WALL TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – The Wall Township Board of Education will hold a meeting Tuesday night to brief parents on results of air testing on trailers that had been used for classes at Central Elementary School.

CBS2 first reported that parents were outraged over classroom trailers with rotting wood and water damage. CBS2 has since learned about an insect infestation.

(Photo: CBS2)

Outcry from parents caused officials to move fifth grade classes inside the main building for the upcoming school year.

The trailers were placed in the back of the school in 2007. They were meant to be temporary to deal with overcrowding. They’ve been there ever since and used for the fifth grade. They were supposed to be repaired this summer in time for the start of school.

It turns out, there were delays. The damage was worse than previously thought and included an ant infestation.

The report from Palmer Engineering shows high levels of mold spores detected in two of the four trailers.

Classroom trailers in Wall Township on Aug. 27, 2019 (Credit: CBS2)

Angry parents confronted the board, including the superintendent, who wouldn’t speak with CBS2 on camera last week about the state of the trailers.

“If Ms. Dyer had such a great plan in place, she would’ve been running out to CBS news yesterday to tell them about it. She wouldn’t have been hiding behind a double door,” one resident said.

The schools superintendent denied CBS2’s Alice Gainer’s request for an interview again Tuesday. However, the newly sworn-in Board of Ed president Ralph Addonzio – a volunteer spoke to Gainer while at his full-time job. He said the board was never alerted about the full extent of the damage.

“It’s a little disheartening sometimes to find out from social media,” he said. “Exactly who knew what when, we’re really not sure about right now, still in the process of gathering all the information to still find out exactly what’s going on.”

Since the start of last week’s meeting, three Board of Education members have resigned. Addonzio insists it’s unrelated to fallout from the trailers.

Last week, air testing was done on the trailers. According to the report, elevated levels of mold and fungus were found.

Among the recommendations: “A further inspection of the interior sections of the walls should be completed to ensure there is not a hidden fungal reservoir.”

The results are the subject of the special meeting Tuesday night.


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