NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Earlier this month, the MTA debuted new subway cars.

But those cars were quickly taken out of service after reports that the doors were opening mid-ride.

Now the brand new trains are back on track.

“We are pleased to be putting the fleet of R179 cars that were taken out of service back in service this morning,” said MTA Chief Operating Officer Mario Peloquin.

Peloquin boarded one of the new cars that’s back in action after a full diagnostic check. The brand new fleet had been taken out of service Jan. 7th after doors opened mid-ride on two separate occasions.

“You don’t withdraw a fleet lightly but I saw enough to say, to me, ‘I want this whole fleet checked,'” outgoing New York City Transit president Andy Byford said.

“We held the manufacturer fully accountable to check all aspects of the doors to make sure they are completely safe,” Peloquin said.

They also insisted the manufacturer install new operating software for the fleet’s 5,000 doors.

“The software will act as a failsafe system to re-ensure that they lock in the closed position,” Peloquin said.

Nearly 300 new cars will be put back into service in the coming weeks. Passengers on board Friday seemed satisfied with the upgraded systems.

“Do you feel safe on this train?” asked CBSN New York’s Tara Jakeway.

“Very safe, very very safe,” said commuter Yaw Yawuah-Gyasi.

The other new trains back in action run on the A, C and Z lines.

Full subway service was maintained during the process by swapping older cars. Those trains will now return to transit yards for retirement.


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