By Cory James

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Some areas of Westchester County could see a foot of snow by the time the storm is over.

The light, steady snowfall was building up at Cross County Center in Yonkers.

On the ground and on top of cars, you could see just how much of it accumulated in just a few hours.

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Some shoppers at Cross County Center in Yonkers stopped to take pictures in the snow on Dec. 16, 2020. (Credit: CBS2)

The storm had some shoppers racing to their cars, but a couple of people stopped to take photos, capturing their moment of the wintry mix in front of holiday decorations, making it quite the winter wonderland.

No matter who you asked, they were honest about the first snow storm blanketing the Tri-State Area.

“Do you think this was a perfect day to go shopping?” CBS2’s Cory James asked one shopper.

“No, it’s cold,” she said.

“I absolutely hate it,” another shopper said.

“It looks so pretty,” another said. “I’m waiting for the really heavy stuff to come.”

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“It’s crazy today, you know,” another person said.

One man waiting on the bus was not having it. He hid under a door frame to stay dry.

“I expected it, but not this much. Not this, like, wind hitting,” he said.

Twenty-five miles away in Bedford Hills, Max Dounn says people were out in full force, flocking to his hardware store for shovels, snow blowers and salt.

“This was one of our best business days,” he said. “You’re looking at 200-plus customers, almost $14,000 in a single day of sales.”

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Rosa Lopez knows the importance of preparation work. She salted her driveway, raised her windshield wipers and put tire stops in front of their cars.

“We never know, you know. Sometimes, it don’t snow a lot, and sometimes, it snows a lot,” she said.

A snow storm that is already creating problems.

A number of snow plows were out dropping salt along Saw Mill River Parkway, trying to make the roads safer for drivers, but CBS2 found one driver stuck on Hutchinson River Parkway.

At times, some of those roads were a bit congested as drivers lowered their speed during the first big snowfall of the season.

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Some are expecting it to get even worse.

“Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst,” Dounn said.

James reports the snow did seem to be slowing down late Wednesday night, but the winds, on the other hand, were picking up.


Cory James