PHILADELPHIA (CBSNewYork) – Things got a bit out of hand at one of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s town hall meetings on Thursday, according to CBS Philly, when a shouting match ended with the governor calling an audience member an “idiot.”

The back-and-forth confrontation started with a question about the proposed Rutgers-Camden and Rowan University merger from second-year law student and Iraq War veteran William Brown, the website said.

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But as Christie began to explain the reason for the merger, Brown attempted to yell over him to make his point. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” Christie said. “Rutgers is going to merge with Rowan, and here’s why.  What I’m doing is providing other opportunities for a bigger and better university.”

As Brown continued to try to speak over the governor, Christie stopped trying to explain his position.

“If you decide what you want to do is put on a show today, let me tell you something,” Christie proclaimed. “I can go back and forth with you as much as you want.”

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And just before Brown was thrown out of the meeting, Christie gave the law student some unsolicited advice: “After you graduate from law school, if you conduct yourself like that in the courtroom your rear-end’s gonna get thrown in jail, idiot.”

Later, when asked about the incident, Christie explained his actions.

“I tried to be patient with the guy,” Christie said. “Every time I tried to answer he started yelling over me again. Well damn, man, I’m governor. Could you just shut up for a second?”

Brown, who was a Navy SEAL and a former candidate for New Jersey State Assembly, was escorted out of the meeting by police without further incident.

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Was the governor out of line? Or did the law student get what he deserved? Sound off below…