NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York City has reportedly figured out how it will respond to a Newark lawsuit — stopping the city from relocating homeless into New Jersey without revealing where they’ve been placed – sue them back.

CBS2 has continued to cover the controversial Special One-Time Assistance program that relocates homeless families out of the five boroughs – a series known as the “Forgotten Families.”

Now, New York City Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks says the city plans to counter-sue Newark, over its recent ordinance that prohibits landlords from accepting a year’s worth of rent up front.

That move effectively blocked the SOTA program from continuing there because New York City relocates homeless families by paying landlords the first year of rent in one lump sum.

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Around 1,200 families were sent to Newark, and CBS2’s reporting found many homes they were sent to live in ended up in unlivable condition.

New Jersey officials argued that New York City’s unwillingness to share records on where the homeless were placed kept local authorities from watching over landlords who were not maintaining those houses.

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New York has agreed to stop sending new families to live in Newark as several other cities are now demanding records on where the homeless have been sent in their area.


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