By John Dias

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In promising news on the road to reopening, both New York City and State are reporting their lowest COVID positivity rates since testing began last year.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said it’s a milestone every New Yorker should be proud of.

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“This is a testament to the willpower of New Yorkers, fighting through this crisis, doing the right things to keep each other safe,” he said.


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On Tuesday, New York City reported zero COVID deaths for the first time in nearly eight months, and only a total of seven in the past week. The average COVID positivity level over the last seven days has also dipped to 0.83%.

“Let’s keep going, because that’s what we do. We get something done, and then we go ever farther,” said de Blasio. “Let’s drive COVID out of New York City once and for all.”

The mayor’s announcement came the same day Gov. Andrew Cuomo reported a new record low for the state. The seven-day average dropped to 0.65%, marking 57 straight days of decline.

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John Dias