NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – At least six violent subway crimes have been reported since Wednesday afternoon, leaving some riders on edge.

The latest happened early this morning at a subway station in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx.

Police said a 21-year-old man was hit with a hammer and thrown onto the tracks by a man yelling anti-gay slurs. The victim was able to climb back onto the platform before the train arrived.

The night before, a 39-year-old man was slashed in the face and neck after he accidentally bumped into another man at the 181st Street subway station in Washington Heights.

“I usually feel safe. So when we hear things like this, it’s very surprising to us,” said a 14-year-old boy who takes the train to school every day.

“I have a little one and I don’t want it happening here or anywhere,” a woman said.

“It’s shocking because it’s so rare,” a man added.

MORE: Subway Rider Slashed In The Face After Bumping Into Attacker In Washington Heights, Police Say

Earlier Thursday, two 15-year-old boys were stabbed multiple times on the Westchester Square platform in the Bronx.

About an hour later, a female conductor had water thrown in her face in East New York, Brooklyn.

She was the second conductor attacked in Brooklyn this week. Another was slapped in the face Wednesday in Gowanus.

Police also continue to search for a group of suspects accused of antagonizing a dog and attacking its owners Wednesday on board a Queens-bound E train in Jamaica.

New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson spoke about subway crime Friday on CBSN New York.

Web Extra: Corey Johnson on subway crime

Johnson says while the city has brought down major crime, there’s still work to be done.

“It’s really great that we have the lowest homicide numbers that this city’s ever seen, this year and last year. But still, if people feel unsafe in their community, on the subway, we need to make sure we are doing more to combat that,” he said.

Johnson said it’s important the city look at the root of crime, and that means in part getting people the treatment they need if they are mentally ill.

According to NYPD numbers, some subway crimes are on the rise.

MORE: NYPD Numbers Show Increase In Some Subway Crimes

For example, from Jan. 1 to Nov. 17, there were 1,185 transit misdemeanor assaults citywide. That’s a 10.9% jump from the same time in 2018.

Transport Workers Union Local 100 President Tony Utano told CBS2 that complaints by transit employees for these kind of crimes are up about 40%.

“Getting spit on, getting punched, getting urine thrown on them. Lots of different stuff going on,” he said.

In a statement earlier this week, the MTA said the NYPD’s numbers reflect the continued need to protect employees and customers.

Back in September, the agency said it would be hiring 500 additional transit police officers.

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  1. Martin Martin says:

    DUMP de Blasio

  2. Sheldon Gartner says:

    It figgers.

  3. Ryan Smith says:

    Is it too late to send them back to africa?

  4. Beachhawk says:

    Welcome to de Blasio’s New York City and if you don’t like it, you must be a racist!

  5. Fighting 69th says:

    Thank the mayor and the DA for refusing to prosecute criminals and for disarming citizens. BTW, does the minority population have any input?

  6. Oliver Clozoff says:

    Don’t cry to me. You’ve brought this on yourselves, and now you’re all just reaping what you’ve sown. By choosing to live in a disarmed liberal hell-hole, you’ve given up your right to self-defense as well as your right to expect me to care.

  7. Abe Beame says:

    How’s Mayor Ass Clown working our for ya?

  8. says:

    Time to out law Knife look how great that’s working out in London

  9. Aleric says:

    SURPRISE, when you stop enforcing the laws and allow criminals to be criminals you get MORE crime. But then the people who keep the police from doing their job don’t ride the subway or go out without guards or a police escort. Go figure. YOU VOTED THEM IN , ENJOY IT.

    1. Mikey says:

      and a guy was stabbed on wednesday morning at the F street station on lower east side….. Doesnt matter how many cops are out there, the judges and libs dont want the laws enforced – Mets tickets to show up in court??? sad sad day for this city….

  10. Caligula Bilderberg says:

    no descriptions = the Usual Suspects

  11. Susan Elizabeth Clemons says:

    A democrat run city. That’s all you need to know. All the leftists in NYC voted for this. They deserve it.

  12. Paul Stanley Slusarczyk says:

    Where’s CHARLES BRONSON when you need him; that’s right, he’s been disarmed by the NYS SAFE ACT. Hug a Thug today NYC!

  13. Dave says:

    Nucking Figgers, I’m shocked!
    Our local chimps behave down here in FL due to concealed carry.
    Just “ax” Trayvon’s momma!

  14. Anton Moric says:

    Bring back public hangings. We’ve tried the nice guy approach, and it just doesn’t work. Violent crime per capita is more than twice what it was in our last Mayberry year, 1960.

  15. nearboston says:

    What a $hithole.

    Keep electing Democrats you morons!!!!

  16. Anton C Kowalski says:

    Gun control works. NOT! It keeps law abiding citizens from practicing concealed carry and or open carry and leaves the outlaws with all choices of lethal weapons. Never mind the fact the common man cannot protect himself and his family by owning and legally carrying a firearm. Tired of that crap move to Kansas. We have both open carry and concealed carry and we protect our own. Firearm manufacturers you should consider moving here as well. Plenty of wide open space and firing ranges. I dare you to post this. Liberal laws . Smssh.

  17. ED says:

    And they (the commie libs) want everyone to take mass transit. No cars in NYC. And according to Deblasio, crime is down in NYC

    1. nearboston says:

      Crime IS down…underground in fact.

  18. Ed Nolan says:

    Well if Bloomberg would allow you to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights the problem would stop.

  19. Liberal – check that … Communist – mayor, craps all over cops, abets and enables the ne’er-do-well layabouts and criminals, enhances racial tensions and for intents and purposes paints targets on the backs of the Big Apple’s amazing police department. Who should be surprised? No wonder police turn their backs on that arrogant sob. I would, too. NYC does not deserve its Thin Blue Line.

  20. Voldamont says:

    Dang Amish at it again. There is no doubt about who is doing this cause if it was somebody other than a certain minority that description would have been disseminated. Most likely it was an Asian or White Hispanic or Middle Eastern no way could it have been someone with ancestors from the dark continent. Pathetic.

    1. Sir Bantz Alot says:

      Wherever you find Dindus in mass numbers,, you will find crime,,it goes hand in hand,,, you are never going to cnhage these chimps to walk up right,, its only going to get worse,, but the ((( system ))) protects them

  21. Marty Spk says:

    Some movie reviewer said ‘Joker’ isn’t a fair depiction of crime in NYC in the ’70s: it is because I remember. It will be back that way very quickly if no one in government will support the police and have a strategy to combat crime

  22. Osprey Port says:

    Dystopian nightmare in progress…

  23. buddy burke says:

    More cops is pointless. They’ll never put them everywhere anyway. Your on your own New York. Suggestion: Pick up a can of Easy Off oven cleaner at the supermarket [don’t worry about breaking the stupid NYC law, it’s just groceries] One blast of that stuff will f–k all over an attackers day! And maybe even the rest of his life!

  24. Chris .Appel says:

    Trump supporters? No? Hmm

  25. Mike Arvand says:

    Ah, the liberal utopia. where everyone’s lives – except for the elites – is forfeit and worthless.

  26. Johnny Simpson says:

    Where’s Bernie Goetz and Paul Kersey when you really need them?

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