Sheehan Was Acquitted Of Murdering Her NYPD Sgt. Husband In 2011

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The woman who shot her police officer husband to death lost her appeal on her weapons possession conviction.

As WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reported, Barbara Sheehan’s battered wife defense had saved her from a conviction for killing her abusive police sergeant husband in 2008, and her appeal of a conviction on a weapons possession charge bought her some time.

But the appellate division last week upheld that gun possession conviction with a three-to-one vote. She’ll have to surrender and begin serving her five year sentence, Cornell reported.

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The trial judge from her original case will determine her date of surrender, Cornell reported.

It was the fact that she had used two of her husband’s weapons and shot him 11 times, continuing to pump bullets into his body after he was no longer a threat that got her the gun conviction.

Sheehan had served nearly two weeks in jail in 2011 on the weapons charge, before posting bail.

Sheehan fatally shot her husband, retired NYPD Sgt. Raymond Sheehan, in Feb. 2008. She was on trial for murder in 2011.

Her attorney Michael Dowd said he is disappointed and called the decision a real throwback to the days of when domestic violence didn’t matter as a defense.

He added he’ll work to get her sentence reduced.

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