Protesters: We Are Not Responsible For People Losing Jobs, Business Woes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday said he is concerned over the growing number of complaints against the Occupy Wall Street protesters and warns there are limits to what he will tolerate.

“We are constantly monitoring the situation to preserve public safety and guarantee the rights of all people in the city,” Bloomberg said. “No one should think that we won’t take actions that we think are appropriate when we think they are appropriate.”

Bloomberg said nobody has been a stronger defender of the protesters’ First Amendment rights than he’s been but he stresses he’s concerned about the rights of the people who live and work in lower Manhattan.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Comment From Rep. Nadler, Mayor Bloomberg

“This isn’t an occupation of Wall Street, it’s an occupation of a growing, vibrant residential neighborhood in lower Manhattan,” Bloomberg said. “It’s really hurting small businesses and families.”

The mayor made his comments in response to complaints from elected officials who represent lower Manhattan.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver joined Rep. Jerrold Nadler, State Sen. Daniel Squadron and Council Member Margaret Chin sent a letter to Bloomberg.

“First, we want to once again express our full support for the protesters’ First Amendment rights to speak and to assemble in Zuccotti Park. We sympathize with the movement’s message and we feel it is important that their voices be heard,” the officials wrote.

They then took issue with the behavior of “some of the protesters” who they say are not living up to the demonstration’s “Good Neighbor Policy” worked out with Community Board One.

Sources tell CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown the letter from the lawmakers are weighing heavily on the mayor.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks with Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“Therefore, we are asking that the city enforce laws prohibiting the excessive noise from drumming, which has disturbed neighbors day and night, as well as those prohibiting public urination on our streets, buildings and sidewalks,” they wrote.

Sources told Brown this is a clear change in the mayor’s thinking, but added there’s no time frame or sense of what he will do about the protest.

“We are equally committed to protecting the rights of those who live in Lower Manhattan and who are entitled to go about their daily lives in peace,” Bloomberg said.

The letter came as the protest continues to experience — and cause — growing pains in the neighborhood. Recently fire officials cracked down on safety violations, clearing out generators and cans of gasoline as the temperature dropped. An area business owner also recently complained barricades put up on Wall Street as a response to the protest have crushed his business.

Enter, the Milk Street Cafe.

It opened in June and manager Mark Epstein says business was growing steadily — until crowd control barriers appeared seven weeks ago, choking off access, reports CBS 2’s Brown.

“As of yesterday we were down more than 30 percent than the weeks before the barriers went up,” Epstein said, referring to the café’s finances.

Epstein was forced to lay off 21 workers, including Shamil Cepeda.

“If their protest is gonna hurt businesses they’re kind of being hypocritical, but I just wish they would have thought about it more, especially considering this is a new business for us,” Cepeda said.

Protesters who spend their days and nights railing against the injustices of unemployment acknowledge the irony, but say they don’t feel responsible.

“We did not put those barricades in front of his store. We’re not trying to stop his business. In fact, we want him to stay in business because we know that it’s hard,” protester Angel Rodriguez said.

Meanwhile, about 100 military veterans joined the protests Wednesday marching in uniform from Vietnam Veterans Plaza to Zuccotti Park.

What do you make of the request by the officials? Sound off in our comments section.

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  1. Where'sTheMiddleClass? says:

    Everybody’s hurtin’, except the Rich Boys & Gals. But that’s today’s American Way: You don’t need a mask or gun. Hey look: Corporate America’s CEO’s (and their cronies) grab obscene amounts of compensation. Some have salaries of around $1,000,000 per year, yet their total compensation package could add up to millions more, sometimes as much as $25,000,000 per year. All the big shots want to be Billionaires. It’s not just the money—it’s the POWER and bragging rights that go with it hand-in-hand. Unless the trend changes, there will be no middle class (which everyone thought was too big to fail) within ten years. But that’s the way it’s always been (only rich or poor) down through history. The middle class was just has been an anomaly for the past 60 years or so.

  2. Tim M says:

    Just more proof they really don’t represent or care about the 99%, just themselves.

  3. Joe Schmo says:

    Bloomberg should go on a neverending prune juice binge and end up being forced to occupy his pure gold toilet bowl 24/7. He would do this city (and the economy) much more good that he has ever done for the last 10 years.

  4. Juan Valdez says:

    Dear Mr. Mayor,

    It doesn’t matter what you,Kathryn Wylde (NYFEDHEAD) or Anyone on Wall St. do


    Paulson,Bush,& Now Geithner & Obama Had NO IDEA what to do to

    MATHEMATICALLY solve this turd. We (the U.S.) have been in a slow death

    march twords our CREDITORS (China) ever since. The ONLY PHASE LEFT is

    the BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDING & all listed above KNOW THIS!!! So, stay on

    that capitalist “high horsie” as long as you wish. Some of us know that all U.S.

    citizens were made MATHEMATICALLY bankrupt ONLY by the “securitization”

    process when the banks (BY MANDATE,Fan & Fred HAD TO BUY THAT CRAP

    from the Wall St banks, by LAW) sold our treasury backed institutions the most

    worthless paper in 234 years. When this TRUTH COMES DOWN what is the


    ACCURATELY ON ANY OF IT??????………I KNOW…………..0 gooseegg;-)

  5. Joe the Plumber says:

    Hurting small businesses. He destroyed 8 small businesses on Coney Island. No one will take them over because he wants to charge so much rent. He destroyed 8 families. Coney Island is going to be DARK next summer because Bloomberg supports small businesses. What a piece of work this guy is. The dollar a year mayor made billions maneuvering in his business deals as a mayor. Now that is insider trading at it’s best.

  6. Occupy your house says:

    Too little too late Bloomberg. You made your legacy when you allowed this fiasco to fester on without following through with the enforcement of law and order. Your selective enforcement is coming home to roost- take your medicine.OWS’ legacy so far is antisemitism, socialist agendas, and no other clear message. We should really be protesting the waste of our tax dollars, government corruption, and govt stupidity including your own. Can we clean up this mess already please?

  7. fed up with the hypocrisy says:

    What is the OWS message??? Is it that people that are successful are so distasteful because they worked hard and have a life everyone envies or is it that you don’t have the work ethics and personal strength to drive your own success. From what I remember, working hard and achieving success was the American dream not role playing a scene from Robin hood. Corporations want to hire because that would actually mean there is growth in their business. The government and conservationist have choked the ability of our homeland companies to be able to compete locally as well as globally. They had to trim the work force so they could save the other 80% of the employees. So far all i see is an excuse to do nothing but sit around a park, do drugs and act like disgusting animals. Why don’t you genius take the 500000 you have in donations and formulate a business that would employ you guys and prove everyone how smart you really are. You have a unique opportunity to prove to the world how to product a product or service that the public wants.

    1. nancy says:

      absolutely agree with u!

    2. The Realist says:

      They don’t want the “American Dream” – they want an “American ENTITLEMENT” in which the government just gives everybody a house and a bank account with zero thought about how to pay for it.

  8. bill burns says:

    The Mayor should worry more about the Negroes raping and pillaging the decent white folk/

  9. JOAN RYAN says:

    How dare he say there is a limit to what HE WILL TOLERATE. FASCIST PIG!

  10. Pave Grancaric says:





  11. Andrew Nutra says:

    OWS: “WAAAAH, my liberal arts degree is not getting me anywhere! Life’s not fair! Mom? Dad?” This country offers opportunities, not promises!

    1. dznuts says:

      andrew ” waaah I might not get my corporate bonus this year if this thing catches on!”

  12. Andrew Nutra says:

    OWS should start something already! Take a sh-t or get off the pot! Sitting around on private property, putting up with ex-cons, the homeless and rapists while whining that your liberal arts degree is not getting you anywhere will not bring the system of government down. What are you waiting for, spring? You know it’s not going to get any warmer. Do something already. DO SOMETHING!

  13. hartman says:

    This MOB will be Bloomberg’s legacy. Yes, this is how NYC’s mayor will be remembered. Did Bloomberg ever think about enforcing the law? Like when the park opens, when the park closes, no camping, no public urination. Instead he opted to support this disease breeding slime pit while working taxpayers are harmed.
    Sadly this seems to be liberal protocol.

  14. Sick of it says:

    Losers! all of them. Spend that time sending out resumes instead of spitting into the wind. You’re not the 1% because you decided to become a lazy POS. You thought it would be ‘cool’ to grow a beard, wear ratty clothes and say you protest ‘the man.’ Grow up, apply for a job at mcdonalds or start your own company. Be a role model. By the way, for those that don’t know how to read a map, you’re not at wall street.

  15. Sarge says:

    Sounds like a bunch of communist Bolsheviks, or a bunch of spoiled rich brats. Go do something for your country. You like communism? Perhaps Mr. Castro will allow you into his wonderful commuist country, but please don’t attempt protesting there as you may be shot. Our system is not perfect but it is the best thing going in this world. Thank you.

  16. M.J.Barrett says:

    G W Bush had no qualms about starting the cost currently 740 Million dollars
    spent on Iraq to save them from Iraqi’s ,that’s a scam ,let’s save American’s.
    Who is investigating the”Weapons of Mass Destruction nonsense”
    Codoloser Rice says she was proud to be on the steps of a former tyrant after Saddam died, I guess China & Saudi Arabia our “friends”have great democracies this is what OWS is about finding out how this happened when we were sleeping
    politically. Why we give to Iraq and have us all in debt here to pay for it.

  17. H.K. Borden says:

    Just curious what Emperor Bloomberg feels Wall Street is doing to the
    average American ,keeping them in debt to the banks from college on
    then “owning” ( a laugh not till it’s paid up) & high costing
    health Insurance ,nothing is left over for the 99% to say it is theirs.
    I won’t even mention the cost of rent for renters here and clothing
    food etc.Yes many are unhappy how not only our Government owes
    China for floating our treasury we owe the Government and it’s banks to stay alive.
    Some are getting fed up with “I owe I owe off to work I go” even there ,have you ever been let go of a job (laid off) at age 45 and try to find an employer?

  18. Frank says:

    Mr. Mayor,

    please,please incite a RIOT. It will be your Swan Song

    You’re on their side??? You’ve listened? BY TAKING THEIR HEAT AWAY IN A SNOWSTORM??? Creep

    It will make a great end to the greed based capitalist system!! Make sure you

    Dress as Marie Antoinette Mr. Mayor! Powdered wig, bloomers and all!!!

    If you were truly “reporting” on this you’d be on the side of the protestors because


    234 yr old system at once!!!


    REALLY? or you’re “fronting for them” you and Kathryn Wilde


    1. Juan says:

      Dear Mr. Mayor,

      It doesn’t matter what you,Kathryn Wylde (NYFEDHEAD) or Anyone on Wall St. do


      Paulson,Bush,& Now Geithner & Obama Had NO IDEA what to do to

      MATHEMATICALLY solve this turd. We (the U.S.) have been in a slow death

      march twords our CREDITORS (China) ever since. The ONLY PHASE LEFT is

      the BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDING & all listed above KNOW THIS!!! So, stay on

      that capitalist “high horsie” as long as you wish. Some of us know that all U.S.

      citizens were made MATHEMATICALLY bankrupt ONLY by the “securitization”

      process when the banks (BY MANDATE,Fan & Fred HAD TO BUY THAT CRAP

      from the Wall St banks, by LAW) sold our treasury backed institutions the most

      worthless paper in 234 years. When this TRUTH COMES DOWN what is the


      ACCURATELY ON ANY OF IT??????………I KNOW…………..0 gooseegg;-)

  19. Robert says:

    Fools , all of them!

    1. Jay Pee says:

      well said Robert and Pete you’re an A- hole

  20. pete says:

    Protesters hurting small business? How about Big Business is killing us? Bloomberg has lost it and forgotten where he came from!!!

  21. Frank says:

    This whole report & the lower Manhattan REPS bellyaching is really just about what’s really going on LIVE The end of the REPS “Im paid for & bought”



  22. simple guy says:

    ahhh yeah what and who did mr billionaire screw to get to where he is.. typical back stabbing guy. ny, u voted for him 3 times. u guys r blind, deaf, and dumb.

  23. L.Lowell says:

    So where did Bloomy make all of his billions of $$$$ from a business that
    supplies news of investments on Wall street? It’s the pot talking to
    the fire but with Ray Kelly his puppet.
    The bigger this movement gets the mo’ they will be harassed by the press
    who also makes money from Wall Street, So do I ,but I like freedom of speech.
    Where else can these protester’s go to protest is the city giving them a part
    of Central Park ? I think OWS will in time become mainstream and be able to have
    their own quarters perhaps at the Union of hospital workers 1199?

  24. NYCBOY says:

    Enough, put a candidate forward and get your voice onto the ballot. I don’t go near there to any of the businesses I used to support because its too difficult. They are committing the very offenses they seem to protest. AND, read the data coming out of the arrest records of the 987 Occupiers arrested to date. The average value of the arrested’s homes is $305,000 (well above the national average of $184,000) with 50 of them living in homes valued over $500,000. Average age: 27. Majority: White. Zip codes in which they live tend to be among the most valuable across the US (since many came to NYC from other areas of the country.) Lest we forget these poor, angry starving folks are wearing Patagonia, North Face and Timberland Gear ($$$); using iphones, ipads, ipods, blackberry ($$$); are making the lives of average working people a living hell with noise, trash and disruptions and quite comfortable camping out on property owned by corporations. I get it – lots of people are mad because the Bush Economy faltered. They were promised big houses, big cars and when they applied for mortgages they knew they shouldn’t be able to afford – they accepted them anyway. (in 2004 I bought my house with 20% down – which I save from both my full-time job AND the part-times jobs I worked nights and weekends) AND at that I knew that I had to put down 20% to be credible and should not take a mortgage that required more than 20% of my monthly income. I KNOW FOR A FACT that a full 30% of home buyers put down less than 10% as down payments and took on mortgages that had monthlies three times more than my own. Read the data. Look at your neighbors. Not a SINGLE average citizen has stepped up to take any responsibility. This “victimization” has got to stop. Yes, some companies have schmucks running them but I see these average folks spending way beyond their means every single day and I scratch my head. The math just doesn’t add up.

    1. Wolf says:

      OWSers: GO HOME. Clean yourselves up, get a job no matter how small and EARN your way up in life. EARN your space in this country by working hard and respecting that others have arrived at their positions by earning them. You have the right to assemble and protest… NOT occupy other people’s property.

  25. Slim Pickens says:

    Mayor Gloomberg doesn’t seem to be a fan of freedom of speech or freedom to assemble. Perhaps if he has a difficult time accepting the Constitution of this country he could relocate to another that he seems to spend a large amount of time in. Instead of him sending in the bank financed NYPD thugs that bash skulls and mace faces of peacefull protestors, he should be sending his goon squad to arrest his billionaire buddies up in their ivory towers, the ones that wrecked the worlds economy.

    1. NYCBOY says:

      So your telling me its cool if I set up a makeshift camp right outside YOUR front door or that of your parents; squat and pee in front of their home; drum all night so they can’t sleep before they have to get up and go to work; block their passage on the street and generally turn their/your home (safe haven) into a public, loud spectacle?
      Please post your address and phone number here so I may begin. Thanks.

    2. steven says:

      fine, then have all PD removed from that location. When another one of the protesters climbs up on a building, don’t give a care. Don’t call for the PD or FD to make sure he doesn’t get hurt – let em fall.

      1. Slim Pickens says:

        People should be responsible for their own actions. But what does climbing a building have to do with the reptiles on Wall st wrecking the world econmy?

        1. steven says:

          the PD is OK when they are helping one of the idiots down from a buidling he climbed. But otherwise, they are thugs. If this was any other country in the world, this protest would have been over in 5 minutes.

  26. SokrMom says:

    Mr. 1% needs to stop harassing the OWS protestors in hopes they go home. If I thought for one minute that they were about to give up, I would head straight down there myself–like about a million other people within easy commuting distance who are similarly tired of the rich getting richer while everyone else gets poorer. So go ahead, Mike, take your best shot–you are in for a very big surprise if you try to play hardball against these protestors with a very legitimate grievance.

    1. steven says:

      I am not rich but I am not getting poorer by no means. I took a walk down there last night to see for myself what was going on, now I am convinced they have nothing to offer. It was dirtbag city. I walked around the entire perimeter looking for the main stage and hopefully hear the Dead, but nothing. Once the media gets bored with this story, game over. And the GREEDY protesters will have to give the park back to the residents.;

    2. j says:

      Well said, SokrMom. I visited for two nights with my daughter. We were comfortable enough; it was a good experience for meeting people, building values. I think making activism part of your life helps people avoid the corporate culture (consumerist hedonism). Win or lose against Bloomberg and his goon squad, we have already won. Take the kids!

  27. DianaF says:

    And another thing: This is just an attempt to divide up the 99% into us vs them. Don’t fall for it. The Occupy movement is very broad and welcomes everyone: vets, construction workers, nurses, teachers, the unemployed, students, black, white, Latino, Asian, etc etc. Just go down to Zuccotti Park and see for yourself, attend one of the daily general meetings at 6-8 pm every day.

    1. LS says:

      Apparently they don’t welcome Jews or Republicans.

      1. candy10011 says:

        Jews already have a space to occupy.

  28. DianaF says:

    This is pure propaganda on the part of our Mayor who has shown his true allegiance to the 1%, and not to the 99% of us who apparently elected him to serve us – three times!

    1. nycboy says:

      Di – I’m statistically one of the 99% and I no longer agree with you. I can’t sleep, my baby can’t sleep and I need to go to work every morning at 730. So why don’t you shut the f up?! Great. Thaaaanks. I’ll be sure to seek you out at the drum meeting around 6. why don’t you go home and do something REAL.

      1. DianaF says:

        NYCBOY – I don’t care for the drummers either, I was there with someone doing interviews, and it was hard to hear ourselves talk. Instead of swearing at me, why don’t you go to one of the general meetings if you are in the neighborhood and speak out about this? I thought there was discussion about limiting the drumming to certain (daylight) hours. Or call your City Councilperson about it.

  29. Sabri in the Financial District says:

    Maybe they could have been a political force but now it’s like the 3rd rerun of the same reality tv show. Where’s the remote control? #Free The Wall Street Residents!

  30. david11238 says:

    The last I heard it was the City & State, not OWS, enforcing high local and state tax rates which up the cost of living for local business owners and residents.

    1. nycboy says:

      Which PAYS for the street you walk down, the lights that illuminate you, the free wifi which you use to complain everyday, the subway you ride, the parks you use (except for the PRIVATE PARK you’re squatting in to complain everyday; and the police who are actually protecting you from people like me who are fed up with listening to you disrupt my sleep.

  31. OTJournal says:

    As someone who works just a few blocks away from Zuccoty park and visits every day as I keep a photo documentary of the events – I can attest that the article and the mayor’s statements are a pack of lies. Now, that he faces the fact that the time and harsh weather conditions are not going to make Protesters leave – he is looking for a reason to force them out. I can confirm as an eye witness that for the last few days the drumming is cut to 12-2PM and 4-PM hours, there is no urinating and the only barricades and traffic disruptions are the ones that police creates around the park (per mayors orders, I am sure). So Mr. Mayor is getting desperate and as anybody desperate he is becoming a dangerous. I keep a photo journal of park events and willing to provide proof to my statements to anybody willing to know the truth.

  32. Rob1 says:

    Sounds like you would fit in perfectly at the OWS demonstrations.

  33. Rob1 says:

    Deport them to Iran or Syria where they can demonstrate as much as they like or until those Govt’s kill them.

    1. simple Life says:

      ok u non American hitler a*%hole!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Patricia Cifaldi says:

    I say we cannot have protesters dictating by doing what they want in a public park that should be habitable for everyone.
    Have a mind for people who live there, who work, and who pass by.
    Fornicating, defecating, peeing and assaulting are not the way to protest.

  35. jim says:

    Where is that rediculous borough president? What about Quinn? Undoubtedly out champining some gay rights issue no doubt. Put their slimy selves to work dealing with these dregs!

  36. Eagle says:

    If We are a real democratic country, as long as they don’t go against the constitution, they have the right to protest.

    1. steven says:

      Eagle, they are on pivate property. The park is owned by a private entity who allows the public to use it. There are also laws that apply to this park, no tents, no gas, etc Not to mention they are being greedy by not allowing those in that work and live in the area to use the park. Now, local businesses, not bing corporations, are being impacted.

      I believe the point has been made and they need to move on to bigger and better. If they are to be compared to the tea party, they now need to get their own elected to office and make the changes they are protesting.

      1. jay Pee says:

        they may be on private property but they block a city sidewalk. People who use express buses had to move to a new location. What about their rights?

    2. Andrew Nutra says:

      They’re on private property. And they frown upon having to share their food with the homeless.

    3. nycboy says:

      They are on PRIVATE property and they are terrorizing average people who live near that PRIVATE property. And just for the record…all the patagonia, north face, ipads, ipods, laptops, really expensive tents, blackberries tell me these WHITE, 27 YEAR OLDS aren’t suffering too badly in this economy. I’m curious to see what mommy and daddy do. Stats from the arrest of 984 Occupiers PROVE they live in homes with average worth of $308,000 (US average is $184,000) with 50 of them living in homes valued at $500,000+. Their average age is 27; they are WHITE and they must be doing this for a civics course in grad school? SHUT IT DOWN.

      1. DianaF says:

        NYCBOY, lots of those things are donated. And where’d you get those stats?

  37. Sun Tzu says:

    I say give them 23 hrs and 59 minutes to clear out or bring in the heat!

  38. j says:

    Why such hate,Mr. DanTe? What have the occupiers done to you? Does it come from right wing radio? I’m really asking you to explain, because asking for a more equal society seems so harmless and unobjectionable to me. If you can’t explain, it seems like you have some kind of problem that needs therapy.

  39. A. Lincoln says:

    Waht has the OWS movement accomplished ? nothing really..I bet they can’t with all the internal power grabbing !! haha..just like the Government….Stop pretending that this is another Woodstck, and go home like many did last week– because it was too cold,Mommy !!!

  40. jtorres says:

    I honestly believe if the protesters could find jobs, they wouldn’t be at the park. Corporate greed has decimatd the working class and obliterated the middle class. Jobs go overseas or are outsourced and the honest workers looking for a decent wage are forced out. This has been a long time coming and turning a blind eye to it is not going to make it or them go away. City officials keep turning the screws and it only strengthens their resolve. And if everyone thinks this is just a few lazy do-nothing bums, why are there protests and riots over 6 continents? The whole world can’t be wrong.

    1. The Realist says:

      The y don’t want jobs. Getting a job would undermine the argument that there are no jobs.

    2. Andrew Nutra says:

      If there are no jobs out there how come millions of people from all over the world are still paying thousands of dollars to leave their families and be smuggled here? Do they know something we don’t? I see OWS people who bet on their future by borrowing $200K in student loans then graduating and expecting jobs to land on their feet (and they ain’t taking minimum wage either!!). In the meantime, resourceful migrants (like the early settlers) diversify and adopt. They can be seen working farms, day laborers, nannies, bus boys, to chefs in 5 star restaurants. All hard workers, all resourceful, all grateful. This country holds opportunities not promises.

    3. Andrew Nutra says:

      I have no problems with US companies sending jobs overseas. I have a big problem with Americans buying from and supporting such companies.

    4. Robert Mack says:

      The protests and riots over 6 continents and local cities are just jumping over the bandwagon. They wanted publicity. These protests will gain nothing. In the end, they will go home empty handed. What a waste of time and resources!

    5. Sick of it already says:

      Not the whole world just the freeloaders and people who if they got off their bums and into some decent clothes they would find a job IF they really wanted one.

  41. Sick of it already says:

    What a shame that all the money used for new police recruits is being wasted. No new recruits will be admitted because of this. OKay you made your point now will you all please go home? I think this park has become a hangout for dregs. There is nothing constructive going on there. I’m sure the salaries are not going down on Wall Street so please you’ve cost the city enough money that we probably will be paying more city tax next year. Please either freeze to death or get a job. Why are you still on the street living this way? You’re just to lazy and disgustingly dirty to get one of those jobs on Wall St. You all are jealous go home and leave the neighborhood in peace. Do something constructive with your life.

    1. The Realist says:

      They don’t want jobs. Getting a job would undermine the complaint that there are no jobs.

  42. Macatak in Brooklyn says:

    Be honest now, folks. IF you owned your own business, would you hire any of these squatters? Hmmmm?

    The silence s deafening……….

    1. George Lurye says:

      Trick question! These people don’t apply for jobs!

  43. ace11 says:

    What the police should do is use

    Tear Gas and Pepper Spray

    and throw there behinds out of the park

    1. Richie says:

      You are the crazy one. These protesters are godsend. The police pull a stunt like that and you will see total mayhem. in NYC and in every other city that supports these fine people. Go drink your beers, watch football and think you have it made.
      Your day may be up if you don’t stop the greed and corruption from the one per centers.Get out of your dream world and wake up America before it’s too late. Thanks for everyone supporting the OWS, you are the true Americans.

  44. The Realist says:

    They don’t want to get jobs. They don’t want to allow people with jobs to join them. Either would undermine the complaint that htere are no jobs.

    1. Michael H. says:

      I work full time. When I got down to #OWS nobody turns me away. You’re not very “real”, are you?

  45. joeyinnyc says:


    1. Richie says:

      You are a true dummy as Fred G Sanford would say.

  46. pete says:

    Our politicians, we all know them by name, are the indentured slaves of International companies or governments which finance their campaigns and their high life style. In my opinion, they are no Americans, but slaves of Money and Power. Now they are in a bind and do not know what to do, because these Protesters are doing exactly what the same politicians promised us when they were up for election. These protesters are the real Americans, they have the spirit of the pioneers which made this country great. Now our indentured servants come up with some petty crap like fire hazards of generators and urination in the hallways of the rich people. Ever heard of Port-a-Potty? With the help of our twofaced politicians and the Unions, they could put up a couple of hundreds of them and the problem is solved. Get off your golden toilet seats and see the real picture!!

    1. eddrews says:

      Wait a minute… OWS has been going on about raising $500,000 in donations. What are they doing with that money?? If OWS wants Porta-Pottys, PAY FOR THEM. To even think of asking ottherwise gives credence to a moniker someone else came up with — the ‘gimmie generation’

      You could vote those (your words) indentures servant’ politicians out of office, but I don’t think OWS has the intestinal fortitude to turn the bravado and bluster of today into a real spine in the voting booth come next year.

      As for those ‘indentured servants’ to the corporations, you probably should do some research on that topic. Check out WHat you’ll find is that the largest contribuding group is not a corporation, but RETIRED PEOPLE, and they only provided around 7% of the $611 million donated so far for the 2012 ellection cycle. The next forporate group gave well less than that at around 5% — thr group was Securities/Investment, followed by Lawyers and Real Estate. If your elected representative can be bought off by someone conributing only 5 – 7 percent of their total campaaign donations, they probably should not have been elected in the first place.

      As for jiobs, there appear to be a good number of them out in North Dakota, and paying some pretty good wages — for those that are actually WILLING to work.

      1. Dennis says:

        OK so the next time a church or a politician or a political action group or… Ask for money f them they are just part of the give me generation? come on. A little fairness.

  47. j says:

    Ridiculously disgraceful reporting.
    a) in any political article you’d think a competent reporter would note the politicians’ affiliations.
    b) the tiniest bit of honesty would admit that the reason there are no toilets available(except Mc D) is that the same political authorities who are so concerned about conditions won’t permit porta potties – even though all the work sites in the area have them.
    c) a little bit of leg work (did your political hack reporter even go to the park?) would show you that most of the area restaurants have joined a campaign to end the occupation by placing out of order signs on their restroom doors permanently – in a violation of the health code which your lying reporters aren’t interested in reporting.
    d) 5 minutes talking to the kids in the park would show you they care more about saving the Earth (they’re all majoring in sustainable energy or providing safe water to the 3rd world) and maintaining the environment than any politician.
    e)The kind of slanted biased dehumanization that you are spewing is the prelude to police violence. It is preparation of the excuse. Shame.

    1. The Realist says:

      Work site port-o-potties are paid for by the construction companies. If O.W.S. wants port-o-potties, it’s welcome to pay for them itself.

      1. Michael H. says:

        They’d love to, except the city will not issue them permits. THey’ve been trying to get the port-a-potties since day 1.

        1. edrews says:

          They’ve been braking the rules and laws up until now without a problem. Whay not continue the tradition? Of course the Port-a-potty provvuder might not put them in place without a permit.

          Do you think OWS ought to take the hint and find another place to ‘roost’?

          We all know that breaking the rules, violating the laws, and getting arrested always furthers the cause for which it is being done, right?

          1. Michael H. says:

            You weren’t paying attention much in the 60s, were you?

    2. michaelfury says:

      “Ridiculously disgraceful reporting”

      Same as it ever was.

    3. They Now Live There? says:

      port-o-potties are not free. Who’s going to pay for it? Who’s going to clean it and provide supplies? Give them toilets then they will want better shelter, heating and the next thing you know the park is now a slum. It will be years before people ever see a “park” again because it just became a permanent resident for these people. They have no “exit” strategy and can now live there forever! Please! At this point they are not protesters. They have become permanent residence. How Sad

      1. j says:

        The movement has hundreds of thousands of dollars ready to spend on port o potties. Although business interests control politics, the port o potty lobby apparently isn’t as strong as the let’s-make-everybody-a-debt-slave-lobby.

    4. George Lurye says:

      Restaurant health codes don’t require bathrooms. However, they do require that if the restaurant has a bathroom and it is open to the public that it be clean. These restaurants could not keep their bathrooms clean because of the HUGE influx of bathroom users (OWS protesters) who didn’t even buy the food. These establishments now run on a much leaner margin and the protesters don’t care. They want to put everyone out of business and out of work.

  48. JJ says:

    The city should provide an alternate location for the protests.

    1. Chris T. says:

      On the beach, in Coney Island!

    2. Macatak says:

      About twenty miles offshore……

  49. joeyinnyc says:

    This reads like some CBS person is personally upset about something down there. Stop mentioning that guy from Boston who let go 21 employees! have you ever been to that place? It was a mess to begin with. And remember that location and his place has always had turnover prior to the protests. He sounds like a whiney crab, and dont be surprised if he files for brankruptcy so he dosnt have to pay suppliers. The Mayor knows, hotels down there are booked, camera and union people are employeed for coverage, tour buses go down there and tourists are spending money down there, the list goes on, the money is rolling down there. Yes maybe a few high rent neighbors dont like all the noise!! Noise in NYC?!! Noise down in wall street?! They should have moved to Connecticut for Gods Sake! I dont know these Zucotti people at all. But it seems this movement has widened around the world. People are upset about corporate greed. Now Walmart doesnt want to pay health insurance. ( Those homeowners in water, most should not have even been allowed to get a home ) State employees dont want to pay more on their health care premium, nor does Verizon employees. Seems like a lot of selfish people hate the Zucotti people. yet all the Wall streeters with millions are encouraging the middle class people to be anit Zucotti. As they laugh their way to the bank. Most of these on line complainers, and educated grammar correcters, are not even from NYC!!

    1. Macatak in Brooklyn says:

      What’s your point, stupid?

      1. joeyinnyc says:

        Other than the fact that you are a d o u c h e bag… none.

        1. Macatak in Brooklyn says:

          Brilliant. Makes as much sense as your first comment.

        2. joeyinnyc says:


          1. Liberals Are Evil says:

            You are an asshole!

    2. NYCBOY says:


  50. DanTe says:

    There is a REASON why these useless sh/ts are jobless. Now do us all a favor and put up a cage around them. Let them die in there. Don’t feed the animals.

    1. jim says:

      OK DanTe should be the next Mayor!

    2. Slim Pickens says:

      Hey Dan, when the party is over don’t forget to turn off the lights.

    3. Richie says:

      Hey Dan Te, Your such a dummy. Do us all a favor and crawl back where you came from. You obviously have no clue of whats happening in the real world.

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