NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mourners gathered Monday at the funeral for a 1-year-old victim of gun violence.

Davell Gardner, Jr. was shot and killed while sitting in a stroller outside Raymond Bush Playground on July 12.

The service was held at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Rev. Al Sharpton delivered Davell’s eulogy, calling for accountability and an end to the violence.

The boy’s grief stricken father spoke about the devastating loss.

“It was such a great experience being a first time father and having a son,” said Davell Gardner, Sr. “They took my family.”

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Thousands of dollars in reward money is being offered to find the killer.

Three other people were also hurt in the shooting.

  1. Kenneth says:

    The bullet did not stray; bullets don’t trample gates or slip through gaps in fences and wander off on their own. Some murdering SOB intentionally loaded it into a firearm and then discharged it into a group of innocent people. Saying the bullet somehow strayed sounds like trying to excuse the inexcusable.

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