NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and eat healthy, but that can be easier said than done.

Dr. Indra Cidambi, of the Center for Network Therapy in New Jersey, has some tips on how to reach your goals for 2020.

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First, look at resolutions as long-term lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.

“What happens with people is that as we get into the New Year, we make resolutions and we are not able to keep it up because the expectations are raised too high and we cannot fit it into our daily routine, and so people think ‘I can’t do this’ and take that as a failure,” Cidambi said.

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Second, write down your short- and long-term goals so you can track your progress.

“Take small steps. Really keep the goals on an incremental basis, and so if you see in the first two weeks, I’m losing a pound, that kind of makes you get motivated and you want to stick to the plan,” Cidambi said.

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Third, make meditation a habit. By setting aside 10 minutes a day to meditate, you can make real progress toward your stress-reduction goal.