you would make a fine volunteer.

  17. seanpatriot says:

    This is a clear violation of this family’s civil liberties. I would SUE the Crap out of the Police Dept and The mayor.

    1. Susie says:

      You obviously didn’t read the part about it being on city property. Actually, they can probably get fined for it. They have no case!

      1. seanpatriot says:

        I see NOTHING in the article Im reading that says anything about public or private property. Absolutely nothing. I read it 3 times

      2. seanpatriot says:

        Where in the article does it say public property????

      3. seanpatriot says:

        Maybe YOU need to reread it.

      4. Jarhead68 says:

        Can’t find any reference in this article to city property. Are you getting this information from another source? If so, please post a link, otherwise you appear to be inventing “facts”.

      5. JohnHW says:

        Susie: What grade did you complete, or is your language not English. The article says specifically that it was in front of his HOME. That is NOT city property. He has every right to put up this decoration. The people who are offended, SORRY, BUT I AM OFFENDED BY YOUR HAVING SUCH A THIN SKIN THAT YOU CAN’T ENJOY A DECORATION ON A DAY THAT YOU ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE DECORATIONS SHOWING HORROR.

      6. marvl says:

        You obviously didn’t read any part.

      7. Gerald Waldman says:

        I didn’t read that part either BECAUSE IT ISN’T THERE. The article said nothing about it being on public OR private property. I grew up in Brooklyn and from the picture I would venture to guess that it was hanging on a tree that is on public property (the street right of way), near the curb in front of the house. In the neighborhood I grew up in, the sidewalk and curb were part of the Public right of way and the trees planted at curbside were on public property.

    2. c-man says:

      When are people going to say enough is enough! Black people get away with saying and doing racist things, like beating up only whites at a fair and so on.But if you’re whie you’re done. The police once again bent over for the blacks and took the easy way out I think black people forget that alot of whites died for thier freedom[civil war] but thta never is mentioned of course.

    3. Christina says:

      IT SAYS AT A HOME (most would be able to figure a home is PRIVATE PROPERTY). DUH!

      1. Gerald Waldman says:

        It says IN FRONT of a home. Where I grew up in Brooklyn, the trees at curbside were on PUBLIC property and I would think that would hold true for most private homes in Brooklyn. DUH! to you too.

        1. phil says:

          Round here if a branch hangs OVER your property that part of it is your property. Way to be so sure about your assumption. Hey everybody any time we have a question on Brooklyn we can ask Gerald cuz ya know he used to live there and all.

    4. Rod Anders says:

      Would be the first crapless police department and mayor in history … or did I mean herstory?

  18. Matthew Dunnyveg says:

    Get used to this kind of thing. As the country becomes more immigrant and less American, our American freedoms are going to disappear along with our people. This is what the elites have in mind for us, and we go along with it. This is only the beginning….

    1. Billy Collins says:

      Matt is a racist.

    2. Jon says:

      Matt, If you feel so strongly about the unjust treatment the Indians received then why don’t you go find an Indian family and let them move into your home. You can sign over the deed to them while you pay their mortgage. That way you would be doing something instead of whining.

    3. phillysmart says:

      Matt thinks we should go back to living in tribes and teepees and hunt for our food and clothing….another public school indoctrinated fool taught to hate all europeans

    4. Joseph says:

      It isn’t the immigrants who demand political correctness.

  19. ROBERT COLLINS says:

    My neighbor on the next block has the same decoration. I’m going right now to ask him where he got it so I can get one too. If it offends SLAP A WHITEMAN IN THE FACE Charles Barron I’m all for it. HAPPY HOLLOWEEN.

    1. rachel says:

      Just be sure to hang it on your own property!

  20. James Gaines says:

    The police removed the figure. Who the hell do they think they are?!? Because some council member has an issue he can direct his own private police force to go onto private land and remove private property! Horrid abuse of political and police power.

    1. Sally Mae says:


      1. huh? says:

        His home is on city property? Twice in the story it says in front of his home

        1. frankie says:

          In front of his home ON THE SIDEWALK WHICH IS ON CITY PROPERTY. I live here. I know.

          1. huh? says:

            That would be an important detail completely left out of the story. Thanks for the clarification.

            1. phil; says:

              Does brooklyn have a law clarifying if a branch is hanging over your property that makes that branch your property?

  21. Patrick says:

    Again, our rights to free speech are being yaken away and….. we do nothing. It’s OK to burn an American flag even if it offends some but a black skinned scarecrow? Nope. not “allowed”. Please vote for canidayes that believe in our constitution and not the anti American Democrats.

    Another thing, how do we find a policeman willing to impeded freedom of speech? Do ANY of them have any balz and tell their superior, ” I am here to uphold the law not apply it where you feel like it!”.

    1. boy says:

      you find a policeman like that cuz its in new york

  22. General says:

    Tired of the Government, Local, State and Federal, what we can and cannot do with our personal space. We can’t say prayers in public, we can sing the National Anthem at sporting events, we cannot decorate our homes as we like for holidays or whatnot. Enough is enough. If you don’t like the decorations then don’t go and look.

    1. Sick of All This Holiday Crap says:

      Then he should have put it on his OWN property, not on city property. If he put it on his house, then who cares? But to put it on public property is a disgrace. I can’t go into a public park and hang up streamers for a birthday party for the same reason!

      1. JJinCO says:

        “Then he should have put it on his OWN property, not on city property.”

        Fact not in evidence. From the article it does not appear the scarecrow was on city property: “A Halloween display at a home….” “… hanging by a rope from a tree in front of a home ….” “… the homeowner gets in the spirit of Halloween every year ….”

        If the scarecrow was on private property, the police were out of line.

        1. frankie says:

          I live here. It was on public property. Other news outlets reported the same.

      2. seanpatriot says:

        Im sorry, but nowhere in the article does it mention private or public property.

        1. Don’t be sorry! There is no need!

          We understand that it’s easier to post over and over that the article says nothing about it being public or private property, than it is to Google it and learn the truth. We all were new here once, and you have no reason to be sorry about that!

      3. PoliCorr says:

        Is that the same reason OWS activist don’t have to have a permit? Maybe you should ask them to put up your streamers.

    2. Relax! Geeze Louise, they took down a scarecrow from a tree (?!?!? who puts a scarecrow in a tree? lol) It’s hardly the demise of the Republic.

      People need to get some perspective, and stop behaving like fools, spouting off a bunch of nonsense at the top of their voice for the most IDIOTIC of reasons.

      1. Maria Louisa says:

        Right – you don’t hang a scarecrow from a tree – but lynchings are done from a tree.

        1. Rod Anders says:

          Funny … I thought they were done from overhead water pipes.

    3. Gerald Waldman says:

      In Brooklyn, NY, trees next to the street at curbside IN FRONT OF a private house are on PUBLIC property. I grew up in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn and it was true in that neighborhood and in Midwood, Canarsie, Bath Beach, Coney Island, Flatlands Marine Park, Sheepshead Bay, Bay Ridge, Park Slope, etc. In fact, it’s probably true for almost any neighbor of private homes in any of the 5 boroughs of NYC.

  23. Sick of All This Holiday Crap says:

    The hanging was on PUBLIC CITY PROPERTY! Not on private property. The police have every right to take it down. The guy should have hung it from his own private property.

    It was also on a block where children walk by. Whether it is racist or not, it’s TOO SCARY to put on a block where there is a school

    1. NuclearJim says:

      Too scary for who? You are a shining example of the wussification of America. Scary! Oh lets SAVE the poor frightened idiots of America from Scary. Grow a pair and get on wiht it. It was a STUFFED SCARECROW for crying out loud. And the last I checked, persons of African descent do not have the market cornered on lynchings. AND the last I checked, there have not been any lynchings in this country in a LONG time.

      1. Sick of All This Holiday Crap says:

        Too scary for the 4 year olds who have to go to the school and walk past it everyday! “the wussification of america”? Oh please. Sorry, I think as a ta-paying mother, I have a right to complain about something that is on CITY PROPERTY that scares my children!

        1. Bob says:

          As a tax-paying equal offender I have the right to say STFU mom. Your whining is pathetic.

        2. CC says:

          Oh No! Your poor poor children! I guess no one else matters but you and your children then! Pathetic!

          1. Pinko Commie Foreigner says:

            No, what really matters is a bunch of conservatives crying ‘tyranny’ over the police pulling down their ‘scarecrow’.

            Pathetic is the moronic slurry of comments that follow any story linked by Drudge.

    2. Jeff McCabe says:

      “Whether it is racist or not, it’s TOO SCARY to put on a block where there is a school” Well, that is absolute nonsense.

      “The hanging was on PUBLIC CITY PROPERTY!” If this is true, then I suppose the city has the final say, no matter what the display is.

      1. Sick of All This Holiday Crap says:

        It’s not nonsense. To depict a hanging body on the same block where children as young as 4 go to school is scary. Sorry, I don’t think we should all be subjected to gory and gross depictions of death.

        And it WAS city property, that is why the cops took it down. It wasn’t on the man’s personal property.

        1. Sarah says:

          Well, I suspect you will not be taking your kids out for trick-or-treating then, right? God forbid they see something scary for HALLOWEEN which is why this was there in the first place. I excpect them to be dressed as flowers and ballerinas so they aren’t scared of themselves. Make sure to keep them locked up on october 31st, they might get scared!

  24. lieutenantdan says:

    People are too sensitive these days.
    When I went to a store that sold an abundance of Halloween displays and props and I saw a figure with a noose around it’s neck I did not think any other way than that it was an ghoul. I did not think of lynchings of human beings.

    I think that racism is in the mind of the racist.

  25. Dan Te says:

    The tree was on city property.

    1. Michael H. says:

      A sensible comment from DanTe? I’m impressed. We finally agree on something.

    2. General says:

      The city will charge him if it falls and will charge him for trimming. So he can decorate as he wants and people should stop being so sensitive.

  26. Schmellma Arss says:

    Let’s just not acknowledge or celebrate anything and everyone will be happy … and save money as well.

  27. Panama Rose says:

    Halloween has taken on a non-festive tone with this display. Showing this human form hanging when children are expected to walk up to the door for candy is worrying. I’d want to know what kind of a person chooses to display such a heinous death scene on a day that is traditionally for the fun and enjoyment of children. And also, who could be so ignorant as to not know the historical ramifications of doing so. Or, maybe they just don’t care and are using the holiday as an excuse to express their true sentiment.

    1. Mikey says:

      But but but THE CHILDREN!


      Get a grip Rose, we see worse day in and day out in the news. If you honestly think you can shelter your children from the real world then you are sadly mistaken.

  28. sammy says:

    Better question

    Why is a city council member saying “You AIN’T”

    1. Liberals Are Evil says:

      …because he is a moron!

      1. evolution says:

        because he is a gorilla and that is how gorillas speak

        1. Gerald Waldman says:


  29. Joe Schmo says:

    For chanooka I should display a manure-a with red and green lights. Wonder if I will get any c r a p for that.

  30. derek says:

    Because of history hanging any person for decoration regardless of color is a stupid thing to do. It could dredge up feelings for anyone. Common sense should prevail in that situation. However, freedom of speech protects the sensless. It is his/her property, they pay property taxes, they should be able to do what they want. If they wanted to burn a cross. sadly its protected. I don’t agree with how leanient the speech right is, but I will fight for it regardless how stupid the people act.

  31. Michael says:

    If it had a Bloomberg mask, nobody would have complained!

  32. Surfin Bird says:

    The homeowner should sue

  33. Chris says:

    I guess if it was a white guy hanging it would be okay! I’m so tired of this PC bs that is taking over our country. It’s offensive to you? Don’t look at it. If it’s on someone’s property, it’s their right. It’s your right to say something, it’s not your right to tell someone what to put on their property. I think some people need to get a life and take care of their own crap.

    1. sickof spending says:

      @Chris.. You are 100% right. I am so tired of all the BS , I don’t know where this country is heading but I am really scared. We can not do, say or think differently from the next person without being called names, persecuted or judged.

  34. CSM says:

    It is safe to say hanging any kind of body from a tree is not a good idea. Regardless of what you mean or don’t mean…it invokes bad feelings and the possibility of misinterpretation.

    1. evolution says:

      too bad….its his home his right

      1. Ed says:

        City property

  35. GimmeAnEffinBreak says:

    I don’t know what picture some people are looking at, but that figure is not painted black. If anything, it looks to have an olive complexion or a caramel complexion. Anyway, lynching is not something that was done exclusively to blacks in this country and I find it sad that a councilman is either too ignorant to care or too stupid to know. Anyone who knows US history should know that Italian immigrants were frequently lynched and the numbers equaled those of blacks who were hung. Let’s also not forget about the innocent women and men in New England who were hung for being “witches.”

  36. Ellen says:

    Well considering the decoration was painted with dark skin I could see why some people would be upset about this. Reminds one of the KKK way back in the 1950’s hanging innocent black people for nothing more then the color of their skin.

    1. Sha Sene says:

      Name a single innocent person that was lynched for no reason other than their skin color

  37. jtorres says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t find a decoration showing a person being hanged to be any good, Halloween or otherwise. It’s not scary or funny, just disgusting. I usually get Halloween decorations: pumpkins, a “graveyard” in your front lawn, skeletons, etc. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this and it’s not indiative Halloween to me, just murder

  38. George says:

    Leave the guy’s decoration alone. Bad choice to paint it black, though. Another point, what the hell is Charles Barron, one of the biggest racists in this city, saying ANYTHING about racism. Look in the mirror, you Black Panther, you!

    1. JoeZ says:

      George, don’t you realize that in NYC, only white people can be racists. Blacks are “community activists”.

  39. Slawek says:

    What happened to the freedom of speech? Suspended for Halloween? Or would it be ok if hanging figure was white? Now that’s it – it’s ok to hang white figures but not ok to hang black. Solved.

    1. Inlerah says:

      If you read the laws around freedom of speech, this thing (hanging a obviously black figure from a tree) is not protected. It’s obviously directed at blacks, or he wouldn’t have painted it.

  40. Kevin says:

    “It’s unacceptable,” said Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). “You ain’t speaking for this whole community because some people on this block came by and said it was offensive. They came and said it was offensive. It’s not a cool decoration.”

    That guy is a councilmen, no wonder why he is making a big deal. Seriously he said “you ain’t speaking for the whole community” it must be slim pickings for councilmen in Brooklyn.

    1. Kat says:

      Kevin – Barron was [is] a Black Panther back in the 70’s. He is the ultimate racist. He said once that he “wanted to slap a white person across the face.” It’s all racism whether by whites or blacks.

  41. bily320 says:

    well if the scarecrow was white would these same “people” complain ???? I don’t think so.

    1. Omar says:

      Because the lynching of white people was so prevalent in this country’s history right? Listen, the guy didn’t properly think through his decision to “hang” a scarecrow from a tree in his yard. If he thought about it and if he was sensitive to the way it would be perceived by people walking in front of his house he might not have put it there.

      The thing was offensive and someone needed to tell him to remove it. Why not put a vampire or werewolf or some other scary thing in his yard? Think first…then act that was this guy’s problem. He didn’t think.

      1. amyjk says:

        i am a vampire and my husband is a werewolf, and we find your suggestion EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. please THINK before you promote this type of behavior.

      2. MIKE says:

        hmmmmm yea I guess the next person to vote to run this country will be one who should be voted in AN NATIVE AMERICAN ,,,,RIGHT ALL YOU BLACK DIC SUCKING DROOLING BLACK THIS BLACK THAT AND THE WHOLE BLACK COMMUNITY WILL BE OUT LIKE THEY DID FOR obowmao right azzhole….

  42. H.K. Manners says:

    A horrible choice of Halloween UNHUMOR this man should
    be forced to view a book of USA lynching photos that was made to show
    the horror of innocent people being murdered even in my lifetime as
    I am old, on the other hand the police should not have moved this effigy
    the owner should have at the suggestion of the NYPD it is still this man’s
    freedom of expression such as hip hop music calling for the shooting of our cops.

  43. Kevin says:

    “It’s unacceptable,” said Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn). “You ain’t speaking for this whole community because some people on this block came by and said it was offensive. They came and said it was offensive. It’s not a cool decoration.”

    Wow I’m guessing another liberal white guy who wants nothing more than to show everyone else how enlightened he is by making something out of nothing. I’m glad they removed it if it’s upsetting people but I doubt it was meant to be racist.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Charles Barron is black.

  44. bullett says:

    If it were nailed to a cross, would it still be racist?

  45. duckie says:

    it looks like a black man to me.

    1. D says:

      Didn’t know black men had white hands…..time for glasses mate

  46. KPMc says:

    “Police settled the dispute by removing the scarecrow figure from the tree.”

    Say What???

    The police entered someones private property and removed something that is not illegal?

    I think it is in bad taste and should be removed by the homeowner but if the police really took it upon themselves to enter someone’s property because someone else was ‘offended’ that is just wrong.

    I seriously hope CBS just got it wrong and the homeowner agreed to have it removed.

    1. Sally Mae says:

      Not private property, CITY PROPERTY

  47. Michael says:

    Would it have been okay if the body had a white face? We live in strange times when everything offends someone and no one can look at something without their own attitudes being imposed.

  48. jene says:


  49. Surfin Bird says:

    The homeowner has every right to decorate as he wants for Halloween.
    This is a violation of his civil rights.

    1. MIKE says:

      S U C K A D Z N I C K!!!!!!!!!

    2. rocky says:

      This is true 100 %

    3. rocky says:

      He has all the rights to do what he wants on his property

    4. Ed says:

      I am wondering why the owner felt the need to paint the skin a dark color? the impact of the hanging would hardly be affected, unless ofcourse the color of the skin was important….. just saying.

    5. Liberals Are Evil says:

      You are 100% correct…the problem is that black people need to get a life!

    6. John says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The complaintant is the racist one on this issue.

      1. warren says:

        seriously?, I don’t see how this could be interpreted any other way… I think this is just wrong on many levels. People need to get some class please

    7. conserve says:

      I find it very offensive that a Dem council person said it was racist it was the Dems that did all the lynching.

    8. CJ says:

      The constitution protects our rights with the term Due Process – except if outlaw cops are involved.

      The homeowner should take the policemen and the town to court for violating his/her civil rights to due process.

      Culture police – Hitler had them – they were called ‘Brown Shirts’. Then Hitler got tired of them and had them all executed.

    9. Jon Edward Klement says:

      The police unconstitutionally trespassed on his property (trespassed since they had no legitimate business there) and stole his property (i.e., the decoration).

      This is more proof that we live in Post-Freedom America.

    10. bigbiz2 says:

      you area was George Orwell

    11. Maria Louisa says:

      It’s gross to depict a hanging or a lynching – sorry guys. And it might be public property if it is near the street…

      1. mike says:

        good apologize to sarah palin azzhole

    12. Bob White says:

      The owner can hang anything that he wants from his tree, even a straw jig.

      1. mike says:

        LMFAO!!! I miss that word JIG…….LMFAO!!

    13. andy says:

      Yes it is. To make up for it the cops should all be forced to dress up funny and pose in his yard when off duty 😉

      MUCH more effective than suing them at getting their attention so they respect private property in the future, and the guy gets good haloween decorations to replace the one he lost.

    14. steve says:

      Who are the police to take down someone’s decorations? First AMENDMENT cop-holes!

    15. bill says:

      how the hell does any authority in Ny state come onto private property and remove personal property all because some one does not like it? Total violation of civil rights, this is/was a civil matter and needed to be taken up in court if some one was so moved. Glad i left Ny years ago, last one out, turn out the lights and lock the door and throw away the key

    16. Will says:

      Didn’t NYC cops just get caught framing black people for crimes?? Shouldn’t black people be concerned with that police behavior instead of this?? I would think sending innocent people to prison would be far more offensive.

    17. SandyLester says:

      Absolutely. I for one am sick to death of offended people. Good god there is enough crap going on in this country without having people getting their panties in a twist over this kind of stuff.

    18. apodoca says:

      I agree with u. A scarecrow can be any color it is made to be without it becoming a symbol of someone’s fantasy of racist speech. My goodness, when are we going to get past all these imaginary offenses? When are people going to grow up?

      On another note, when is Charles Barron going to use correct English? Isn’t it high time he stopped saying ‘ain’t’? He is not representing all the people of New York when he uses language like that. In fact, he is doing the children a disservice.

      1. mike says:

        don’t you know yet,get wit the times….EBONICS OFFICIAL PRESIDENTIAL LANGUAGE….LMFAO!!

    19. sammie Jo says:

      that is exactly right! if it was on HIS property and there are no local laws against hanging decorations, they better put it back up, or file theft charges against the cop..
      If it was on city property, he has no case.

    20. Airedale73 says:


    21. GoofyRob Dunham says:

      Well the way I see it I am so sick and tired of Blacks calling the shots and the white authority trying to kiss their black all the time. As Cane said he is not an African American he is a Black American. As Oprah said once “what are we calling oursleves these days”. I am offended by the amount of blacks that break the laws compared to whites, I am offended by the amount of black women have children out of wedlock and the daddy be gone and I support the fat a…es. So I say this to the so called African American’s I did not bring your black butt here and if you find this country so vile I suggest you book yourself on a trip to your native land. Good bye

    22. SomewhatEducated says:

      The thing I find most offensive is an elected official using to word “ain’t”.

    23. Pat Carroll says:

      No one believes this display is a scarecrow and anyone who says he does is lying. The black man hanging from the tree could not possibly be anything BUT a black man hanging from a tree. It is a repulsive display. The mind who conceived it is twisted and belongs to a coward who is hiding his racist hate behind the cover of Halloween just as the Klansmen hid their faces behind white sheets.

      1. Mike Sullivan says:

        Are you sure , you are not as you said he is ??

    24. slickzip says:

      Some people need to shut up and leave others alone , , the man has a right to do what he wants ,,,,,,,,,

    25. Bill Hughes says:

      What about equal opportunity for black scare crows? Why do the white scare crows get all the good halloween gigs? Somebody call the EEOC!

    26. Brushjumper says:


      I would have warned the police to get the F@@@ off my property and if NOT warn them again if they did not have a warrant I would use force period.

      I forgot to add my wife would be getting my weapon and calling the State Police and FBI for fast response to remove the local officers.

    27. mary mary says:

      where is ron kuby and the civil rights advocates

    28. Mike says:

      The Halloween celebrator should replace whatever it is he has that is hanging from his tree with something that looks just like Charles Barron.

    29. Bob Miller says:

      If the “police” removed the scarecrow, then they should be sued for theft(You’d never get a theft charge even filed!). They could ask the owner to remove it, but they cannot remove it without a court order. It is private property.

    30. Kanchuk says:

      It’s his private property… he can decorate however he pleases… If this Councilman is offended and demands that it be taken down, then he should be prepared to take down his Christmas decorations when an athiests complains, or his picture of Martin Luther King on MLK Day when there are complaints about that…. it’s a slippery slope and this man should not step onto it…

    31. bradleybadger says:

      Yes it is a violation of civil rights, and of intelligence. Every one of that person’s neighbors needs to put up a scarecrow just like it. Let the police try to take them all down.

    32. Bill Giolando says:

      I completely agree. Where is it written that a person of a certain color can only display scarecrows or effigies of his own color. He’s doing a public service because there’s obviously too much THIN SKIN going around.

    33. SJB says:

      You would not want to deplict something that has never happened and everyone knows no black man has everbeen linched.

    34. TomK says:

      under what authority did the police enter a citizens property and cinfiscate a personal belonging?

    35. Ted F. says:

      He has a constitutional right to freedom of expression. However, it is in bad taste.
      It would be just as offensive if he displayed swastikas or clan figures. Tthe police have no right to remove it but it could provoke a violent response from his neighbors.

    36. Concerned Parent says:

      There are few items that are important to note and need clarification: The so called “scare crow” was hanging from a tree in the middle of the sidewalk. It was NOT on private property. It was also hanging about 100 feet from PS130 The Parkside School and about 50 ft from the Windsor Terrace “Public” library. I dropped my child off at PS130 and saw a bloody, man with a noose around his neck hang from a “city” tree. It frightened and offended me! You can only imagine the children walking to school. When I saw this I did not look long enough to notice what color the so called “scare crow” was. The people in this area are big on Halloween and the decorations are usually great. This one again since it was NOT on private property it did bring the Billy Holiday song “Strange Fruit” to mind.

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