NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — David Ortiz got more than even for getting drilled.

Ortiz broke loose soon after CC Sabathia hit him with a pitch, starting and finishing a seven-run burst in the seventh inning that led the Boston Red Sox over the Yankees 8-3 early Friday in a rain-delayed game that ended at 1:43 a.m.

When it was over, Ortiz seemed more angry at the media — maybe for playing up the possibility of trouble between the teams — than at Sabathia.

“Finally got hit,” Ortiz said in a short rant that included some profanity.

“You guys like to criticize us when we (mess) up. Criticize yourself now,” he added. “I’m not talking no more. Good night.”

After a wait of almost 3½ hours, Josh Beckett (5-2) outpitched Sabathia (7-4) for the third time this season. The Red Sox outscored New York 25-13 while completing their second three-game sweep at Yankee Stadium in a month.

“I’m still trying to figure out if David getting hit was something I did or something ESPN stirred up,” Beckett said.

Only a few thousand fans were left in the ballpark when Boston wrapped up its sixth win in a row overall and beat the Yankees for the seventh straight time. The Red Sox are 8-1 against their longtime rivals this year.

“It’s not how you wanted it to end tonight, it did and you’ve got to move on,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.

A storm that brought lightning bolts over the Bronx delayed the start for 3 hours, 27 minutes. Shortly after the game began at 10:32 p.m., Beckett and Sabathia began zapping hitters, further ramping up baseball’s most-spirited rivalry.

Plunked in the right thigh by Sabathia’s 97 mph fastball in the fourth inning, Ortiz swung things in Boston’s favor a little later. The Red Sox trailed 2-0 when he singled off Sabathia to start the seventh, and his two-run double off David Robertson capped the big rally.

“He feels good about himself, and he should,” Boston manager Terry Francona said.

Bad blood seemed to be brewing from the get-go on a humid night. Ortiz appeared a likely target after homering in the first two games of the series — he irked the Yankees by admiring one of those shots, which came after a brushback, and some in pinstripes talked about how Big Papi looked too comfortable at the plate.

Beckett had already hit Derek Jeter — near the elbow, with his second pitch of the game — and Alex Rodriguez around the hip when Ortiz came up in the fourth with one out and a runner on first.

Sabathia’s first pitch was a heater that squarely nailed Ortiz.

“The ball just got away from me,” the lefty ace said.

Plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt immediately pointed at both dugouts to issue warnings against further hostilities.

Ortiz slowly walked to first base as the crowd chanted “CC! CC!” When the inning ended, Sabathia shot a glance toward the slugger before heading to the dugout, where his Yankees teammates met him with fist bumps, high fives, handshakes and back slaps.

“Jeter always gives me a pound after every inning,” Sabathia explained.

LISTEN: Sabathia on the pitch that got away

To Yankees fans, perhaps it was long overdue. In his 15-season career, Ortiz had been hit by a pitch only once by the Yankees, that coming in the 2003 AL playoffs. Rodriguez, meanwhile, had been hit by Boston pitchers 14 times since joining New York the next year.

Curtis Granderson, who hit a two-run homer in the first inning, was clipped on the left foot by Beckett’s breaking ball in the fifth. That plunking didn’t cause any problems — the three HBPs matched the most by an AL team this season.

Granderson launched his 18th home run right after Jeter was hit. Beckett had been 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA in 14 innings against the Yankees this season, outpitching Sabathia both times. Beckett threw four-hit ball over seven innings in this win.

Sabathia gave up Carl Crawford’s single in the second, then didn’t allow another hit until Ortiz singled in the seventh. Jed Lowrie followed with an RBI triple that snaked past right fielder Nick Swisher, Mike Cameron hit a tying double and Jacoby Ellsbury’s single put Boston ahead 3-2.

Adrian Gonzalez hit an RBI single that finished Sabathia, Kevin Youkilis greeted Robertson with a run-scoring single and Ortiz doubled to deep left-center field. Gonzalez added an RBI single in the ninth.

The ballpark was fairly filled for the first pitch. During the delay, fans watched Game 5 of the NBA finals between Dallas and Miami on the videoboard, mostly jeering LeBron James and the Heat. There were cheers in the second inning, too, when the Yankees announced ticket stubs could be redeemed for a future free ticket.

Notes: Jeter singled for his 2,990th career hit. … Yankees C Francisco Cervelli made his third throwing error in two games. … Yankees DH Jorge Posada was back in the lineup. He was out Wednesday night because his son was having surgery for a skull condition. … Lowrie started for the first time since Sunday. He’d been out with a sore left shoulder. … RHP Phil Hughes (shoulder inflammation) threw a two-inning simulated game at the Yankees’ complex in Tampa, Fla. He is set to start Tuesday for the Gulf Coast Yankees. … Last month, the Red Sox lost to the Angels in a rain-delayed game at Fenway Park that ended at 2:45 a.m.

Did the Yankees do the right thing by beaning Big Papi? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. Dale Auburn says:

    The Yankees and other local teams have gotten MILLIONS of New York City taxpayer dollars over the years, in the form of tax breaks, new stadiums, and ticker-tape parades. It’s only fair that the teams return the favor by (1) winning every game they play at home, and (2) reimbursing us when they decide to lose.

    Therefore, I propose a new law… If a New York City-based sports franchise receives ANY form of city funding (e.g. tax breaks, new stadium, ticker-tape parade), then it MUST win EVERY game it plays at ANY venue within the City limits. The fine for losing a game would be equal to the total payroll for said game.

    That should be enough to make up for wasted public subsidies, and it should give the team a clear incentive to actually win, and thus support the fans whose taxes support them. If they don’t like it, they should give up public funds and use THEIR OWN MONEY to stay in business.

  2. Paul D says:

    I want to ask NRichard something. Can you distinguish between fan and player? How about cold, hard reality and fantasy? Are you trying to communicate with the fans or the players. Baseball is a fraternity just like any other. What fans think is irrevelant to them. “To the rest of the planet you are just pathetic, overpaid crybabies.”- HUH? I can certainly tell you that I’m not overpaid. If you cannot, and read this very carefully, if you cannot sustain a coherent, sane stream of conscioussness, then i suggest you just put down the crayon.

  3. brooklyn4ever says:

    I love it, Aah yes, the supposed “God’s gift to basebal team” can’t beat the Red Sox, not even one measly game, how pathetic. Let’s see, with the talent of Burnout, Baby Huey, Joba the Hut, Cervix, A-Jerk, Mosqeter, Constipation Face Texeira, Swishy- Washy, “Aint’ so Grandison”, (among the rest) and the leader of the pack, “Cro-Magnumm Face” Girardi, at the rate they are going, ain’t gonna see another one of their precious rings anytime soon. Wake up Bronx Bummers.

  4. Paul D says:

    see, i don’t understand what this whole whining issue is about. It’s not such a hard concept to grasp. Some of you miss the whole point of the game completely. There is the physical part of the game and then there is the mental one. In order to succeed you have to be adept at both. The Red Sox showed that they are clearly that. As a Yankee fan, it disturbs me that this Yanks team is so fragile mentally. Pitching inside and owning that part of the plate is a vital part of the game. It goes back to the roots of the game. There are hit batsmen and then there is retaliation. What about this is so perplexing? You want your team to come in here and be the only ones allowed to use a psychological edge. That is what I would call naive and childish.

  5. Lisa Coyne says:

    I am die-hard yankee fan and have always enjoyed the rivalry between these two teams; however, my point of view is this: If it wasn’t for the yankees, the red sox would be in last place…the yankees seem to bring out the best in the red sox. But when it has all be said and done, the red sox will end up being at home watching the yankees play in the world series!!! If the red sox want to be in the world series, I am sure the yankees could use some extra bat boys….
    (p.s. these are my husband’s comments—me, i love the packers and the mavs!)

    1. dj says:

      Yeah, that’s right Lisa, the Red Sox owe it to the Yankees for sweeping them twice now at home * major eye roll *! Actually, those Red Sox players swinging the lumber are actually Yankee players in disguise. Tell that to your hubby. Then give him a pot of coffee and wake him up.

  6. mrbernz says:

    Well I hate to drag myself into it, but I’ve gotta get in on this. I was at the game last night. It sucked having to listen to the Sox fans opening their big, fat mouths. But I sat there and had to accept that the Yanks have just played like bums against the Sox this year. No way around it. But if you think this is the same roster you’re going to see in August when we play again you are sorely mistaken. A lot can change over the next few months as far as rosters go. I seem to remember a similar situation to this one in 2009…

  7. Tony Soprano says:

    The Bronx Bummers r a testament 2 a city that always creeps and weeps, U can have ur wimp Teixeira, the City of champions- Boston- Bruins,Celtics Patriots and Red Sox ,rule. Adrian Gonzalez is the Hispanic Ted Williams, Ruth,Gehrig and DiMaggio combined. Crawford and ellsbury r better than Granderson and all ur outfielders combined.

  8. eddiesox13 says:

    whine whine whine
    if Ortiz “flipping” a bat after a HR bothers the yankees, they are acting like 4 yr olds. play baseball.

    1. yankimapud says:

      and your punk pitcher Beckett throwing at yankees is so adult and blameless.

      1. DJ says:

        Adult? Blameless? Absolutely.
        It’s called Baseball. Maybe your team should learn how to play it the right way. If you spent as much energy playing the game instead of whining like the Mary you are, maybe your team would win a few.

      2. yankimapud says:

        your fat steroid munching ortiz is the whining crybaby.
        and as far as winning? just look in the record book. and you know just what i am talking about you lousy rotten loser. hahahaha!!! you suck!!!

  9. GREG says:


    1. Steve says:

      If, If, If……….

      There are no IF’s son. Just do’s and don’t and the Red Sox do and the Yankess don’t.

  10. Nrichard says:

    wahhhhhhhhhh, wah, wah, They beat us so let’s bean someone. Wow – that’s really grown up baseball isn’t it? I guess every team that comes in and beats the Yankees needs to worry about who on their team will get hit.
    Well, I am a Red Sox fan (yes, born and raised in NY) and if it makes all of you and your team feel better to resort to bush league tactics, so be it. To the rest of the planet you are just pathetic, overpaid, cry babies. How about you hit a ball or two and stop your ridiculous whining.

  11. Paul D says:

    Yeah, that was weak. And it took two more Yankee batters to get hit! There’s nothing I can say to defend this disaster that wouldn’t sound hollow or spiteful….
    I need a F@#%ing drink!

  12. JoeAbbs says:

    What I don’t understand is how Boston plays mediocre ball against the rest of the league but can do no wrong against the Yankees.

  13. yankimapud says:

    oh i see that papi is a big tuff guy now that he found a new drug to replace his STEROIDS! see you punk sox fans in september where it matters.
    sox are still way behind in rings. you’re posers and always will be.

    1. steve says:

      You know when you bring up the rings again you got nothing left.

      1. yankimapud says:

        thats all that counts punk

      2. DJ says:

        “that’s all that counts punk”


        Amazing how tough people are hiding behind a computer. Face to face, they wilt like the Yankees do against the Red Sox. Crying because of a bat flip? Yeah..your’re a tough guy alright. Sleep tight Mary.

    2. yankimapud says:

      apparently you didn’t read the article. the whiner is FATBOY STEROID MUNCHING ORTIZ OR IS IT (Arias)? I GUESS THE roids affect his memory.

  14. DJ says:

    Hey Yankee Fans….where are you brothers?

    * Crickets *

  15. You No Big Papi! says:

    So Sabathia plunked Ortiz in the middle of the game. BIG DEAL! In the end it was Big Papi who put the nail in the Yankee’s coffin!

    The Red Sox are laughing it up as they spank this team. All the Yankees can say is “Well at least we hit a batter!”


  16. Paul D says:

    forget about Ortiz. This was never the job for Girardi. He’s just Cashman’s cronie. Joe is made for a young, inexperienced team. He’s got no gut- no real feel for the moment. He’s probably a good instructor, but without scouting reports or precedent, he’s lost. He’s no Whitey Herzog. He ain’t even a Don Zimmer.

  17. DDT says:

    Boston is now playing as the Yankees used to play ,sad for we fans and of
    course the entire team needs to make some very big changes in players
    and management, but probably they won’t .

  18. dabooch says:

    Cervelli is playing himself off the team, if the Yankees have these big stud catchers they claim to have, where are they?

  19. Paul D says:

    this Yankee fan is right here- whoever the hell you are. A-rod may be a jerk but at least he provides you with a way to remain anonymous with some inane moniker. Go have a beer and celebrate. Met fans, Sox fans, Yankee haters the world over… CHEERS! See you in August.

  20. Arod is a jerk says:

    Where are all the Yankee fans this morning???

  21. Steve says:

    Yeah so Yankee fans got what you wanted. You hit Ortiz. So…that accomplished what? Nothing! He steps up at the next at bat and rips a double. Hey Yankee Fans…who’s your Daddy now? That’s right..Big Papi is your Daddy!!!!

  22. ccolton says:

    poor Papi…

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