NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Cellphone video has surfaced showing an NYPD officer being put in a headlock by a man he was attempting to arrest in the Bronx.

The suspect in that video has not yet been charged by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported Sunday.

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It all started over a car being illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant on Morris Avenue back on July 1.


The NYPD said officers asked 31-year-old Franklin Adrian to move his car multiple times. When he refused, two officers placed him under arrest, but he resisted.

There were many onlookers and the NYPD said one of them, 29-year-old Wisnel Manzueta, refused to step back.

When police tried to take him into custody, as a video on social media purports to show, Manzueta punches the officer and puts him in a headlock.

The NYPD said the officer suffered abrasions and lacerations to the face and head.

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Darrin Porcher, a former NYPD lieutenant, is a criminal justice professor at Pace University.

“It really sends chills down my spine. If a person impedes that zone of safety then they in effect place that officer in danger,” Porcher said.

A spokesperson for the Bronx district attorney said Manzueta turned himself in Wednesday and gave detectives video of the incident.

Manzueta also complained of injuries from the incident and was taken to a hospital.

Police had recommended he be charged with second-degree assault, but a spokesperson for the Bronx district attorney said right now the case has been deferred for more investigation.

“It really sets forth a dangerous precedence where civilians may feel they can act with impunity,” Porcher said.

The incident comes at a time when police officers in New York state can now be arrested under a new law for placing a suspect in a chokehold, and legislation awaits Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature that will criminalize other restraint methods.

“We have to give people confidence that policing will be fair and I’m convinced this legislation will do it and I will be signing it,” de Blasio said back on June 18.

Patrick Lynch, the president of the Police Benevolent Association, spoke about the incident on Sunday.

“Our city needs to wake up to the fact that our leaders have surrendered the streets to chaos. This was a near-riot situation where a cop is fighting for his life, and somehow his attacker was allowed to go free,” Lynch said. “We expect the Bronx DA to review the case and bring real charges, carrying real penalties, forthwith. If that doesn’t happen, we should just run up the white flag and admit that the criminals are in charge.”

The NYPD said it is also disappointed that Manzueta hasn’t been charged and is having conversations with the Bronx DA about the case.

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  1. nomoretraitors says:

    Then those dumbazzes wonder why shootings are skyrocketing

  2. Buddy Story says:

    Cops: NO choke holds, No take downs below the waste, No arm throws, No Whizzers, No arm drags, No wrist locks and must use pitter pat slap motions with hands when engaging instead of closed fist punches.
    Criminals: No Dim Mak Death Touch’s.. on second thought. Ok we’ll allow it ..If you can actually preform it.

  3. Lenard Ringo says:

    New York City government is openly at war with police. No wonder police are leaving.

    1. playaspec says:

      That’s because the NYPD has openly DECLARED WAR on the Mayor and the city.

      Don’t start nothing, won’t *BE* nothing. The NYPD works for *US*, NOT the other way around.

      1. El Kabong says:

        Damn, homey, you brain-dead!

  4. John Stephano says:

    They should have shot him.

    1. nomoreliberaltraitors says:

      Hopefully next time they will

    2. playaspec says:

      Extrajudicial killing are what FASCISTS do. You want fascism? Go move to North Korea.

      People are TIRED of people like you who wipe their ass with the Constitution.

      1. El Kabong says:

        Playaspec is clearly the official commisar in charge of message-board morale….the only question is, John Jay or NYU? These poison fruit of our higher education factories are starting to become completely interchangeable.

  5. Craig says:

    Let’s be clear, I’d support the police over 90% of the time. But when did a parking infraction become an arrestable offense? It’s a ticket and a tow, if I’m not mistaken. A cop has no rights to put hands on a man for a parking infraction. And a cop can not force a man to complete a physical action (moving a vehicle). They tow it, and charge him a fine. Putting hands on a man gives him the right to defend himself.
    THIS is where cops think they are above the law.

    1. jussayin says:

      the man arrested was not the person with the parking violation. Did you read the story?

    2. john says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong Craig. Im a retired cop. Your just another person who thinks they can do their job better than they can. Read the whole article again.

  6. Michael Chovich says:

    Wow, the police should pull all the way back and let chaos rule until they are begged to come back and do their job.

  7. Alan Whitney says:

    The suspect committed a serious felony. He should have just been shot.

    1. playaspec says:

      FIlthy FASCIST. Why do you *HATE* America? Why do you *HATE* the Constitution? Why do you *HATE* the rule of law? No matter how *obvious* a crime may be, EVERYONE has the RIGHT to charges and a speedy trial before their peers.

      Only people who HATE everything America stands for think the solution for what offends them is to SHOOT it. YOU are the CANCER that is tearing this country apart.

      1. El Kabong says:

        Crawling Communist vermin, hiding like always behind the Constitution they despise – when they spend 99% of the rest of their time attacking and dismantling the Bill of Rights.
        Stick to what you’re best at, Student-ID Stalin – and spray-paint the F word on Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. The only fascists operating with impunity are you dirtbombs. Although the vast majority of Americans would welcome a Franco or a Mussolini if that’s what it takes to pry your filthy hands off society.

  8. timparker999 says:

    My nephew put a cop in a headlock. He ended up doing three years in jail for it.

    1. john says:

      Good. He should have gotten 4

  9. Henry Thoreau says:

    What do these Soros funded politicians, media propagandists, lawyers, judges, and their private security think is going to happen to them when the NYPD resigns en masse?

    1. nomoreliberaltraitors says:

      That’s precisely what they want. Chaos paves the way for totalitarian control. They know people will willingly give up their rights, chief among them the 2nd Amendment, in exchange for safety from the chaos THEY caused

  10. Egbert Wchwump says:

    EVERY Cop in America should resign tomorrow. If this country is not going to support them – they need to just step back and watch the ensuing carnage.

  11. Chowdy Chowdars says:

    Her mask is ridiculous. She looks so stupid.

    1. Jim1937 says:

      Looks like she is wearing her panties on her face.

  12. Jr says:

    Yeah, only cops can act with impunity. Everyone else has to follow the law.

    1. Jim1937 says:

      Go burn another statue Einstein!

  13. Burn Loot Murder says:

    “Cesar is home, William”

  14. Bill Hooper says:

    The DA must be a BLM supporter. BLM thinks killing cops is a good thing.

    1. playaspec says:

      No, the DA has the LAW and a *process* to follow, and it takes TIME. He’ll get charged and face the judge soo enough. Quit flushing our rights down the toilet just to satisfy your rage lust.

  15. LA NUKKA says:

    If u a cop in NYC Id leave for a red state. Let the commies that head that city deal with the mess they are breeding. No chance is it worth it to put ur life on the live everyday if no one has your back.

  16. Daniel C. Ashley says:

    All sane people need to leave NYC immediately. The city has become what Plato described as a necropolis– a city of death.

    1. Jim1937 says:

      They elected these people who are dismantling the police and causing this mess, so we don’t want them coming to our neighborhood and bring their stupid ideas with them.

  17. JS says:

    When the executive branch, the DA, becomes the judicial branch the foundation of our very nation and all that makes it great is put at risk. This a dereliction of duty on the part of the DA and the Mayor.

  18. CYRUS says:

    Just as there must be serious consequences for police who demonstrate an overly aggressive or excessive use of force, there must be serious consequences for those who attack a police officer or any other public official. Both are necessary in order to maintain effective law and order. The Bronx DA should do its job, and charge this individual accordingly, otherwise it sets a very dangerous precedent..

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