NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Think you can eat one?

One day after Tim Tebow made his debut as a New York Jet, we had a chance to sample the “Jetbow” sandwich from the Carnegie Deli.

The famed deli introduced the sandwich the same day the Jets introduced the star backup QB. Like Tebow, it is full of goodness and aims to please.

The sandwich is 3.5 pounds of roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, American cheese, lettuce and tomato on white bread. The Jetbow is the first celeb sandwich Carnegie has ever made that’s topped with white bread and mayonnaise.

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We were able to finish the sandwich — but it took 6 of us to do so. If you are able to eat one, Carnegie will give you a second for free!

If you’re interested in sampling the Tebow, it will cost you $22.22. Make sure to bring your appetite, a lot of your friends and your wallet!

If you’re wondering where the $22.22 price comes from, deli owner Sandy Levine said it’s from Tebow’s uniform number, 15, Mark Sanchez’s number 6, and $1.22 added for alliteration.

Will you try the ‘Jetbow?’ Let us know below.

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  1. Joe says:

    This sounds like greed and/or gluttony. They think they’re funny. I,m sure there are people out there that could eat one and get a free one. I’m also sure that it would take a few people to enjoy one and you would not get the free one because you did not eat it alone. I wonder what would happen if thousands of New Yorkers found thousands of homeless and hungry New Yorkers and gave them $25.00 and directed them to the Carnegie Deli to consume the entire sandwich and then tell them they would get another gratis! I suppose they could eat for another week…don’t you think?

    1. Happ says:

      What’s your point, Joe? It’s a business, a famous deli known for the absurd sandwiches that wow people who are either visiting New York or who live there and appreciate New York’s “bigger the better,” attitude. At the end of the day it’s just good marketing; these types of additions to a menu garner attention and publicity (obviously, case in point…) and give them the right to say that they are the best deli in New York that delivers the biggest sandwiches. What is your suggestion? Make normal sized sandwiches in order to maintain some kind of morality?? Since you claim to consider the homeless of New York, why don’t you act on your theory and find a homeless person… Give them the money and try to walk them down to Carnegie’s for lunch. I’m willing to bet that $25.00 doesn’t go to food for a week — this may have something to do with why they are homeless.

  2. should have had... says:


  3. DaEmph says:

    what is the big hype over this guy? I don’t get it?!!?!?

  4. Tomcollins says:

    IF its anywhere near the size of my PEN15, Tebow should have no problem devouring it whole

  5. Neutral NFL fan from Bklyn says:

    That’s ridiculous. I would never buy a sandwich that can’t at least almost fit in my mouth.

    Oh, and shouldn’t a deli in New JERSEY be promoting this?

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