By Vanessa Murdock

WEST ORANGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A dog has been stranded at a New Jersey animal shelter for nearly a year, so the town is turning to social media to help find her a home.

“Girl Friday” is the canine creating buzz on Facebook.

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West Orange animal lovers can’t bear to watch her long for a forever home any longer.

Girl Friday’s story with West Orange Animal Control started in March 2020 when she was picked up as a stray. (Credit: CBS2)

Comments read, “This is heartbreaking how can we help?”, “This poor girl is still looking for a home,” and “free training for anyone who adopts.”

West Orange resident Fred Zorn is an animal trainer.

“Every single dog deserves our respect and our kindness, no matter there they are,” he told CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock.

He and his wife, Sarah, are thrilled to watch news of Girl Friday spread.

“I think it’s just a matter of people have been unaware of this dog for far too long,” Sarah Zorn said.

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Girl Friday’s story with West Orange Animal Control started in March when she was picked up as a stray. Then the pandemic hit.

Animal Control has been her home for 10 months.

“Due to COVID, we had to close the building to the public,” said Michael Fonzino, supervisor of Animal Control for the West Orange health department.

Fonzino says pre-COVID, the West Orange Animal Welfare League, a volunteer organization, helped out a lot and made adoptions possible several days a week. The pandemic put an end to volunteerism there and adoptions.

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Still, Fonzino assures us Girl Friday and her new friends — Cinnamon, Simba and another little one — are taken care of.

Girl Friday’s story with West Orange Animal Control started in March 2020 when she was picked up as a stray. (Credit: CBS2)

“How often do they get to go out and socialize and play?” Murdock asked.

“Every day,” Fonzino said. “They’re not confined to the cage all the time.”

Mayor Robert Parisi says West Orange started adoptions by appointment a couple of months ago.

“They haven’t been as successful,” he said.

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“Right now, there shouldn’t be animals sitting in shelters unless there is a real serious issue with them, and there’s not,” West Orange resident Lisa Hamer said.

Hamer feels a Petfinder page, which Girl Friday and some of her friends have, isn’t enough, and she points out no one responds to the number listed on the page. She wants more done.

“If they need more volunteers, ask,” she said. “People want to help, especially in our town.”

That’s not an option yet, says the mayor, unless you want to adopt.

So, if one of these pretty pups tugs at your heartstrings, call animal control to meet them snout to snout. Help us find a forever home for Girl Friday.

As of CBS2’s visit, West Orange Animal Control had six dogs and two cats available for adoption.

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Vanessa Murdock