NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Two NYPD officers have hired a lawyer and claim they were being sexually harassed by their supervisor, 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera first reported.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera talks to the female officers

The two female officers, who wish to remain anonymous, are from the 103rd precinct in Jamaica, Queens and say Lt. Jason Margolis, should no longer be allowed to supervise them pending an investigation.

Two Female Officers Who Claim Sex Harassment (credit: 1010 WINS' Mona Rivera)

The officers claim Margolis is known around the precinct for hitting on female subordinates despite him being married with kids.

“He’s asked me several times to go to his home. He’s also asked was I interested in white men or is it because he’s married that I wouldn’t go out with him,” one of the officers said.

One officer stated she pursued her sexual harassment complaint internally with the NYPD and the investigation was closed. She contends the harassment has continued, and she is now being retaliated against.

She has filed a discrimination complaint with the NYS Division of Human Rights dated November 8, 2011.

“Margolis has made the statement that, if I learned how to play the game — meaning, if I accepted his advances, sexual advances towards me — then most of my problems would go away,” the first officer said.

The second female officer says she has also been sexually harassed by Margolis and came forward after hearing about the treatment of the first officer. This second officer has filed an internal complaint with the NYPD, Rivera reports.

“They could have at least removed him from the 103 Precinct so that we can go to work comfortably,” one of the female officers told Rivera. One of the officers, aged 28, says it got so bad she thought about turning in her badge.

Lawyers for the officers claim one of them was put in a dangerous spot by herself, despite a department requirement that two officers be present.

“Unfortunately they’re in the position where, if they say ‘no,’ to a supervisor’s orders, to a lieutenant’s orders, they can be automatically suspended,” Attorney JoAnn Squillace told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

NYPD Spokesman Paul Browne told Rivera, “The complaints of the two officers are under active investigation.”  1010 WINS has also attempted to reach Lt. Margolis for comment.

“I feel like something has to be done. It’s been too long. Something has to be done. I don’t want to go back to work,”one of the officers said.

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  1. bullett says:

    Number one, he’s no door prize, and number two, if the charges hold true, the city will have been blessed with two more millionaires. This officer should lose not only his job, but pension as well.

  2. NYPDrPIGS says:



  3. YouSoSmart says:

    You all sound real ignorant.. Half of you are crucifying a man before you know for sure what he did… That’s how you end up with duke lacrosse incidents.. Secondly the cops posting understand the job more then all you.. A little example.. In the video the victim claims he said you have to play the game and she claims that was the game of sexual favors.. Most people dont know that playing the game is a very common phrase on the job people say it all the time and that is not what it means…there is a very good chance he used those exact words and it’s an easy phrase for them to remember and twist… I’m not saying the man is innocent or guilty but before you go bashing him there should be an investigation….
    @ Daemph you are the worst of them all and nice racist comment .. Classsssssic

  4. retmos says:

    Another case of lazy do nothings that should find another line of work

  5. jive talkin is bringin me down says:

    “what you think”, “sistahs”, “you probably one of them” “get with one of them”!!???? I’d be willing to bet your family has been in this country for generations too. Not condoning the officers actions but…….Do you be Mcunderstandin what I be rappin at yo?

  6. Jagger Murphy says:

    Hey Rosen… Your people couldn’t handle a little harassment back in the 1940’s. Why should anyone else? You moron. LOL!!

  7. DaEmph says:

    You sound EXTREMELY ignorant (not too surprised from the white people on this site anyway), what you think a white officer is too good to hit hit on a black female officer, don’t be so stupid and naive. There are plenty of so-called “I only deal with white women” when secretly they would wish to be with a beautiful black sistahs, you probably one of them in-the closet dreamers.
    I’m sure this white supervisor is a slime ball (like most NYPD police are) and wishes he could get with one of them, but since he can’t he does the next best thing…harasses what he can’t have.

  8. Dudley Do-Right says:

    I thought all police officers were Legally Designated Heroes, and thus FULLY EXEMPT FROM ALL LAWS. What changed?

    1. Klue says:

      Your thinking about firfighters

      1. Kleetis MacAnurney says:

        Not only are Firefighters not “Fully Exempt from all laws”, they are in fact held to a higher standard than any other citizen or public employee. They willingly enter harm’s way without a second thought in order to protect strangers of all races and religions. When you call the F.D.N.Y. in an emergency they arrive within 3 – minutes. The F.D.N.Y. is consistently acknowledged by the citizens of our city to be the best city agency. With these facts I’ve presented, I recommend that you change your screen name to “No Klue”.

        1. Kleetis MacAnurney says:

          As for the accused N.Y.P.D. Lt. Jason Margolis, why is it that his name is published and his face is shown while the two female police officers [accusers] are permitted to remain anonymous? It seems like the Lieutenant has been found guilty without a thorough investigation and a fair trial. It remains to be seen as to whether or not these two female officers are simply using a so far unfounded claim of sexual harassment a an all too familiar method of becoming millionaires on the taxpayer’s dime.

          1. Justice says:

            Fair trail this, they been more then these two female officers reporting this. They are the only two that came out. Nypd close one case they not doing any investigation. White shirt Immunity The rest of female officers are either inside the precinct or a detail created by Lt Margolis and approve by precinct Commander. How does a female officer get plain clothes and prostitute training as a rookie? I could go on forever about Lt. Margolis. When the white female officers finally come about this, are you going to say the same?


    *W A R N I N G* *Castle Doctrine* *Once you cross the threshold* *Failure to Stand In The Light* *Could cause one to see the light * * No Duty To Retreat**

  10. comment time! says:

    All the guys from high school that became cops were almost exclusively all morons/rough around the edges type but those are the type of people I’m glad become cops. Its just to bad they can’t turn it off with female co-workers but then again I would never want my daughter or sister to become a cop. Mr. Rosen thanks for your years of service dumbass……………..seriously. AHAHAHA


    “Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program ”


      14th Amendment, Section 4,Bounty Hunter, public debt collector for policing and enforcing sanctions against public officials.


  12. enrique says:

    were is patrick the PBA head?

  13. Surfin Bird says:

    why is his photo being published. Doesnt this violate the privacy act?

  14. jane says:

    if this is how the complaint unit handles its officers, imagine how it handles everyday citizens who complain about misconduct

  15. Jeff Rosen ret NYPD Sgt says:

    Is this what the job became since I retired? If these two officers can’t handle a little harassment from a supervisor how could they handle the bad guys on the street? Maybe those girls should be the ones transferred out of the 103. The 73, 75, or 79 maybe.

    1. Gene Presly says:

      If Jeff Rosen sees no issue here, he may have engaged in such or similar intolerable workplace practices during his tenure, of which remain hidden behind the blue wall of silence

    2. Cindy says:

      Sgt Rosen, are you serious? There is no excuse for sexual harassment and I’d think you’d know the difference.

    3. long blue line family says:

      shame sarge. dad retired as a capt after 30+ years. there’s no such thing as “a little harassment.” hope you don’t have daughters. it is inappropriate, and spare me it’s hazing/rite of passage. that tarnishes the badge. conduct unbecoming an officer. let’s see what the next level of hearings shows. glad dad didn’t know you.

    4. Off Duty says:

      Jeff….Ignore the imbeciles posting criticisms of your post. They don’t know the job…..but yes things have changed since you’ve left. “Political correctness” has seeped into every part of the job, with selective IA witch-hunts that usually puts White bosses in the bull’s eyes. Between department trials, enterprising “victims” and femi-nazi prosecutors, covering your butt is the rule. Not too many guys want to stay past 20, and just about early out puts in for “the heart bill”.

      Stay safe.

      BTW, did you catch the pose of the two “victim” officers? Yep….that’s right.

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