NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A teenager accused of nearly dragging an NYPD detective to his death was back in court Wednesday.

Authorities said 16-year-old Justin Murrell was driving a stolen car with three other teens when officer Dalsh Veve tried to stop them while investigating reports of shots fired back on June 3.

Murrell took off, dragging Veve more than two blocks, police said.

Police officers packed the courtroom as Murrell appeared for an adjournment hearing. PBA President Pat Lynch said they want to make sure Murrell is never released on bail.

“Police Officer Veve went to do a job to make the streets safe for all of us. There was gunfire, he responded and this mope decided to drag him down the street,” Lynch said.

Veve remains in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury.

“Every day he struggles to breathe, every day he struggles to live while this young fellow stands there in front of his attorneys trying to make up a story,” Lynch said.

Murrell, who was 15 at the time, had 11 arrests prior to the June 3 incident.

Murrell faces assault and attempted murder charges. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted.

Veve, who was promoted to detective in October, is a nine-year veteran of the force. He had 350 arrests and was recognized nearly two dozen times for meritorious duty.

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  1. Traumatic brain injury—-so tragic. One just doesn’t recover from that. This kid is only 16 and he had 11 prior arrests by the time he was 15. What a shame. He didn’t learn from any of those arrests. Now he’s 16, and with the charges he’s facing now, he’s probably going to be tried as an adult. What a tragedy.

  2. Gene Rey says:

    And DeBlasio & Cuomo raise the age. SMH.

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