Video Shows Girls Scuffling With NYPD Officers In The Subway Before Arrest

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A video posted to YouTube shows two police officers having their hands full during the arrest of four teen girls.

The incident took place last Friday at around 9:40 p.m. at the 125th Street and Lenox Avenue subway stop.

The girls in question allegedly jumped the turnstile. Police followed them onto the train and tried to get them to come peacefully. When that didn’t work, the police remove dthe girls from the train. The rest of the incident is caught on video, which you can see below.


As you can see on the tape, the two officers are seen grappling with and attempting to control two of the girls, who are screaming and shouting at the top of their lungs.

“Get the **** off of my cousin,” shouts one of the girls.

Another girl carrying a black and yellow bag and the police officer then have a tug-of-war over one of the people the officer’s trying to detain.

“Stop resisting!” shouts one officer repeatedly.

The girls then continue to get up close to the officer, with the other eventually producing his baton in an effort to keep the girls away from the person his partner is trying to detain.

The girls move toward the baton-wielding officer, getting in his face. He shoves one back away from him, and then the girl with the yellow and black bag swings it at the officer.

At this point – about 1:40 into the video – a significant crowd has gathered, and they begin shouting as well. The baton wielding officer swings twice to keep the girls away, and backup arrives. Soon the platform is swarming with police officers and the rowdy situation is under control.

Four girls were arrested. Two of them are 15, one is 14, and on is 16. Police told they face assault, obstruction, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges.

“It was all their fault too,” says the person shooting the video. “They did it all, and now they’re going to try to blame the cops. It was all their fault.”

Did the police behave appropriately? What should happen to the girls? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Shakeerah says:

    I’m 18 years old,I’m a young Black girl,and I don’t even have the heart to jump the turnstyle,so the racist card is bull crap. The problem is not the disrespect they showed the cops,the problem is not that they jumped the turnstyle,the problem is this:THEIR PARENTS DIDN’T MAKE SURE THEIR ASSES WERE HOME BEFORE 9 PM WHEN THE CARDS EXPIRE.IF YOU HAVE YOUR CHILD IN CHECK,THEY WOULDNT COME HOME LATE AND HAVE TO JUMP TURNSTYLES. Plain and simple,if I know I won’t have money to get home and all I had was my metro card,”I will see you in school next week,I gotta go.”

  2. Gofoyos says:

    There are alot of crops going to rot in Alabama..for lack of pickers ,,it’s healthy work & would clear the mutts off the streets while they earn some metro pass $$& loose some weight.

  3. me says:

    those are mini cops….I thought they had height requirements on the NYPD…perhaps their height gave the girls the impression they could take them on…not saying it’s right, but I’ve been seeing more and more of this munchkin police officers.

    1. BF says:

      That’s what you get when people demand “diversity” amongst the rank & file of their civil servants. Think about it…

  4. CitizenOfTheWorld says:

    If one person had lost his/her life because of this incident we would have been asking if all this was really necessary. If these girls were not caught at the turnstiles then what good is it for anyone including the officers to risk their lives. These girls are clearly a small minority and they are just teenagers being teenagers. Stop wasting taxpayer money in stupid situations like this. All I can see coming out of this is these is police officers getting plenty of overtime for their involvement in this incident. Clearly they have an interest in patronizing any commotion.c

    1. tom says:

      forget your liberal ideals, they needed to be arrested, the take what I want mentallity is going to be gone after 2012,

    2. mk says:

      Maybe some time in jail will teach those BRATS to respect the rules and law enforcement!

    3. disgusted says:

      CitizenOfTheWorld lets see what you say when they escalate from free rides to helping themselves to your TV. There are laws for a reason. Its one thing to take a free ride but you don’t attack an officer and these girls need to learn that lesson. Personally i would have used the baton upside their heads

    4. Cop says:

      So cops should respond to theft? Cops should let anyone steal what they want and get away, when it happens right in front of them? If that is your stance, then let me come over and take all of your money and stuff and then let’s see what your opinion is. Sure is funny that this is your opinion until someone takes your stuff….

    5. Jim says:

      REALLY?!! You want to act like a Hoodlum — You’re gonna get treated as one. You want to make excuses for them jumping the turnstiles… Youi are nuts. They should be thankfull that they weren’t tased. Dumb Dumb Dumb! These are the same kids that 5 years from not will be rotting away in prison.

  5. tyanna says:

    dont really think it has much to with race , more about just being plain ole ghetto , if a white girl lived in some harlem projects i wouldnt be surprised to see them acting this way either . . im a young 15 year old BLACK female who passes this stop everyday & i look at girls who act like this and smh . its embarassment to females of my generation and to black females who already getting alot of thunder . i just wish teens could conduct themselves in public . but i can also see where they are coming from to a certain extent , if a school doesnt provide a teen with metrocards she shouldnt be kicked off for hopping turnstiles . not every parent has the $$ every day to buy metro cards when schools are providing certain kids with it .

    1. tom says:

      then the parents need to go get a job instead of mooching off of the taxpayers, or should I say parent, they probably do not even know who daddy is

    2. Dani says:

      It was 11 PM at night, why should the school/city pay for them to gallivant around the city at night?

      1. Spumoni Trelaine says:

        Word up, Dani-cakes!

      2. Shakeerah says:

        You are absolutely right,besides,do you know how many students have school metros but don’t even attend school,they use the cards to cut and go somewhere else,now they want unlimited school cards? Thats bratty and ridicuolous

  6. Meme Meyagi says:

    there are 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa. what is done about it?

    1. Migs says:

      you’re the kind of person that makes me glad they’re here. i wouldnt know you were an asshole unless they were around.

  7. mj says:

    i’m surprised the cops didn’t just blow them away …thats what they usually do isn’t it ? they must have known cameras were rolling.

  8. Navin R. Johnson says:

    Planet of the Apes… so typical above 125 st

  9. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Project bunnies in action.

  10. NYCBOY says:

    (and drop a few fat-bad-attitude-pounds while you’re at it). ZERO TOLERANCE

    1. bob says:

      Officers hould have beat them senseless. Called a little respect. When the officer tells you to go down, go down. After that officers have a right at self defense which unfortunately is disappearing in this country. Good thing they don’t live in Vegas. Vegas cops give a 1 2 count and then shoot.

  11. Joseph F says:

    Don’t misconstrue this as me taking the girls’ side (I am absolutely NOT) but the posts referring to “Good Police Work” and “Nice Job” can use a new perspective:

    These cops are lucky to have their lives. They were literally beaten up by teenage girls. At one point, an officer is backed into a corner and trapped! At several points, the assailants had the officers’ weapons within reach. And there’s no reason why this situation should have persisted as long as it did. Terrible survival skills.

    At 1:51, the officer is rescued by a civilian. Shameful.

    They need further training, because I’d hate to see how they fare against adult-male-terrorists.

    I’ll also add, the racist comments are soooooo 1950. Do you have contests to see who’s gonna post one first? LOL get over yourselves, because we’re here to stay.

    1. BF says:

      Dude, they didn’t use more force ‘cuz they were teenage girls. Appropriate amount of force for each situation. If it were adult, male terrorists I’m sure the glocks woulda been drawn quick fast….DUH

    2. Glenn Erdmann says:

      If they did take “action” in the appropriate manner every liberal would have been screaming they were just children. As I said in my post, project bunnies in action.

      1. BF says:

        You’re right. Disparaging remarks aside, I’m with you, Glenn. The NYPD performed beautifully. Only the most liberal of libs could even work up the courage to accuse these cops use of force as excessive. Now maybe these girls will get a taste of what they deserve as a result.

  12. Joseph says:

    I think both the NYPD and the Manhattan DA’s offices would be interested in a copy of the video.
    I have to agree with most of the other posters here. These young girls were competely out of control, showed little, if any, respect for themselves or the POLICE. Their ignorance will now cost them more then they realise in regards to a Police Record, and their futures as “upstanding” citizens. We want to blame them because their “black” or “poor” or “uneducated”or “ghetto”; yet if we look deeper we can see that it is a lack of morals, self-respect, and “social education” that causes them to behave this way. In a large part they learned this from their parents -who sadly- are more to blame for this-and they weren’t even on the platform!
    It would be very easy of all of us to use alot of racist profanity, ideology, etc., -and I can understand why. some Blacks will even go as far to blame the “whiite man” and society. However, that arguement fails the litmus test as clearly exhibited here.
    I’m additionally, very proud of the way the NYPD behaved in this clip. They excerised extreme control in a situation that they were put in, which could easily have been a front page headline and later on in the court system of NYC.

    1. BF says:

      You are 100% right, Joseph. Well said! Thank you for taking the time to post such an intelligent & well-thought out post. It doesn’t cost a dime to teach a kid self-respect, respect towards others & basic etiquette! Wake up, Black America! The rest of the country is getting tired of hearing the race card being used as an excuse for EVERYTHING. Dr. King & Malcolm X fought for you so you could have more opportunities then they did, NOW USE THEM!

  13. Steve says:

    Thank-you for posting this..EXCELLENT….just shows you what a bunch of idiots this girls were. Thank-you NYPD for not pepper spraying them either ‘Because I would have’ LOL

  14. CSI says:

    Dumb chicks. Now I bet they are bragging on how they did this and that. Ghetto.

  15. B LATTKA says:


  16. M. Bloomberg says:

    The cops showed a lot of restraint here.
    They could have easily brought the situation under control a lot quicker with a swipe of the baton or a stun gun.

    Those girls need to a smack in the head from their parents….

    1. Amused but not misled says:

      Their parents are probably just like them. Likely they only have one too.

    2. Glenn Erdmann says:

      It’s hard for them to smack their chilldren when they themselves are in jail.

  17. Besalel says:

    Original cops are clearly inept. The first 4 minutes we watch these two bumbling idiots calling for backup and swooshing their batons through the air instead of simply subduing the suspects and placing them in handcuffs. They were facing a bunch of girls, for crying out loud. Cops let this get out of hand.

  18. Down with hos says:

    Give the hos the death penalty for being idiots. Nothing but useless trash who suck $$ from U.S. taxpayers via welfare and food stamps.

    1. Besalel says:

      Welfare and food stamps only allows the ghetto to continue the way it is. For the benefit of those in the ghetto, we need to find another way.

  19. CT Native says:

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  20. Ghetto Pigs says:

    Why is this so shocking? It’s yet another prime example of ghetto trash…brought into the world by, and raised by, ghetto trash. What else can you expect from a society that is raising its children with ignorance, stupidity, no dignity or self-respect, and zero moral compass…???

    No lesson has been learned here. Instead, the incident has been glorified and these hoodlums are now enjoying their 15 minutes of fame and being seen as “cool” by their peers.

    It’s pathetic….sadly, the ghetto apple does not fall far from the ghetto tree.

    1. Besalel says:

      Every single mom in the ghetto wants better for her child. Even the ghetto trees dream their apples will sit at the banquet of society but they don’t know how to get them there. Quite frankly, there are very few ways out of the ghetto.

      1. Amused but not misled says:

        But the cycle of their own failed parent (not two typically just one) life is exactly what the did do. Third or fourth generation of knocked up 13 year olds living in a community that makes it acceptable and normal to ruin your life before you’re even old enough to drive. It’s a disgrace.

        They have no education, no ambition and little desire but to blame someone else for their lack of trying. Cosby nailed this circle the bowl life-style on the head. Take responsibility for yourself and actually do more than complain aboutt it. And it’s not a black thing.

        REALISTICALLY- If the Jews waited for discrimination to end they would still be in the ghettos.l They are not. Cosby is right on point.

        It’s the god damn community they live in. It glorifies criminals and makes GED’s the way of life like it’s a a friggin MBA from Harvard. It’s not! It’s failure recovery that’s all. WOW 25 years old and you have a GED you’re the next Steve Jobs.

        It’s a whole culture of institutionalized failure. And yes, the home life is the biggest contaminant. Baby Daddy community is a GHETTO and will stay that way. Kids grow up to be what they see.

        Look in these kids homes- in two minutes you’ll know why. What’s their offended mothers going down to assault these cops too. Don’t be surprised if they do. I wouldn’t.


        The proper word is SLUM
        Ghetto refers to where the jews were kept in POLAND

        The average IQ of a single parent slum inhabitant is around 75.
        That is why there is very few ways to rise above your IQ.
        The PROBLEM is the same in Camden, Newark and Africa —
        wherever they inhabit. (western voices world news)

    2. Amused but not misled says:


  21. Bklyn mom says:

    I’m sorry, but it’s hard not to sound racist when these sort of incidents happen in certain neighborhoods and with certain people! The attitude is just too much. They think they are owed something.

    1. Besalel says:

      Race has little to do with it. Poor uneducated people come in all stripes and in all colors. You want to end this? End poverty and illiteracy.

      1. Amused but not misled says:

        You mean don’t let them drop out?

  22. Chrisie says:

    I would have just shot them.

    1. Besalel says:

      and then you would have committed murder.

      1. BF says:

        Not necessarily. You’re assuming the gun shot would have been fatal.

        1. Besalel says:

          good point. assault or murder.

          1. Randy says:

            an so the world is a few idiots less to count or support….

  23. Foghorn Leghorn says:

    These gals, I say these gals needed to be hit in the head with a shovel. All that squawkin’ over nothin’.

  24. BF says:

    God Bless the NYPD! These types of people are a menace on the subway! They’re the type to take up multiple seats, play their music too loud & cuss & swear when small children & old ladies are nearby. They were only upset because they committed a crime and got caught & now they have to pay for it. Good job NYPD!

    1. Patricia Sumner says:

      I could just imagine a good punch in the midst of a crowded subway. You are obviously not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

      1. BF says:

        Patricia, you responded to my comment with a line about, “a good punch in the midst of a crowded subway.” I didn’t say anything about anybody punching anybody so I don’t understand your reply.

  25. Chris25 says:

    well done, job by the cops………

  26. steve says:

    What part of respecting police authority didn’t these people understand? What part of the planet are they from? Whatever happened to teaching people morals, ethics and respect for authority? Not to mention paying your own way. They can think about these things while sitting in jail.

    1. ReallySteve? says:

      Whatever happened to authorities you can respect? Rapists, murderers, racist, corrupt liars, and you wonder why no one besides submissives respect cops?

      1. Susan Mannix Burns says:


    2. Mike says:

      If they could think, they wouldn’t be here in the first place.

    3. m. says:

      I agree 100%. These ghetto chicks were acting like that because they were in a large group – had they been by themselves, they would not have been these little bad asses. They deserve to be put in jail for acting the way they did and for doing what they did. Period. They should have been pepper sprayed. GHETTO RATS.

  27. Holly Ennist Stewart says:

    It’s a shocking reminder that police have a tough job. Usually we only see when police overreact to a situation. In this case they were just trying to enforce the law and see that people are treated fairly.

  28. ethernet says:

    Good, they got what they deserved

  29. Mr. Morality says:

    these type of people are always causing a rucuks on the the subway stations.

    Hip Hop and rap music need to be barred from all subways

    1. Slim Pickens says:

      Yes and don’t eve think of catching a movie in this particular neighborhood either.

    2. spencer asdf says:

      racist much?

      1. Liberals Are Evil says:

        You had play the race card, didn’t you?

        1. Randy says:

          of course, it is the only reaction they can come up with. Rather than admit these hood rats act like typical ghetto trash that we have all been asked to support…

    3. Xyr says:

      The VAST majority of hiphop and rap music are purchased by white males aged 15-25.

  30. What else do you expect says:

    These girls deserve a life sentence if this is how they act in public we do not need this trash.I give credit to the cop for not swinging on them and waiting for backup good job but next time a punch will save alot of time.

    1. CopsRCorrupt says:

      You are a violent idiot

    2. Besalel says:

      We jail far more people than any other country in the world (per capita). Obviously, jailing everyone is not working. It is time to invest in other options.

      1. Steve says:

        Sticking people in jail is a good thing…it makes them think twice the next time right? Unless you want to sit them down and talk to them Besalel and tell them again and again not to break the law. (We tried that…jail is the next option )

        1. Besalel says:

          it does not make them think twice. it makes them cold and hardened. then they go right back in. if jailing everyone worked then we wouldnt see what we have up here. i dont think sitting them down and talking to them is an option either. they need real opportunities to escape the ghetto and they simply dont have any.

          1. These losers are your future hood rats says:

            What they need to do is go through a boot camp and have someone pound on them day and night and you will see a change.

            1. Besalel says:

              maybe. certainly a better option than we have now.

      2. KPMc says:

        ” Obviously, jailing everyone is not working. It is time to invest in other options.”

        Yeah… I’d like to euthanize people that prove time and time again that they can’t be a part of decent society but I don’t think the bleeding heart liberals will go for it.

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