1010 WINS– When their home was destroyed by the deadly California mudslides, Woody and Lindsey Thompson weren’t sure they would see their furry feline, Koshka again.

Santa Barbara County Services

The Thompsons, who lived in Montecito, had to be airlifted from their home after it was devastated by the mud that ravaged the area.

After being evacuated, the couple immediately alerted ASPCA that their cat Koshka was still at the home, but after days of searching, they began to lose hope.

Thankfully Koshka was finally found, covered in mud but alive, and was reunited with her adoring family.


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Santa Barbara County Services

In a post on Facebook, Santa Barbara County Animal Services said, their teams “we consulted with a nearby fire team who was unable to see Koshka but could see her muddy paw prints which gave us hope… When Officer Pennon and his partner Lauren from the ASPCA were able to get close enough to the property and felt it was safe to access a window… They found Koshka with mud-caked fur, and she was thankful to see her rescuers.”

What an incredible reunion!

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana


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