'Day Of Action' Will Involve 'Good-Sized' Numbers, Impacting All 5 Boroughs

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s not over yet. In fact, it may be just beginning.

New York City leaders are warning that thousands of protesters could converge on Manhattan on Thursday. The NYPD is now getting ready for the next stage of “Occupy Wall Street” protests, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Photos: Police Raid Zuccotti Park

It may have looked peaceful at Zuccotti Park during what was a soggy Wednesday afternoon, but city officials are sounding alarm about Thursday, warning of mass disruptions in all five boroughs.

And it may not be pretty.

“We are certainly anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting, aimed at significant disruptions of the lives of the people of this city,” Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports from City Hall

It was an unusual impromptu press conference called by City Hall to share intelligence about an international “day of action” by Occupy Wall Street on the movement’s two-month anniversary. Deputy Mayors Cass Holloway and Wolfson said they expect it to be big, but they said the NYPD is ready.

“Make no mistake, public safety is first and foremost, and we have to ensure that the city can run. People need to drive down the streets and use essential services,” Holloway said.

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports

“Any time you have a situation in which you are anticipating tens of thousands of people protesting on a massive scale, you take it seriously and our forces will be deployed accordingly,” Wolfson added.

Already angry over their eviction from Zuccotti Park, the protesters are planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner protests on Thursday:

The breakfast plan is to “shut down” Wall Street. It’s all expected to start with a rally in Liberty Square starting at 7 a.m. to “put an end to Wall Street’s reign of terror.”

“We’re going to march on Wall Street and shut down the New York Stock Exchange,” protester Patrick Bruner told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey on Wednesday night.

“We do hope to stop people getting to work. We do hope to stop the stock exchange from functioning, but we don’t hope to do it in a crazy wild-eyed way,” added Austin Guest.

The lunch menu will feature protesters looking to “occupy” the subways in all five boroughs. They plan on gathering at 16 subways stations to take their message to the trains.

And dinner is set up as a takeover of Foley Square, followed by a march to the Brooklyn Bridge.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS Glenn Schuck reports

Bill Dobbs is one of the organizers.

“Tomorrow is going to be a day of action around the city,” Dobbs said. “I’m looking forward to going after wall street and also galvanizing public support and awareness of what we’re about.”

The organizers and those at Zuccotti Park on Wednesday offered few details of what they’re going to do, but when Kramer asked Dobbs how many he was expecting, he was only partially coy.

“I think there will be good-sized numbers tomorrow,” he said. “I think the message is really about who gets what in this country. We are the 99 percent. Who gets the safety net? And who gets thrown under the bus?”

To be sure, there is lingering resentment about Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to evict Occupy Wall Street, but it’s unclear if that anger will be on display Thursday.

“Awful, unconscionable, the mayor and police commissioner do that for a long while. Like other people in power, they think if they get rid of the protesters, they will also get rid of the cause,” Dobbs said.

City officials have refused to say how close they will let the protesters get to their main targets, but they insisted they’re ready for anything.

Occupy Wall Street day of action poster (credit: occupywallst.org)

The OWS website says similar days of action are also planned at Occupy sites around the country and around the world.

After Tuesday’s raid of Zuccotti Park that cleared it of tents, sleeping bags and tarps, protesters marched to Foley and Duarte Square where they distributed a poster about Thursday’s day of action.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports

City leaders who were against the raid at Zuccotti are also set to participate.

While the official movement is planning its day of action, other individuals seem to be making plans of their own.

In a video posted on YouTube after protesters were evicted from Zuccotti Park, a demonstrator in the crowd says “On the 17th, we’re going to burn New York City to the ground.”

Warning: Graphic Language – Watch the video below:

Later in the video, he then goes on to say “No more talking. They’ve got guns, we’ve got bottles. They’ve got bricks, we’ve got rocks…in a few days you’re going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.”

The official movement is calling for only non-violent action during its marches and rallies on Thursday.

What do you think about the OWS day of action? Sound off below in our comments section…

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  1. Eric says:

    I’d be all in support of these folks if they were occupying the White House, Congress, the FED, or the Treasury Department. They can’t even identify the enemy, much less come up with a plan to do anything about it.

    1. radicaltruth says:


    2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      Occupy the FED and Congress that are at the core of the problem, the root.

      Congress allows a private banking cartel to print money out of nothing and lend it back at interest. Pure evil that needs to be eradicated.

      End the Fed that End the Wars that Ends the Police State.


    3. Donald Naff says:

      Frankly, I think that blaming government for the state of the financial gap and condition of the current financial situation in our country would be not only a waste of time but is exactly what the “ultra-haves” want people to do so that they can keep on doing things as usual.

      1. concernedgranny says:

        The financial institutions are only abiding by the laws that the government has put in place. In addition to that, this government has recklessly spent us into our present financial crisis…..so yes, these protesters should be protesting at the WH and the house of Pelosi John Kerry, etc. They are so screwed up, they can’t identity their enemy.

      2. Larry says:

        That is because you are either ignorant or misinformed. The government laid the legal foundation for the corporations to do what they have done while allowing the politicians to line their pockets with profit. The fox is guarding the chicken coop!

    4. Esteban says:

      Haven’t you asked yourself why they aren’t there? This movement is nothing more than a way to whip up the Democratic base against the evil rich republicans because Obama can’t run on his record.

      Shift blame, whip up a frenzy on the useful idiots, use frenzy to motivate base.

      It’s a 1930’s German election stratagem

    5. Jerry says:

      You mean like the Tea Party already did ?

      1. Bucky says:

        think much?

    6. بلدي المحبة مولود الأسد says:

      You and me both smh OCCUPY ALL STREETS

    7. Steve says:

      I think the enemy is everyone you just listed. The PEOPLE WE PUT INTO THE GOVERNMENT. (The only part of a democracy we have left is voting). These people want to be heard and have a good cause. They are challenging the system that is broken and we are forced to adhere to day to day. The enemy is the CEO’s of the big business that have three multimillion dollar homes, seven different ferrari’s, and take a vacation each week. This country was built on the hard working private business and big business has taken over the economy and government. The enemy is these people who make billions each year, pay employees minimum wage and live in the Hamptons while their employees live in the slums of Newark just trying to make a living. I am a graduate student and am going to be around 60,000 in debt when I’m done with a school counseling program. When I obtain a job, I will be put in a hole of debt before I can even start my life. Even the schools are in on it. I completely agree with them, who wants to work just to make money for someone else? Let’s grow a pair and challenge the way we live, because it isn’t right!! All men are created equal… if you have the money to back yourself up!!

  2. Steven Senior says:

    At least they will have had a chance to bathe – somehow I doubt that any of the occubaggers took the opportunity.

    1. LTCB says:

      Their comments about firebombing Macy’s are why there’s a second amendment people. Police are a convenience and not a necessity when the populace is well armed. Besides, when was the last time you called the police for assistance of any kind and how long did you have to wait? Think that’s enough time for a crazy to do you permanent harm? If it is, then the only answer is a well armed populace.

      1. Leithal says:

        Remember – When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…

        1. dithcdigger2 says:

          Then hand a copy of the report to your servivors.

        2. Sparky says:

          If someone does bring a molotov and lights it, they should be shot on sight.That is terrorism and we need to make sure that they know it won’t be tolerated

      2. Badwhisky says:

        A wlee armed society is a polite society

      3. southernmarine25 says:

        there is also a limitation on that freedom of speech where people can GET arrested for verbally threatening someone even if they don’t actually intend on doing it. This demonstrator should be arrested for making terrorist threats because all it takes is ONE firebrand to shift the whole movement from passive to AGGRESSIVE. He or she may not actually represent the whole movement’s goals but that one person creating chaos can lead to the multitudes following them. Even celebrations for professional sport teams never MEAN to be violent, but rarely does that stop them from destroying public property. A few well armed citizens taking matters in their own hands would turn that into a war in the streets.

        1. Dan Lang says:

          but this is a non-violent protest…if you shoot us, you’ll ruin the whole thing…lol.

        2. bill adams says:

          I see…Shoot anything that scares you.

        3. gordon Hochstedler says:

          Take down Wall Street and you take down the older people retirement systems. Get smart!!! Only dumd assed communists should think about taking down WALL street. THere goes the best country in the world. However if you know the Bible you our Lord is bringing a new KINGDOW FAR GREATER THAN USA praise God….

          1. mikeG says:

            I think we should turn Assad loose on them!

          2. jerry grimes says:

            You are one of us, Gordon. We are not alone, Praise YHVH!

          3. Sam says:

            Religion is the last thing that needs to be brought into it.

            1. ditchdigger2 says:

              This is the same thing that is sweeping the middle east, same community organizers, the middle east is about religion, that is what it is about.

              1. John says:

                Sam andDitchdigger2, there is a difference between religion and worshiping/praising God. Religion is the traditions created by Man, we Are called upon by God to worship him, that’s what we were created for in the first place. God said “2Ch 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” I think we could use his help right about now, but our country is turning in the opposite direction… so what do you think the results will be?

            2. Donald Naff says:

              Actuallky, if more folks lived their religions, instead of using them as some sort of bludgeon, the current fiinancial situation wouldn’t exist. No one trully understanding God’s love and the concept of loving one’s neighbor as yoursefl believes that such a gap between the have-nots and the ultra-haves is morally acceptable.

            3. Bruce Brinkmann says:

              It exists because religion was taken out of it. http://i.imgur.com/XjBGl.jpg You can’t make the poor rich, by making the rich poor. Abraham L.

        4. Steve says:

          he was arrested last night! seems like he has a nice track record and was a couple days ago swooped up for punching a cop!! NYPD I know would have had this guy barely able to walk after punching one of their own!!

      4. Ltpar says:

        Threats to firebomb a building with people inside. Seems to me that that could be considered a “Terrorist Threat” and that clown be taken off the streets and put where other terrorists never see the light of day. Of course with Obama’s people being behind all this protest stuff, not much chance of federal law enforcement becoming involved? Before it is all over and done with, Democrats will regreat the snowball of crappola they started rolling to distract the public from the real issue at hand…….Obama’s inability to get the job done.

        1. USA7 says:

          democrats can not regret. thats takes a brain

          1. ditchdigger2 says:

            I was a democrate in the 60s, also USMC. This administration would be a foreign enemy to John Kennedy, even Johnson, and Martin L. King. These opportunis are modern day Bolsheviks.

          2. Jeremy says:

            No just a heart, which is also something liberals lack. They are selfish and petty in the extreme.

        2. RuRu says:

          You are so right. This crowd is really getting scary and I am sure they will do harm. The Liberals are backing this mess!!

          1. HughGKnutts says:

            That “mess” *are* liberals. These deadbeats are the core of the democrat party. It’s ironic that many in the media tried to portray the Tea Party in the very light these deadbeats conduct themselves, yet those same media talking heads will not report the destruction, racism, murders, sexual assaults and typical behavior of these societal outcasts.

      5. PATSNYC says:

        The second amendment does not protect people from making threats that will hurt people. The US Supreme Court has specifically rejected the freedom of speech argument when a person or persons make “statements” that will cause harm. Example, there is no freedom of speech protection if a person yells fire in a croweded theater when there is no fire.
        Well the same nitwits who would yell fire or threaten to start a fire in Macy’s are NOT protected by the second amendment. In fact, their acts are criminal. Period. But that is status quo for these street poopers.

        1. Learntoread says:

          Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms, nitwit.

          1. BillV says:

            But you can’t fire those firearms is a crowded theater. LOL

            1. PATSNYC says:

              I guess that means it is OK for flea infested streep pooper liba-mobs to throw explosive devices into Macys. I am glad you clarified that.

            2. Nazgul says:

              But you can at an angry mob…

          2. Rod Anders says:

            What if your arms get cut off in an accident?

          3. ditchdigger2 says:

            Fire control, do no harm.

        2. Mike says:

          Let me guess… you went to a government school. 2nd amendment dip wad!

        3. PATSNYC says:

          Correction. First Amendment. Joke all you want, but there is NO, NONE, ZERO Constitutional protections that permit the street poopers terrorist acts. Sorry libatards.

      6. Osamas Pajamas says:

        OhBummer thinks that only the government and his Occupy Wall Street supporters should be armed.

        1. ditchdigger2 says:

          Sounds like some of the females needed a little protection, from their ba ll ess, no meat eating? comrades.

      7. JohnDave says:

        I agree. I keep a gun with me at all times, even at home.

        1. LTC_Ray_Burke says:

          So do I.

        2. Rogerone says:

          Right to carry laws are what we need in every state. Learn how to use a handgun, get a permit, and continue instructions on how to handle a nutcase
          who threatens you or your family or friends.

      8. rocko says:

        Are you for real, this is anarchy not a difference of opinion. These jerks are anti-American. Where are they getting the money to finance this destruction. Have you thought about that. I would hope there will be enough police and good citizens to help get these dregs off the streets.

        1. Susan says:

          How are they anti American? They are protesting the rampant oligarchy we have lived under since the Gilded Age. The government is NOT a democracy. Read your history books, stupid.

          1. chris says:

            It is a republic, read a real history book

          2. ditchdigger2 says:

            Are you living with the homeless, or commenting from some taxpayer funded,subsidised source. Before you change it, you better read history, it’s ugly.

        2. PATSNYC says:

          These people are terrorists. The communist who made the threats to burn down the city and fire bomb macys hs been arrested and charged with terrorism.
          I live and work in NYC. Every downtown business owner and resident is afraid to walk down the streets. When the NY Sanitation Department cleaned up the pig pen where these disgusting people were staying they found hypodermic needles and condoms thrown all over the place. These disgusting people pissed and craped wherever they wanted. Residential doorways were blocked by their feces. These disgusting people would all go to one residential building and crap in front of the entrance way. Now these terrorists are going to terrorize the commuters? They should all rot in hell.

        3. FreeUlysses says:

          Maybe this is where they are getting their money, plus the mass of stupid liberals in the northeast. Filmed right after the original Day of Rage, that started the Occupy protests.


        4. ditchdigger2 says:

          Its financed by the U.S. taxpayer, Alcorn, and it’s splinter groups, community organizers, and the new DEMOCRATIC regime.

      9. Nat says:

        I suggest the city use fire hoses to protect itself.

    2. levite says:

      what a bunch of loony freeloaders

    3. Dave Turner says:

      Oh please do. The media has been begging for bloodshed and if you’re not being sarcastic and stupid enough to do something like that, I suspect they’ll erect a statue in your honor just for the ratings jumps.

      1. bill adams says:

        So you want to deny the OWS protesters their second amendment rights because you’re afraid of them? How convenient…

      2. PATSNYC says:

        Two weeks ago, the libatard network, MSNBC called for a “kent state moment” at the ows nyc location. Any wonder I call them libatards?

    4. lmao says:

      What are they gonna use them for, crutches. They sure wouldn’t know how to use a weapon

    5. Michael says:

      Hey fatsean, it’s TEAPARTY, teabagging is what your boyfriend did to this morning!!

      1. Death to Smoochy says:

        ROTFLMAO. Thank You!! I am sick of their smugness and sexually perverse humor. BTW, the Tea Party Activist that was Armed was Black. Not sure if he was rich or not. Pretty sure he isn’t into “teabagging” like FatSean.

      2. Bub says:

        Mike, I always wonder about people who use the ‘bagger term. Do they know what it means and are being digusting or are they ignorant and embarassing themselves by accident…

      3. PATSNYC says:

        Libatards are fixated on homosexual activities, so they assume everyone, like themselves, are teabaggers.

    6. Mary Wright Pippert says:

      NO they didn’t , you twit. Where do you get your information?

    7. effie lenn says:

      Umm … you were offering *your* facilities, were you?

      Aye! What took you so long!

    8. USA7 says:

      rich white tea baggers huh, id rather have them on my side, then a bunch of iphone 4 using punks

    9. Danny says:

      Gives you an idea of who can be trusted with a gun and who can not.
      Your own mouth just shot you in the foot.

      1. Snitch-in-Time says:

        Close, Danny but the fact is, FatSean put his foot in his mouth and THEN shot himself in the foot.

        1. Tim says:

          FatSean and the Occupusses should rinse their mouths out with buckshot.

          1. Snitch-in-Time says:

            Waste of good buckshot.

            1. anon says:

              there’s nothing to debate here. in the United States you’re supposed to be able to assemble and protest – whether it be 10 minutes or 10 months.

              1. Daniel Jurado says:

                But not burn down New York City. Not to mention all the crime that has been happening in Zuccoti Park. They’re a public disturbance, and the people are sick of them.

              2. Pitbullll says:

                Indeed, there is nothing to debate. Rights to free assembly/protest exist but do not supersede existing laws protecting the rights of others. Protesters must obtain permits to the premises, vacate when required and clean up after themselves. Occupiers have acted with complete disregard for the law and endangered and infringed upon the rights of others; which renders them criminally culpable and therefore, subject to arrest. Period. Nothing to debate.

    10. ubuibi says:

      Well, Sean, this comment proves how intellectually incompetent you are, please do arm the FLEA party, because as you said the Tea Party ALREADY is armed. Just remember that we won’t be like the citizens of England who had no way to defend themselves……we are just waiting for you FLEA bags to just start the trouble then we will rid the country of drug addicted, diseased, FLEAS like you!!!

      1. blii says:

        Just got that itch and can’t wait to scratch it, huh? Just let them try one little thing and they’ll see how REAL men handle a problem. Wussie.

        1. ubuibi says:

          Nope, I have no itch to scratch, but I do have my GUNS ready to take out anyone who tries to destroy my property or harm my family. Since the Flea party is nothing but violent trouble makers, yes I do plan on DEFENDING my family, my property and MY COUNTRY from disease ridden fleas like this!!

          1. ubuibi says:

            And for your info, I’m a woman, so chew on that!!! But I’m sure I’m more of a “REAL” man than you could ever be!!

      2. PATSNYC says:

        Which is why the OWS mob is called fleabaggers. BTW, it sure is cold and rainy here in NYC. How the street poopers get nice and wet and cold while Princess Nance and Michale Moore sleep warm and cozy in their mansions.

    11. Dave Thrush says:

      @FatSean That’s because the Tea Party was orderly and non violent. One arrest in two and a half years compared to 3,000 for OWS in 2 months. fully 1/3 of ows polled said they would resort to violence. Now it’s playing out.

    12. Brian says:

      You can’t arm the occupiers. Drug users and felons are allowed to possess firearms.

      1. Brian says:

        Whoops, mistyped there. they *can’t* own weapons

    13. PATSNYC says:

      There were no rapes at ANY TP Rally. There were never ANY murders at ANY TP rally. There were NEVER ANY TB outbreaks at ANY TP rally. There were never any STD clinnics at any TP rally. There was never ANY, street pooping at ANY TP rally. TP rallys always cleaned up the rally area and NEVER left, garbage behind. There were never any shootings at ANY TP rally. There was never any fires or property damage at ANY TP rally. There was NEVER ANY arrests at ANY TP rally. The ONLY guns the libatard media claimed was at a TP rally was held by a BLACK TP member at a SECOND AMENDMENT event;. All this disgusting stuff is the poster child of libatard events. Like Princess Nancy said “It’s Fresh”.

    14. valinva says:

      Are you speaking about the BLACK guy who brought his gun to a rally in Phoenix but whose face and any black skin was edited out of the news footage? Show me a picture of a rich white guy who brought a gun to a tea party rally. You can’t because it didn’t happen.

    15. liz says:

      Occubaggers, Occubeggars, Losers, Morons, Zombies, Crybabies, Dirtbags, Timewasters, All of them totally PATHETIC. Shame on you! Each and everyone of you are a COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISGRACE!!!!

    16. liz says:

      The Fleabeggars and Morons are completely Pathetic. Nothing but Crybabies and Whiners and Losers. Each and everyone of them are a total DISGRACE. You have all lost your way and your focus. Complete Idiots!

    17. John C says:

      Youthful, useful idiots, sold on false promises of hope by socialist/communist manipulators and deceivers (like our own president Obama). But the promise of “change” can be believed if the revolution is successful.

    18. Justin says:

      Occubaggers! LOL! I just bought a cool shirt on Ebay that I plan on wearing downtown tomorrow!


  3. clem says:

    Taking action on what these idiots say just plays into their hands of causing anarchy. They are an inconsequential bunch of fools and brats. Simply ignore them or tell their parents to pick them up, take away their electronic toys and have them to clean their rooms.

    1. Tim Holt says:

      Screw that! These punks will now be hell bent on destruction and will have to be taken out like rabid dogs.

      1. JByrd42 says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Time to take them down and hard. They want to talk tough, maybe it’s time that we, the hard working, tax paying citizen get real ugly. These punks are lazy, incompetent, worthless wastes of space.

        1. John Malverne says:

          Exactly. They feel free to destroy property, disturb the peace and break any and all laws because they know that the worst that can happen to them is to get their wish: a prison stay where everything is free and they don’t have to work.

          But if they got it as good as they give it, I guarantee that’d change the situation in a hurry.

          1. AMB says:

            Internet Tough Guy in the house!

          2. LTC_Ray_Burke says:

            An unfortunate but obvious fact. As long as these human flotsam are alive, they will remain a potential problem. What to do?

            1. Darth Sidious says:

              Wipe them out…all of them….

            2. Rod Anders says:

              What to do? Eradicate the problem.

        2. Tim Crowley says:

          have you ever felt an emotion other that hate? I truly pity you.

          1. mac says:

            Have you ever had an emotion other than GUILT??? putz

          2. Frank McGillacutty says:

            Screw you, you POS. Do you really ‘pity him’? You’re the one to be pitied because you think that OWS people that just threatened the public’s peace and tranquility, as well the destruction of private property, are OK. Well, they’re not and you’re an azzhole for even thinking that they are.

          3. Occupy this. Your girlfriend did says:

            Yes. Disappointment (after doing your wife).

          4. Snitch-in-Time says:

            The entire #OWS movement is motivated by lust, hate, envy and greed. Lust for power that has not been obtained through legitimate service, hatred of those who have succeeded in life, envy of anyone who has a nickel more than they themselves, and grasping greed for that which men better than themselves have produced. #OWS is not evil, it is so far beyond evil that it is into the realm of wickedness and depravity. Terroristic threats (and that is what they are) to firebomb a department store is not a courageous act of civil resistance, it is terrorism so cowardly, craven, and despicable that it would embarrass the most feckless Palestinian terrorist.

            1. Rod Anders says:

              I’m not sure they’re all that motivated except to get free food, free drugs, and free f**ks.

              1. PATSNYC says:

                Free stuff, free stuff, they’re entitled to free stuff. Force others to work for it, they’ll take it. Free stuff, free stuff, they are entitled to free stuff.

            2. LTC_Ray_Burke says:

              You covered OWS motivationj quite well. I really had no idea that such a large segment of our society had degenerated to such an extent. I fear the worst is yet to come. Where do we run to?

          5. Sammie Jo says:

            I’d like to see what your emotions would be if they firebombed your house or camped on your lawn.

          6. Thomas Blackmon says:

            No mostly hate…for me anyways and the OWS crowd makes it justified.

        3. your superior, bow to me slave says:

          lawl ur horribly blinded by the materials your slavery produces. enjoy your worthless life, maybe one day they will build a road on top of your grave. in the meantime keep on slaving away for others. plantation workers these days… i give them freedom and they refuse it

        4. the man better than you says:

          keep thinking that. i enjoy the produce i receive from your enslavement, and thank you for being the true 95% of american idiots who continue to slave away for me. Y can’t the OWS just accept my enslavement over all of you??????????????????? YOU WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING MORE. MAY THEY HONOR YOUR WORTHLESS GRAVES WITH A RAILROAD BUILT ON TOP OF IT

          1. Tucker says:

            wow sounds like our president speaking as Fannie and feddie execs get million dollar bonus fron tax payer dollars while the little OWS mindlessly wonders around like ozombies, sorry for the spelling i went to public school.

        5. Ben C says:

          Agreed. I’d like to see a lot more police brutality against these punks. I was disappointed that the eviction didn’t have a more Waco-esque ending.

          1. Rod Anders says:

            Sounds good to me. I haven’t seen an exciting cremation in a long time.

    2. Peter says:

      PLEASE TRY OCCUPYING MY PROPERTY!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Henry Rifle says:

        ME first……you can take the leftovers…

      2. Tom Walter says:

        Mine Too. My Powders Dry, And I’m Locked & Loaded, Waiting On The 99% = Spoiled Brats. My Lawn Chair Is Out & I’m Waiting. Bring It

      3. name says:

        What’s your address?

        1. snoopy1 says:

          whats your name coward.

        2. LibertarianBob says:

          1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC

          1. Lee Boice says:

            good one Thats where these clowns should be protesting. Yea there is corrupt corporate power. Who do they corrupt ? THE GOVERNMENT Obama and Wall Street are in bed together. HEY OWS who was the BIGGEST contributer to the Obama election ..GUESS MORONS.

        3. Albert Dailey says:


          1. AMB says:

            But evidently not the First Amendment.

            You tea baggers are a bunch of idiots.

            1. Mary Wright Pippert says:

              You do realize that your rights end when they interfere with mine. Didn’t read that part did you. By your words it shows your ignorance. Go find something constructive to do.

            2. Death to Smoochy says:

              AMB, I suspect you are much more into “teabagging” than most all Teap Party Activists. However, If you are a homsexual, and think your taxes(if you pay any, living in Grand ma’s basement), are too high, and government is too large, we would gladly accept you into our group. We have no agenda except for Liberty and Freedom. Your liberty and freedom end, however, when they interfere with somebody elses. Good Luck to you sir, ma’am, or whatever.

            3. Snitch-in-Time says:

              When OWS was declared an “occupation” rather than a “protest” it moved outside of the protections offered by the First Amendment. You have the right to peacably assemble and petition the government for redress of grevience, but you do not have the right to squat upon private or public property to threaten other men’s lives and demand confiscation of their substance. That has another name: Insurrection. Under Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 16, Congress can summon forth the militia to SUPPRESS INSURRECTION, repel invasions, and execute the laws of the Union. (Emphasis added for the benefit if liberal knuckleheads.) Governors, County Sheriffs, and Mayors have similar powers. What was done to #OWS yesterday was proper, lawful, moral, just, righteous, decent, and fully consistent with the time honored understanding of American ordered Liberty. Any questions?

              1. greg says:

                We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

                Any questions?

                1. Herodotus says:

                  Why quote the Declaration of Independence? It is not law.

            4. Mom of 4 says:

              Tea Party participants don’t poop on sidewalks, rape people who attend meetings, demand free food from local vendors, get violent out in public and just wail on anyone who walks by, they don’t use children to block doors of businesses and keep hardworking people from doing their jobs. You obviously have never been to a Tea Party meeting, and your posts demonstrate hate towards anyone who is conservative, Republican and probably Christian too. So much for tolerance!!!

              1. Jeff Sayin says:

                Good to see you know how to regurgitate the bias view of Robert Murdoch and the NY Post.

                Calling the OWS movement violent rapist just shows your ignorance.

                And amazing how you refer to those against the myopic views of the Tea Party movement as being haters when it appears all you know how to regurgitate is hate

            5. CCPony says:

              Careful, AMB. You’ll elicit reponses that will be far more coherent and germaine that YOUR post and then you’ll be proven to be the real idiot here.

              Or does that not even matter to you?

            6. kevin in ohio says:

              is this what they are teaching in college now idiot. I was what you idiots are trying hopelessly to be. I demonstrated against the vietnam war. We went to government buildings. The first amendment does not allow squatting, littering,causing public health hazards,damaging public and private property,crapping and peeing on public streets,on and on. You are the idiot and are either a mommies or college boy or a communist moocher. We were not subsized by union dues paid by working people and we were against the government whether republican or democrat(Nixon, Johnson) We did not mooch food off of people or caused events like farmers markets to help the homeless from taking place because you rich boy mooches occupied their space like in Boston.You are a moron and a media matters tool, at least tea baggers bathe and don’t pass on contagious diseases you moron. Come throw molotovs at my business and you will see the 2nd amendment in full use.

            7. digitus says:

              Having a little trouble with your favorite amendment? Is it time you need mine?

          2. sixty7flh says:

            just wait.. it is on the books to be removed. They have a PLAN, and it consists of US wanting it gone. They work like that….

        4. cbcnd1 says:

          You won’t fo anything anyway.

          1. PATSNYC says:

            Run Run, Fast As You Can. Nobody runs away faster than the libatard man.

        5. george goebel says:

          1600 pennsylvania ave. You will know me I have about 10 different social security numbers, but don’t worry you do not have a name so I won’t be waiting on you

      4. Jk says:

        Your Property? Its never your property because first of all you have to pay state tax.Second because of eminent domain the government can legally take you property for any reason they consoder valid. Third Obama has the right to kill you under the law. Fourth we dont follow any rule of law anymore so nothing is for sure

        1. how2findtruthUTube says:


          1. kpist says:

            says the man finding truth on youtube!!!!

            1. how2findtruthUTube says:


              1. huh? says:

                I thought Flouridation of drinking water was a communist plot…

              2. Maid Rohnim says:

                I think you should rename it: learnhowtocommentsoyoulookundereducatedandangry.

                1. Death to Smoochy says:

                  Damn… Smack down. Love it. He must be a Ron Paul supporter.

          2. Steve Menlo says:

            Uh, the bailouts were given by the Obama administration and congress. So why aren’t you protesting them? Because you are stupid. Your anger is misdirected, but you know that. You are a communist, socialist. You don’t really care about what is happening on Wall Street because you don’t understand it. Stocks are monetary interest in a business. Corporations are comprised of people trying to make a buck, and it’s called Capitalism. You want to take their earned money and spread it around, hopefully to yourself. That is called theft.

            1. Scott Keller says:

              Actually, no. The bailouts were given by the foreign bankers who agreed to buy more treasuries so that the US government could borrow more non-sovereign money (rather than print their own like they’re supposed to do). Many of the protesters are protesting this debt mentality. They’re not the ones causing/implementing the violence though.

              Also, corporations are comprised mostly of people chasing a paycheck while helping a smaller group of people chase profits which essentially means they’re charging more than whatever their product or service is worth so that an even smaller group of people who have more money can sit on their asses on their yachts and collect their investment returns. It’s called anti-humanitarianism and primitive by futuristic standards. Maybe some people want to spread the wealth, but not me. I just want to take away the keys and give them to someone who can stop the insanity. A free market isn’t truly free unless non-profits and alternative model businesses have their hands untied.

              The communism and socialism you refer to really amount to statism, but either way, neither capitalism nor socialism nor communism will ever work well as long as the monetary system they operate on works against the people and against human advancement rather than for them. The wealthy of course, in all of these systems, believe that their system works well, but the evidence of extreme and increasing poverty, hunger, and unsustainable practices shows very well that they don’t work well at all. Spreading the wealth around isn’t the answer. A new paradigm is.

              1. phnx says:

                Yours has got to be one of the most naive and idiotic posts on this board. “Futuristic standards”? ” I just want to take away the keys and give them to someone who can stop the insanity”? “A free market isn’t truly free unless non-profits and alternative model business have their hands untied”? What the H are you talking about?

                I could go on but what is the point? You are either on some serious drugs or competely out of touch with reality, or both. Double your meds and return inside your mind to that place where the gnomes, fairies and trolls all live in peace and harmony.

                1. John Sabotta says:

                  Yes. You’ll note there no reason why people like the protestors can’t organize, form competing co-operative businesses, where every employee owns part of the business, has an equal voice in every decision and no one is paid more than anyone else. There’s nothing stopping them from doing this – there have been co-op’s in the past, a few actually succeeding in competing on the free market. But somehow, this hardly every happens, does it? Why live your supposed ideals when you can call for taking over what the “evil” capitalists already built? What is means is that the real “ideals” of this wretched movement are envy, irrational hatred and arrogant entitlement.

              2. Bub says:

                Amen. See how well ‘Statism’ worked in the USSR under Stalin and in China under Mao.

                1. Rod Anders says:

                  Satanism works fine. We just haven’t tried it yet.

              3. Lee Boice says:

                you sir are massively misguided.

              4. FreeUlysses says:

                You do realize tha corporations don’t get to keep profits and stuff it into their pockets, don’t you? Profits go to shareholders, or to contractual obligations of bonuses, etc. Those profits fund retirement accounts for grandmas coast to coast. Those profits fund new R&D so you can get your precious electric car or iPhone4S. Every organization takes a cut, it’s just called profits in the private sector. But the labor unions get their ‘profit’ in terms of dues. They get them year in, year out, regardless of whether conditions are good or bad. You could have the most awesome CEO and managers in the world, but the union still takes your dues, that’s their ‘profit’, and the govt agencies get theirs in the form of larger budgets. A manager in a govt agency can’t get a profit, so he says he needs more staff, the larger his organization, the higher his salary, it’s mandated. Every single govt manager knows that if he wants to make more money, just find ways to grow the size of his organization. Multiple that by the hundreds of thousands of govt employees, and you’ll see why it will take strong leadership to slow govt growth.

            2. Bub says:

              When your money is taken by a bully and his gang (i.e. government) I would call that a mugging.

        2. anon says:

          you’re an idiot. go to north korea or cuba if you like communism so much.

          1. how2findtruthUTube says:

            BEING RAPED BY THE FED has nothing to do with me allegedly liking communism you have to be kidding me

            1. Locked&Loaded says:


      5. Uruk-Hai says:

        Thats what im saying! Bring IT Fools!

      6. PA John says:

        Me too. I have a message for the Communist rabble: stores and parks don’t shoot back, but I do. Please try to take my stuff; I’d like to see how many magazines it will take to put your “revolution” down.

        1. Rod Anders says:

          That’s ridiculous. You know the law will consider them the victims and you the perpetrator.

    3. Nyc Labrets says:

      If you’ve even got a 401(k), Clem, my boy, I’ll bet it’s down at least a MINIMUM of 50% since September of 2008, isn’t it?

      Since it’s a FREE COUNTRY, Clem, you can go right on ahead with your, (whatever that stupid thing is that you’re doing), ridiculous defense of those on Wall Street that have picked YOUR pocket, and who will leave you begging in retirement while they LAUGH AT YOU for getting all mad at the OWS Kids.

      I know that you’ve left me laughing…

      AT you, not with you.

      Bon Appetit, Sucker.

      1. nyclabrets is a fool says:

        Nyc Labrets is a TOTAL FOOL.

      2. cajred says:

        Actually, if you left it alone in 2008, now it is pretty close to where it was.

        1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

          Not really; the dollar has been destroyed in the interim. Dow 12,000 now equates in real terms to about Dow 7000 back then…and without the Fed’s pathetic flooding of the market will trillions in freshly-printed-out-of-thin-air counterfeit Bernanke nanodollars to keep Fearless Leader from looking completely clueless, the Dow would be at about 2000.

          1. Mark says:

            I have never seen a bigger collection of ill-informed and miss-informed people as those here on this thread posting about getting out their pistols etc. Combined with those who think OWS is some Obama thing or that the OWS people are mostly freeloaders and uninformed kids, I wonder if there is any hope for America. The above mentioned ignoramuses need to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and his ilk and start paying attention to what is really happening. If you fools think that if the USA simply goes on stealing money from the 99% to give to the 1% and continues trying to be the world’s police force, you need to be taken to Vienna and have a team of psychiatrists provide therapy to you 24/7 for about ten years for you are profoundly insane.

            1. Bub says:

              So are you this charitable with the Tea Party as well?? I am betting both groups are pi$$ed off about the same things mostly. Until this gets figured out and all of the idiots in DC and the ‘cream’ at the top of the financial industry get removed all we will get is stupid bickering on blog sites.

            2. Bryan says:

              OWS is a bunch of freeloaders. That is demonstrated by the TWO MONTH PROTEST. No working person can take two months off from their job for two months and still have a job. Please explain to me how they’re not uninformed. They’re protesting Wall Street for receiving a bail out, but conveniently not protesting the Government for giving them the bailout. Perhaps you could start there as to why the OWS is not “uninformed.” The USA goes on “stealing money from the 99%.” 47% of people pay NOTHING in taxes and most of those people get a tax refund. Who’s the one “stealing” anything? The wealthy make money because they know how to make money. Take a look at the retail stores this holiday season for the perfume lines of all the celebrities, and see how well they sell. The “”99%” will gobble them up left and right because they want to experience whatever it is they see getting from these products. That’s how the “1%” get wealthy. You are foolish to think otherwise. I could rattle off a thousand other ways that people make money based on the decisions of the “99%.” Your problem and the problem of everyone in the “99%” of which I within the demographic but not a member, is that you have made poor decisions and you want someone else to make up for it.

              Oh and from someone who has spent a great deal of time studying foreign policy in college, the US needs to be the worlds police force more than it doesn’t. Someone who spent their entire argument arguing on behalf of the “little guy” seems to know so little about the little guy. If we don’t stand up for them who will? Do yourself a favor stop blaming the US and go get a real world perspective.

            3. Rod Anders says:

              Here is what is really happening … a pack of pit bulls killed my herd of 42 goats.

            4. george soreass says:

              marky boy I am so sick of progressive elitist I am so smart jerkoffs I cannot stand it. What gives you away is the Limbaugh thing. You sir are an elitist self-centered pea brain. Obama, michael moore, most hoolywood liberals and the majority of politicians, and their mostly progressive attornies are the 1 per cent.The green energy charlatens on and on. Corzine was a 1% person and then your big hero Soros is in the one-tenth of 1 per cent. You guys do not go his house. You do not go against the 1 per cent union bosses or any government places,why because the WH and senate leader etc. are Progressives. YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE. Hey pal I was a hippie and a Vietnam war protester and we took it to the government no matter what party. Most of the 1 % are PROGRESSIVES. Who are the biggest wall st holders. LIBERAL UNIVERSITIES ENDOWMENTS. Your HEROES and mentors. This is an OBAMA endorsed deal because it will fail and he is only good at community organizing. I am getting out my shotgun and rifle because that is what is coming. Quit watching msnbc and go back to the daily kos run by another elitist you dolt only ignorant people do something so obviously partisan.

            5. george goebel says:

              mark: go find your dunce cap put it on and stand in time out. Obama has gotten more money from wall st. than ANY politician since he became a senator. This is a fact. I guess Olbermann did not tell you.Obama’s administration is a who’s who of former Goldman Sachs honchos. Oh, did not check that out either. Gee I forgot that poor guy Immelt and the rest of the GE,NBC heads whose company paid no income tax, on billions in profits but are the Obama official network like Pravda was to the Soviet Union.Go back to your frat house or mommies basement

          2. PATSNYC says:

            One libatard congressman actually said
            ” the US Government has no debt problem. If we need more money the US Treasury will just print more. ” Freightening isn’t it.

      3. Jezter54 says:

        Nyc Labrets is a total moron!

      4. Bob G says:

        Where in God’s name do you people come from? You have to be on drugs. Are you being treated medically?

      5. SteveJ says:

        Oh, no. My 401(k) is down. Guess I better call in the federal government to redistribute the wealth in this country. I mean, it’s not like the government picks my pocket or anything. Righ, NycLabrets?

      6. snoopy1 says:

        I think you should march with them coward instead of hiding behind them you stupid fool tool

      7. DW says:

        My 401k is above where it was at in 2008 and is in very nice shape. Facts don’t seem to matter, though, to groups like this who rely on propaganda and lies to achieve their fascist ends.

        1. how2findtruthUTube says:


          1. Wolf says:

            the banks have nothing to do with the 401K – i have diversifed – on the other hand your actions of self pity will take down the entire country. U want to cry and act like a 6 year old in toys’r’us, go ahead as that is excatly what you sound like. Mummy, please help me, i don;t like the real world no more 🙂 – time to take responsibility and live within ur means for once. If you want to get rid of the banks then better take your “savings” out, be prepared to lose ur credit cards, mom and dad’s pension, and your unempployment check. Better yet, get an education or if you have one, look for a refund as they let u down.

            1. how2findtruthUTube says:

              Keep thinking what ever it is that makes u feel better

            2. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

              What? When all of the ridiculously insolvent banks implode, you think your .01K is going to go UP?

            3. sixty7flh says:

              what!?! are you SERIOUS?!? I sincerley hope you really don’t think that way. Diversified in guns and gold ?

          2. tcp says:

            How do you decide when to hit the caps lock?…

            1. peopledoappreciatesarcasm says:

              Ha ha ha. Good question.

      8. Louis Farrakhan says:

        People like NYC Labret sits on the sidelines. He hasn’t attended a single rally. What a big mouthed loser.

      9. Odins Acolyte says:

        Cowboys gonna show you what we think of that.
        Nobody can play without loosing sometime.Grow up chilld.
        You are the sucker. A real child.

      10. hargen says:

        I’m missing the point of your rant. The Dow Jones index was 11,221 in Sept 08, it is now 12,153 or a 8.3% INCREASE. If you want to go back 3 years before Sept. 08 to Sept 05 the Dow was at 10,678. The Dow INCREASED 5%. So I guess I’ll support a “pickpocket” who leaves money IN my wallet. Go back to your rant Labrets, there is a camp of stinky protesters on Wall Street that will accept you.

        1. none says:

          mean while in reality , the purhcasing power of your paycheck goes down due to inflation. Go check your food reciepts, power bill and taxes from 2008 and compare…

          1. how2findtruthUTube says:

            its not worth the paper its not printed on CAN U SAY DIGITAL PONZI SCHEME
            END THE FED

            1. Winged says:

              judging by your prefered vocabulary and actuall knowledge of the issues at hand, i am guessing that you are not even an american, but are a european, at which point i would definitely like to suggest that you worry about the problems taking place in your own part of the world first.

        2. ertdfg says:

          Hooray, an 8.3% ROI over the past 3 years.

          Oh, and your thanksgiving dinner? It’ll cost 13% more due to inflation compared to just last year.

          So you have $100, you gain 8% over 3 years from gains making it $108, and with the total inflation costs, you can buy what cost $80 three years ago.

          This is a good deal; well clearly I’m an idiot and you can take advantage of me. Give me all your money, I’ll give you 80% of it back TODAY. imagine if you didn’t have to wait three years to get this benefit; it’d be great.

          Your purchasing power will be 80% of what it is NOW without having to wait 3 years… I’ll be expecting your call soon.

          and if anyone else wants in on this; I’ll open this offer up to anyone who wants to give me 20% of their investments. But this is a limited time offer, so hurry now to reduce your purchasing power.

          1. Wolf says:

            actual infation was 3.4% – http://www.usinflationcalculator.com/inflation/current-inflation-rates/ – better check ur numbers – it that is the way to sepnd money they u are in real trouble. Shows the OWS cannot count and as such are nothing but takers. breath deep, think before you speak, read and learn – you will feel better with urself 🙂

            1. Ben says:

              OWS are filth indeed but the numbers here in your link are BS as the govt doesnt put fuel/energy and food in their inflation numbers when in fact those are the things that have gone up much more than 3.4%. Go to the grocery store once in a while and you will see.

          2. Bub says:

            And they will tax you on your fake gain even though in real terms you are dropping behind inflation.

        3. Rod Anders says:

          Real inflation increased 22% … that explains the 8.3% increase in the Dow.

      11. Steve H. says:

        You blame Wallstreet, when the real culprits is the govenrment. These useful iidiots are being used and controlled by the Progressive elite. The Progressive elite MUST pull the public eye away from their complete policy failure before the elections.

        Nancy Pelosi’s investiments climbed by 65% last year while the average Joe lost big. Where is the outrage from these useful idots over this?? Just proves to me that the core of the occupy movement is just partison, radical puppet masters pulling the strings of the children that have come along for the ride.

        1. Harold Lowe says:

          Good post Steve, the feds make all the rules we all work and live under, then demonize big business for taking advantage of a loophole they made for them. It is pure BS whats going on now………….

        2. Bub says:

          And they take kick-backs from the financial elite. In other words the financial elite write the rules and pull the government’s strings.

      12. DJ says:

        So the DOW is down 50% since 2008? Maybe you should actually check the market before you post, clown.

        1. Bryan R Grossman says:

          you know I really hate people that post all in caps….

        2. Beth Dennis says:

          My 401k never recovered from 2008, because the big money market company that my company went with is terrible – when the market goes down, the funds go down as much as the market, but when the market goes up, the funds go up only half as much. The funds lost a lot of money last year even though the market went up.

          1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

            That’s all that mutual funds ever do is lose money, avoiding all the gains and maximizing all the losses. Losses which you still pay taxes on due to huge distributions every year. Problem is, most people don’t live long enough for the basis cost reduction to undo the damage. The 2nd worst investment vehicle in the history of the universe, after Social Security.

      13. Bill Lee says:

        Express your point of view but do not stayed camped out in public places. You should state your case and move on. Violence means you want to force your point of view on everyone. Do I have a right to disagree with the OWS? Yes I do. So go to work and shut up and lobby and or start a legal group. But violence is wrong!

      14. No to O says:

        In Dallas, they report on the occupy stupidity on the news EVERY STINKIN’ DAY! So nice to see the interviewees with their purple hair, tats, face piercings, scraggly beards, and don’t get me started about how the boys look.

        1. how2findtruthUTube says:


        2. Penone says:

          Ha! Ha! Ha! – I love it!!!!! Have to admit – took me a bit to get it – but I got it!!!! Priceless!

        3. LBJ should be in today says:

          Classic, great post. Howard Stern 4 Prez

        4. Leonard says:


          That was great.

      15. Tea Party Pat says:

        Except for the fact that Wall Street actually creates wealth and the government is the ones doing the pick pocketing by taxing us to death to pay for the 47% who pay no income tax they would have a point. As such, the Barackupiers are a clueless, lost cause.

        1. Bub says:

          Sorry, Wall Street does not create wealth, producers (ie business and employees) create wealth. The financial elite are the top of the food-chain with government right behind them.

      16. Ric Neumann says:

        Tried playing options in your 401 K didn’t you? Penny stocks for solar energy maybe? No wonder your account sucks.

      17. Jason Withrow says:

        This is one reason why no one is paying attention to you idiots. You have NO CLUE what you are talking about!

        Jan 4, 2008: 2504
        Nov 16 2011 2671


        1. ertdfg says:

          And your Turkey dinner this year? Only 13% more than last year due to inflation, add in the two years before that a bit more… so only a total of say 20% inflation over your 3 year period.

          But you made a 4% profit in the market, so every dollar losing 20% of it’s value doesn’t matter… you’re sitting on fat cash now.

          I mean you can easily buy 80-85% of what you could have bought 3 years ago; that’s awesome.

          Heck, I’ll do you one better… but just because I like you that much. you give me all your money, I’ll give you 85% of it back and you’ll have the same massive benefit in purchasing power IMMEDIATELY.

          That’s how nice I am. you won’t have to wait another 3 years to get that benefit; you can have another adjustment setting you at 85% of your current purchasing power TODAY!

          1. Mikey says:

            Inlfation has NOTHING to do with Wall Street. This is caused by our government printing money and spending far more than they take in each year. You want to protest this? Then I suggest you go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C.

          2. FreeUlysses says:

            ertdfg your argument is a straw man, I don’t even need to refute your figures. If I made 8.3% in the market, then I did well. They MADE me money.

            Now, if it buys more or less due to inflation, that is a different issue, with different causes, but certainly the brokers on Wall St did not wave a magic wand to cause inflation so they can giggle at my misery. The bottom line is, if you were in the DOW during these “oh the sky is falling its so bad” market years, you could make money. And being in the market is a risk anyway, says so on every disclosure when you set up trading accounts.

      18. Majoilica says:

        The OWS “Kids”? That’s your problem, Nyc Labrets … you left childhood long ago, and you are an adult. Try thinking of yousrself that way. See how it changes everything.

      19. John Czach says:

        My mutual funds are comfortably higher than the bottom of the crash. If you had any savings yourself and/or any knowledge of such things, you’d be more or less OK or even too. But you certainly have a valid point, in that I would be better off taking financial advice from OWS people.

      20. average joe says:

        markets have gone up and down throughout history. the market will go up again and surpass where it was at and at some point it will go back down. no body picked anybodys pocket its just the market which apparently you don’t understand and thats ok. i am part of what you call the 99% and no you and your movement do not represent me. stop being envious of those you call greedy. instead of camping out and waving your signs and chanting your slogans volunteer at a soup kitchen or join the peace corp if you really want to make a difference. have a nice day….

        1. Mr. Kelly says:

          You are exactly right. The left loves to point at something extremely common and blame it on who ever they don’t like. Recessions happen every 4-6 years. Period. We’ve never gone through a 12 year period without two recessions. Even Clinton had one during his term, then left Bush a recession. I don’t blame him, it’s natural cycle. Then Bush got us out of it, then the next one came. And he got us out of that. Then at the end of his presidency, we went into another. Like clock work, nothing new. I don’t blame Bush. Then Obama took over, and he is doing what Carter and FDR did. More government. Which we know from history always makes recessions worse and last longer. But that’s beside the point. It’s like lefties think recessions are rare and because some republican didn’t redistribute enough income while in office.
          You are right, the market will go back up again. This time it’s just going to take longer than normal because Obama is doing what Carter and FDR did. But it will go back up. Then down, then up, then down.

          1. steve says:

            the economy will never recover, this is not a recession, look at whats really happening, jobs will never come back as technology will replace them, humanity is evolving.

            1. Bryan says:

              That argument has been made since the beginning of this country. Its a stupid argument. Mankind has always been replaced by machines and will continue to do so. This isn’t an “Internet age” thing its been the case since tools were invented.

              1. FreeUlysses says:

                The said the same thing back in the Industrial Revolution.

        2. BTaylor says:

          Precisely correct.

      21. Wolf says:

        actually mine is fone too – up over 8% – this year – seems like u hate being a loser 🙂

      22. BTaylor says:

        The economy has been going through a natural cycle for many decades, and anyone who couldn’t see in late 2007 that we were due for another perfectly predictable downturn wasn’t paying attention.

        What’s different about THIS downturn is that the government has taken a number of indefensible actions such as bailouts, stimulus programs and “quantitative easing”, along with creating a hostile business atmosphere, that have made it deeper, longer, and have delayed the natural recovery that would have occurred if not for these actions.

    4. Chris says:

      If these idoits keep it up, the Republicans will win big in 2012, and OWS will be the GOP’s MVP.

      1. Nora says:

        I agree with you they should go to Washington to protest that where they have to be to tell Republican its there fault.

        1. Chris says:

          Yes Nora. We have two political parties. One is responsible for all of the death and evil in this world, and the other is responsible for all of the sunshine, rainbows and puppies.

          By the way; I’m not a spelling and grammar nazi, so I won’t go there. You’re welcome.

        2. JoseRodrigueaz says:

          You are an absolute idiot. Please take this moment to remove yourself from the gene-pool.

          1. GET OUT OR ASSIMILATE! says:

            Wow, the wetbacks have really joined together with the pan handlers and the liberals to try and topple this great nation.

        3. Joy Brown says:

          The Congress in Washington DC should get off their azz and draft Legislation to stop this Anarckey PERIOD. Anyone with a brain knows this is a UNION and OBAMA stunt. The Union bused 1000 UNION Nurses into DC to protest. This is not a cause, this is Obama’s way of calling MARTIAL LAW because he knows America will not VOTE for him again. If Congress doesn’t do something you will have this dumb USURPER as President for life. Time to raise Hell on Congress.

        4. elizabethrc says:

          You’re apparently not aware, Nora, that since Obama has been in office, the Republican House has passed 22 bills while the Democratic Senate has not even passed a budget in over 900 days.

          I think you need to start reading and educate yourself about what’s really going on.

          Oh, and on the Super Committee (you DO know what that is, don’t you?), the Republicans have come up with plans and the Democrats have not. They are walking away from the table because they and Obama don’t want it to succeed in this election year because they clearly want to blame Republicans for failures in Coingress in order to help Obama’s re-election (which will be yet another failure for this “messiah of us all”.

        5. ertdfg says:

          Explain to a Republican, how exactly is it “there fault”? 2006-2010 Republicans were a minority in both the House and Senate; so every law, bill, budget, and resolution in Congress was passed by Democrats.

          Is there ever a point at which anything anywhere might be the Democrat’s fault? Or is even the 2008-2010 period when Democrats had the House, Senate, Presidency, and a Filibuster-proof majority in the Senate still blamed on Republicans?

          I can see you claiming it’s “there fault”.. but I’m not sure you’ve got much in the way of valid reasoning there (or is that “their”? “they’re”?)

        6. pete says:

          Nora you are so STUPID

        7. Steve-Sch'dy says:

          You might want to implicate Barney Frank (Democrat) he has more to do with the Housing Mortgage Collapse than any Republican. Start your protest outside Barney Frank’s house and move on to Obama – the architect of the current Economic despair and uncertainty that the Country faces.

        8. Jen says:

          Yes Nora…there is a Santa Claus and an Easter Bunny and Democrats who don’t take a dime from Wall Street and corporate lobbyists.

        9. Reverend Right says:

          You are an igNORAnt liberal moonbat.

        10. Mary Wright Pippert says:

          They should go to Washington and tell the Democrat Senate, that has done nothing in years, to allow bills to come to the floor for a vote. You do realize that the jobs bill was defeated by the Democrats, of course, that was probably the only smart thing they have done in 5 years.

      2. Zero1 says:

        We are in some very interesting times. Keep a clue on what is going on


      3. Mike says:

        lets hope that happens, not the destruction but the Republicans winning big

        1. GrandPa_Mark says:

          *AGAIN* (points to the 2010 voting results)

    5. annie says:

      too terrible of a consequence…. how about finding some remote country to send them too….like they did years ago……. they hate American anyway.

      1. Louis Farrakhan says:

        Liberia is nice this time of year.

        1. Kawanay Jones says:

          I losts my liberia card

        2. k m says:

          Yes – Liberia is a great place. Purchased by the U.S. for the freed slaves to start their own country. They don’t seem to teach that in school during the Rosa Parks and the Underground Rail road history lessons

      2. RDH says:

        I hear 12.5% of the planets have 71% of the planetary mass of our solar system. Let them occupy Jupiter.

      3. Jim in Houston says:

        Put them on the SS Leaky Bottom and tow it to the middle of shark infested waters and give them a swimming lesson.

    6. Moses says:

      Wasting away in Obamaville.

      1. Herodotus says:

        Good one! Made me laugh! Thank you, Moses.

    7. bill says:

      Who would you kill first

    8. JT says:

      So much talk of violence towards peacefull this demonstration.

      1. Bryan says:

        I think the “violence” originated from this “peaceful” protest. I could be mistaken but I don’t believe fire-bombing a retail store is a violent act not a peaceful one.

        1. PATSNYC says:

          You don’t believe fire bombing a retail store is a violent act? You must be a liberal.

    9. Mad Dog says:

      Josey Wales: Dyin’ ain’t much of a living, boy

    10. Joe says:

      what happened to the liberals wanting gun control lol….consistency isn’t a strong point of either party I suppose

    11. Larry Smith says:

      I like the way you think… Make an example of them for the rest of the occupiers around the USA

    12. Fodera720 says:

      It just goes to show what a $50,000 a year education will buy you.

      1. Just Me says:

        Yeah, he deserves a refund–not from the loan company, but the “institution” that brainwashed him.

    13. PATSNYC says:

      The people who live in NYC do not ignore terrorist threats.

    14. PATSNTC says:

      These disgusting people are making terrorists threats on every part of the city. They are threatening commuters. They are threatening to fire bomb the city. This is not something to be ignored. The libatard who threatened to burn Macys has been arrested and charged with terrorism. You don’t live here, so please don’t tell the people who do to “ignore them”.

  4. OWS Hater says:

    These people are the 1% not the 99%. They are the BOTTOM 1% of the losers in the US. They are bottom feeders who need to have the government provide for them because they are to stupid to succeed at life.

    1. Regulas says:

      They are fools and puppets for globalists/communists like George Soros and Union bosses to include the leadership of the Democrat party and the Kenyan closet Muslim and Fascist Occupying the White House.

    2. Ione Lowrey says:

      I am part of the 99% that they say they represent and I do not agrre with them at all. The 1% they are against are the people that kept me employed for 50 years. Thank you 1% !!!!!!!!!!

      1. David says:

        I agree Lone Lowrey. Most of the 1 % stir the economy by creating jobs. I don’t think it’s fair to attack the wealthy just because their wealthy. Most seem to contribute to society than live off of it and laugh at the 99 %. Just because they built an empire from capitalism through sweat and hard work, doesn’t mean that we can redistribute their wealth to the people that just want to complain and not work for a living. That’s not fair and it isn’t the American way. Alot of the mess that is happenning in our society today is because we elected politicians that became irresponsible with running our Government. I agree we need to change for the better, but putting the blame on the rich is totally wrong.

        By the way, for anyone that is wondering, I also happen to be one of the 99%. But I’m hoping that one day I will become one of the 1% that got to be 1% through the American Capitalistic way of sweat and hard work!

        1. badgerboy23 says:

          Exactly, David. And BTW–let these morons burn down Macy’s, shut down the subway and bridges, etc… Obama and Pelosi and the rest of the idiots in the Democratic party jumped on this bandwagon early when they thought it was a “power to the people” copycat from the ’60’s. There are stll 30% of this country that will always vote for those idiots….and 30% that never will. The Occupiers are making sure that the 40% who vote independent are gonna throw the bums out. Let ’em do their thing and fall on their swords…..er, cell phones.

    3. LightRay9a says:

      Yep. OWS is the cream of the crap.

    4. AnimalFarm says:

      You are so totally right, you said it!

    5. Common Sense says:

      Yes! Yes! Yes! You couldn’t be more correct!

    6. steve says:

      listen to alex jones or something man, you have been brainwahsed

      1. OWS Hater says:

        Sorry if I hit a nerve. You must be one of those loser 1%

  5. augiee says:

    I think this would be a great day for th gangs of new york to beat the crap out of these people and no one would stop them.I hope thay bring brass knuckles and base ball bats.Lets see if we can put 500 of them in the hosp.
    I am going to be out cheering them on……………..

    1. Albert Barlow says:

      Sometimes people do the equal of a bowel movement when they type, such as your post.

      1. augiee says:

        hay al
        #1 what a blaa name
        # 2 bite me

        1. RufusVonDufus says:

          Could not possibly agree more with your post, augiee!

      2. deaconbob says:

        What exactly does Troll mean, anyway? I know that’s a bowel movement question but I, unlike you like to know what I’m talking about.

      3. Danny says:

        Wipe your Mouth!

      4. Len says:

        At least a bowel movement has a purpose. The occupy movement has no purpose.

      5. Casper says:

        Albert, you are dangerously ignorant. It will get you badly hurt.

        1. Random Hardhat says:

          Easy to sound like a tough guy on teh interwebz, isn’t it?

          Are you smart enough to detect my utter contempt?

    2. miked says:


      1. AnimalFarm says:

        The lice-infested OWS reek so badly that a gas bomb will probably feel like fresh air. Need something like water cannons, they’ve probably become allergic to water!

  6. James Ridge says:

    What this “99%” group wants is to be the 1%; which, presumably, they’ll get to be once they… burn down Wall Street. I guess then they can get to the Hidden Safe underneath the buildings and take all the money and never have to do anything ever again. Which, when you think about it, is what they’re already doing in Zuccotti Park.

  7. stonehillady says:

    Only the niave are posting comments, those who don’t mind allowing the FED’s to steal 16 trillion to pay-off fellow 1% even more of the 99% money to them.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      Any group that claims to represent 99% of Americans is lying. They’re just reciting a marketing blurb. The fact that they hang their hat on such an absurd statement reveals that they have a complete lack of integrity.

    2. RobertMN says:

      Learn proper grammar, learn to spell, learn punctuation if you want to be taken seriously. Oh, and stop blaming others for your inefficiencies.

    3. Beenaroundyaknow says:

      You make the exact point that the protesters should be in Washington, not Wall Street.

    4. JMan says:

      You are a useful idiot. You have no problem with GE not paying federal taxes because they are aligned with Obama? “The company reported worldwide profits of $14.2 billion, and said $5.1 billion of the total came from its operations in the United States. Its American tax bill? None. In fact, G.E. claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion.” Or how politicians and their friends get rich off insider stock tips, land deals, and cronyism that would send the rest of us to jail? Your anger is misguided and is being used by Unions/Communist/Soros to help their candidates.

    5. Moose says:

      You are correct. it was the federal reserve that put us 15 trillion in debt not these protesters. It is not the Naive commenting on here, it is the stupid, and scared!

      1. snoopy1 says:

        it was and is still the congress mr uninformed.
        or should i say mr rue paul supporter

      2. Jojo says:

        Says the “stupid” that can’t seem to grasp the concept of proper capitalization.

  8. ralph says:

    The true agenda of the anarchists is becoming more clear. They have brought the violence of the G-20 protests here and intend to do harm.
    These people have evolved into terrorists, with the same goal of destroying the U.S. economic system.
    Time for them to GO!

    1. FreeUlysses says:

      They don’t just want o destroy the US system, these people are revolution junkies, and like to destroy any system. Just like Che, after they destroy one system, they will leave to fight the next “people’s front” somewhere else, leaving behind chaos, blood, and rot. The scourge of civilized people, from any country, all throughout history. They live to destroy, it energizes them.

  9. Mike says:

    Bring in the SCOOPS!

    1. Scudbuster says:

      Solent Green!

        1. Scudbuster says:

          Yea, brain fart, but I wouldn’t feed it to my dog!

        2. Buzzymuzzwelle says:

          Great MoviE!

  10. NoFear says:

    Bloomberg is a POS.

    These people should all be under arrest and spending the a few nights with Bubba on Rykers Island.

    They should all get ringworm and scabies!!

  11. Greg says:

    I love how all the white people are repeating what the black dude is saying until he says the word “niggahs”. Then all the white people stop repeating. It’s funny how all the liberal white people are so worried about being accused of racism by just repeating what another black dude says himself. It’s a microcosm of the liberal mentality.

    1. NY9Solyndra says:

      The only way to examine liberal mentality is in microcosm (because the subject is so diminutive!)

  12. Kelly says:

    7 a.m.!!! Most of them will be sleeping at that hour.

  13. Dirtmover says:

    This gets better and batter. They claim to be “peaceful”, while in the same breath, promise violence.
    They will stoop to any level to keep this noise in the press.

    1. doug says:

      I wish they would occupy cbs news – they are part of the criminal gang that runs this country.

    2. RobertMN says:

      They’re angry and powerless, so they threaten. Nothing new.

  14. stacie says:

    Obama and MSNBC have encouraged this!
    Funny thing is the protesters are not after Mikey Moore or the Hollywood One Percenters!!!!

    1. Peter says:

      Thats Because They Have No Clue and Are Dumbasses!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Truly WISH They Would Try Occupying My Property…..Now That Would Make The News….

    2. joe says:

      This is the result of “No Child Left Behind.” Kids that don’t know failure.

  15. m says:

    little brats need to get a slap in the face!

  16. James says:

    A bunch of freeloading losers!

  17. John Barnett says:

    Hey, this is Obama’s National Socialist Army, everyone of these bas tards should be shot on sight if they engage in violence on American soil, they are no better than enemy combatants.

  18. Hough says:

    Pick any 20 of these and you will find Ignorance of Facts; Wanting to be part of SOMEthing; Criminal Records; drug users and just watchers.
    This is supported and pushed by CLOWARD_PIVEN! (Obam’s belief) Look it up in Wikipedia. Destroy the middle Class by getting Poor to attach rich. Rich will NOT be touched -Middle class will die and THAT is WHO creates jobs!
    These ‘demonstrators have no concept of how they are being used as PAWNS.

    1. Scudbuster says:

      Add trust fund brats to that too.

  19. Matt says:

    Occupy a job.

  20. ClearyJ says:

    Really? Really? You can’t camp out in a park (built by private enterprise and/or private people’s taxes and fees) so you’re going to act like a spoiled little brat? If it were up to me, I’d round every last OWSr up, put them in diapers – 10 to a diaper – and parade them around New York City with placards above them reading “Waaaa! Waaaaa!” This is such a First World Problem and you idiots are parasites.

  21. The Silent Majority says:

    We’ve been polite and patient with these idiots. We’ve heard their message, cover to cover. They’ve made their point. It’s up to us to accept it or reject it.

    Unfortunately, our politeness and patience has been mistaken for tacit support of their cause. That is not the case. We’ve simply been politely enduring the tantrum.

    This will all change the instant the first firebomb is thrown. Once that happens, I fully support the use of deadly force to end the mayhem. The police will not need to fear the bad PR the OWS crowd will try to generate. We will fully support NYPD/National Guard, even if they open fire.

    1. Sharon says:

      Are we looking at another Kent State? Those of us who were young at the time full remember the horror. Perhaps that is what they want.

      1. Kent says:

        Then give it to them. These are not anti war protesters. They are the enemy of what this country is about. Id gleefully dump beta mag into the crowd of them.

      2. Arminius says:

        What horror? The lesson was don’t throw rocks at guys with guns. Oh, by the way…name another mass action after Kent State? See the real educational benefits?

        1. Steve says:

          How many remember that “Kent State” started with riots and vandalism on the campus and in town including the burning of the ROTC building. Police and firemen were attacked leading to the National Guard being called in. No the shootings were not justified, but remember the whole story.

          1. Al is my Pal says:

            I remember, it all happened after those corrupt non-Police officers were found not guilty of beating Rodney King… right? Wasn’t Rod ‘the bod’ a Kent State grad?

            Where are Al Sharton (cause he sharted) and Jesse Blackson. Why are they not supporting their hippie brothers?

      3. Rusty Shackelford says:

        That’s exactly what they want. The 60’s leftovers, the radical professors, and the people pulling the strings of this “movement” would love nothing more than to have a few martyrs for the cause. Naturally, they themselves won’t be in the line of fire.
        Per the Soviet style propaganda poster in the article, the “day of action” is supposed to be non-violent, but there will be those who will try to destroy property and hurt others. This could flame out, or get out of control like it did in London earlier this year. The police are going to have to follow the mindset of responding to a push with a punch if they don’t want NY to turn into London.

  22. tompro97 says:

    This is all el mayor bloomberg’s fault for letting these miscreants terrorize NYC. He should have to pay for all the cleanup costs, police overtime, and any and all damages caused by these criminals. The criminals themselves should be jailed for several months and fined $5,000 each

  23. tomusmc says:

    make them all go back to their mom’s basement and give them some new PS# game , that will keep them “Occupied” for a few years. LOSERS

    1. Steve says:

      Hey Tom! Nothing wrong with a PS3….Modern Warefare helps me relax…:)

      -Semper Fi

  24. John Bryan says:

    It’s the anarchists who have infiltrated the movement who are going to cause as much damage as they can. I can only hope they come down to our small town and try something…it’s deer season and we could use the extra practice on a moving target…

  25. Uncle Feng says:

    SO these slackers would rather mouth off in the streets than find jobs and try to be a viable part of society?

    I am in the 1% and I have worked my fvcking azz off day in and day out for the last 30 year to get where I am. Get the grades, go to school and get a life.

    No compassion for these losers from me.

    1. deaconbob says:

      Thank you, sir for the jobs you create.

    2. julius_weisenheimer says:

      You sound like the f*cking, Commie ch*nk that took my job under Multicultural Cronyism or Affirmative Action. Go f*ck yourself.

  26. D says:

    There are hundreds of effective things people could do to make a difference but they don’t involve chatting on facebook, partying, pooping on the streets, taking drugs and blowing other people’s money on luxury food and making up random slogans until the party is over. They don’t want to know what it takes to have a positive effect because they don’t really care.

  27. steve says:

    or perhaps a whiff of grape and a troop of cavalry…

  28. Joshua Arguien says:

    Isn’t that just like a hippie? Brings a bottle, to a gun fight.

  29. Fred17 says:

    Destruction is their capability. Whining is their motto. Doing something constructive is unthinkable.

  30. norway says:

    bring it on – you’re about to experience mace and water. great combination.

    enjoy jail time

  31. Rick says:

    Stay out of my way OWS… I have work to do and money to make… I am a 53% and don’t have time for your OWS BULL $h1t !!

  32. Claire says:

    The 99% are at work in those buildings around the protesters. This mob represents the 1%….the bottom 1% who demand it all FREE.

  33. Carl Thisgus says:

    Arrest them all, fine them thousands of dollars. We all need to pay our fair share.

  34. Edward Riepe says:

    If this happens in other cities it sounds like an opportune moment for Obama to implement Rex84. Google that.

  35. Pogmo says:

    Lock that bum up. Threatening to bomb Macy’s surely must be a crime.

    1. Edward Manhattan says:

      Where is our President on this matter? OH yeah, he said he supports them. Got Voter’s Remorse?

      1. Marcy G says:

        Enjoying another vacation in Hawaii with the fam…..

        1. Rush limpball says:

          Whenever the Commander and Chief goes to Hawaii the US should be on high alert. Its not just a vacation spot. Its the only piece of land with the highest population of mobilized military and home to one of the most secure nuclear base facilities in the world.

          if you believe that I have some land I want to sell you on Wall Street, its a bit crowded right now, but should be vacated soon, might be some body parts and stains on the property but will have that in the clause you sign. Love – Rush

  36. Steve Adams says:

    NYPD.. shoot to kill, boys.

    1. Creepy Camper says:

      How many had to die at Kent State? Please don’t give Young any ammo for an attempted come back… I like his tunes the way they are.

  37. Phil says:

    When they threaten violence it seems to me it is time to activate the National Guard and get rid of them. We do not need this kind of anger in America.

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      One idiot who has now been arrested does not speak for the OWS movement which has always been about nonviolent civil disobedience …just like MLK and Gandhi.

      Just because all you OWS haters cheer each other based on lies regurgitated from Fox News does not make it true.

      And I note that it is you hypocrite Phil advocating violence (“get rid of them”) – not OWS.

  38. don says:

    this is total propaganda peice

    1. leterrip says:

      Don, “i before e, except after c…”

      Actually, it would take an electron scanning microscope to find a worthwhile idea among this crowd of revolutionary brats.

  39. Pounce Kitty says:

    Impotent clowns, impotent message, life will go on with or without them.

  40. Susan Gate says:

    These lunatics should be in an asylum.

    1. David says:

      Instead they’re out and about and actually able to vote. Entirely too many people are allowed to vote.

  41. LINDA says:


    1. JD Truth says:

      Obummer has supported it from the beginning. This is his “Army”. NYC hopefully wakes up soon. Need another mayor like Rudy as well.

    2. ss12 says:

      Obama endorsed these folks so he obviously supports them. Go Big O. You da Man. You statist media tells us how smart you are so it must be a good thing. Your community organizing skills are finally being used nationally.

    3. Statesrule says:

      When do you think you will realize he is one of them?

  42. JD truth says:

    keep voting for the dems this is what you get. This is all orchestrated, nothing real just a diversion by Obummer leftist ilk.

  43. dave says:

    ows are a bunch of lazy morons!

  44. fisherKing says:

    Anon get’s punked out by the Zetas. This mob not only remains silent on real evil in the world, like gladiator fights organized by the cartel, they support them by selling their dope.

    I am happy these people don’t have wealth and will probably never have it in their lives. They would be worse than al-Qaeda. Think HH Holmes.

  45. Dor says:

    A bunch of infants.

  46. steve says:

    front end loaders and dump trucks…

    1. Dan in Twin Cities says:

      Soylent Green! Yummo! ; )

    2. iamworking says:

      Now THAT’s a truly brilliant solution and I’m not being sarcastic… they are asking for it…… what a bunch of cry babies………

  47. Rush says:

    “Starting at 7:00 a.m.”?

    Can’t be…

    Hippies don’t usually get outta bed – or up off the floor – til at least noon…

    1. ss12 says:

      Under Frank and Dodd’s plan they can own a home in suburbs. They don’t need an income, don’t need to pay for a house. This is the best of all worlds for these folks…call Barney and get home guys.

      1. NY9Solyndra says:

        Maybe they should call this the Peggy Joseph movement.

    2. Pretzel Logic says:

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing. They don’t know what 7:00 *a.m.* is.

      1. NY9Solyndra says:

        7:00 a.m. is when the maid makes too much noise she arrives to clean the house!

  48. Candy says:

    I am very curious as to what the goal is here…What are these people trying to accomplish? Maybe instead of living in the park, they should organize and set up something constructive, something similar to job fairs.

    1. Pete Lanteri says:

      Should be obvious by now. Collapse the capitalist system and replace it with communism!

      1. JPrimus says:

        We’ll be sure to put you against up the wall too, Pete, when the time comes. No blindfold.

        1. idoofus says:

          @jprimus – I really wish you all would come visit if you really want to push that agenda. Don’t show up on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning though – I’m at the range at those times.

          Re Candy and the job fairs: a job is the last thing they really want. If they did why would they, as one personson was complaining about, spend $96000 for a degree in gay, hispanic studies? Anyone taking that type of course wants it all for free.

      2. Dan in Twin Cities says:

        It’s the Cloward & Piven Plan playing itself out.

        Just as predicted.

    2. uisignorant says:

      I guess you never watched Glenn Beck. For a year he talked about this coming and was labeled a hate monger.

  49. mak says:

    That’s real smart. The 1% either drives to work or is taken by limo or cab. It’s the 99% who takes the subways and they are the ones who are going to be affected by this subway ‘action’.

    Can somebody please stop these people? Their’rage’ is really starting to step all over my nerves. In fact, I could be developing my own ‘rage’.

    1. Guest says:

      You’re talking common sense. These people have none. They wear Che Guevara shirts, poop in the streets, complain about having to pay back their student loans for their Chicano Studies degree and blog with the IPads about how they can’t get a job.

    2. Clo says:

      My thoughts exactly!!!

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