NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A shoot-from-the-lip former NYPD detective became the latest person to enter the New York City mayoral race on Tuesday.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, the political neophyte is not afraid to pull punches.

“I’m going to be his worst nightmare,” Richard “Bo” Dietl said of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In addition to being a former NYPD detective, Dietl is also a businessman, an author, and an actor. Among his credits is a star turn in “Wolf of Wall Street” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Dietl made it clear that he will be a thorn in de Blasio’s side, with nothing sacred as he campaigns to unseat him. Dietl claims, for instance, that the fight de Blasio picked with President Donald Trump was shortsighted and will mean cuts in federal aid.

“Donald Trump will cut them, because he’s very mad at de Blasio,” Dietl said. “There’ll probably be a $7 billion deficit. Where do you think he’s going to get the money? There’s going to be city taxes on property.”

Dietl also took issue with Mayor de Blasio’s weekend jaunt to Florida to see his beloved Red Sox in spring training.

“This is a Yankees city. Go back down to Boston, all right? You know what, you like Havana? You like Nicaragua?” Dietl said. “Go back.”

Dietl further went after the mayor for his morning gym habit.

“This is the CEO of a major city. He starts his day, ‘I’m getting up at 9:30 in the morning – I’ve got to go to Brooklyn. He walks on the treadmill three steps. ‘I have my coffee, and then I’ll be at City Hall after 12 o’clock,’” he said.

Of the decision last week by state and federal prosecutors not to bring criminal charges against the mayor or his aides for campaign finance activities, Dietl said Gov. Andrew Cuomo should name an independent prosecutor.

“I want him to have an independent investigation on the civil aspect of campaign finance,” Dietl said. “The law’s been violated.”

Dietl left as a Fox News commentator after his boss, Roger Ailes, was fired in a sexual harassment scandal.

For his part, de Blasio calmly shut Dietl down.

“There have obviously been extensive investigations, and they’ve come to a clear conclusion. I think the case is closed,” de Blasio said. “It never surprises me when a candidate is trying to get attention.”

Dietl faces an uphill battle. A filing editor denied him entry into the Democratic mayoral primary, so now he is running as an independent on the New York City Cares line.

There was no word from Cuomo Tuesday about whether he would name an independent counsel.