NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — President Donald Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are battling over the federal government’s ban preventing New Yorkers from enrolling in Trusted Travelers programs.

Trump wrote in a tweet, “Governor Cuomo wanted to see me this weekend. He just canceled. Very hard to work with New York – So stupid.”

Cuomo is in Washington for the National Governors Association meeting. He says he didn’t cancel on the president.

He says his office asked for a meeting to discuss the situation and he’s waiting to learn when that will happen.


On Friday, the governor said New York will sue over the ban.

The Trump administration says the ban is in response to a state law which allows undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver’s license.

  1. Iva Biggun says:

    I have an idea…. get rid of a law nobody in the state wants except Democratic politicians so you have a voter base.

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